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creator: 'IndianaLee & CrotalusRex '
- 'The Cache was definately a team effort. Tube Torchered with AngelFly & John, MonkeyBrad, , , , tron & , and BBB. This one definately lives up to its name and reputation. Loved every minute of it. AWESOME! Thanks for taking the time to place this cache. It has been on our To Do list for a long time and now its on the Done It list.'
- 'Awesome cache, glad the whole gang was here for it. Sorry for the late log, time just keeps getting away from me, thank you for taking the time to place this one, I enjoyed the hunt, I promise. Found with .'
- 'We came to NC to do a couple of caches and we picked the right ones to do for the most fun and adventure. The gang from Tenn. had a blast, thanks for the effort to put this out'
- 'Weve talked about this cache since we were in the area last Labor Day. Made the decision that our little group from Tennesse was ready to tackle this one. We gathered what supplies we might need in our quest and headed east for the weekend. We endured the torcher and pain and completed the mission. I tip my hat to you for the planning and execution that went to place this. This is a cache I will remember for a long time.'
- 'Nice multi and well worth the trip, glad we brought along enough folks to share the work load. We had the tools and we had the talent, sounds like ghost busters doesnt it. Nicely laid out from start to finish, I usually dont like multis because a stage will be missing but not this time. Thanks for the adventure.'
- 'I can say that without a doubt, I would be hard pressed to tackle this cache solo. So I didnt. This was the first of two really fine caches I helped hunt this day. I enjoyed the company of some really awesome folks. Back Break Billy, , tron, GranniLani, MonkeyBrad, , TwoWolves, AngelFly, , and . I cant think of a better way to spend an afternoon, than with good friends doin a good cache. Thanks for placing this one for us to hunt. }; {'
- 'We had looked forward to doing this cache for quite some time, particularly after we realized that last Labor Day Weekend we drove all around it without realizing it was nearby. Well, this time we came prepared, we loaded up all the equipment that we thought we might possibly need and headed to NC for the weekend. We arrived Friday night at our dream cabin way up in the mountains near Bryson City great choice , where Angelflye and TwoWolves had an excellent dinner waiting, the rest of the crew arrived and we spent our time hanging out on the deck watching the Perseid meteor shower and listening to the sounds of the night. The next morning we were up early to raft down the Nantahala. This proved to be excellent preparation for Tube Torcher, as we got to practice teamwork, get used to cold water, and practice risking our necks. After the river we headed into town for a huge Italian feast and ice cream at the soda shop before retiring to the cabin to relax, enjoy libations and watch old horror movies. Sunday morning we were up for a monster mountain breakfast thanks Scoot and then on our way to meet BBB and BetterHalf for the trip to Tube Torcher. Found stage one quickly and after looking at the paperwork I knew we had an adventure at hand. On the way out we had our only real injury of the day, Scoot took a tumble on the hill and skinned her leg up, but after some stinging alcohol she was ready to keep going. It just occurred to me that I really cant say much els about the rest of the multi, since I dont want to give anything away and ruin it for anyone else. I will say that it just got crazier and crazier as we went, the next to last stage is just wicked. It was also the only place where I was really concerned about getting caught. We sought out an alternate entrance to this set of tubes and nearly stumbled over something else, that gave us a laugh later. I am glad we did not find another way in, the cache was great the way it is set up. What can I say, this is a great cache. I liked the element of danger involved, this is a cache where you could get killed if things went badly wrong, but that is part of the fun. In some parts of this quest I developed an unreasonable fear of freak sudden storms. I kept thinking I was hearing thunder, and then I got to thinking about rising water and then I got scared. I dont want that to sound like a bad thing, it was part of the fun of finding the cache, the fear makes it better. I commend you on the time and effort that went into placing this one, it is one of the best multis that I have done, thanks for taking the time to place it. Found with the rest of Team STFU, the gang from University, which this weekend included, , JoGps, WildBill, tron, , BackBrake Billy, BetterHalf, AngelFlye, TwoWolves and . Thanks to you guys for another great weekend on the road, I am looking forward to ApeQuest in September.'
- 'Found with the Team from Tennessee what a hoot, the was not a cache hunt but an adventure Thanks for going to the trouble of placing the cache it was outstanding and as promised was way Tooooooooo Cool. Glad I had done Quantum Leap a few weeks before in Texas it was great training for this one. left my signature Cache In Trash out Tote and took nothing but a smile Heee Heee ….. JOE PS our next great adventure will be the middle of September when we fly to Chicago and Baltimore to find the two APE caches on the same weekend.'
- 'Whoo Hooo! My cache find! What a story for a great weekend! Started the weekend off with a great whitewater trip down the Nantahala river with a great group of friends then its on to try our hand at this great cache. It is all that others have said it would be! We were looking for high adventure this weekend and we sure found it in North Carolina! Thanks for all the time and efforts in setting up this great cache! The crew Me BBB , , JoGps, tron, Grannylani, , Angelfly and hubby John, WildBill, and the Great MonkeyBrad! This was one of the greatest caching adventures we have had and we were glad we had our great friends along to share the adventure, it was truly a team effort! Thanks for the great cache! BBB'
- 'Dropping off a virtual TB who wants to visit caches like this one!'
- 'Been wanting to do this cache for a little while now. We were vacationing from Florida in Tennessee when we got a call from our good friends, the . They were caching in North Carolina and invited us to meet them for this one. We worked out the logistics and at the end of the week, drove across Tennessee to North Carolina to rendevous with the Mafia. We started fresh the next morning after a really stormy night and before we could reach stage here came more rain. Oh well, were not turning back now! We made it to stage and had to make a choice. Which one? Of course, we picked the wrong one! Now we have to try the other one. Gee, got enough spiders in here? Anyway, we got what we needed and took off for stage This one was camoflaged so well that we passed it up and had to backtrack feet. Yes, its still raining! Ok, on to stage The Boy from the Mafia and myself elected to do this one while the others acted as lookouts and employed a contingency plan for nosey muggles. It worked! More spiders on this one, a brown widow in particular. Upon returning from this stage, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting Indiana Lee who stopped by to chat for a few minutes. Then we took off for stage After a wrong path and a couple of dangerous close calls, we were hot on the trail. This time The Boy, Recon Ranger, and myself volunteered for this one. Guess what? More spiders this time harmless, I think . We found what we needed and began making our way back to the others. This was when I realized the benefits of being physically fit, and wished that I was! Slowly rejoined the others for a quick breather, then on to stage Once again, The Boy and I took on this challenge. And once again, spiders, this time a black widow. This one took a little time locating everything, but soon we were on our way to meet up with the others once again. As we began our exit, I placed my arm into a spider web in the darkness. Knowing what spider species we had already seen here, I didnt stick around very long to see what wanted to greet me. After returning to the group and bearing down on the final stage, we hear from The Godfather over our two way radio. It seems that he and Recon Ranger had gone exploring while myself and The Boy were on stage Anyway, we were approximately feet from the final when The Godfather radios that he and Recon Ranger have just stumbled upon it by dumb luck! Oh well! We traded out some things and signed the log. Indiana, thanks for the awesome hunt. It was a pleasure meeting you and hunting this cache. Thank you to the Mafia for inviting us to do this cache with them. Hey,The Boy, I meant what I said. We can be cache partners anytime! We had a blast! Confederate Rebel formerly Hard Dog Team Oorah'
- 'Tackled this one with . It was the Boy all the way on this one. Many thanks to The Grunt from for being the Boys Safety eye. This is one crazy cache. We have nothing like this down here in Florida. Thanks for putting together this cache for everyone to enjoy. Took...Glowstick Left...Rubber Ducky Keyring & Tiggypet TB, Clyde the Rat TB & Only a Geocoin Thanks for the Hunt'
- 'Worked Tube Torcher into our Annual Mafia Get A Way.. What can we say about Tube Torcher that already hasnt been said?? So we will just give you the Executive Summary... Start Time Met Up with Weather Condition RAIN Completion Time Weather Condition Overcast Time Hours Including a Pigeon Refueling & A Wal Mart Stop Number of Scarey Moments Sink Hole Vs The Boy The Boy Won , When the Godfather Pulls a Full Gainer into a Rock Filled Pond The Godfather Pulls Through Number of Spiders Seen Too Many to Count Number of Bruises, Scratches & Cuts Way More Than Needed Number of Wrong Turns Only Baby.. The Boy Took over the Lead at this Point Number of Team Members to do Ever Stage Dare Devil year Old.. Go Boy, Go Number of Times Law Enforcement Showed Up Dang it Wolfey, Where are you? Hey IndianaLee Wolfey is Yours Now Found all Stages in Great Condition.. Even Got a Visit From IndianaLee Himself and a Picture .. One of the Best and Thought Out Cache We Have Done.. Many Thanks to IndianaLee and CrotalusRex for Putting Together this Awesome Cache.. Important Note Even Though We Did this Cache During a Light Rain.. Neither We, IndianaLee or CrotalusRex Recommend doing this Cache Before, During or After any Rain.. We Took Ever Safety Precaution ie Climbing Harness and Gear .. We Used all the Recommended Equipment Thoughout the Entire Cache.. Thanks for this Awesome Hunt'
- 'I had been looking forward to this experiecne for quite a while. Just was waiting for a group experience on this one. I met up with and and KManRN to go through the punishment together. I had met previously and was glad to get to know him better as well as . Kman and I grew up together but have just started caching together and had mentioned this cache to him just after introducing him to caching. He mentioned he would love to come if the opportunity arose and thanks to s enthusiasm to do this one. Here we are. We started out around on an overcast day but rain held off until we were thankfully finished. It did pay to have sets of eyes and brains on this one. had read through this cache thoroughly and brought a potential mistake to our attention. I had not read the logs on the cache and after this one section definitely paid more attention. I have always been one to jump first and when it did not work out go for the details. I just put in my cents worth and was happy to contribute where I can. Brawn not brains is my motto In all it took us just under hours to do but that was with lunch and a lot of chatting at the sights. We did get to know each other on this cache and do believe there should be more caches like this one. Quality! Quality! Quality! I do want to thank you for putting on a wonderful cache that did take some drive to complete. Thanks again for a wonderful Cache experience and also wanted to thank my caching partners for the day KManRN, SlickRick and for a great day.'
- 'Wow! What an experience! First, a BIG thank you to those who obviously spent a great deal of time developing such an extensive cache! Your effort has provided a very challenging and fun cache for those who are looking for an adventure! I am fairly new to the sport of Geocaching and was invited on this hunt by Mr PBJ. We met up with and at the starting point. I enjoyed not only a great hunt, but also some good fellowship along the way! Not being the greatest at THROUGHLY reading directions before jumping in, I was very glad to have done this as a group! Four brains and eight eyes proved very beneficial on this one! Knee pads are also a must for part of this hunt as well! Once victory was at hand, I did take a Jeep TB and signed the log. Thanks again for a great hunt!'
- 'WOW! That wasnt a just a cache, it was a true adventure. First and foremost THANK YOU! For all the hard work and many hours this cache must have taken to set up. We are still trying to figure out how you knew such places even existed. I can only hope to create such a cache in my life time. The essential items for any who follow are knee pads, gloves, and a QUALITY head light I found that the LED lamps worked better and didnt have to worry about the blub or batteries going on you I cant see how any other cache adventure could top this one. The main difficulty here is making sure you read, understand and follow directions thoroughly. Luckly I was able to help my group avoid a mistake by doing so. As mentioned the final cache container did have quite a bit of water in it so please be sure to replace the cache back exactly as you found it, this side up. Also this is NOT a single person cache, nor for kids say under If you cant crawl in confined spaces this may not be for you. flexibility is helpful. The main thing is TAKE YOUR TIME. Even this fat man did every task but I had to pace myself. For this journey we went in as a foursome, Mike, Kenny, Kevin and myslef. There are safety in numbers and they did have to assist me getting out of one of the tubes. Thanks Kevin. I had met Kevin before, I caught him going after a cache of mine while I was checking it. His buddy Kenny seemed very nice also and it was great getting to know them better and Mike is a great guy I work with and whom I helped get addicted to this great hobby. When TT comes out I hope we can get together again to search for it. Also what was that smell in the tube, oh yeah sorry about that. Thanks for the Hunt. Took BIG light stick left TB Signed the Log'
- 'Unbelievable! SlickRick and I picked up micros and a location less cache on the way to the Tube Torcher parking coordinates this morning. We meet Kevin and Kenny at the parking spot. We started the day as two teams that knew of each other but didn’t know each other and ended the day as comrades in arms. When you go through a cache like this you gain a whole new respect for not only the people you are with but also the people that have come before you and the people that took the time to plan and implement such an elaborate caching experience. Thank you sincerely for all the challenges and the fun you gave us today. When we finally made it to the last location we were all very excited. We didn’t find the snake until after we found the cache. It had been misplaced. There was a lot of water in the cache but for the most part it was OK. After signing the logbook and making our trades we drained out the water and followed the directions for replacing the cache. Thanks again for the fun. It may take a few days to recuperate but we are looking forward to Tube Torcher'
- 'Started cool, then too easy, then cool! Nicely done and fun exploration. Id been told of this one since its like one of mine, The straw that broke the cachers back..., and figured since I was headed to the Caving convention in AL, swinging by here on my way to friends in Knoxville was in order. Folks end up sore after doing mine and I was hoping for a similar challenge but no such luck. The exploration however was a blast and more varied... Absolutely delightful and quite fun! Sweet... Of course I followed it at the convention by spending hours underground two days later, Tuesday nearly hours, Thursday a couple more and Friday another Doing this cache required none of the gear save a couple lights and I didnt even get my feet wet! Heh.. I come out of caves cleaner than most too. Thanks for the pleasant leg stretch after spending a couple days in the car and another couple on my way! Randy'
- 'First and foremost I’d like to thank for putting this enormous cache together. Your planning and time is most certainly evident. For any cacher seeking a challenge to quench the thirst for a great hunt this should be on your to do list if it is not already. We started relatively early with a dry forecast...later on we would see why this is so important. Our early stages went by rather quickly. I appreciate you Bob for recognizing my bullheaded nature in wanting to complete tasks and your patience for waiting even when we had what we needed to move on. The absolute highlight was the white jeep and I’m not talking the travel bug version. I was certain we would be interrogated if we had been seen again in this general area. Generally I am not at a loss but there was little I could do to save Bob from the barrage of questions as to his “interesting equipment” aka headlamp the size of a flood light at mid day. I’m certain security at Biltmore was placed on high alert since “we’re figuring out where to go next...maybe the Biltmore House”. Our little friend didn’t know what to say to that response and I near bout thought I’d burst out laughing. With a questionable look, our friend left and in my mind that in and of itself is a pure miracle...and I made Bob promise from that point forward to let me do the talkin. We went on about our tasks and my heart now raced from fear of being spotted again. I now have a new appreciation for the term “stealth”. I truly thought initially Bob was kidding about his inability to get turned around near the end. Soon I learned he wasn’t. When I returned to where he was ... my getting out proved to be a slight task but I was comin outta there no matter what. As I did, I noticed some blood droplets and after reading past logs upon my return home I wonder now if they belonged to someone who came before me. To reach the end was great and this cache is just outstanding...mere words will never do it justice...never in a million years. Bring on TT Part II! Had to laugh at my exchange. I brought a WJTB just for the occassion...but there was already one there. So Les..I took your WJTB from the WNC event and exchanged it for my Eastern NC WJTB. Flame on..and long live the Tube.'
- 'We did it! We did it! We had no problem with the early stages. I found its OK for a guy to ask directions. But the stages seemed to get progressively more difficult and trickier as we went on. Near the end, we had a run in with a security guard in a white SUV. She was convinced we were up to something. Might have had something to with the fact I was wearing a big headlamp in broad daylight. The guard finally left and disappeared around the end of the row. Then I spotted her spying on us from a distance. We left too and found a more discreet place to park. Afterwards, Carlette said to let her tell the stories. I think the last stage before the final was the toughest. Height is not an advantage there. I couldnt turn around and make the move needed to descend into the pit. I would have gotten stuck and might still be there. Carlette pushed on and fetched the information needed for the final. Now that we are done, I am still having flashbacks. Thanks for the best. This is the classic that has spun off so many imitators. e.g. GCP'
- 'When you have an adventure in life such as this AWESOME cache takes you thru, you simply dont look at things the same. This is the most well thought out and most rewarding cache Ive ever done. Many thanks for the obvious hard work you put into this one. Will there be a sequel? I cant imagine what it would entail if so. It took DMFlyer and I trips to get it complete due to weather and time constraints but it was worth every mile and minute spent. Took Leatherman tool Left wjtb, gps laynard and a couple of other items that slip my drained mind at the moment.'
- 'WoooHoo ! for me. This one took us three trips but we finally made it. A little wet, sweaty and dirty, but we made it. L Gladiator DVD, Light stick. T Dozer, USAF Keychain, Green Gator bottleopener Great series of steps, near the end we were wondering where all those tube go ! Looking forward to doing'
- 'Well what can I say that hasnt already been said? This was far different from the caches Ive done to date, this one was really like a game, hey thats what it is, right? Arrived from Murphy around ` and as always didnt read the info enough and took a little while to get going, after that went good, I did draw some blood, brairs and some abrasions, made some wrong decisions but still finished with energy to spare, I think it was around with lunch included, only encountered crickets and the guys in white cars, was not wet until the end and I jumped the gun a little and went where I shouldnt have, this was a blast, I say TT go for it. tnlnsl Its really full. p.s. I went solo on this!'
