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Issue 519: Should be easier to draft comments not on a particular line.
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Status:  Accepted
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Reported by, Mar 31, 2010
I only get to draft general comments in gerrit on the "Cover Message" text 
area on the "Publish Comments" page. And then the only buttons I have are 
"Publish Comments" and "Cancel", no "Save".

This doesn't give me a good place to draft overall design comments that 
aren't tied to a particular line.

I would like to have access to the "Cover Message" text through the whole 
review process, including saving it, so I can come back to it later and edit 
it. I'd like it to be like the "Patch Comments" area; I can see the comment, 
and I'm offered an "Edit" button, and that changes it to a text area with a 
save/cancel/discard set.
Mar 31, 2010
Great idea, I've wanted this myself sometimes.  :-)
Status: Accepted
Jul 7, 2010
While we are at it, a keyboard shortcut for it would also be very, very nice. :)
May 19, 2011
Project Member #3
 Issue 870  has been merged into this issue.
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