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Project Information

See and Features for more information and the sister project OhBoy (OhBoy is gnuboy for SDL with a simple menu system).

gnuboy is a portable Gameboy emulator originally created by Laguna and Gilgamesh, now maintained by clach04. See GNUBoyHistory for more details.

For building see BuildNotes.

Documentation is available in the document most users will be interested in is the configuration doc, that talks about key remapping (amongst other things).

There are various Ports of gnuboy, some with enhancements. r21 and earlier are the original sources.

This project is currently focused on:

  • SDL port (linux 86 and win32)
  • DingooPort which is another SDL port for the Dingoo A320 (Native and OpenDingux)
  • SDL port number 2 with menu OhBoy which adds a simple menu system (for SDL only).

gnuboy is also known to build/run on the Pandora (ARM) and Caanoo (ARM).

How you can help

  • Report issues/bugs
  • Contribute documentation
  • Contribute code/ports/bug-fixes/patches
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