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Issue 4630: Markers and Icons not displaying on maps at all
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Reported by, Dec 4, 2012
Previous working code for adding markers and images to map canvas now nothing is shown at all.

Adding pin adds pin with correct onclicks etc but custom image is not displayed and icon defaults to normal marker icon.

Was working yesterday 03/12/12

Has the API been updated??
Dec 4, 2012
We're getting a similar problem where no Icons are appearing on our maps. It started last week. On our production system we are using markermanager v1.0. Yesterday and last week, it was not working. Today it is. In order to fix the problem I first set maps version to 3.9 - that worked. Then, yesterday I switched back to 3 and switched to markermanager v1.1 and that worked yesterday. Today it doesn't - but v1.0 does. 
Feb 24, 2013
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Mar 19, 2013
In version 3.11, MarkerImage is replaced with Icon. Follow the instructions here to change anywhere in your code you are making use of MarkerImage:
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