- 'Well, ditto everything that Archidad & Mudkat said ... except for the part about being old. Instead, were young and tired and we hurt all over. The cache was a great experience, and I think we all did a lot of things that we never imagined wed do. I only wish wed saved this one for our last cache ever ... now all the piddly little caches we do are going to seem boring and mundane! We cant wait for a sequel! We left a whole bagful of stuff, but I mustve misplaced my list of the things we left. Heres what I remember, and there may or may not be more floating keychain, bug repellant kit, poison ivy oak kit, pedometer, alligator keychain, gecko keychain, A Really Good Travel Bug, and that may have been it. We thought wed give the next people a little reward. We signed the log, but didnt take anything but a great experience and some fabulous photos. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'What a weekend! We had agreed with to work our finds up to and then tackle TT together for a memorable We started out about on a beautiful Saturday morning with high energy and anticipation. We chose wrong, chose right, stopped for doughnuts, enjoyed some more adventure, had Mexican food GCJH explored some more, raining now , went shopping, explored deeper, dodged some junior muggles peering in holes shouting anybody in there? while not expecting an answer. We could have really messed with them but chose to stay hidden. , went for coffee wet, tired, sore and scratched , found the next step..... it was now and pouring rain. We felt it would be safer to return on Sunday morning for our big finish. We got to the site about and easily finished the last leg. Were old and tired and we hurt all over, but what a great experience. THANK YOU for all the hard work in setting this up. Everything was well thought out and well marked and easy to find if you could find the right place to look. Took plastic tackle box and $ Left Multi tool and pocket knife. Also left Ding A Ling TB. Note to people who follow this is an extrordinary, adult adventure and deserves a quality reward at the end. Dont let it get filled up with Happy Meal Toys.'
- 'One Word..... WOW! After learning that I had chosen poorly one the first clue I was able to find most of the clues as easily as can be expected. I got to the last tube and said to the people that were with me, You have to be kidding me! but it was true! This was one of the best Caches I have done! only got a little cut up and scraped. How did you guys find these spots! SL took the D and D CD left $ and change that had not fallen out of my pockets on the last tube! TFTC'
- 'Well, we heard this was tough, but we felt we just had to give it a try. After climbing up, down, in and out, the words Why are we doing this? kept popping up in our discussion of the next move. We chose poorly at times and even crawled about fifty yards in an area that is not even a part of the hunt. There was alot of whoopin and hollerin when it was all over. It IS tough. We think it should be rated higher. Were really proud of ourselves and think everyone should give it a try.'
- 'Your cache has finally been crashed by ! Picked this one up where we left off back in Glad we didnt have the same difficulties this time as we had then. We have to say that this is a great cache. You definitely get pushed to the limits at every stage. Every time you think you are coming to the end, you end up having to go just a little bit further than you expected. All stages are very well laid out and the thought and planning that went into setting this one up is incredible. Especially liked stages four and five. These areas cover a lot more area than we could imagine upon entering. Traveling light, we didnt have anything to leave, so we just took the travelbug to help it move along as well as a lot of good, fun memories. Thanks for the work that went into this one and giving us such an excellent adventure. And by the way, any future seekers need to beware the HUGE snake we found guarding the final stage. We had thought, at first, that CrotalusRexs icon had possibly come to life. Definitely made us choose a different route.'
- 'Found with my husband, , and his friend Dan. WOW is all I can say. This one was awsome! I let the boys do most of the climbing around in nasty places.'
- 'What an awsome cache! It took myself, my wife, and our friend Dan about hours all in total to complete, but we had more than our share of setbacks. I really liked the path I had to take for location three. Location and were awsome, but we had to do a lot of dodging the man in white. We actually put off on doing the final coordinates for almost an hour because of this. We went and got some refreshing beverages and walked around for a while. I have some great photos, but for some reason forgot to bring the camera on the fifth location. Oh well. We were on vacation from Upstate NY and staying in Charleston, SC, so we pretty much made a day out of this one cache. It was great. Thanks a lot for the adventure.'
- 'What a cache. Took Citty and I hours to complete. Weather was perfect. Coords were right on. Of course I choose poorly so I had to do more climbing than was necessary. I love the layout of this cache. I could tell a lot of time and effort were put into the design, and it paid off. The best cache Ive ever done so far. Well done. Left a TB, Took a TB. SL. Thanks.'
- 'I just have to say WOW... This was the best workout i have had in a long Time.. It took me, Mr. Loggerhead and Blindreff hours to complete.. If they would have listen to me the first time it would of only taken about hours but NO One Ever Listens to a Baby Loggerhead..They learned their lesson the hard way.. Throughout the cache things kept getting smaller and tricker.. I loved the way the clues were labeled and all the new places i got to explore..After Blindreff pointed out that i had a hole in the butt of my pants i kinda felt weird about crawling around with my butt up in the air but i had to keep on trucken, we were almost there.. Having short legs did give me some trouble Thank God i had very strong men to pick me up and put me back on track. haha. This has got to be one of the Best Caches. Thanks.. Took The Missing Link TB to take with me to the April Fools event.. Also took a wooden puzzle and left a WG $...'
- 'WOW, What can I possible say that hasnt been said before. We came Loggerhead, Babby Loggerhead and myslef up from the flatlands to do this cache. We probably picked the mosr perfect day to do this as the weather was wonderful. But thats not to say we didnt have any problems, as we did. First clue I found out that short legs doesnt help here at all. But luck would have it we did choose correctly. Second clue. Loggerhead time to get a nose bleed, and he also found out that short legs was a curse. Third clue Was under the watchful eye of the telephone repair man here. A quick in and out and we were on our way to the next clue...BAD Judjement here as we later heard several times from Babbylogger head... Fourth Clue We only had of what we needed here but made a educated guess.. Flunked this part so back to clue three. Fourth Clue again Now we are ready to do some serious tubing and boy did it get to be fun from here. I loved this part but wished I had brought knee pads.. Still wondering what kind of car I was looking at. Oh love the way you guys label things, very nice ! Fifth Clue Dodge the white truck as we was looking at the X . Only thing here was the short legs and fat tummys from lunch. Nice twist on backtracking. A lot of fun to be had here also. Always wonder what it was like in this kind of park. CACHE What can I say here? Great container loaded with great stuff to drool over after a great cache. I did take the Brianski Tb and left part of a Where George Bill. After thought Busted head, sore legs, brused arm, scraped knees, lots of briars scratched for doing the educated guess. Missing skin from back, angles, elbows. Would I do it again, YES but maybe this time at night to add to the excitement. And we saw no critters or encounter water over knee deep. That is except Loggerhead at the educated guess.. Thanks for a great afternoon of caching and I phrase you on job well done.'
- 'After completing other caches in the area this morning along with DNFs we grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to tackle this one! My description, although trying to be brief as not to give spoilers may contain some! DONT LOOK AT PHOTOS! SPOILERS FOR SURE! Luckily I had my daughter Baby Loggerhead and Blindreff along with me on this one! After finding the Corn Fed Twin Towers, Blindreff jumped at the chance to conquer the first tower. After obtaining the worksheet we headed to the second stage! This one was mine! down, to go! At stage three we did the stupid thing! We thought we had it all! Baby Loggerhead encouraged us to go deeper but why bother, right? Well after arriving at the location for stage we realized that we didnt get everything! This cost us a good minutes, me being soaked up to my, well you know, and several dozen I told you so from Baby Loggerhead but we headed back and took care of business! Now back to Stage Found these pretty quickly and not much water! Neat, neat idea! Stage was a challenge for us vertically challenged individuals. Not so much going in, but coming out! I thought I was going to have to pop out of the parking lot somewhere to get out! I had to back out the last section because of my entry! Finally made it and headed for the reward! Found it in short order after a few run in with briars! Briars WON! I must say that this cache ranks right up there with the best! The most physical Ive done so far for sure! Every stage, clue, etc. was worked out to perfection! Dittos for a GREAT JOB guys! Very well done! Took the Fishing Buddy TB and we left a group Wheres George $ Now, It MILLER TIME!'
- 'You guys live up to your names! This was the most enjoybable day of caching for me. Started by doing Down the Rabbit Hole then yours. Had a great gourmet lunch in between and leg. Got some coords mixed up and had to call Ozguff to get us started back on right trail. Bought the $ Shateboard at K Marts and found the cache in the snow at I mean, you guys took caching to the limits and We loved it! T Mini knife and left roll electrical tape.'
- 'WOW! What a trip. Took hours and found at in the snow and degrees. Couldnt have done it without a little help and encouragement from THE MASTER. We did this one with rods&ropes. The first were a breeze for us experienced climbers. Had our gear but didnt need it. Soloed up the tubes with no problem. A break here for a late lunch. Tazclimber are members of Biltmore Baptist Church and the church has a restaurant open to the public. Friday is seafood day so what else could we do but go there. We would highly recommend the crablegs, poached salmon, fried flounder, iced shrimp, and seafood caserole. And of course if you are really hungry there are vegetables to go along with them and salad and cake and pie. Sorry NO beer or Wine. They are Baptist. At no taz F and ropes waded through the mud and water to get the points. Ropes got them and then maybe not correct. At no we actually visited the final without seeing it we were off a bit so with a little help from THE MASTER we got back on track and the unemployed drifter taz M scooted into the tube for the clues. Then to K Mart for the skate board for no At no taz M was elected, coerced, threatened, cajoled, promised great thimgs from taz F and other things from r&r to take the ride into the dark for the final clues. While he was wading barefoot through the icy waters the others warmed it in the car watching the snow cover the world! He of course had read of others losing valuable clues from being dropped into the water so he was EXTRA careful not to drop any of the papers. Of course the snow pouring through the overhead grates was NOT accounted for. So a little smearing of the clues was encountered. Then too something was recorded WRONG. Of course we went the wrong way and there was BUBBA waiting for us in front of his house in the dark and cold and snow. SPOILER WARNING! Dont drive up Possum Trot road. Went back to the wrong place, searched the wrong tubes behind Bubbas house in the snow and briers and dark. So, back to THE MASTER for the third time. of course the celll phone battery died at the crucial point and everything went dead. I CANT HEAR YOU NOW. Finally got the right info and taz F and ropes GOT IT. With a little searching of course. This is a MUST DO for any serious cacher. Thanks for the hunt would like to see more like this. T flashlight and dollar L Missing Link TB, PMRR keychain and memorial flyer.'
- 'From Miles Stone This was indeed a challenging adventure that took us places we never imagined. Not wanting to spoil your adventure with details, re consider this adventure if you have any of these ablutophobia, acarophobia, acerophobia, achluophobia, acrophobia, aeroacrophobia, aerophobia, agateophobia, agliophobia, agoraphobia, agrizoophobia, agyrophobia, aichmophobia, altophobia, amathophobia, amaxophobia, amychophobia, anablephobia, anemophobia, anginophobia, antlophobia, arachnephobia, arithmophobia, asthenophobia, astraphobia, asymmetriphobia ataxiophobia, atychiphobia, automysophobia, autophobia, bacillophobia, bacteriophobia, basiphobia, bathmophobia, bathophobia, batophobia, batrachophobia, blennophobia, cainophobia, catapedaphobia, chronomentrophobia, claustrophobia, cleisiophobia, cleithrophobia, decidophobia, dermatopathophobia, dinophobia, dromophobia, dystychiphobia, entomophobia, eosophobia, helminthophobia, hemaphobia, herpetophobia, hydrophobia, hygrophobia, kenophobia, kinesophobia, kopophobia, kyphophobia, metathesiophobia, microbiophobia, misophobia, necrophobia, olfactophobia, ombrophobia, ophidiophobia, panophobia, panthophobia, parasitophobia, polyphobia, ponophobia, potamophobia, ranidaphobia, rupophobia, sciaphobia, scoleciphobia, seplophobia, stasibasiphobia, stenophobia, taphephobia, thanatophobia, topophobia, traumatophobia, tropophobia or verminophobia. A couple of the many memorable highlights in our adventure Katydid had a challenging task and was position above me. I cant do it, I cant do it! she said frantically. She was already halfway there. Poised ready to catch her if she failed, I said, Commit, commit! She made it! More detailed directions are provided at the start of your journey. At one particular strenuous point in our trek, I dropped a critical part of ther directions in some water. The ink is water soluble a lack of these directions will complicate your situation. Took TB Topper, TB Get your goat, coin; left Fishing Buddy, TB Brianski, Firts Aid Kit. Thanks for a truly great adventure! From Katydid First let me say that if I can do this, then you can too! I am far from peak physical condition, and I am also terribly afraid of heights, but was still able to complete this with a good partner. I have wanted to do this cache since I first found out about it a couple of years ago. Since we have family in Charlotte just a couple of hours away, the opportunity finally arose, and Miles and I were both game! We hoped to talk some of our local New Englanders into coming along, but there were no takers so it was just the two of us. When we told our year old son about what we were going to undertake, he asked Why would you do that for a cache?. Well son, its like this...your Mom and Dad are crazy. No, but seriously, you do have to ask yourself what the motivation is when you attempt something so out of the ordinary, and physically challenging to boot. For me, it is a test of stamina. And of course, the reward, which is the feeling of accomplishment you gain from completing a challenge, whether mental or physical. And this was both mental and physical.'
- 'Wow! What a cache. This one lived up to all my expectations. Unlike, Medic I dont mind ladders, as long as I have the right equipment. The first two stages went pretty quick except for having to go back to stage after stage because I had dropped my cell phone there! Off to stage where we made quick work. I managed, however, to sink a foot into mud above the ankle! Stage took a while because we kept going back to the car for more equipment but we finally prevailed. At stage one of my flashlights went dead! Good thing I had brought two! Stage was awesome. Just keep going and going until you find everything. For the last stage, we approached it from completely the wrong way and ended up going through large thorn bushes. We were a bit confused at one point, thinking we should do one thing, but a quick search of the area led us to the correct location. We spent a while looking at the stuff in the cache after all that, wouldnt you too! . I left a bulldozer and an ambulance and grabbed The Graduate TB. He wants to go visit universities and weve got world class ones in the Triangle area. Like John says, if youre thinking of doing this cache, DO IT! Its well worth the experience. Thanks for a great adventure.'
- 'Well... what can I say other than WOW! This is the best cache I have found to date! I found this cache w others from SC, and from the Triangle. We started at about am. At One of the stages we encountered HUGE mud puddles nearby. As the day went on, It just keeps getting better and better! Luckily, the local rent a cops were on a doughnut break so we didnt have to worry about getting busted near the end! We were able to find all of the clues here and now its time for the final stage... wow I am tired! After taking the LONG way around to get to the location, we made it... sort of... Lets just say we almost made this stage a lot harder than what was needed. But after hours we made it YAY! I left the SCUBA travel bug and took a TB. All in all it was a great day; I found about more after this and watched the sunset while finding Troglodytic Visitation! Cool! Thanks for the great caches! Doug'
- 'and I were the aforementioned trio of RTP cachers. I originally had a lot of trepidation about trying to do this because of the physical requirements. Oh my god, I was not wrong. Lets just say I wouldve logged this yesterday, but I couldnt move, and I didnt even do the hardest section. I felt more like I was sort of following along for the ride. But wow. How cool. I cannot emphasize enough the utility of a skateboard or of taking the briers alert seriously. I gave up even trying part without the board. But thats ok, cause I had to pee pretty bad by that point anyway, and figured that squirming around in weird positions wouldnt have helped matters much. As for the briers, I wore a body, a tank top, a t shirt, a turtleneck, a sweater, and a coat, and those b strds still managed to rip a half inch hole in my finger at point My Achilles finger! aaaah! D And the light at the end of the tunnel really is an oncoming train. ; Got great pictures of everyone from the bottom up. hehe and of dingo and his boys trying to figure out what to do next. how many geocachers does it take to read a map? ; coolest cache can Ive seen yet. Nice placement. Took a compass, left a high quality poodle purse and a wooden mini jigsaw puzzle.'
- 'Although I have cached with my father, several times, I just activated my account today, and this is my first official find! What a first it was! Had a blast completing this puzzle cache with and Bass Ackwards, as well as several others we met at the start. TN LN SL'
- 'Well, what can I say about this cache? I could go into much detail...or NOT! Did this one with my son, , and a co worker, Bass Ackwards. Also met a trio from the Triangle area at the start and we all did it together. I have had this on my radar for quite some time, and finally found a weekend to come up from Charleston, SC, to do it. For anyone contemplating this cache, DO IT! This was easily one of the top or three caches Ive ever done. It is a wonderfully thought out and put together puzzle, and I absolutely had a BLAST doing it. Took nothing left a White tail deer coin. Grabbed the SCUBA TB, which was dropped off by one of our fellow cachers. Launched my new TB Getcher Goat, Dropped off Home Heart TB, The Graduate TB, and INSPIRE TB. Oh, BTW, there were only left! Just for info, did Bradleys Bottom right after this, a GREAT twofer.'
