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Issue 13: Research Microformats and recommend ways they could be used in Drupal
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Status:  Closed
Owner:  chris.messina
Closed:  Dec 2007

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Project Member Reported by, Nov 18, 2007
This task is to research Microformats and recommend five (5) places in
Drupal where they could be used successfully, why those places would be
useful, and the best way to go about implementing them (at a
high-abstraction level).

Microformats are a growing movement to express small "chunks" of data in a
standard, XHTML-based common format.  Microformats can be very simple, such
as standardized rel="" attributes on <a> tags, or compound formats such as
hCard for wrapping up contact information for individuals or organizations.

To complete this task task, review Microformats and recommend where Drupal
can and should leverage them.  Each of the five (5) recommendations should

    * The microformat or compound microformat being recommended, and what
it is useful for.
    * Why Drupal should implement it.
    * How it should be implemented.  This should include whether it should
be in Core or a Contrib module, and the best way, conceptually, to
integrate it into Drupal (what pages, hooks, etc.)

The final deliverable will be a report listing the above information for
all five (5) recommendations that has been reviewed by the Primary Contact
and posted to the GHOP and Microformats groups on



Estimated time:
4 days
Nov 18, 2007
Project Member #1
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Owner: dries.buytaert
Labels: Microformats
Nov 28, 2007
I claim this Task
Nov 28, 2007
Project Member #3 chris.messina
Sweet! I'd love to help out with this. At one point I made changes to the Garland template to support hAtom. 
That's one place to start; next would be on user profiles to use hcard. 

Nov 29, 2007
Project Member #4
@mgcclx: Cool, it's all yours! :)

@chris.messina: I went and made you the "Owner" of this task, since you probably know
more about this than anyone, and since Dries is horrendously busy. Is that cool?

Status: Claimed
Owner: chris.messina
Labels: ClaimedBy-mgcclx
Nov 29, 2007
Project Member #5 chris.messina
Sounds good. Thanks.
Dec 1, 2007
I posted a draft on my blog
if it's cool... then I can post it to the group...
Dec 1, 2007
Project Member #7
No time to check it over just now, but marking "Needs Review" to get some more eyes
on it.
Status: NeedsReview
Dec 1, 2007
Project Member #8
Looks like a good start!  

It would probably be helpful to separate out each microformat with section headers, 
and to separate the description of the microformat from where Drupal can use it.  
That would make it easier to follow, as would using more-formal lists.  Examples of 
each microformat the way you have an example of XFN would be useful, too, to make 
it clearer what each one is for.  

Other questions I have, reading over the draft as someone who doesn't really know 
much about microformats to start with:

- Is there a "standard" set of XFN rel tags?

- Why not implement XFN in core?  Core modules generate a huge number of links, and 
there's no reason why you can't flag a link to another user on the same site 
as "friend" or "met".  Should we be generating XFN tags on certain standard links?

- Does hCard have a "downloadable" format the way vCard does, or is it just a known 
HTML structure that we'd stick into the page?  

- Shouldn't hCalendar be applied to the CCK Date field module?  Honestly I use that 
far more than I use Event. :-)  

- For the rel attribute, currently the way to add that to a link would be to pass a 
string attribute to the l() function.  Do you think it's important enough that we 
want to add a dedicated parameter for rel flags?  (Not sure if you're code-minded, 
so if that doesn't make much sense to you don't worry. :-))

I don't know if there's a "code needs work" equivalent in Google, so not changing 
the status.  I leave that to chris and webchick.
Dec 2, 2007
cool suggestions lgarfield
I'm working on them now :)
Dec 2, 2007
I did some improvement, anyone got anymore suggestions?
Dec 3, 2007
Project Member #11
Let's continue this over in the issue queue:
Dec 4, 2007
I heard back from Chris Messina and pointed him to mgcclx's write-up and gave him
some more instructions for what feedback to provide.  

And I left a couple of updates here:

Is there a way that the 197327 number could be added to the issues table column here?
Dec 4, 2007
Project Member #13
Issue number added. :)
Labels: DrupalIssue-197327
Dec 6, 2007
Project Member #14
Work was reviewed here -- -- and posted
to the microformats group here -- --, so task is
now complete. Thanks a lot, mgccix!! :)
Status: Closed
Dec 7, 2007
yeeah~~ my first open source contribution is complete! thx for all your help :)
Jan 21, 2008
Project Member #16
In order to get credit for this task, please upload your final work to this issue.
See the wiki page at
for more information.
Jan 22, 2008
The result in a zip.
73.9 KB   Download
Jan 22, 2008
Project Member #18
Thanks!  You're all set.
Labels: AdminChecked
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