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Issue 141: Implement JWChat as a Joomla! v 1.5 extension(s) (Advanced)
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Status:  Closed
Closed:  Jan 2008

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Project Member Reported by, Dec 6, 2007
   One line summary

Implement JWChat as a Joomla! v 1.5 extension(s) (Advanced)
Describe the task.

    * JWChat is a full featured, web-based Jabber™ client. Written using
AJAX technology it relies on JavaScript and HTML at the client-side only.
It supports basic jabber instant messaging, roster management and
groupchats based on the MUC protocol.
    * Add advanced instant messaging and groupchat functionality by
integrating JChat as a Joomla! v 1.5 extension
    * This is a highly complex task and should not be attempted by beginners. 


    * JWChat SourceForge Site -
    * To install Joomla! on an XAMPP localhost: 

   # XAMPP -
   # Download Joomla! -
   # Install Joomla! on a localhost - 

    * Coding resources: 

   # The core code! :-)
   # Plugins -
   # Model View Controller -,com_jd-wiki/Itemid,/id,components:hello_world_mvc1/
   # Modules and Components - 
   # Internationalization -,238884.msg1102267.html#msg1102267

    * IRC #joomlaGHOP on freenode 

Skills needed

    * Knowledge of PHP
    * Knowledge of Joomla! v 1.5 Extension Development
    * Creativity and problem solving skills. 


Work Product

    * Installable Joomla! v 1.5 extension(s) with internationalization


All code must be created using the GNU General Public License version 2.

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the
Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.
Extra Credit (Optional)

This task can be done very simply, with limited functionality, or, the
developer can create a fully functional environment of some complexity. The
depth of implementation will be the extra credit opportunity for this task.

1. Register your project at Joomlacode
2. When you are ready to release, submit your extension to the Joomla!
Extensions Directory.

Time Limit

4 weeks. 
Jan 3, 2008
I claim this Task.
Jan 3, 2008
Project Member #2
Task claimed by s.kromwijk

See you in the forums! 
Status: Claimed
Labels: claimedby-s.kromwijk
Jan 29, 2008
Here is the result. I will add it to the Joomla Extension Directory now.
20.4 KB   Download
Jan 29, 2008
Project Member #4

Just a reminder that the deadline for completed work for the contest is coming up:

If for any reason the normal means of communication don’t work this week you can
always email me at or Amy at

Jan 29, 2008
Project Member #5
Task closed. Thanks Sander!
Status: Closed
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