- 'We arrived to the first coords at on saturday night. we started on this wild and crazy hunt. Many questions went through our heads while on this hunt is this ladder safe? Are we breaking the law? Are you ok? what happens if? Do you think someone will come up on us? wheres that snake?Did you double check that symbol? Wheres the scroll? Are you absolutely postively sure this is the way? three tubes were definatly the scariest remember to hold on real tight , if you are weak, you will really want to take a rope. got finished, and had thornes stuck all over me, which gave us a good idea what we were up against. tube was a complete surprise, fell twice and got real wet, really creepy at night with all the symbols in the other tube. Arrived at the tube, started questioning where this was going to go next, and contemplated turning back and taking our whipped butts home, but we entered. we shall not fail, rememeber to take a alot of batteries, and everything else on the required items list. take a deep breathe and entered. tube we were exhausted, sore, hurt, thursty, hungry, completely amazed at this hunt. we traveled on, who ever bought the skateboard THANK YOU SO MUCH, equipment check was in order, because we knew what we were up against. X marked the spot, and we went in after the points. making our way through we rolled the skateboard back and forth, but we remained quiet, as to not draw attenion, to people above us, even though it was near finally got the last symbol, read symbols extremely careful . we continued to explore, but dont fall down this tube DANGER, DANGER , found the blown out flame going to next coords, we had know idea why we had taken this upon our poor bodies, man we are going to feel this tomorrow, but we followed the scroll and found the cache, man that was the most incredible cache hunt i have or will ever go on took compass, stephen king IT dvd, and fish TB, left anglehead flashlight with color filters, AA batts, electronic poker game, and tom clancy rainbow six game. signed the log i salute the one who started this and went through the entire process making this cache possible for everyone, great job. your entire hunt brought tears and fears, i wish more people would put caches like this one together, maybe ill start working on one, but it will be no where close to this magnitude. thank you so much for the wild, crazy, incredible, insane hunt'
- 'OBJECTIVE TUBE TORCHER MISSION STATUS COMPLETE Nighthawk and nightlight struck your cache. We arrived to the first coords at on saturday night. we started on this wild and crazy hunt. Many questions went through our heads while on this hunt is this ladder safe? Are we breaking the law? Are you ok? what happens if? Do you think someone will come up on us? wheres that snake?Did you double check that symbol? Wheres the scroll? Are you absolutely postively sure this is the way? three tubes were definatly the scariest remember to hold on real tight , if you are weak, you will really want to take a rope. got finished, and had thornes stuck all over me, which gave us a good idea what we were up against. tube was a complete surprise, fell twice and got real wet, really creepy at night with all the symbols in the other tube. Arrived at the tube, started questioning where this was going to go next, and contemplated turning back and taking our whipped butts home, but we entered. we shall not fail, rememeber to take a alot of batteries, and everything else on the required items list. take a deep breathe and entered. tube we were exhausted, sore, hurt, thursty, hungry, completely amazed at this hunt. we traveled on, who ever bought the skateboard THANK YOU SO MUCH, equipment check was in order, because we knew what we were up against. X marked the spot, and we went in after the points. making our way through we rolled the skateboard back and forth, but we remained quiet, as to not draw attenion, to people above us, even though it was near finally got the last symbol, read symbols extremely careful . we continued to explore, but dont fall down this tube DANGER, DANGER , found the blown out flame going to next coords, we had know idea why we had taken this upon our poor bodies, man we are going to feel this tomorrow, but we followed the scroll and found the cache, man that was the most incredible cache hunt i have or will ever go on took compass, stephen king IT dvd, and fish TB, left anglehead flashlight with color filters, AA batts, electronic poker game, and tom clancy rainbow six game. signed the log i salute the one who started this and went through the entire process making this cache possible for everyone, great job. your entire hunt brought tears and fears, i wish more people would put caches like this one together, maybe ill start working on one, but it will be no where close to this magnitude. thank you so much for the wild, crazy, incredible, insane hunt'
- 'Wooo Hoooo! Our first I talked Katie into going to WNC to tackle this with me. I didnt show her the info until AFTER she agreed. We spent about $ at KMart on supplies. Glad we bought the kneepads and the $ skateboard! It was a wonderful day for this hunt. From stage we knew it would be a long day. By stage three, I was already bleeding. We had to go through both parts three times before we finally found everything we needed. By stage four, we were covered in mud, water, sweat and blood. This was turning into a great day! I liked how each stage got progressively harder. I couldnt help but wonder how many people got to stage and quit after looking at it, then never logged a DNF. I know the thought crossed my mind. We couldnt fit into stage with our pack full of gear, so we put the pack on the skateboard and pushed it. We ended up leaving the skateboard in the tunnel in case it could help another team one day. We couldnt find the last symbol in the last stage, and we panicked! I remember sitting on the ground down there beneath a grate, listening to people walk around over us, and whispering to each other what do we do??? In the end, we left without the last symbol, and figured wed try all the possibilities. We didnt need to, our first guess got us in the right area and the hint on the scroll got us there. This cache was fantastic, and it has inspired me to work that much harder on the cache Im designing back home in Arkansas. All you would be torchers, GO DO IT! But plan your whole weekend around it, because you will be so sore you wont be able to handle another one for a few days. Now I hope I can convince Katie to ever go caching with me again. We left the compass and the Trout TB, and we took the clips, a CD, and the knife.'
- 'Regnad Kcin, Mr. Parrothead, and I decided to attempt the infamous Tube Torcher today. Youd think wed be old enough to know better especially me being a genuine senior citizen and old enough to be eligible for a reduced price on coffee at Hardees. But then, youd be wrong. I did have some concerns at several points Look at the rust on that ladder, I wonder if itll hold? Isnt that part of the ceiling sitting on the floor? Isnt this the place where they say the alligators get REALLY big? Did we come in here from this direction or from that one? Hey, I saw that Stephen King movie IT and I know what happens to people who do this kind of thing! Yeah we got down in one piece, but how are we going to get back up? Do we have time to get outta here if it starts raining? What happened to my camera? Some advice. On stage take a good look at BOTH options before making your selection. On stage dont rely on a puny little head lamp bring a million candlepower floodlamp. On stage bring a good fifteen foot rope to help you back into what you came out of to get to where you needed to go. I just gotta wonder how these guys set this cache up. Were they walking along one day and said to themselves I wonder whats down there Hey, lets go take a look? How did they even find the place where they must have been walking. But then, it was a really fun experience, so Im glad they did set it up, however they did it. Unlike some of the previous finders, I did not get soaked, I did not get muddy, and I never felt my life was in danger well, maybe once, but that was on the way to the actual cache and all the real fun was over by then. Of course, we did this in the winter when all the sensible wildlife is taking a long nap. All we saw was one cave cricket and he may have been frozen in place. And we did it on a Sunday morning when the sensible security people are still in bed. So all you other cachers, take heart. If we can do it, you can too. Get your team together and pick a date.'
- 'That was fun! Lots of fun! ...and it was a HUGE help to do this one as a team. After all, feeling more than a little like Winnie the Pooh, I did need a good push from behind at one point. I think we were leaving what had dubbed....the gravity cavity. Couldnt have had any better partners, thanks to Mr. Parrothead, Old Man Jack and our silent observer. At one point I found myself wanting to record coordinates without a pen. I was immensely pleased with myself when I recorded the minutes portion of both latitude and longitude on a dollar bill by making a series of small tears along the edge....only later did I find out Id sent us off in the wrong direction because the system didnt work so well with zeroes! The dollar bill, having done its duty, went into the cache...maybe someone else can figure out where I went wrong. Until you do it, its very hard to appreciate the work that went into this cache. Awesome job! Thanks for the adventure. I claimed the Skeptical Inquirer magazine as my cache prize and left something that just seemed appropriate, a DVD of Stephen Kings IT. What else could make you hurry through those pitch black tunnels better than an image of Pennywise the clown behind you?'
- 'Ok, where do we start. Our group gathered at the usual meeting place and headed out about We arrived at the initial launching point and got started at approx. It was a little chilly but we soon warmed up as we tackled the first obstacle. After a brief snafu, we quickly got on the right track and got what we needed. We headed onward. Again, it didnt take long to get what we came for. I would just like to say by this point, my arms were marshmellows. After a quick stop to log another quick, grab and go, we were back on our way. Again, no major obstacles here. Just get in, get what we need, and get out. Sounds simple right? Well, almost. Now I have a humpback to go with the marshmellow arms. Did I mention the quivery knees? Got that too. This is where the fun really began. Nothing like a little extreme activity to get the ol blood circulating. Lets check the inventory I now have marshmellow arms, a humpback, quivery knees and now bruised and battered knees and sore wrists. I know, its sucks getting old. The day was progressing nicely. My whole body hurts in places I didnt even know I had but we trudged on. We crawled, we climbed, we twisted, we turned, we did the hokey pokey...well, maybe not the hokey pokey but we did a lot of stuff. This one took some time but again, we came out successful. I think everything was too sore at this point to add anymore to the list. We now had everything we needed. It had been a long morning and we were all whining like a bunch of little whipped puppies but the end was in sight. We trudged onward. A short time later after one nice little butt busting tumble, we had the goodies in our very tired little hands. Final inventory Marshmellow arms Hump back quivery knees bruised and battered knees sore wrists very dirty backside of pants from our little butt busting goodies from the cache another smiley for the CG page and a whole of fun had from a very fun cache! plus we get to talk about this for a long time!'
- 'Well this was certainly a blast. Did the first couple stages yesterday with a buddy of mine and his son. Couldnt bring the other members of the on this one. I have to go away for a month work related not jail and I wanted to finish this one. Had to do the other stages alone this morning. This was definately a good time. I used to do a lot of caving so this brought back memories. Wish I could have found some carbide for my head lamp. If all the caches were like this one, I would probably be doing this daily. Thanks for a good time. Picked up the TB and Geocoin. Will deliver to VA. Took the head lamp would like to get my son into caving and this will really come in handy and GEO button. Left Dale Earnhardt stickers and deck of cards. TFTH SL P.S. Life is damn good referring to log'
- 'Yesterdays cast OJC as Cool Hand Luke, mr as Sean Connery, me as Laura Croft. Some small amt of artistic license used here . We encountered fine art, mystical symbols, dancing flames, got high, and saw the underside of a car as only a mechanic should see it. I wouldnt have been surprised to have found a vat of snakes or little men in SS uniforms at the end. Speaking of uniforms, mr showed up wearing leotards and something that can only be described tragically as a skort. So much for blending in. My face actually hurts from smiling. The rest of me, just hurts. In the immortal words of Leonard Cohen Now I ache in the places where I used to play. Thank you IndyLee & CRex for fulfilling a fantasy that Ive had since childhood, but would never have had the guts to do w o my caching heros. Still grinning hours later and cant wait to get my copy of the Totally Tubular Tube Torcher soundtrack CD from OJC. NICE ONE!'
- 'WOW! What a great day. This reminded me of doing very similar things in my youth. It was just as much fun today as it was then. Yes, I really did gain some experience in places like this about years ago. We had a great team today. Positive thinking and determination helped things to go very smoothly. I dont think the word fear was ever used or even thought of. It was just a great adventure. I guess my favorite parts were what dubbed the birth canal and the gravity cavity. High places are nice too. I need to thank IndianaLee and CrotalusRex of The Smoky Mountain Extreme Team for all the effort expended in creating and maintaining this adventure. I call it an adventure because this one is far more than just a cache. The total experience is what stands out here. Thanks also to my fearless team mates. and , Ill ride the river with you guys any day. You da bomb. Oh yeah, the cache. I took a Totally Tubular cd which we listened to on the way home, and left a like new headlamp with batteries. Only used once, and that was today. I bought it for this adventure, so I thought it fitting to leave it here. Maybe someone will have some use for it even after completing Tube Torcher. Thanks to all for a great time. OJC'
- 'As I start this log I notice there are people watching this cache. I’m sure some have already found it and the others are arranging their schedule to create time to do it. First I’d like to thank you for reading this log. I hope it is informative without giving away any useable references to locating the cache. After making plans, canceling plans, revising plans, and e mails back and forth, the crew consisting of TwoBearCubs, OJC and here after known as the B.B.B.B.B. read Bold, Battered, Bruised, Bushwhacking, Bunch were ready to assemble. It was one from the North, two from the South. We loaded up and moved out with our pockets full of ambition. We actually breezed thru rather well I thought, with only one small misstep along the way. That was quickly sorted out and we began our quest for the needed info to put this one in the bag. Let me add here if you plan on doing this cache, my feeling is it is more fun and safer to do with a couple friends. I found myself thinking several times that if something was to happen that the animals would find us before any help would. Besides nothing could bring you closer together than crawling on your hands and knees in a place with your caching buddies rear pointed right at you, and learning the hard way that chili beans were his her previous nights meal. Redbimmer, that’s the only dangerous gas we ran into. We gathered the needed items and ciphered what was to put in our GPS to locate the booty. I truly enjoyed the way you approached this and your artistic skills. We named one of the areas we entered “the birth canal” and I think I came out breeched, at least I felt like it once it was over. We discussed the need for a Mtn. Bike to speed things up, seemed like a good idea at the time but remember I had inhaled a large amount of gas in a few short hours so my thinking may have been askew. After locating the final stage we spent some time reading, writing and inspecting. This was a most excellent adventure and my deepest thanks for the time and effort it must take to pull this off. We will talk of this day for a very long time. I traded a large blue carbineer for a Tic Tac Toe game and left my GeoCoin, “Pretember” and a Garfield TB. ,,,,,Life is Good'
- 'Very well done cache, I appreciate the time and effort you put forth in setting this one up! Only catch was when I was exiting the stage a mexican grounds keeper almost dumped a cart load of leave on top of me, but the look in his face shown he was as dumb founded to see me, as I was to see him, but no words were exhanges and he return to his work, as I watch him and then I return to my task. It was a wonderful day for caching, even with a the chrismas traffic. Only came across five black widows, that I saw, during my travels. Thanks for the caching, got to hunt up some more EXTREME caches. Thanks Dynamic P.S. Cache was in great shape.'
- 'I had the pleasure of completeing CrotalusRexs Eat and Run Challenge on the Outer Banks some years ago. I knew this was to be a good one! I didnt do so well on the earlier stages, but had no trouble checking out some low water after doing High Water. I did get to see and feel some wildlife . This is my favorite cache to date, and the memories of completeing it with good friends will last a lifetime. Took a pen and a couple of spiders in honor of those you may have gotten smooshed. Left some dirty green paper. This is an extermely clever and fun cache to do, but do be careful, and follow all safety precautions. Thanks to my friends, , Nittany Dave JackcacheNC, Wimseyguy and for shareing this adventure. Fishingfools Tean CHB Raleigh, NC'
- 'Team CHB accepted the Challenge and completed both WNC in the same day. Once again I have gone places and done things that I would never have imagined doing or going before geocaching, and since high school. This one required all of the physical and intellectual strength and stamina of the entire team. If the cache page suggests bringing some equipment, you had better bring it. If it warns of dangers that you may encounter, believe it well there wasnt a lot of wildlife around . Thanks for creating a unique adventure. T nada, L signature button from my adventure. The next time Im driving down the interstate and I wonder about some structure off the road Ill wonder for a different reason.'
- 'After finishing High Water and grabbing a bite to eat at a drive through, we CCCA, , JackcacheNC, , Wimseyguy and I dove right into this next This cache had lots of ups and downs. Each stage was a slightly different challenge. We chased the wrong torch at one stage but that only slowed us down a little. The flashlights sure came in handy as did kneepads and old clothes. After completing the puzzle and narrowly avoiding local security forces, we headed over to the final stage full of anticipation at the prospect of finishing both in the same day. The final stage was completed in the dark and can be pretty treacherous terrain day or night. When we finally spotted the container I realized that I have one just like it sitting in my garage waiting to be hidden. Im sure mine wont be hidden at the end of a challenge nearly as good as this one was. Left a Magellan paperweight and a signature button, took lots of awesome memories. Thanks for a great challenge!'
- 'What can I add after the comments from the other team members?? Maybe, WOW what a cache. As it has been noted this was a team effort with , Nittany Dave, , Wimseyguy, Fishingfools, and myself, old and fragile at age I kid about being but age is not the factor unless you make it one. You need to be mentally prepared and in good physical condition to tackle this one, no matter your age. Carry all the proper equipment, and be safe! Not sure if this cache should be called Tube Torcher or Tube Torture! Much I want to say but do not want to give anything away. This one does test you mentally....just be prepared. You will get dirty and you will be tired ...Hit the showers after this one...As I was showering I kept thinking...You did what!. Thanks for the adventure AKA MoleMan'
- 'The only ingredient missing from making this a fantastic geo experience was the company of my best geo buddy SBUX who could not make it down this time due to other committments. After our sweet success at High Water! the boys & I found it only fitting to snatch up the gauntlet thrown down by the last finders by doing these geocaches back to back. I stand tall with these honorable men in that we achieved our goals of having fun, staying safe & finding BOTH in day. It may have had something to do with our lack of any real food in the past hrs. and minimal sleep. This was one of the best geo adventures anywhere and when I passed through the Chimney Rocks Park area on Sunday, it was really tempting to come up & shake your hand for hiding it. The amount of time and creativity involved can not be measured.'
