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Issue 38: Feature Request: Add GWT wrapper
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Status:  Accepted

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Reported by, Jun 7, 2008
Reported by ebessette, Jun 02 (5 days ago) originally:

I'd really like to see a Google Web Kit (GWT) wrapper for this library.

Jun 8, 2008
Project Member #1
It's already there, just not officially released yet. It's part of official Google
AJAX API wrapper:

In Downloads, search ALL downloads, then you will find the map stuff. It works pretty
well. Some issues with extending customized map type a while ago, not sure if it is
fixed or not.  Some discussions here:

Also, there is a long time project at, it is not
from Google.

Jun 8, 2008
Project Member #2
This is where it originally from:

Jun 8, 2008
The GWT wrapper just wraps aspects of the core API, it doesn't wrap any of these user
extensions yet.
Jul 12, 2008
Indeed, gwt-google-apis doesn't wrap user extensions like MarkerManager or MapIconMaker


Please wrap your work in GWT :)
Dec 9, 2008
I Wrapped a few basic functions of the MarkerManager. Well, to be true: I copied the
old MarkerManager-Code from gwt-google-apis
( and removed a few caracters to make it
work. ;)

I'll have to add some more functions. If someone needs this or want's to continue
work on it, maybe we can open a project?
Dec 9, 2008
forgot the jar.

i hope i'm not violating any license... 
12.6 KB   Download
Dec 14, 2008
Hi lajuette- I think it'd make sense to contribute that to the gwt-google-apis 
project, not to this one. I'm sure they'd welcome community contributions. Let me 
know if you can't get in touch with them; I can connect you.
Dec 15, 2008
Hi Pamela,

hmmmyeah. don't ask my why i haven't thought about that. Maybe because of a latent
lack of coffeine? I posted something on the google web toolkit forum and hope i'll
get an answer.

So long...
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