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Issue 102: Make gnome-build suck less!
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Status:  Completed
Closed:  Jan 2008

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Project Member Reported by, Jan 18, 2008
Task title: gnome-build is a library to parse automake/autoconf files in a
way that IDEs can make use of them.

Benefits: gnome-build currently has issues with some form of
because there are lots of possibilities to write those files. While we
won't ever be able to support all, this task should add support for some
common use-cases.

Requirements: A bit knowledge about automake and shell-scripts in general,
perl programming

Task description Consists of:

Fix the following bugs in gnome-build:

Most of the work is in src/backends/libgbf_am/ This is a
perl source file that is used to parse the (with the help of
two other perl files in GBF/ directory). There are various FIXME comments
in there.

Expected Outcome:
Patches against the bugs in bugzilla

Extra: Lots of TODO and FIXME in gnome-build so you won't run out of jobs
when you had fun ;-)

gnome-build SVN:

Estimated time: 7 days.

Primary contact:
Johannes Schmid <>
IRC: jhs, often in #gnome-hackers, #anjuta on

If you have problems, just ask. The last bug might be tricky, so we will
find a solution in case you cannot fix it because of various reasons.

Jan 18, 2008
Project Member #1
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Status: Open
Labels: -Priority-Medium
Jan 19, 2008
I claim this task.
Jan 19, 2008
Project Member #3
Hi Philipp! 

Welcome on board! Please ask in case you have problems and otherwise, have fun!
Status: Claimed
Labels: ClaimedBy-k.philipp
Jan 25, 2008
Project Member #4
Well, all bugs fixed - Congratulation!

I hope you had some fun and it looks like you are a quite good perl coder! Well,
would be great if would continue your constribution to gnome-build.

Status: Completed
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