- 'We began our caching weekend by warming up finding over caches on the two previous days. Our day concluded by tackling this cache and by PM we had completed both this and High Water, another new local cache. It was a team effort including , , , , jackcacheNC and myself, the senior member at over age We ultimately used all of the gear that the cache owner recommended as well much of what we brought without his recommendation. Stage was left to me. Other stages were not quite as intimidating so we left it to the other capable members of our team. There is a certain amount of danger to this cache. Be careful. The physical demands require a reasonable level of good physical condition. If you have vertigo or any heart conditions, avoid this cache. This has got to be one of the best cache experiences of my two years. The memories of stage will stay with me for many years. Thanks for an exciting hunt and adventure! This was an outstanding cache and the third one I have completed in NC.'
- 'Found this one easy. It only took Shade, Jaded, and I two days to find it. That must be a new record for me. I credit that to my two companions on the cache of caches. I must say, when we FINALLY finished, I had such a wonderful feeling of acomplishment, I didnt want it to end. But it did and, Im sorry to say, the cache was flooded. I wringed out the Huckleberry Finn book, myself. The log was soaked thru . Left Scourge of Worlds demo DVD, silly putty, and collectible cards took cd. TFTC!'
- 'WOOOOO HOOOOOO. This one had to be broke up into two days because of a bad judgement on our behalf, so we called it a day early and decided to fix our mistake today. This cache was definently the best weve been on. Its got us all excited to do more caches like this. We also want to thank Mojo for taging along on this one its always better to have an extra brain on something like this. After all the excitment of the hunt we were disappointed to find the cache container soaked. I think the flooding from Ivan was to blame and the lid wasnt on very tight when we found it. We took Pez Bee and Scuba keychain left dash compass and handheld ticktacktoe game.'
- 'BOO YA...That cache was the best cache that we have ever done. This was our first five star cache and I must say you inspired us. Your ... Mad crazy.'
- 'Found as part of Crew Uber fun! I was the driver ... not a wise choice on this one! Blaze and Vakuum of .'
- 'Very nice multi. Local constabulary was quite interested in our visit to one of the clue locations! Team Blaze, Brian V., Nalgene, Moose, Chuck, and Top Gun. Cache in good condition.'
- 'awesome cache been wanting to to this one for a while asked the wife to go and she said NO WAY MAN got a friend from work to go find his first cache and we had a blast. Run though the entire thing in hours would have been quicker but made a few mistakes but quickly recovered from them and moved along. Never would have crawled though these places without geocaching. Truly suprised were we ended up on this one. Saw tons of spiders some bees two herons two frogs but we kept all our blood well i did anyway .took jeep tb left a spring link. hey thanks guys for a truly unusual challange i think my friend might be a little disappointed on his second hunt after the first being the TUBE TORCHER!'
- 'OK i have a question. A verry valid question and I want some help answering it. Pur and I asked ourselves this several times, whois crazier, those who created this cache or those who willingly complete it? What can I say, it was AWESOME. I have a rather sore head from scraping it several times, on top of being sunburnt up there at the same time... But man am I gonna sleep well tonight. How did yall find these places? cool! It was deffinately a challenge, there were times where I was thining, nope not going there, but pushing myself and doing it felt great. The scariest points were when we heard BOOM! while enroute to the final location, and then i heard water pouring into our location. Looked down a tunnel and saw it literally pouring down into the area. I think the words we have to go NOW had little meaning, I could picture the way we were about to go starting to let water flow while we were leaving. Almost said, nope fot finishing this in the rain, but decied that it was drizzling and ot see what you had instore for us to see if it could be done. Saw a Wonderfull heron fly away as we made our way to the final cache, and almost missed it.... that last part in the rain isnt that fun, especially with lightening and thunder near by, by near by I mean watchign the lightening bolts. took nothing but left an ocean reef diver keychain, and one of the coveted yellow Jeep travel bugs, I had to practically pry it out of Pur drooling fingers... wonderfull cache, I doubt I will find anythign like it in the near future. It is nive to be exhauseted after ONE cache, not a day of caching, well i guess if the cache takes from till about that is all day.. thank you for the cache!'
- 'Yipeeeeeeeee, I did it! Went with DougTape today and we had a blast. Found the first coords ok but we made the wrong choice. DougTape was the unlucky one. Sneaky little devils, So we went for the other choice and we were off. Found a parking lot within about ft of the next set of coords and thought we found a trail into the woods. Wow the trail ended about ft from the coords. We bushwacked the rest of the way through a briar thicket. really no lie Found the next set of coords and DougTape was kind, he grabbed the clue for us. Then we were off again wow thats when we realized how demented you guys are. We keep echoing that through out the trip. It was a blast though! I must say there were times I didnt think I was going to make it out alive. Once we were coming to the end of a & &^$ and there was one major opening and one small one. I almost missed seeing the small one, that could have been disasterous ; the next time it had started raining and we heard water pouring in and I couldnt get up where I needed to be. Thank goodness for DougTape. He sat me on his shoulders and got me where we I needed to be quick. Anyway I loved this cache and even though it started raining on us we finished it in a thunderstorm. Thanks so much for the awesome sick cache. Took knife left a flashlight and something else. AWESOME!'
- 'Well, where do I start? You guys are sick! This was bar none the most extreme cache I have been on. The twisted mental state you must have been in to concoct such a great cache does indeed require the use of heavy medication. HAD A BLAST! Ran this one with and soon to be caching on his own AskaniSon. Thanks for a great cache hunt! Sadly the cache was water logged. Find someway to make that thing water tight boys cause a cache this great needs an awesome ending. I do realize you cant guarantee your caches can stay dry. Believe me I know! This was AskaniSons first cache hunt ever and I think weve got a new recruit! Thanks again for an awesome day. X MAN I have decided to log my finds under my original handle under my new handle. I cant waste these finds and memories. Doc'
- 'Hey what can I say, the cache was incredable. I did this one today with, clan x men and askinison, great guys to cache with. this cache reminds me of a movie I saw once, I forget the name of it, but it had this temple bird thingy in it, and this cup they were looking form maybe it was monty python. But a great cache none the less, the container needs to be replaced with the one at the first coordanants, the items were a little wet, just a touche up maintainence, and the cache could be rated higher than the it was given, Thx again guys,'
- 'Well, where do I start? You guys are sick! This was bar none the most extreme cache I have been on. The twisted mental state you must have been in to concoct such a great cache does indeed require the use of heavy medication. HAD A BLAST! Ran this one with and soon to be caching on his own AskaniSon. Thanks for a great cache hunt! Sadly the cache was water logged. Find someway to make that thing water tight boys cause a cache this great needs an awesome ending. I do realize you cant guarantee your caches can stay dry. Believe me I know! This was AskaniSons first cache hunt ever and I think weve got a new recruit! Thanks again for an awesome day. X MAN'
- 'My nephew joined me on this one. We enjoyed the first three stops, but we couldnt find the next coords. I e mailed the owner, but I dont know if well have the time to get back over to finish it befor we go back to Florida. Thanks for the cache, even without finishing it, it was a lot of fun.'
- 'This was a great adventure and as the saying goes if it wasn’t for geocaching we would never known some of these places existed or would we have even consider visiting if we had known. With that said I teamed up with and off we went. I think we met every creature and element described and then a few. We dodged snakes, bees, attacked birds, spiders and numerous unseen creatures but they were not enough to stop us from reaching our goal. Stage after stage we struggled on toward our destiny. The final few stages were interesting to say the least. We didn’t have to set off the car alarm as did but we did have to contend with the security fellow and carefully time our exit. Even though we looked like we had been in one heck of a battle when we finish, this was one of the more enjoyable hunts that we have been on. Left a WheresGeorge dollar and took the Red Gun TB. Really great container and thanks for all the hard work in putting this cache together.'
- 'found it with the help of . very hard cache, great spot by the way. And a really fun cache had a blast.'
- 'Ditto to Orthoguy'
- 'Note..we got the last packet, it needs to be re stocked.. Well, lets see..what can we do to make this even more interesting?..I got it lets do it at night. We started at about dusk and like everybody else we chose does that keep happening?? After that things went fairly smooth. At one point we were in an area where there happened to be a security fellow taking a smoke break and he was right beside a spot we needed to traverse. As our car was not too far away I pushed the panic button to set off my alarm. He looked around but continued with his break. I did it a second time ....he looked back around at the car, threw his butt out the window and left to investigate..this allowed us an opportunity to get to where we needed to go. Things went quickly after that. When we wraped up we headed over to a near by Waffle house to get a late dinner.. pm or so ..and we were by far the scariest folks there, and thats saying something... It seems that on the last leg there is a small hurdle you have to navigate..not a big deal in the daylight Im sure, but I seemed to miss it in the darkness and this afforded me the opportunity to take the express route through many, many, many, etc thorn bushes to the cashes resting place. Needless to say I looked like I was put through a giant juicer and smelled worse than I did at the end of S.E.R.E. school. looked like a war refugee. When we sat down to eat a group of Harley riders were eating beside us. As they got up to leave one asked what in the world happened to us...I smiled at him and told him we had just returned form a trip to the bowels of the earth. As they continued to the register to pay his friend leaned over to him and said The crazies come out at midnight . Oh well.. The clues were in good shape and the final cache was safe and secure. And wow, what a great cache container. Left a Mag light and Red gun TB Took the autographed by Ozguff copy of the Iliad. Thanks for the great hunt. Regards, Orthoguy and'
- 'Ill start by saying I didnt intend to search for Tube Torcher this weekend. Id downloaded a few less difficult traditionals in the Hendersonville area and didnt have a printout or coordinates for this one with me. A Saturday evening visit to the library, a knowledge it was close by, and a hint to the wife Lets just check out where the first stage actually is, was enough to get the journey underway. Found the first stage after dusk on Saturday evening. Let it be said, night time hunts are great, no one can see the fear on your face. The wife of course was reassured medical facilities were nearby. Sunday morning, I got up early and decided Id just go see the next stage. I phoned my latest coordinates back to the wife at the hotel every hour or so to keep her satisfied and give parametics a place to start if I disappeared. I then spent all morning exploring some of the finest places western NC has to offer. This is truly the most memorable hunt Ive ever undertaken and I was almost defeated by a misplaced digit at the final stage. I finally guessed correctly that you didnt want anyone to climb over the foot barbed wire fence. What a wilderness adventure this turned out to be. Thank goodness the rain held off all morning. I took nothing, left a signature keychain, and claimed a photo with the cache camera. Thanks for making this a weekend to remember. NCTreker'
- 'There is not much I can add to what has written; this was an awesome geocaching experience! Time and time again I heard say, This is cool, and I found myself repeating his mantra as we progressed through the stages. Though possible as a solo quest I was very glad to have s company; the shared experience made it more meaningful! And to think that I first met him at this morning; apparently meeting people online DOES work! We made some poor choices, we got a little lucky, we made good time we had more fun than we thought possible. I echo s hopes that this cache remain as a geocaching fixture for years to come! The two of us have already discussed developing a cache in Transylvania Jackson counties that would almost match up to Tube Torcher. Took Star Wars The Next Generation trading trivia card set, Clifford The Big Red Dog TB, and the Orienteering Medal TB. Left a hardback copy of Homers The Iliad, a magic ball, and an Edward Jones Mighty Grip kitchen tool. I do want to warn folks about a benchmark close to the X I slipped down the embankment and landed squarely on it. I am now having problems sitting... Thanks to all involved with this adventure! I look forward to more caches that challenge both physically and mentally. And I do realize that Homers The Odyssey would have been a more appropriate trade item... You cant please anyone! Almost hours after finishing my whole body aches! And not just from landing on the benchmark! The spot in question is sporting a lovely multi colored bruise roughly the size of a.....benchmark.'
- 'and I have conquered the legendary Tube Torcher. If you are reading this log and are thinking about doing this cache my advise to you is drop what you are doing and get moving. There are no words to describe this hunt. Well not true. The word to describe this hunt is GEOCACHING. What an adventure. This is a must do Geocache. I would like to thank , if it were not for him my navigational skills would of had me and him in South Carolina. Great guy to cache with. He was so nice that I had to turn down his wifes offer of keeping a portion of his life insurance money. Just to nice a guy to do away with. Left my Geo CD and THE BIG RED DOGTB. Took mini maglite. Thank you for your hard work. It has and hopefully will continue to pay off. Maybe you guys should put together a tube torcher maintenance crew made up of cachers who have already completed the cache. This is one cache that needs to stay.'
- 'What can I say? We first heard of this cache over a year ago. When I needed to contact one of our area cachers, I went to his profile page to e mail him. There I saw Tube Torcher listed as one of the goals he had set for himself. I followed the link and was hooked. We have been one of the many watchers ever since. Hendersonville is miles away from our home here in SC. We had to plan the trip for a time when we each had several days off. December is a tad chilly for caching, but that just added to the challenge. The hunt was everything that I imagined it would be and then some. The gloves and kneepads were definitely helpful. Someone me managed to lose her footing above about inches of water towards the end, so the extra change of clothing was also a boon. Cache is in great shape. We took the Tigger TB and a Rubiks cube keychain. We left The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn registered at BookCrossing. com and the Orienteering TB.'
- 'I knew when I first read about Tube Torcher that I had to make it my cache! After asking everyone I could think of to join me and getting no takers, I decided to go for it solo! I started out at with great confidence for this huge adventure on a perfect day for caching. Right off the bat I knew this one would be tough when I lost a bet and made the wrong choice. I quickly figured out my error and was soon on my way. It wasn’t long into this one that I was saying, just like the clue, NO WAY MAN! This one was looking really fun so far. I missed one of the very important clues that left me searching out in an open parking area and had me really confused. Believe it or not, I STUMBLED ON THE CACHE! I left out several of the good stages because of my mistake. But with the clues gathered at the first stop and thinking of some of the pictures I’d seen of this hunt I found my way to the next stage and completed this the way it should have been done. Wow, am I glad I kept going, that was the best part! It is an interesting place to be by your self. I traded a small telescope for the little tool kit and also took the USS Enterprise NCC travel bug to set it on its way. Great container, great shape and completely dry inside. I took a picture of my worn out sweaty self and sealed it back up. Thanks so much for this one, it tops all other geocaches I’ve ever done. I’m sure I’ll talk about this one for a long time. One thing I didn’t take with me that would have been really helpful is a good pair of gloves, and a friend!'
- 'WOO HOOO! found the cache! sort of...we did some cache maintenance and replaced the old container with a new and improved larger and really COOL ! metal container see attached photo due to this new container, one of the items listed above that was needed on the hunt an adjustable wrench is no longer needed! We also added several new cache items including An entire set of Star Trek The Next Generation Trading Cards MIB Three Travel Bugs USS Enterprise NCC Tigger and Beary Barrinson Bear FUTURE FINDERS The final icon you will be searching for has eroded away to oblivion and has not been you will have to just be a bit more observant to find this one. ALSO When you find this cache DO NOT remove the container from its location...simply turn the T handle see attached photo to the left, the top will disengage and you will have instant access to the treasure within ! please dont loose the top After you do your caching simply replace the top as you found it...but tightly please so it dosent leak...also be sure that one of the three drain holes is positioned at the lowest point under the lid so water will drain out of the rim you will understand when you see it thanks ! Happy Hunting CrotalusRex, Mimichan, IndianaLee and the rest of the Extreme Team wherever they may be... PS The cache in the photo IS NOT the TUBE dont go looking for a log leaves as you see in the pic, it is just an example so you know what to look for.'
- 'Totally Tubular This was definitely worth the geo Indiana Lee & Crotalus Rex we got the last copy of your guide so it needs replaced...Other teams made the find today as well today Gloves indeed would be a good add on..we made the find at it took us about hours...We are looking forward to the next . The kids had a one heck of a journey as well...Something the family is having a blast doing together outdoors...We are anxious to do one of our own very soon...Took a few things left a few things...Took pic Again'
- 'Totally Tubular This was definitely worth the geo Indiana Lee & Crotalus Rex we got the last copy of your guide so it needs replaced...Other teams made the find today as well today Gloves indeed would be a good add on..we made the find at it took us about hours...We are looking forward to the next . The kids had a one heck of a journey as well...Something the family is having a blast doing together outdoors...We are anxious to do one of our own very soon...Took a few things left a few things...Took pic Again'
- 'Oh what an adventure! What more can I say than my cohorts already have said? It is definitely as advertised! I actually showered first before sitting down to log the find. I would add to the list some work gloves so that your hands dont get torn up on some of the climbing and crawling adventures. We had a little trouble with switching some coordinates, but all in all we had fun! I left animal figurines and took a necklace that the girls are already fighting over .'
- 'Very great way to spend a beautiful weekend day! Had good company with of TeamGabe and . Id do this again if someone else needed a guide to hit it, but Id need time to forget how much my body hurts and how dirty I am...Truly as advertised. Must pay attention to the equipment list. This was lots of fun and also challenging for someone with a fear of heights! Thanks very much for what Im sure was a lot of work put into creating this boot camp of urban adventuring. Took Aldus Huxley book, left a wooden lion model, a smiley puzzle and...something else. Now I must shower a lot. And get ready for the geocachers gathering this evening more fun! Thanks!'
