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Build on Windows
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

Build on Windows

Author: Titus Brown

One other random idea I had last night: build Windows versions of various 3rd-party packages for multiple versions of Python, including Python3k. Unfortunately at the moment I think this relies on $$ software, but perhaps students will already own that (or at least their schools may).

Comment by project member, Nov 21, 2007

Please note that I am mentoring an independent project to make usable Windows builds based on mingw more widespread. This is being run by Mike Driscoll, who so far has provided Windows installers for quite a few pure Python modules (don't laugh - this is the expected way to provide functionality for Windows users, though it would be nice if it told them when they didn't have Pythin installed) nd two or three extension modules.

I believe Mike is also looking at supporting mingw-based Python building at a later date.

See for current information.

I have also had discussions with Microsoft in the past that indicates they may support such efforts by donating software, but that isn't a current prospect. SH

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