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  1 Closed dan.abramov ----   Gendarme need more rules   Code QualityAssurance  
  3 Closed dan.abramov ----   Simple Integration of Code Analysis in MonoDevelop   Code UserInterface QualityAssurance  
  4 Closed AdTsai ----   Improve Performance or Reduce Memory Usage in the Mono Compiler.   Performance  
  9 Closed mgsloan ----   Write a Mono.Cairo tutorial.   Documenation  
  10 Closed gidesa ----   Write a Mono.Cairo Cookbook   Documentation  
  12 Closed andreas.noever ----   Add a google map F-Spot html export.   code code  
  20 Closed ---- ----   Add a facebook GUI to FSpot   code  
  21 Closed AdTsai 2008-01-04   Produce MoMA reports for popular 3rd party controls   Documenation  
  22 Closed eric.k.125 ----   Find open source .Net apps for testing   Research  
  25 Closed dwashing ----   Create a MonoDevelop solution for F-Spot   code  
  28 Open ---- ----   Write a tutorial for MonoDevelop   Documentation Training  
  29 Closed vdepizzol ----   Re-draw MonoDevelop icons   UserInterface  
  34 Closed ---- ----   using mono and ASP .NET for creating web applications screencast   Documentation  
  40 Closed entereczek ----   Write a C/C++ Tutorial for MonoDevelop   Documentation Training  
  41 Closed renatoat ----   Update the Brazilian Portuguese Translation of MonoDevelop   Translation  
  42 Closed ----   Update the German Translation of MonoDevelop   Translation  
  43 Claimed sdimitrovski 2008-01-27   MonoDevelop Wink guide for custom widgets   Training Documentation  
  45 Closed 2008-01-06   Add Linux CD-ROM support to musicbrainz-sharp   Code  
  46 Closed renatoat ----   Add persistant local storage for CD metadata to Banshee   Code  
  50 Closed fajrin.azis ----   Localize MonoDevelop to Indonesian.(Bahasa Indonesia)   Translation  
  51 Closed vdepizzol ----   Create Icons for MonoDevelop   UserInterface  
  52 Closed Kirbyfan5765 ----   Test Banshee's new iTunes importer   QualityAssurance  
  54 Closed grizlo42 ----   Modify MonoDevelop's Welcome Page to import links and news from an online source.   Code  
  55 Closed ---- ---- ----   Monodevelop - use multiview desktop  
  57 Closed dan.abramov ----   Integrate documentation generation into MonoDevelop   Code  
  59 Closed andreas.noever ----   FeatureRequiresRootPriviledgeOnUnixRule for Gendarme   Code QualityAssurance  
  60 Closed grizlo42 ----   Create a logo for Gendarme   UserInterface  
  61 Closed dan.abramov 2008-01-04   Two Gendarme rules about Main   Code QualityAssurance  
  62 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-04   Gendarme rule for Mono Compatibility   Code QualityAssurance  
  63 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-06   Two Gendarme rules for interoperability   Code QualityAssurance  
  64 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-13   Improve Performance or Reduce Memory Usage in the Mono Compiler.   Code Performance  
  65 Closed dan.abramov 2008-01-15   Three Gendarme rules about attributes   Code QualityAssurance  
  66 Closed AdTsai 2008-01-06   Three Gendarme rules about properties   Code QualityAssurance  
  67 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-15   Four Gendarme rules about IDisposable   Code QualityAssurance  
  68 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-20   Three Gendarme rules about naming   Code QualityAssurance  
  69 Closed grizlo42 2008-01-15   Make MonoDevelop's Welcome Page layout customisable   Code  
  72 Closed dan.abramov 2008-01-19   Three Gendarme rules for non-C# code   Code QualityAssurance  
  73 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-27   Three Gendarme rules about fields   Code QualityAssurance  
  74 Closed dan.abramov 2008-01-22   Two Gendarme rules to check for bad practices   Code QualityAssurance  
  75 Closed dan.abramov 2008-01-22   Simplifying Gendarme unit tests   QualityAssurance  
  76 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-22   Four Gendarme rules to check for operators overloading   Code QualityAssurance  
  79 Closed dan.abramov 2008-02-03   Three Gendarme rules for interoperability   Code QualityAssurance  
  80 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-25   System.Linq.Enumerable lacks unit tests   Code QualityAssurance  
  81 Closed andreas.noever 2008-01-25   Implement System.Linq.Queryable, and provide unit tests for it.   Code QualityAssurance  
  82 Closed andreas.noever 2008-02-03   Two gendarme rules about creating object without really using them   Code QualityAssurance  
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