- 'And an excellent time was had by all! Bianca from teamgabe, , and myself teamed up for this as everyone said it was a team effort. Whew! We left at and got back at Helps when you split up to hit spots! My back is sore, my legs tired, my boots are soaked because I gave up and sloshed, but didnt we have a good time! My flashlight quit working, but other then that we had a smooth run with no mistakes except we almost made an assumption on the cache location so we had a peak run. Your cowboy hat at the end is almost entirely faded out, we took the next to last set of instructions, as well as picture Fun spots and I wonder what you were doing down there when you decided to make this one and good company. Now we all have to get cleaned up for the picnic. Can you climb in a washing machine comfortably?'
- 'Hats off to IndianaLee & CrotalusRex. This cache was most worthy! Team Flatlanders arrived at the first stage around and shortly thereafter chose unwisely. This cost us an hour while we traversed another nearby tube that was not part of the cache. The next few stages were much more straightforward, with only the required stop at a Dairy Queen hampering our progress. The second to last stage was a thing of beauty. Thanks to Q and Wild Mustard for providing me an assist in one section! We found the final stage around giving us a total time of hrs. mins. We used a pen to sharpen up some of the faded clues along the way. Be careful at the first stage. There is a wasp’s nest very near the target. Left nothing, but took away a lot of fun memories. We are inspired to put together a little mayhem of our own shortly. Stay tuned. Thanks! theQ’s, Wild Mustard &'
- 'Had a great time. We did this as a team effort and that made a big difference. Began the hunt about am and finished at pm. The team consisted of our friends and Sylvia and our new friend GOJoey. We went where few men have gone before. You guys are some sick puppies to put people through this kind of torcher, but mostly for thinking this stuff up in the first place. Thank you though.... Hats off to GoJoey for streamlining the beginning of the hunt and to for he aint skeared of nothing and to Marilyn and Sylvia who stood ready with the walky talkies and cell phones. We had on speed dial. My clothes are in the washer so I am jumping in there as well. Took nothing left nothing Thanks again REG'
- 'Woo Hoo, whats next. Lots of fun, reminded me of playing as a child. Went with Reg&Marilyn, and that great ambassador of the sport, GoJoey, who had done the first before, but graciously let us do them without spoiling them, we needed to do them on our own to consider this a true find. Took a keychain lantern, left a Wheres George dollar. Wet, scratched up, dirty and smelly, but most of all happy. Thanks for a great hide and a good challenge, know any more good ones?'
- 'DONE IS ABOUT ALL I WANT TO SAY FOR THIS. IM TIRED DIRTY HUNGRY SMELLY AND SATISFIED.... Did this with some cachers from Greenville who didnt want to do it alone as i didnt want to do it alonw either. I did stage last fall and just getting around to finishing it . Crotalus Rex You are one devious critter for putting this together you must have had some bored weekends to be roaming around and finding these areas........THANKS Took the telescope and left my knife along with a few assortad toys......'
- 'An amazing cache. I was lucky enough to team up with HelixBlue and Dlostboy for this one. As they are both old hands at geocaching, Im sure I cruised through this much easier than I should have the right to, and that scares the wageebies outta me! At nearly seven hours to finish, I can only assume it would have taken much longer to finish alone. I agree with HelixBlue, dress in something casual and semi rugged but normal looking for this cache. Fantastic job guys! I look forward to doing more. Its all gotta be downhill now, right?'
- 'Related Web Page Back from what might be the longest shower I have ever taken... Normally, Id have some hint laced in word choices for one of these comments, but I think any kind of hint, recommendation, or such would detract from the experience of future cachers. However, for the sake of protecting this cache, I do recommend one thing The more camoflauge looking the clothing you wear is, the higher your risk factor goes up. Dlostboy, , and I have been trying to get our schedules in sync with the weather for over months now. This weekend it finally came together. After of scratches, animal bites, photographs, writing the wrong coordinates down, being silly, seeing more snake skins in an afternoon than in the last years, and observing animal species I had only read about in books, we had finally completed this cache. We did take our time however, taking over photos and small video clips. Ill make a video available online to any geocacher who contacts me, so long as they have marked this cache as completed. Much props to IndianaLee & CrotalusRex, as I think they are quite insane. Thanks also to Dlostboy and for being awesome teammates and making the completion of this cache a reality. Couldnt have done it without you guys. By far the toughest cache I have ever attempted. In exchange for such a great time I left a firewire webcam as a prize.'
- 'Finally getting around to logging this didnt have an account here when I did this one. Little Byte and I did this one our very first! Borrowed Cyfis GPS and we did this one on our motorcycles. Cant remember what we exchanged, but we did sign the log. What a great start to Geocaching!'
- 'Well, Sunbeam and I finally finished the adventure. We broke it up into small, after work jaunts. Probably not the most efficient way to go after this one, as it took us over a month to complete the trek see the April log . Our mission included a wild goose chase due to a Cyfi assumption about the evil minds of the extreme team. The rope ladder really wasnt part of the journey after all . Sunbeam stayed the course and was the one that spotted the cache. Satisfaction and a little let down upon completion, knowing that there arent going to be many others of this magnitude are there? . Bring something better than the average trinket to leave. This cache deserves it Took the Kennedy campaign button and the key puzzle. Left a Cyfi Sunbeam Medallion and a really neat leather clad brass telescope in a hardwood case. A real treat for the next cacher that endures the torture... I mean torcher. Thanks, guys. It was as advertised.'
- 'Not quite for me. It was bad to be at the start and not know if you could finish the cache because you couldnt get started. I overcame quite a few of my fears on this day...ones I wasnt sure I could get past at the moment, but I managed to somehow. This is definitely a cache that will test some limits. I never thought there would be such highs and such lows in one day of caching, but Crotalus Rex and Indiana Lee lit the way. But we persevered and finally reached end, unsure if it would be victory until the very end. We were sore, bloody, tired, wet, thirsty and bruised. But at least we were not beaten. Id have to say a cacher is not a true cacher until they have finished this hunt. Thanks for the hunt, CR & IL.'
- 'My cache for number I had thought myself someway crazy getting up to then the number was to become. Picked the Tube Torcher to be the one. Now I know Im crazy as hell. I am extremely afraid of heights, especially man made heights. I can not ride in the rear seat of a two door car with out going into panic mode. And this is the cache I wanted to be Snake, my son, and I left the house in Winder, Georgia about this morning and just got back at PM Took us hours to do the cache, took us three hours to climb the stairway to heaven. After that a piece of cake. Today was tax day. April and this cache was extremely taxing. I ache all over and have cuts on both arms and hands gripping the hand rails on the stairway. My legs started shaking about way up and had to come down to earth, the second try made it all the way to the top without shaking legs. but perhaps I should not let it be known that with all my braveness I was dumb as a rock picked the wrong thing to climb. Main thing is that I did climb it, to the top, after failing the first try. Spent Much too Much time on the last location, almost called it a day and knowing I should be so close Figured that it would be at a close by location. Then I saw the snake. Smiley time. Thanks for the work out and sore body of this year old caching fool. Question one cacher said that his year old went along how did he like the different steps? THANKS FOR MY NUMBER'
- 'Sunbeam and Cyfi began this adventure back on March doing one step at a time in the afternoons after work. Step one drew blood from both of us, so we knew we were on the right track. Step two seemed a deja vu to step one. Step three ended up right in our back yard... but took three tries to get all the coords lack of observation skills, I guess . Step four got a little intense, as recent petty theft in the area had the residents watching and Sunbeam was questioned. Step five found some of the clues faded, but we felt we were still on track. Got lost at step six... not sure of our error, but after a couple of attempts, we e mailed the extreme team and were asked to hold off for a while... so we are on hold... but anxious to wrap this one. The adventure has included briar scratches, insect bites, animal tracks, arachnids, darkness, heights, rushing water, etc. Cyfi was bitten multiple times by animals that were neither insect, arachnid, mammal, reptile, amphibian or bird. Got that? Pay heed to the equipment list. This extreme cach is everything its purported to be.'
- 'Wow! What a scorcher! Went too far on leg all the way, what a drag . Doubled back and found it. So glad we did this....once. With no kneepads, Im suffering with memories of the experience. Accomplished with my brother and nephew, we took the knife, carabiner, and hat light, left a brass puzzle, waterproof container, two other trinkets I cant seem to remember...must of hit my head too many times Thanx for the adventure!'
- 'We took along Geobug and a friend. Boy were we glad they were along as claustrophobia kicked in. We missed out on some of the fun, but definately enjoyed it. Geobug took micro tool, we took leatherman, bandana, cent piece and goetravelor AMC Pacer. We left a watch, hackey sack, camera, and AA bateries. We enjoyed the blackberries, but not the briars and poison ivy.'
- 'HOOOO MAMMMAAA! Im years old and did it solo! Bring knee pads and a headlamp. Hats off to Indiana Lee and Crotalus Rex. This was an adventure! It rained like crazy yesterday, but the tubes were not bad at all. Even so, I was wet above the knees and never knew there was so much poison ivy in the universe. Do you remember Ed Norton from the old Honeymooners series in the He was a sewer worker. I kept thinking of him. Go slow so you dont have to do it twice. About a quarter of the way through, I was approaching the three huge powerplant smokestacks by Lake Julian, and my heart just sank. They wouldnt do that to me would they? Well, youll see. I took Clifford the Big Red Dog Travel Bug, the Trail of Tears Cherokee legends book and a US Marshals pin. If you do this one, you deserve more than a key chain or pen with advertising on it. I left a confederate flag bandana, a Kennedy campaign button I had been saving, several Mardi Gras coins, a few minor trinkets, and a brand new Leatherman tool. This is a special cache. It should be treated as such. It is the worst thing youll ever love.'
- 'Oh My God! This was an incredible cache from start to finish. What an adrenaline rush! I am amazed at the creativity of Crotalus Rex and Indiana Lee. To think of those places and to put that all together so well as an entire package wow. I think it will be difficult for anyone to ever match this one. It gets better and better as you go. The finale had me a little concerned and I had the same reaction that Wanderlust mentioned earlier. Was all the training sufficient?? Was it even possible to do it alone? I started this one on Monday afternoon with another hunter and finished this afternoon on my own, about hours total. This cache was very educational. I learned a lot about things Ive given little thought to in the past and have experienced things I never imagined. I took the Mini Me geotraveler and dropped of the Clifford the Big Red Dog travel bug.'
- 'Finally! I have had to do this cache one small piece at a time because of my schedule. So, every weekend for the past month when it wasnt raining I would drive to the area and complete another piece of this puzzle. I snuck away from work early today in order to finish the last couple of stages of this torturous cache. I must say that the time, effort and attention to details is a tribute to the sadistic minds of Crotalus Rex and Indiana Lee. You guys are Sick, Sick, Sick! But in a good way. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Now a note to Geocachers who are thinking about this journey. Heed all the advice given in the instructions, at least make sure you have the following Headlamp Kneepads Mild to moderate Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What you will not need Common Sense DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS CACHE EVEN AFTER A LIGHT RAIN! I completed one phase after a brief shower and thought I was going to die . I think my life passed before my eyes it was just to dark to see it . I left two U.S. Marshal lapel pins and one rubber spider. I took the traveling bulldog a good home is forthcoming . Thanks again, Moon'
- 'Well, you guys outdid yourself on this one! I think the word Torcher was misspelled & should have been TORTURE! All caches Ive been on were great but this one definitely had a uniqueness all its own. Follow their advice to the tee & by all means take kneepads & a bright light. It was really a hoot to go through this. Like Spyder said I dropped the friggin compass down a hole so took the Batman & left a light to clip on your cap, Coleman light key chain, cent piece & Miss Addys trademark butterfly. Would have left even more but thats all I had in my pocket. Ill have to owe yall one. Man I needed a good compass too! Anyways, this was a fun cache & I would highly recommend it to anyone willing. Give it a try, youll love it! Pics coming soon!'
- 'to find! Our cache! Oh man, I am still so unbelievably psyched from this hunt! THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST GEOCACHE HUNT WE HAVE DONE! IT IS THE MOST GRUELING, STRESSFUL, AND BONE WEARY TREK AROUND! For all future hunters, please heed ALL of C. Rexs and Indiana Lees words! If you are scared of heights, this cache will possibly flip you out. If you are uncomfortable in tight, dark, muddy and wet places, this cache will DEFINITELY flip you out. Is it a good sign to have skin abrasions and mild bleeding on the very first stage?! Yes, all you future hunters, when you arrive at the first set of coords. and get what you need, those dried bloodstains are those of yours truly! I did the first stages by myself beginning around this a.m. Laughing Moon joined me around noon at the location for the stage. From that point, we journeyed together for the rest of the hunt. I used no rope or harness at any point but there were a couple of places that in retrospect, I wish I had brought one. We used stealth at ALL times. Usually we did not even share words but worked out a code of gestures and motions. At the coords of the final resting place of the cache, I saw what I suspected was our final leg of the journey based on the rest of the trip. My thought You gotta be sh !$ me! Was my terrifying assumption correct?!?! Maybe ...maybe not!GET OUT THERE AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! HA, HA, HA! We now have Homer and the deer hunting book. We left an engineers lensatic compass and Aldous Huxley book. We finished the hunt around A great blue heron blessed us at the finale. It sat feet from the cache. Truly magical. Tired, sore, bruised, scraped, but ABSOLUTELY GIDDY, Wanderlust and Laughing Moon'

name: 'Occoneechee Cave Dweller'
creator: ''
- 'Logging a find, very late . . . approve by owner this date as found while caching with see his log . THANKS! Granpa Alex'
- 'I used to kick around the rocks and swim in the creek here back in the olden days brought my wife and six yr old to show them how crazy I was they agreed . Thanks for the memories!'
- 'Took the very steep trail down and decided to bush whack back. Now I know what mountian goats feel like. Whew! what a hile. Thanks for the tour of the area and the cave.'
- 'We did the mountain goat trail and for a couple of almost seniors we did pretty darn good. Ann only had to use her behind twice to get down some of the steeper parts. The view of the cliff from below on the way out was worth the whole hike. This is decidedly one of the best trails we have hiked. Beautiful!'
- 'Found this one with co workers. What a trail! Should have took advice, but we took the long way. Enjoyable anyway. Thanks for the virtual.'
- 'A good hike! Cache still missing but some good views along the way. TFTH'
- 'Wow what a hike, went the long way around on this one. Came back the short way up and over which really isnt all that bad as long as you are sure footed. If not then come at it from below. Will include picture as soon as it gets emailed to me or added by one of the two other cachers who were with me. Great park and area altogether. TFTH&C'
- 'Beautiful day for a hike. I made the mistake of venturing off of the trail before arriving at the trail but found it anyway. I assumed the cache was still missing so have included the picture.'
- 'I would absolutely suggest taking the Brown Elfin Knob Trail to the Occoneechee Mountain Loop Trail which eventually goes along the Eno River. Stay on this trail until you see a park boundary sign, then pass the sign and continue on the trail. You really need to approach this one from below. Dont do what I did and try and reach from above. I had the proper gear, but it still didnt seem very safe. That being said, I found the cave. Not very big at all. Interesting nonetheless.'
- 'This cache has been on our to do list for literally years. It was placed a little over a month after we started Geocaching but we just havent managed to get here. Took advangage of a beautiful fall day to do a little hiking.'
- 'Finding the right trail was a bit of a challenge. Turns out Ive visited this cave before during a hike led by the Eno River Association several years ago. Its rumored that a panther once inhabited the area.'
- 'Well... not knowing the park, I thought the road would get me the closest to the cave. Trust me... that is NOT the correct route. You should take the trail. After getting to the top of the mountain, I made the decision to bushwhach to the cave. It was not too bad but it is very rocky. I did good until I came to the ravine. The cave was on the OTHER side of the ravine. I had to go back up and around to get there. Pretty neat area.'
- 'Tough trek but a great day to hike.'
- 'Found the cave, overcast day but very nice trek. TY!'
- 'This is what geocaching is all about. It was a beautiful day, so we decided it was time to knock out Hole in my Bucket and this one as well. We did not have a map of the park, so after hitting Hole in my Bucket, we decided to bushwhack in a straight shot to Cave Dweller. We were able to follow the occasional deer path, but spent a lot of time ducking branches and slipping on leaves. What a great adventure! We ended up on a steep ledge above the cave and found the fort mentioned by others. It looked deserted. Another log suggested it might be a homeless persons dwelling, but that would be quite a hike for someone to get out for food! Im thinking it was either a crafty kids fort or maybe even someone avoiding the law for a while picture of the fort is attached . We also took some pictures of the surrounding area where the springs creek falls. We followed the path back out which was indeed longer but less challenging. Thanks so much for the hunt! Bummer that the park ranger ganked the actual cache, but getting there is of the fun anyway! FYI, we trashed out a stray peice of PVC found along the path should help make your point!'
- 'Found the cave. Cache is no longer there. There was a note from The Hunters. Took the golf ball left by them and left some golf tees. Great hike to the case'
- 'First time to Occoneechee State Park. Great area even with all the I noise pollution. Went to the towers and went down from that location, cutting back and forth until reaching the ravine. Very steep area but, the cave and the surrounding area made it worth the hike. Noticed a homeless camp across from the cave, about feet up the hill. Looked abandoned. Spent additional time hiking the rest of the trails, plan on going back. Thanks.'
- 'Catching up my logs for caches I found with my granpa . Thanks for the cache'
- 'A Little late logging but found on a day of caching with LHN. Thanks for the cache.'
