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Issue 145: Feature: Transport icons clickables
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Status:  Acknowledged

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Reported by, Feb 2, 2008
Feature: Transport icons clickables

I noticed that the transport icons (bus, tram, metro ..) are now clickables
on Google maps. It will be cool if we can do the same thing with Google
maps API.

(But this should be a programmable option - many apps won't want so many
active markers).

Requested by:sutolotus, georgio 

Supported by: Frank (would like it in a tiny map search Google gadget)
Feb 6, 2008
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Labels: Supported-3
Apr 15, 2008
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Labels: Internal-1091638
May 2, 2008
We are planning a very cool implementation shortly using google maps and having these
icons clickable on our map would be a huge bonus to mass transit users.  The best way
for this to work would be to be to have some way to capture the data in order to
integrate it into our own maps but I would be happy even if they were just clickable
and displayed exactly as they do at
May 31, 2008
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Labels: ApiType-Javascript
Jan 8, 2009
Since you labeled this ApiType-Javascript, does that mean we Flash API users
shouldn't expect support for transit?
Jan 8, 2009
This was originally requested for the JS API. If you're a Flash user interested in 
the same functionality, please file a new feature request. Thanks!
Labels: -Priority-Medium
Jan 27, 2009
I too would love to see this feature as a selectable layer based on API calls.
Feb 1, 2009
Being able to get the public transit information through the API would be very cool
and useful!

Badih Schoueri
May 24, 2009
Changing status of "Accepted" issues to "Acknowledged", to clarify their 

We may not be able to resolve all bugs or fulfill all feature requests, but 
we do thank you for filing them, and we will continually revisit all 
acknowledged issues and evaluate their feasibility. Thanks!

Status: Acknowledged
Jun 25, 2009
It would be great!!
Jun 29, 2010
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Labels: -ApiType-Javascript ApiType-Javascript3
Jun 29, 2010
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Owner: thor.mitchell
Jul 1, 2010
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Jul 29, 2010
what are the developments on this request ? any time tables ?

Many thanks,
Dec 10, 2010
is there a new update?
Jan 13, 2011

Mar 23, 2011
Project Member #17
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Status: WontFix
Mar 23, 2011
Will this be added in v3?
May 23, 2011
This would be a great enhancement
May 4, 2012
Project Member #20
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Status: Fixed
May 13, 2012
Project Member #21
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Status: Acknowledged
Labels: -Internal-1091638 Internal-6383857
Jul 30, 2012
Project Member #22
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Oct 5, 2012
Is this feature now available in v3?  I notice the icons in there, but not clickable for information?
Oct 6, 2012
Not that I know of.  The icons show up and the cursor changes to the hand like they'd be clickable, but nothing happens.  This is the closest info I can find:
Oct 8, 2012
Yeah i saw that.  That's a pretty easy implementation to get that on the map.  More or less, i'd LOVE the ability for the icons to be clickable and show the relevant transit information.
Aug 20, 2013
Can anybody tell me how enable click event of the transit stations on a map?
Dec 1, 2013
The transit layer is displaying properly, and at some zoom levels I'm getting a mouseover change to the clickable mouse icon, but no popup information on the transit nodes.
Jun 4, 2014
I'm also voting for this feature to get implemented within API. It is available on so why not in the API? Thanks.
Jun 5, 2014

As a paid google enterprise business developers.

The Google Map API's bus stop details are defintely welcome for immediate implementation to improve user experience for our paid clients.

Many of our clienteles are questioning the lack of bus details(transport detail) of their paid google map business vs the public google map. 

The major user groups are from these localised google maps.  Looking forward for Google Map release of API on Bus details available on public google map.

-Provide Bus station details
-Provide MRT train/ Subway services of a station details

Hong Kong
-Provide Bus station details
-Provide Tram station details
-Provide MTR train/Subway services of a station details

Malaysia Capital, Kuala Lumpur
-Provide Bus station details
-Provide Train station details

Thailand Capital, Bangkok
-Provide Bus station details
-Provide BTS train station details

Indonesia Capital,Jakarta
-Provide bus station details
-Provide train station details

Philippines Capital, Manila
- Provide Bus station details
- Provide train station details

Taiwan Capital, Taipei台北市/
- Provide Bus train station details
- Provide Metro train station details

Looking forward for Google support of this VOTE especially for the paid business users.

Aug 28 (5 days ago)
I'm curious whether those who've asked for this feature in the V3 API could not achieve the same and/or better given a Google TransitTM Feed Specification (GTFS)compliant feed such as we are about to use in Perth: -

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