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MobWrite converts forms and web applications into collaborative environments. Create a simple single-user system, add one line of JavaScript, and instantly get a collaborative system.


Each of these demos is globally collaborative, meaning everyone is sharing the same space. With luck there will be someone else using these demos with whom you can play. If not, open the demos in two different windows and collaborate with yourself.

Editor A simple collaborative plain-text editor. MobWrite is extremely good at resolving collisions which other systems would fail on.
Form This form demonstrates collaboration with all the standard HTML form elements. Note that the onchange event is called remotely when the checkbox is ticked, thus allowing forms to react normally to changes.
Spreadsheet This 50-cell spreadsheet is an abuse of MobWrite (there are more efficient ways of synchronizing grids of data). But it shows what can be done.
Java Editor and Java Form Java applet versions of the above editor and form demos.

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