- 'I guess the cave is park property it is unclear who owns it & no signs warning you off...anyhow it was interesting.'
- 'The took the hard way down. We first went to the towers and decided that was going to be too hard. We went down to the closed overlook and went down that trail. That was quite a steep descent into the cave mouth but we made it. Going that way is probably a four star, at least our bodies said that when we got back up to the top of the trail. We enjoyed the trip very much and am glad we decided to go ahead and try it. This is truly a beautiful area. Thanks very much for the challenge'
- 'Did cache with Dog Cache rrs. I was a little apprehensive to look for this since the last find was Dec The owner should note that “Occoneechee Cliffhanger” cache must not exist anymore. So we weren’t able to use that as a starting point. We used a trail map from the park website. The trail that we should have taken isn’t on that map. We only found it because we came that way on the way back. When we noticed the overlook trails closed, we tried to go around. The route we took went up the road, by the tower at the top of the mountain and down along the edge of the park boundaries. We were bush whacking along steep terrain. We came right down onto the cave. We went back along the river. Total hike was hours. This was a beautiful place.'
- 'This was a very cool hike to get to the cave. We ran into the ranger at the overlook. First of all, he was very appreciative that our canine cachers were leashed. Apparently the head ranger has a real pet peeve about unleashed dogs roaming the park, which we can understand. Then he helped steer us in the correct direction to get down by the river. We ran into the end of park sign, but figured we had implied permission to continue on the path; there was no posted sign denying us access. Quickly found the cave is this back in the park? , snapped some pics, and ventuerd back. That is a real nice hike along the base of the overlook! Thanks for showing this to us'
- 'If you come in by way of the official park trails you will come to a sign Park ends. Enter private property with permission only. GPSr showed that cache was ft beyond this spot. Nice park, great trails. Nice day hiking.'
- 'Its not clear if this cave is on the property of the park or the private property that abuts it. There was a bit of pink flagging a bit upslope from the cave that, if it denotes the park boundary, means the cave is on private property. But, if the ranger removed the cache because it was littering, maybe it is on the ground of the park. In any case, I found it and have included a pic. It was a beautiful day for a walk!'
- 'Came in via the easier river route. Interesting spot. Id always heard the stories that Orange High is called the Panthers, because this was once the fabled home of one. NCTreker'
- 'Nice day for a hike to this beautiful spot, despite nearly sliding into the river while crossing a muddy stream.'
- 'Related Web Page Looked for this once before from the top of the park, but didnt think we would have to bushwack to find it, and gave up. After reading about coming in along the river, we gave it another try tonight and went right to it. What a beautiful spot!'
- 'Related Web Page Helixblue took my friend and I to this cache Saturday. He made us walk to the top first to get to the highest point in Orange County and we bushed whacked down to the cave. It is the coolest cache Ive found so far its a beautiful area. Thanks. We found a digital camera photo card on the rock slide area if you lost one, let us know. The pics are still viewable. Visit my website for photos from this cache.'
- 'Team searched this one out a while back but we forgot to log it. I hope I have the date right. After crawling around on the rocks we found the cave. We certainly came in the hard way from the top but took the easy way out by the river. Thanks for the cache. Team'
- 'find Harold, Marie, Elizabeth, and Sugar. This was a very nice walk. The last feet was fairly rough. This was a very interesting place. There was no cache in the cave and this has been reported by others. The cave was well worth the walk. This was the first of our finds today. Thanks for the fun.'
- 'Been planning on checking this one out for some time. Finally made it out there today. Pretty neat little state park. Place was very clean all throughout. Came in via river route and left going up the rocks. Nice hike! BTW, there is no cache at this location, you may want to convert this into a virtual cache!'
- 'We walked all the way to the mountain top, then walked down to the cliff. After all of that we decided to abandon the cache with the distance and terrain left. We were tired, plus it was getting real late. Maybe we will look for an easier way in, in the future.'
- 'Took the easier route along the river to this cave site. Lots of trash and not much of a trail. Great pace for real cache but the grafitti is spooky. The cliff route up into the state park looked treacherous. Another vote for this little used and virtually non existent state park. Cut the budget by closing down this place, sell the rangers truck and sell his house.'
- 'We had as much of a time finding the park as we did finding the cave. Usually we use the GPS to get us close then start looking for signs. We saw no signs showing the road to the park so we ended up making several trips around the area. We took the slippery route to get to the cave, then decided to seek an alternative way out along the river . The alternative was longer but much less steep. We ran into one area that was just covered with broken glass . Thankfully Trixie didnt hurt her paws. After reading the previous cachers remarks about the ranger removing caches in this park because it is considered littering, I couldnt help but wonder one thing Why does the ranger go so far out of his way to pick up litter when there was plenty along all the trails? All in all we thought this was a good cache site, but we werent too impressed with the park because of the glass, trash, some graphiti, and the fact the trails were poorly marked. The rating on this cache is accurate, but it should also be changed to a virtual cache since the physical cache has been removed.'
- 'Came in by the river route after doing the Exchange Club cache. Great spot! Saw two box turtles along the trail, and something made a big splash in the river snake dropping from tree? Fish? Turtle? Well never know!'
- 'My friend and I went down the hard way from the cliff. Cool place. Great exercise going back up. Reminded me of some the trails in the Linville Gorge Wilderness. Like previous, no cache, but very cool place. Dont let the rating scare you, it is worth the visit just to hike in this park. The Abbie Dogs'
- 'hit this one after no cache cache. As im hiking UP the trail, im thinking most caves are lower, near water. Boy, was I right. Followed the painted boundry trees down the ravine. Found the cave, the hike back up was very invigorating. Mrs Fishingfool rescued a turtle at the top. He had crawed upto a metal ladder laying on the ground, and seamed stuck. His legs were moving but he wasnt. Put him on the other side and he crawled away. Thanks for the hunt, Fishingfools'
- 'Went here after the no cache cache. Found the cave but couldnt see anything inside except the graffitti. It was a nice day for a walk and we hadnt been to the park since they had the rock slide so that was interesting to see.'
- 'We found the cave. A sixth grader on the hike says he had been there several times with other groups. Nice place that is definitly outside the park boundries.'
- 'Great walk! Found the cave, not the cache I suspect its been found by local wildlife. The old graffiti on the wall has been marked out with spray paint and now reads ha ha, and the cache is nowhere to be found, either in the cave or immediate vicinity. Nevertheless, a great spot to visit and a nice walk in the bargain. ez'
- 'Great place for a cache! We found the cave and looked in every nook and cranny, but, could not find the cache. Still, it was a beautiful day for a walk and we all enjoyed being out there especially the dog .We highly recomend this one, cache or no cache. DO take a trash bag with you as there is plenty to pick up, especially along the lower trails less evolved primates carrying Milwaukees Best must have a hard time with the more elevated terrain .'
- 'We hiked in from the bridge riverside also. This quickly turned into a great trek. We enjoy the rock scrambling and going at things different ways. We came to the sign that said end of park. GPS said around the corner.. soooo we back a bit till we saw a break and went up the hill and then along it. Came out above the rocks where the cave is. Peeked in didnt leave any permanent graffitti, just scratched initials on the side. Absolutley a great hike. Left by going down and followed the river bank back. Should have taken one of the paths along the ridge. Too much junk. Still thanks for posting this location. Wed like to thank Jeremy for getting this going and all you Geoers who take the time to find and set up the hides. Were learning and picked a spot for our first on our way back from the Grassy Knoll. Soon.....'
- 'This is a great spot. I attacked it from a different direction, coming in along the river, and parking by the roadway bridge northeast of the park. This is a very nice way to come in. You get a good view of the quarry from its base, and the approach to the cave is relatively easy. There is a bit of local West Hillsborough lore associated with the cave, which is known as Panther Cave or Panthers Den. Legend has it that years ago a panther was terrifying the town with its nightly screams, and that one night a hunter situated himself above the beasts lair the cave and waited until it came out, at which point he shot it dead. No one seems to know who did the deed, so the tale will have to remain legend rather than history per se ; . The cave is also a key element in Doug Marlettes novel, The Bridge.'
- 'Related Web Page THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB! Best geocaching ever, even if there wasnt anything. I highly recommend going to this one first, using the high point of the park as a starting point. When your done here, go by and climb up the rock quarry to hike to the NoCache location. Beautiful scenery.. I took a ton of photos visit link Thanks for showing me the most beautiful spot near the triangle, imho.'
- 'Nice place to go for a hike, and I hiked up to the top of the hill just to say weve been in the highest spot in Orange country, then headed down the side towards the cache... If you want to take the easy way, go to Theres a hole in my bucket Waypoint GC first, then follow the trails around to this cache... if you follow the trails, youll have to leave park boundries for a few minutes... I doubt this would be a problem though. Very nice places along the river to sit and relax after the hike down the hill... there are easier ways though, but that takes all the fun out'
- 'Well I knew there wasnt anything to find except the hole ... but it was a nice hike down to it. Shame it was removed ... real shame. But I didnt come away empty handed ... two french fry cups and a hamburger wrapper. Deposited back at the parking area.'
- 'Found the site but as mentioned before the cache is gone or I didnt reach in far enough. Nice hike though!'
- 'We found the cave we think but no cache But I must say the trip was worth it. This is a GREAT spot and we had tons of fun exploring this park. I am not sure if someone moved the cache or what because we found what was in all the clues. Or maybe we just missed. Regradless it so sooo fun! I urge all to go see this place.'
- 'I also found cave and didnt realize the cache was gone as I did not have the clues. I agree, it was a cool spot. I went cross country from the main road the first time. I went back to the car by following the hill to get my light. I then remembered that one of the caches in the area the ranger had taken and I tried to track them down with no luck. Anyway, great spot.'
- 'I am glad that the caches page is still working. I went just to check out the cave and the surrounding area. Even though the cache is gone, it is still a neat place to find. There arnt that many caves in this area. For future visitors, there is a really neat tree root growing into the cave from the ceiling. Go in deep and look up need flashlight . Watch out for spiders though. I had forgotten to bring my compass and I found the cave just by following likely trails in the right direction. Watch the poison ivy!'
- 'Took a flashlight and couldnt find it either.'
- 'Found the cave, but no cache Snagged maybe? It was worth the effort just for the hike though.'
- 'What a great cache site! The ravine, stream and cave make for one of the most scenic places at the park. This was the second cache we found today – we went to the Cliffhanger cache first. It took some poking around in the cave to find where the cache was stored, but I eventually found it. Future visitors may want to bring some sort of flashlight for this one – its a little dark. We left a golden dollar coin and took the little calculator. This cache is not as well stocked as the Cliffhanger, but it was definitely worth the trek. This is the best cache at this park, and the best one weve been to yet! I placed the cache in the same spot I found it in the cave , but with the white top facing out. The next visitor should hopefully see this one a little better than I did it took a minute to find it . No critters in the cave this time – but be careful when you go in. This one is highly recommended!'
- 'Related Web Page this is a great cache to pair up with the Occoneechee Cliffhanger. I recommend you do the cliffhanger first and work your way over to the Cave Dweller. The little stream going through the ravine is exotic! I left a geo ball, a piece of art. Thanks for adding this cache to Occoneechee, it makes the trip worth it.'
- 'a.k.a. Occoneechee Head Banger. After examining the contents of the cache, I stood up forgetting about the rock outcropping just over my head . I left a Beanie Babie, a Serenity Now bumber sticker, a treasure chest toy box, and a trail of BLOOD. Took home some candy, a flashlight, and FIVE STICHES in my head. Yes, really! The hike and the search for the cache were alot of fun. The hours in Urgent Care sucked. I wanted to share the adventure and the story, but I dont want to scare anyone off. It was my own dumb fault. Just BE CAREFUL.'
- 'A St. Patty’s day search for the pot of cache turned out to be loads of fun for my son and me. After finding the Cliffhanger Cache, this one turned out to be much easier. Very interesting place. Great spot for the Cache.'
- 'Found this one with . We were the first! My advice is to take a flashlight...unless you like to stick your hands in dark holes.'
- 'First ones to find this cache. A cloudy day, but perfect temperature. The views were beautiful. Cant wait to go there again in the Spring. A and I took some candy, left some cash in the cache. Proud that we were the first in this virgin hole. Great location. Check out the landslide as well. Absolutely fantastic.'

- 'Thanks to Five we found the cache! dont forget to update your coords... we were of by feet to the east! but such a beautiful day and place to see! thanks for the cache. took a bunch of knick nacks and filled the box with toys to replace what we took! thanks again!'
- 'N W'
- 'I tried to find this cache before going over to Linville Gorge to find the Virtual cache Hawk I did not have any of the old log information with me, which was probably a mistake. I hiked up to trail to the top of the falls and then bushwhacked down the ledge to where my GPSr indicated zero coordinates from time to time. I lot of bounce in the GPSr in this area. I gave the area a good search with no luck. I will return another time to search again'
- 'Well we hiked both the upper and lower trails with kids in tow to look for this one. Creek was high due to recent rains but husband braved some jumps to cross the river. Poked around a bit without the little ones but no luck. Wish we had read the older logs too. GPS was pointing us directly over the steeper falls. Kids were truly bummed to post DNF on this one, but glad to see were in good company. Will definitely return to this one. Falls are beautiful and in a spot I dont think we would have ever stopped. Thanks for taking us there!'
- 'Awesome falls. To the dismay of Wifey, went climbing around on the rocks the dry ones and wet ones , but no injuries occurred. Thanks! & Wifey lpgm.'
- 'Rock on! Got separated while hiking with my Papa so I decided to look for a cache. Pay attention to the clues and hints. Find the correct rock. Its hidden, but hey, thats kinda the point within reason. Signed the log. TFTC!'
- 'N W'
- 'We thought we were in the right area. Looked in all the possible spots, but alas no cache was to be found.'
- 'Got to within but could not find a path to the lower elevation where the gpsr was pointing.'
- 'Awesome time watching my Dad fall through the ice while walking across the frozen stream.'
- 'Re visited this cache with my Son after years. Cache is well hidden under the leaves. Beautiful scene this time of year. Frozen water, left over snow. Quite a photo op.'
- 'Boo Hoo. Yet another DNF. Been to the falls before, was very hopeful of crossing this one off the list, but alas, twas not to be. Would vow to return another day. but it has been about months since I found the time to try this day, who knows when I mayhaps return. TFTH.'
- 'Third time was the charm on this one! The first time I visited this one I wasnt into GC but was hiking with and it couldnt be found. Went back a second time after getting my on rcvr and as a rookie couldnt find it. My son and I were coming back from a weekend of hiking and mountain biking and decided to give it another try. Glad I did! Viewing the falls never gets old! TFTC!'
- 'Glad for the new coords that Cachemstr gave. This update was very helpful. Sure a LOT of possibilities with that hint. We enjoyed the falls recent rain probably helped.'
- 'Had this one on our watch list since we could not find it in March. Since logged that it was still there we decided to try again. Walla! We were on the wrong side of the stream before. My Magellan was stil gellan so next visitors may want to try these coords N W'
- 'about Just went out to see if the cache was still there since several people after me didnt find it. It IS still there. Unfortunately, I still cant help much with the coords. However, I guess I can give a physical hint or two. As you face the falls, you should be on the right hand side of the stream. From the cache location, you can see head on to the falls through trees , approximately level with the base. The cache itself is near a small rocky shelter, not too far from the trail. Good Luck! .com'
- 'well I targeted this cache because I needed it and well after spending an hour look we gave up and moved one. I am sure its here.'
- 'As with many others, could not find this one. Searched and searched. Beautiful are though. Thanks for leading us here with a cache.'
- 'Looked for a long time with no luck. Maybe next time.'
- 'visit to this one....still no luck. Followed clue but no help. Looked for about minutes around the given coordinates as I have before, with no luck. Then looked for minutes using s vector with no luck on that one either. Will try again later.'
- 'Great view on a great cache hunting day. However, I had many problems with both the listed coords and hints. Was this cache moved from its original location. My last read was N W The original coords lead me to the other side of the stream. Also, hints didnt seem very accurate. Finally found the large green ammo box with a neon green spider on the inside top. Anyway, TNLN & TFTC John .com'
- 'Hoped this would be my find. Even brought extra sets of eyes. We searched and played and had a wonderful time. Even met a guy who hikes with a goat. Ill try again.'
- 'What a great place! Loved the hike and loved the falls. Hubby loves to take photos and what a great place for him. We plan on coming back in the fall. TFTC!'
- 'We hiked to this location last year on vacation and enjoyed the area, but left empty handed after looking in the middle of the river for a few hours. This year we returned to this beautiful area armed with the additional coordinates listed by previous cachers and once we had hiked to the cache area, it took us about one minute to locate the cache. This is a beautiful area and truly what geocaching is all about. Thanks for giving us an added reason to return. Took Signature item Left Signature Card, Sterling silver Fajita handmade earrings, hot wheels car, carabiner fan light and disc golf keychain. SL TFTC. Fajita&Shu'
- 'The GPS gods were very angry today, always pointing behind me, no matter which way I went! Gave up after minutes of rock climbing. Thanks anyway! The falls were beautiful! Bob & Robin Hill Parkton, NC w Norma Halverson Manitowoc, WI'
- 'I didnt have much trouble finding it but coords were off a bit. My GPSr gave a reading of N W after averaging for readings about sec apart. Its a Garmin Map CSx. It was sitting directly above the cache. Ive been living up here for the past yrs and kept saying I need to go to Upper Falls and take some photos. The sun was directly behind the falls today so not many photos but I shall return with my Canon either early morning or late evening as the fall faces almost directly south. Thanks for finally getting me down here. It was a bit hot today and I sweat out another gallons but that leaves room for a bunch of drinks tonight. I bushwacked back up, Wow what a climb in degree weather and muggy. Nice cache, nice hide, nice hike.'
