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Issue 1487: "needinfo" flag would be useful
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Blocked on:
issue 287

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Reported by, Jul 24, 2012
Bugzilla has a needinfo flag, which a user may wave to ask for information from another user. It would be helpful to have something like this in Gerrit, too.

Since I'm a reviewer of so many patches, I sometime miss a question directed at me. When I am asking someone (which is not the author) for information, I often need to follow up with a separate email message.

I'd like to have the ability to ask for information from specific users about a change in Gerrit, and would like to be able to see a short list of changes pending on my info.

Feel free to make a fool out of me if something like that already exists in Gerrit.
Nov 15, 2012
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Blockedon: gerrit:287
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