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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
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GetPaid is a flexible framework for payment processing and commerce in Plone

The GetPaid suite is currently being migrated to the collective at github. Please stay tuned for updates!

Welcome to the collaboration space for GetPaid. Here you will find our svn repository, wiki, and links to mailing lists, blog, and public web site! Please check out the work in progress and get involved!


General Information

This (Google Code) site is primarily intended for developers and those contributing to the project (documentation, testing, etc). We maintain a public web site intended for the general public at

Need for GetPaid

Every serious web platform has tools for payment processing, but this has been an area that Plone has not yet resolved. With a rapidly growing body of users who are demanding this functionality, we need to make it easy to process simple payments through the site out-of-the-box (ie donations). Additionally, with a fleet of developers ready to make useful tools, we need a general framework for commerce in Plone that enables developers to build products for Plone that involve more sophisticated commerce applications (and not have to reinvent the basic stuff in the process).

Other GetPaid Info Sources

For background on this project, including an overview of the commerce landscape in Plone, a description of the need for this product, and general features list, please see our web site for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

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