- 'Found while on the way down the mountain with GIS Dudette and Assistant GIS Dude. Assistant found the cache while I was trying to find the Big Rock. Took Connect left ball. TFTC!'
- 'Found this one after a long search, helped by some of PBJ. It was a beautiful day to be at the creek. I got so hot & sweaty during the search that I had to go up to the deep swimming hole and drop into the freezing water from that rope swing... sure was fun! The newer co ordinates were closer than the original ones. Took a pen and a toy, left a dollar and some hand sanitizer. TFTC!'
- 'We happened to be in the area today and the weather was right so we came on down to check it out. We considered swimming and all other means of reaching ground zero when the Monkey decided to read the past logs. We used DayL coords and they put us right on the location. After a few minutes of searching the Dragon coughed it up. So, like the coords for this cache here is a description for what we left we cant remember, were sure we didnt take anything, were pretty sure we left something, although it may be feet away. TFTextremelyhardtofindcache. drag&'
- 'ARRGGGHHH! Should have read the previous logs before heading out for this one. After not finding anything at ground zero, we back tracked and searched every nook we could find. Gave up after about an hour and headed back up the trail. Will have to come back for this one again when it is warm enough to swim.'
- 'Second attempt. Spent many hours looking for this one. The coords seem to be way off. Beautiful place, it was nice seeing it again but we are glad we dont have to come back Decided to hook up the power antenna and see what we got for coords. We got N W Thanks for bring us back to such a beautiful place. Happy Geocaching!'
- 'Wow, the falls were beautiful today. We had rain last night and there is still some winter run off. The GPS was giving some really strange readings, all in all we found the cache quite far from the coordinates. This was our second attempt at this cache. We really had to expand our search this time. We found it in a pretty good spot and in good shape. We took the parkway gas sign and left a wooden coin token. TFTF.'
- 'gps gave some messed up signals so i took the hints and looked in the most obvious hiding places. found it easily after that. took a pin left a key chain.'
- 'spent the afternoon enjoying a warm spring day, but was frustrated by the lack of a satilite to lock on to. could not get a good reading at all. by the clues i think i was close but daylight ran out so wr headed back up, and i mean up! great spot! hope to go back soon.'
- 'Walked the entire loop; took Lower Falls trail then worked our way up to the Upper Falls then back to parking area. Spent about minutes looking. Think that we found the right big rock GPS showed us feet from cache , then found log in front of possible hiding spot. Like previous cachers, we saw a lot of evidence of campers in area.'
- 'What a beautiful place to just enjoy the view. The hike was good too. But unfortunately we didnt find it. There is a lot of evidence of campers in the area and I am wondering if the cache is still there. The falls are much bigger than we thought they would be. We are planning on coming back when the weather is warm just to jump in the clear mountain water pools.'
- 'The Crew gave this one a valiant effort. The stream was uncooperative and wouldnt let us cross, leaving us stuck as good as a world away from our find. The male did manage to nearly get killed while walking close to the edge. Wet stones, high winds, and the planetary alignments were all factors in this. The male did nothing to contribute to this misfortune. The female spent her time watching the uncoordinated Midgets slip and fall on cue. The Crew will attempt to put this site into the win column when the stream will cooperate. Site was a beautiful place. TFTH!'
- 'What a beautiful little spot. Great swimming hole. We have been getting wet all week caching, what fun. We dont have places like this in Maryland. Took advise from and after poking around had no trouble finding this one. Great hide. Great spot to spend a little time, but we got out just as about high school girls were coming down to the falls in their bathing suits. Thanks for the cache.'
- 'N W'
- 'Weeeha! Ive been wanting to do this one for a long, long time. Cant believe all the time Ive lived here Ive never seen these falls and man, they are GORGEOUS. Some of the prettiest around even better than Linville I think. Great opportunity to discuss w the cubs how we use our ears and our good judgement on the trial. Do you see the danger? No? Do you hear the danger? YES! Cub took a happy meal toy that has been the light of his life for the last hours. Go figure. Left a couple of happy meal toys and pretty obnoxious large magnet postcard. Last stop for gas on the Parkway just imagine. Found in quick order thanks to a very important clue from MrPBJ cross the bridge. What bridge? But we got the idea. Crossed, turned off GPS and followed clue. Only took about minutes including picture stop where cub said Why would you risk our lives for a picture? He is sooo melodramatic for a year old. Thanks Spyder! Great fun!'
- 'I spent about hours here. I enjoyed the falls and the climbing around on the rocks and in the woods. I started out on the Upper Falls trail since said in his log that he took the Lower Falls trail and had bad luck. I read some of the other logs to get some clues such as the coordinates being off by or feet. Because of that, I looked through the logs for anyone who left their own coordinates. I saw that the left their own, but they seemed to be even more off. I guess that should be expected from winos. I didnt have much trouble with getting good accuracy, but that didnt help me with determining which side of the creek the cache is on. I tried to reenact PBJs stepping out on a large rock to get a better GPS reading, but there are so many places to do that. I think Ill check out the lower falls next time, even if its harder to get to the cache from there. Thanks.'
- 'The printout I carried with me today was made in Janurary, Thats how long I been waiting to tackle this one. I have trout fished this area on ocassion and knew what I was in fore, I thought. I figured to go the lower falls trail and cross over near the cache area. NOT TOO GOOD! After getting good and wet, I started my search. Remember now, it was cold as a witches ??? and the wind was up too. I found out real quick that the Gpser wasnt going to be any help. One of the reasons for going for it in December was for the tree cover to lessen. Well, I didnt figure that one right either. I checked the hint and noticed numerous areas that needed to be check. With freezing feet and fingers I was considering giving up after minutes. As I was searching for the trail out I looked in one more place and guess what was there. OJC said it right The cache is usually the last place you look. It sure was today. Thanks for the challenge and the workout. I traded a tape measure key ring for a DOG tag. The first page in the log book read We hope you always remember this hunt. You can bet on it. ,,,,,Life is Good'
- 'I had to use the clues, read the comments of all the people who had found the cache several times to get this one. My GPS readings were all over the place, when I had signal that is. It was blowing snow and cold. As with any difficult find, the reward in finding this one was above and beyond the others. I will say that my GPS really let me down. When I put it on top of the cache, it told me that I was away. I will take luck and good clues any day.'
- 'The Falls were great and we loved the hike, the view, the water. But the cache? As previously mentioned, there are of rocks, nooks, and logs. I think from the previous log and its associated photos, we were on the wrong side of the river. The MV Doulos Bunch'
- 'Oh Yes! This was one determined family. I think well be changing our site name to Raiders of the lost Cache because we feel so good right now. This one was really hard to find with the GPSr. Our readings were wacky and we spent a couple hours just poking around in the woods and sliding on our behinds. Not to mention the fact that there seems to be a log by every large rock in this forest and nooks? Well, we found them all and only one has the cache. I tell you what, we gave up after about hours of stumbling around in the woods, falling down rocks and ducking into nooks. It was the grace of God that brought us to this one. We decided to leave going a totally different direction, we crossed the rocks and tried the other side hoping it would be easier to get out then the way we came in, and on the way I had to step out on a large rock to get my gps signal back, get that... a LARGE ROCK, which had a log by it, get that...A LOG, and when my GPS got its readings we were right on it. Go figure, there really is a rock and log here that arent a wrong turn. Anyways, we had fun, it started raining and thundering within the first minutes of our arrival but we kept on keeping on through the storm and found it right about the time the sky turned black and the lightening flashed. It really should have been quite simple to find. Easy to say now, but we definately went about this one wrong. So we took the marbles, flashlight, and keychain and left sparklers, a paint set, and GOD Dog Tag style necklace. We also left some skin on the rocks & trees, mostly from our shins and knees. Thanks for the great adventure. Check out the pictures. We took a few.'
- 'Beautiful hike and falls but we could not find it either. We took the upper falls trail, was that correct? It was also unclear when to leave the trail. We left the trail just before it ended at the top of the falls and had tough going through under brush. Also we found a large rock in the area of the coordinates but we could not see the falls from there. It looked like a steep drop to get any closer to the water and I could not see through the trees very well. I didnt want to fall into the water and go over the falls. You may want to give some better hints, or a photo. Also clear directions on where to leave the main trail would be good. There seems to be a real danger of someone getting hurt here. Thanks'
- 'This one was a toughy. My dad said we should have looked on these rocks that were about one hundred feet away from the falls. I said we should have gotten closer, but he wouldnt listen. We did, however, find a rope in the water that we could have sworn to be it. It wasnt. Oh, well. Well try again. And this time, well actually go to the falls.'
- 'This one was a big, fat DNF! My GPS indicated being ft out of position when we stood on what we believed to be the rock mentioned in the clue. We looked in nooks and even a few crannies for about minutes and would have looked longer, but we wanted to do Table Rock Mtn cache before dark. We got pretty excited when we found a piece of sic line submerged in the river, but SIGH, nothing was attached. Ill return to this cache, with my fishing rod , based on clues from previous logs. We trashed out the rope, an old shoe, etc and stopped to dismantle a disgusting fire ring. This was a nice hike, but a tough hunt. The stars are well deserved. I would hate to see a SM Troop'
- 'WOW! What a hike. Didnt find the cache, but still a fun hike. Have you been to the bottom of the falls? My wife has, literally! Thanks for a lot of fun though. Askani and Rouge'
- 'WaaaaHoooo! This was a great cache to choose for my find. A nice hide in a beautiful area. I like to come here during long cold spells to see the falls frozen up. Thanks Spyder and Susan for a very good hunt. The box was uncovered but was hard to see due to its color and the shadows. I didnt have much in the way of goodies, so I took nothing and left a JD keyring. Recovered well before leaving. Didnt bother with the cache up the creek from here this time. It put a bad taste in my mouth last time. Maybe in colder weather. Thanks again. OJC edited for spelling'
- 'Tried for a while but looking closer at the directions I could possibly have been in the wrong area. Like a former searcher it was hard to get a reading in there. I had other caches to look for so I was running out of time. Will have to come back and try again on a later date.'
- 'My wife and I searched for this together and found it with little problems. Beautiful waterfall and sat and watched it and enjoyed the views. Took some pictures, viewed the cache, is in good shape, took some things, left some things and returned it to its hiding place.'
- 'N W'
- 'I may have made this one harder than it should have been. My gps said it was in a place a little too dangerous to go to. And, after getting wore out trying to find the upper cache, I just decided to enjoy the falls, which are absolutely great right now. If youre ever coming up here, nows the time. Thanks for the cache.'
- 'Myself and a fellow Cacher HENCHMAN spent a hole day hunting. We planned on finding but only manage to get I think. Started at am and stopped around pm. What a day. This cache was great took a little bit too find, but we did it. Left my MARBLES, cache card and coin. Thanks for the hunt.'
- 'Wow, a tough hunt, but a great one! Found this on the way back from a backpacking trip in the Wilson Creek area. An ice cold swimming hole on a day cant be beat! Took nothing, left nothing, but did snap my picture with the camera and sign the log. Thanks for the hide. Little Frog'
- 'tried finding this one a couple of times the last few days. It rained alot and the rocks were very slippery. The etrex Legend could not find a signal even in direct view of the sky on top of the rocks. we looked all over the nook but not lucky enough to find it.'
- 'Got within searched what seemed forever even decoded hint looked on both sides of stream dangerous crossing never found GPS kept us confused.'
- 'What a great place for a cache. Lots of nooks. My GPS MAP also showed it as being on the other side of falls. Had alot of company there. I had to be careful not to be seen. Was about to give up, as it was getting dark, when I found it. I removed the chronical, ate a candy cane, and left Winnie the Pooh. Once again GREAT PLACE.'
- 'Came back for a second try after visiting another cache in the area with a friend Brian from PA . We decided to try this one again since I seemed so close the first time. We looked in every crack and crevice and found nothing. I remembered some of the pictures from the logs but didnt have them printed out. Looking at them again shows that we could have been off a little. We were disappointed but had fun climbing around anyway. Has the cache owner checked the GPS coordinates again after all the questions about them being correct?'
- 'Hiked around with the pregnant wife and our dog. Great waterfalls with lots of trails. My GPS was telling me that I was right on top of the cache but searched around to no avail. It was a nice day, we wish we had brought our swimsuits.'
- 'After the long hike the day before, this one was just what the doctor ordered. Very campable area with lots of fun things to do and plenty of trails. Cache was in good condition although not where our GPSs thought it was Besides datum it might be an issue of the cache placed in winter with no folage and we hunted for it in summer with full folage. Still much fun was had by all.'
- 'My Garmin eTrex Vista and my friends eTrex Legend both say that this cache is on the other side from where it actually is. Wonder if the correct datum was used? Anyway, after a helpful email hint to look on the other side and also reviewing the pictures from in the logs, I was able to find the cache without much difficulty at all. Friends left some stuff and took a book. Overall a nice cache, took the upper falls in and then the skirted the creek river to the lower falls out. Nice area!'
- 'sigh My first failure. Hopefully will be able to return tomorrow with other folks. Went there today by myself. Ill probably read the hint and look at the photos others have posted and see if the other folks can find it before I go ahead and cheat. Really disappointed I couldnt find it. BUT.... THIS IS WHY I STARTED GEOCACHING! Awesome little walk after I got off the trail and took the rough really rough trail down the right side from the top of the falls... too bad I couldnt actually find it. Couple of times my GPS said I was on top of it and it was accurate to within feet... dunno... oh well. TOMORROW though!'
- 'We used the upper falls trail and enjoyed the view immensely! However my GPS which is almost always dead on and was getting a strong signal suggested that the cache was quite a bit down stream. We started towards it, but decided it was too dangerous for the nephew that was in tow. We gave up on this approach and went back up and took the lower falls trail on the hope it would have a safer path to the cache. It put us no where near it. The young un is quite a trooper – he did both trails under his own power! On our next visit up from Tampa, we will come back and try it again. Cheers, T.J. and Alyson'
- 'This one really worked us. We hiked the trail to the lower falls, but didnt feel safe working our way up to the cache site with the kids. Turned around and hiked back to the parking area and then up to the upper falls. Crossed the creek and went down to look up at the upper falls. I never could get a good lock on the coordinates. About feet was the best I could do. We looked under every rock nearby with no luck. Just saw the pictures posted in the first log, and I know we were really close, but just looking to close to the water. We will definitely try this one again.'
- 'Found the cache after missing it the day before. Was on wrong side of falls. Great location and the falls and stream are beautiful. Good place to spend some time thinking. Took some items, left some items. May see you on the next find. RCII'
- 'Started out getting weird co ords. After about on the trail the GPS said I was right on top of it. Turned it off & went by log memory & clue. Spent hour looking under every nook around that creek & was ready to give up but decided to try GPS again. It took me back to where I had been searching & I finally found the right nook. Showed to be off but under this tree cover thats probably pretty good. Left a flashlight & butterfly from Miss Addy. Took the buffalo nickel. Spyder never makes em easy but does make em interesting!'
- 'Went back today to take my wife, AngelEyes to see the falls. She loved it! Also went back to cache and its still there. Also took the digital camera with me and snapped some pictures of the falls and cache location to post on the site. Thanks so much and enjoyed the visit just as much as the first! Sure Ill be back soon, this time with the flyrod.'
- 'Wow what an awesome spot! We searched for about two hours...but obviously not good luck...the cache must be there judging from the log placed yesterday. We searched all the nooks near where the GPS said was the site...then searched some more. Finally gave up when I came to the conclusion that the cache was on the other side of the river...and I wasnt going to cross where I was at...if I did I would still be in tht river! Anyhow, even though we had no luck with the cache the hike and the falls was more than worth it! Spectacular spot I should have taken my camera CrotalusRex and'
- 'What a beautiful place! Took the trail to the upper falls and upon arriving, discovered the cache was over the edge at the bottom of the lower falls and not the upper. Had to cross the river above the falls luckily I and my friend both had our waders , and go down the trail beside the falls. GPS never picked up great probably because of the ravine we were in . Anyway found many big rocks to stand on and look at the falls, and even more nooks to look through and explore along the river. Looked forever in the nooks along the river, when on a whim, I ventured off into the woods and found the cache! I was determined never to give up though until my friend and I found it! All in all, it took around an min to an hour of searching before we found it. Very well hidden. Took a picture with the camera and the key ring, left a key ring. Friend took CD and left a book. Oh and thanks for introducing me and my friend to a new flyfishing spot! We saw some trout some quite large and will be back soon to fish these falls! Thanks again!'

name: 'Bethel by Night'
creator: 'Zurcher'
- 'We spent an hour looking for the first start of the trail. We went up and down, my dad and I, and didnt see a single little red tack. We spent an hour and a half. Our GPS was putting us right on the triad of white tacks, but we figured it would be away from the cars down the trail more from there. Oh well. Well be back, probably in the fall with less leaves.'
