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upgrading the GH615 to a GH625
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by


Globalsat released a beta firmware for the GH515 that basically upgrades the software to that of the GH625, meaning lap support and configurable screen, and more. Some first impressions here.


The firmware is a beta, with all associated risk. Update at your own risk.

Latest Version

08/09/19: F-TGH-2A-0809101.GHX - works with both B and M models

If you have a newer Version, please send it in (speigei gmail com).

Comment by, Aug 28, 2008

Has anyone tried downgrading from the GH625 to the old GH615? Did it work?

Comment by, Sep 4, 2008

anybody got an idea if it's possible to upgrade the device without using windows?

Comment by, Nov 24, 2008

New Firmware 2008-11-18 thread for 615 thread for 625

Download from here (seem to be out of beta status now)

Comment by, Apr 30, 2011

Updated the Canyon CNS-GPS2 with 08/09/19: F-TGH-2A-0809101.GHX. So far, no issues.

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