- 'WOW! What a long strange trip it was. More trips to the preserve than I care to admit, but at last I can log success. Once the starting trail was located that leg went fairly easy. I really liked the hide for stage one. Stage two I spent a lot of time chasing butterflies, but once the micro was located I almost had to kick myself. Stage three trail was more of a test of patience then anything. Perseverance paid off in the end, and just as the flashlight was dying. Thanks for a great adventure, and TFTC.. Dropped off Oct Geocoin, seemed only appropriate.'
- 'Im going to call this one a DNF yet. Didnt even find the begining red glints. Ill be back with a stronger flashlight, swat team, chopper with a seachlight, dogs..... ok maybe not, but I will be back. TFTF'
- 'Two weeks ago GEL and I completed the associated night cache so we started on this one on the way back to the car. I made up for my earlier failure that night GEL thinks I was a gentleman to let her find Willies cache but what she doesnt know is that I had no idea where the cache was as I found the start of the red glint trail. We got to the orange reflector and stopped for the night since we had no idea how to reach the first stage. Being a bit tired we agreed this was a two nighter Since my last attempt, I needed some sort of motivation to handle this one. I love movies, but which one would get me into the right frame of mind? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ...No, I admired their passion but the ending was wrong Godfather Part I ...No, I didnt have any cannolis or a gun. Space Odyssey ,, No, This mission is too important for me to allow HAL to jeopardize it. Harry Potter Series ..Ahh, thats the one I need. Some magic, some old forest scenes and lots of scary stuff. So our story begins .... GEL and I checked for muggles and the coast was clear. Wands out and with a quick LUMOS, we had light. Down the trail we went. On the way back to stage we ran into the feared three headed dog. GEL said it was a friendly neighborhood dog, but hey I knew better. We looked again for the start of the red glint trail. A quick REVELIO spell helped us find it again so we were soon heading back to stage almost . This time we got all the way to stage with a little help from the AQUAMENTE charm. We used the LEVOCORSPE charm to retrieve it from its hiding spot. Now armed with that information, we charged back into the Old Forest. It didnt take us long to reach the right spot but when we got there, we found the Womping Willow Tree was in our way to retrieve stage We quickly subdued the Willow tree and we moved on to the start of the next red glint trail. On the way, we heard the crashing sounds of a herd of CENTAURS GEL says they were deer but she has NO imagination and they were NOT happy with us being in their woods. We finally reached the start of of the final stage but no glints! Ahh, One of our wands was losing power. A quick REPARO charm fixed that problem We use the REVELO charm again and WOO HOO down the red glint trail we go. We lost our way many times and I was certain someone had used the CONFUDUS charm on us but GEL said we just needed to slow down and look more carefully. Geez, clearly there was DARK MAGIC used against us. Could it be Dementors? No need to take chances so I quickly got out my bar of chocolate and used the Patronus charm to bring out my Patronus, Geomax. Finally we reached two red glints! GEL and I yell out ACCIO CACHE and it is quickly in our hands. Using our quills, we sign the log and we set off for the car. After hours and all the spells we know, we put this cache to rest. Which is exactly what we need after a long night of fighting DARK MAGIC! TFTC. Dear , .... . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . .. . .. .'
- 'went to the Newtown meet and greet While I stayed home and put up my feet We had turned the tide And finished the Darkside So I deserved a long rest From a hard pest came home full of excitement and glee Come, Gel. He said. You must come and see. challenged us to another big fight Theres a another great cache called Bethel by Night Oh no, I groaned. More micros and hints And endless hours looking for glints Please dearest, you promised me Well finish Ktown then youd let me be A few guard rails, maybe one lamp post A few easy caches so that I could coast But try as we can We cant stay away from The Man I thought Darkside was fun. This multi stage cache was an adventure from beginning to end rivers to cross without getting wet, micros to find in densely wooded areas, glints to follow over the hills and through the woods, and finally the prize glowing brightly in the dark. Thank you, for an amazing cache.'
- 'realy fun i had a great time went with my uncle w and my friend bright parrot we had some good laught tftc'
- 'Here it is three nights later and I am still a little foggy and sore from night caching. I dont know how ever managed to see some of those glints without his trusty orange hat sock! Definitely could not have been done without him. TFTC!'
- 'Well, we almost gave up a few times , but in the end we found it on our second attempt maybe eight hours total for both trips and both caches . The first info micro was a lot easier with a little light left in the day and no snow or ice. The second info was harder. The final glint trail was a pain in the... back. At one point I got excited when I spotted two reflectors, until I realized they were side by side and blinking at me! Luckily it was just a deer. Definitely bring a friend, I probably would have given up for sure if not for Indiana Joes lucky spotting of many of the glints. I could also out run him just in case we found something else besides a deer in the dark woods. And he did take care of the flying spider that attacked him. Overall, an incredibly excellent cache! Took a TB to move along.'
- 'loved this one..also letterboxed'
- 'WE FOUND IT! You should start a school for setting up night caches. It was the best. I was so happy when we found it. However, things changed on the walk out. I have been so hooked on getting this cache that I was sorry it was over. TTTTTTFTC'
- 'When we started this cache I was determined to blow thru it and write the following. Boy! What a simple cache, I really expected it to be much harder! Completed with no problems at all, lots of fun. TFTC. HOWEVER, now that I did write that I need to tell the truth, It took individual nights to complete, on the first night last year, with heavy leaf cover we found the orange reflector and then looked around in vain for way too long,,,being still new we took things literal and overthought. not good . This year solved micro and second easily. Glint trail took us nights. Cut short by rain and unhappy child. could not find one of the glints and stood around again, stalked by moving green glints, screamed and ran.....Last visit the charm, stronger lights, no problems. Found cache and other cachers, had nice walk out and went to do NIGHTWING. Awesome cache, thanks!'
- 'Well, we are back! Got there around Found the second info micro in daylight. Found the beginning of the second red glint trail and started following it. After the first couple the sun had gone down enough to start actually being able to find them by shining the light. Then they got easier to find. Found the cache at Took about minutes to get out again. Heres the funny part HarrahScout, who we met the first time we were here and helped us find the beginning of the first red glint trail, showed up as we were filling out the cache log! How funny is that! We all walked out together, swapping cache stories.'
- 'Alright, am logging this as a DNFY. Did not find yet! Nice crisp night to go caching. If you listen very closely, you can hear far off in the distance.... whining about his foot being cold! Kinda one of those funny cause its not me moments followed by karma is a.... Looking forward to getting this one finished some night.'
- 'So, IndianaJoe and I have wanted to do a night cache for some time now. Hey, we have a Friday night free, so what if it is degrees out and the ground is covered in snow. I will just put the kids to bed and we will be on our way. Took care of Willie, no problem. Joe found the first red glint trail pretty easily after doubling back once. Found the orange glint at the end of the red trail without incident. That is when we got stuck. Looked around for a long time, but could not find the micro nor the plastic instrument to extract it was hoping that would give us a hint. We have to at least find the first micro what does self reseting mean? So we keep looking. You know that part about not needing to get wet? Tell that to my foot as it wet through the ice. Still did not want to give up, but after over half an hour more my foot could not take it anymore. The bottom of my pants, sock, and laces were frozen solid like a rock. Time to go back. As Joe was saying something about holding on to some vine so we dont get wet, I heard him cursing after his leg went in up to his knee. Anyway, we made our way back to the car as fast as possible.... but we will return!'
- 'One word to describe about this particular cache – UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! Pardon me, two words! Where do I start?! How would I go about with this log when our best friend, has been an AWESOME Log teller!? SMILE! After completing the Preserve the Wille the Wolf’s Pits with my husband Skyowl and , I was so fired up to do another night cache. The night cache is totally a different world than doing one in the daytime! I’ve read the Waypoint’s Description a few times and talked with as he has some previous experiences finding ’s caches. We had to make a U turn after we found the white dots! DRATS! Back tracking in the dark was tough when there were trees everywhere and had to double check for the red glints! We got back to where we started the site where we found the previous cache . Back on the prowl again for the First Red Glint, we spread out and I stayed one step behind the two guys next to the tree with White Glint in case we needed to backtrack. Boy, I thought I was going to burst with excitement when I found the First Red Glint. I had to double check a few times to make sure that I actual saw it. I even make sure I could find it again when I moved away from the exact spot that I found the red glint. After I had enough confidence, I moved a bit further away to alert the guys to come back by flashing my headlamp while shaking my head. I wasn’t sure how much I could contain my excitement when the guys finally came back. We were high fiving for a bit. Whew! We were so relieved because we were NOT ready to call it quits. We found the orange reflector near an obvious obstacle. After a bit of searching, we had a discussion on what exactly ‘no need to get wet’ meant. went out to see if there was any way to do it without getting wet, and found a way. After several minutes, we joined him and carried on with the search, though we had to pull out our printout and read the description again by now the printout was getting a little ragged . We kept asking ourselves questions about plastic implement s or devices and devices that are self re setting. Who knows how long we paced around the area to complete the first stage? We were tired and cold, and on the fence of putting it all on hold and coming back another night, but our minds were set on finding that darn cache. And then Skyowl had his hands on the first stage cache! Yippeeeeee! I gave out a huge sigh of relief! On to stage, we had to read the printout once again when we couldn’t find the next red glint and decoded the hint. We found the spot to find the cache. Boy, you wouldn’t believe that I found the cache by accident. I was talking with while Skyowl was digging around. As I was about the scanning the surroundings. I spotted the cache as if it was jumping out at me which startled me a bit. Gee whiz! After finding the cache, we were on a roll to find the final cache. There were some moments during this hunt; we have lost our sight of the red glints when we advanced to the next one. This is where a team work comes in handy! We were always helping each other out while we were having a blast. Anyway, Skyowl spotted the green reflector and retrieved the cache from it hiding spot. This is such a perfect way to end as it was on December We started out with the previous cache around It has taken us nearly over hours to find both caches. This experience is something that I will never forget. I’m still awestruck as I’m typing this log to this day April'
- 'Coming here after doing, “Preserve Willie the Wolf”, RobDjr, and myself were all warmed up for the trek to this cache! As we got started to stroll through the woods, we heard something barking really loudly and it was following us… it turned out to be a dog! Dang! Finally it was quite and hearing the sounds of light winds blowing through the woods. A few times hearing cars go by. Finally, found the first red reflector, and we were all excited to move on and get rolling on the path to the end. By the time we got the stage, we got hung up trying to figure out where the micro is... We almost got a DNF on this one and we were getting cold just not moving too much in the cold night. We were expecting snow falling by then, but the sky was clear and the moon was out! After spending a long time, I decided once again to look where we already looked before and found the micro! We all exclaimed with excitement! YES! We moved on to the next micro, and again with a bit of struggle, spotted the mirco! YES, again! Now we all thought would be simple enough to just follow the red reflectors the rest of the way…. Boy we were wrong! Good thing with has keen eyes spotting most all of the red reflectors on the way…. By the time we got to the final double red reflectors, we all got excited and ran to the cache. When we got to GZ, had to look a bit to find the cache and I found it! Boy, that was really the most awesome trek I have ever done at night, it took us hours to do this and it was our last cache for the year. It was am when we found it. I have to say this was a great one for a grand final for the year! Totally awesome! By the way, that’s not all. We didn’t have a map to get back to our car. Luckly, we did have our GPSr and we just changed it to the coords for the parking for “Preserve Willie the Wolf”. We made it back to our car safely. TNLN SL TFTH'
- 'This is a story of frustration and uncertainty, a story of teamwork and inspiration, a story of an intense and epic battle waged in the darkness of a cold winter night, where nothing was what it seemed and everything lived up to expectations. It is a story of my last cache of the year, and my favorite of them all. This is a cache whose memory will keep me warm on many cold winter nights. The story starts innocently enough, and easily enough, with Skyowl, , and myself making short work of Preserve Willie the Wolfs Pits, where the baying and glowing green eyes of a great ghostly hound set our nerves on edge it eventually turned out to be a yellow lab . The story nearly ended there as well, as we walked with happy and carefree steps along the enchanted trail, buoyed by that quick find. Those happy and carefree steps soon found us at the triad of white glints, despite scanning the woods the whole way. I, being the only one of the group with any previous experience with a cache, could only shrug and smile grimly. This, obviously, was going to be vintage . So we made our way, tediously finding each white tack in reverse, while again scanning the woods, until I, with a great deal of elation, spotted a red glint in the distance! We gathered up and set off towards it, but after a few dozen steps, we lost it. Backtracking, we found it again, and promptly lost it as well. After a third try didnt pan out, I asked everyone to turn their lights off, and felt my spirits droop as the light continued to glimmer and flicker in the distance, a Christmas light on a far off house. Starting to feel low, and getting a little cold for the first time of the night, we resumed our search. We had one more false alarm, this time caused by the reflector of a distant car parked along a road or in a driveway in. And then, to our dismay, we found ourselves back at the final for Preserve Willie the Wolfs Pits. At that point, we huddled up and had a discussion on strategy, formulated a new and more meticulous plan of attack, and set off again. And yet, we very nearly missed the first glint of the red trail, and we would have missed it, except for , who proved repeatedly throughout the night that she has the eyes of an eagle. We indulged in a little celebration and swapped high fives, but then I spoke up and suggested we not go overboard, because if I had any feel for a cache at all, this was a long, long, way from over. And so the night went, with every red glint a battle, and more often than not the keen eyes of our salvation. More than once I found myself tagging along blindly, hoping and praying that someone in the group knew where they were going. Then we found ourselves at the end of the first glint trail, though this time the celebration was muted. Now we all knew what we were in for. We were feeling a little cut off from the world by then. We were tired from a long day of caching, and were feeling the strain of this prolonged search in a dark and unfamiliar area. Our entire existence had contracted to the immediate surroundings; it was as if we were moving in a tiny snow globe of light within a vast gulf of darkness. And yet, there was no thought of turning back. cont’d'
- 'PM picks me up at the pre arranged time for attempt on this ahem fun night cache. Luckily we had both saved coordinates for the last red glint from last time.... or so we thought. Again, necessity is the mother of invention and this engineer got to work designing a means to put more light down range since lack of candlepower was a factor in our failure last time. Upon arriving at our coordinates, which differed by some feet, we spent a good minutes searching and could not find the last red glint we had found earlier in August. Luckily we had picked up red glints along the way so we backtracked and figured wed repeat some of our previous efforts. After a long search calls out got it and we were on our way. Another long search followed by another got it found me bringing up the rear with all our extra gear extra batteries, extra flashlights and s little chunk of sun . After the first two glints they seemed to come quicker and easier and I actually caught up to and made the comment that area looks likely and then I spied it, the promised TWO RED GLINTS! Yippee! Two grown men hooting and hollering, high fiving and dancing in the woods in the middle of the night. Gee thats not strange! A quick survey of the area resulted in the cache container and we had to take a rest and revel in our accomplishment. It may have taken us two tries, but we learned how to play your game, . Well done! TFTC and Thank God its over!'
- 'Well, it took us a month, but this time we came prepared. and I had been strategizing on how to deal with all the leaves and the challenge we had with the red glints last time. Last time it was his and this time this could be my However, with this one as we learnt last time nothing is a sure thing. We arrived around and made the trek across to the last glint to get started around We had come prepared. I had a new halogen battery maglite AND my million candlepower light if all else failed. had a new monster maglite which we called the bat as well as a homemade device to improve lighting. Upon arriving at ground zero it took us a good while to NOT find our last glint and we were forced to start at an earlier spot in the trail. Once we found the first red glint from our earlier trail we began to fan out using a small flashlight as our center point. The first find was tough and it was only after about mins of looking that we finally spied the first red glint. Success! One red glint on this trail is a big find believe me. We moved off and then things began to move much faster. Our new strategy, flashlights and approach worked and spied the final red glints at We would never have completed this a month ago as we were really tired. Tonight things fell right and we were able to enjoy a drink and a celebratory high at the final. I dropped off the wanderer TB to encourage others and to bring them luck. This was REALLY tough with all the leaf cover, but we felt a great sense of accomplishment to get rid of our prior DNF. Thanks again for a really great night caching adventure . Lots of thought went into this. We had a blast and it was a great one to celebrate my with. We used no clues from the master and that made the victory even sweeter.'
- 'picked me up as soon as I had the Geokids in bed and we headed up to Bethel with the intention of making it a memorable night to complete my Preserve Willie the Wolfs Pit and I was impressed that we saw the white glint trail before even getting out of the car and we hiked down the trail and quickly had Willie under our belts. Then the fun began! After proceeding down the white glint trail scanning for the red glint trail suddenly we came to the triad. Uh OH! We missed it. Oh so thats how you want to play, huh ? Well we backtracked looking even harder and then came to a logical spot for it to begin and probed a bit further to find a very distant red glint. Ah ha! Following the red glints was difficult but doable and soon we came to Stage Hmmm. I had already formulated a theory as to how the information micro was hidden but this was not correct. After found the plastic implements we started thinking as to how they would be useful and then I remembered something Id seen done before. Hey lets try this! Even though I couldnt see the information micro we tried my theory and Bun of a Sitch there it is. Great job ! Awesome camo job on the micro. Off we went to the spot to search for the stage micro. Hmm, the cache page says look for a reflector. Well no reflector was visible. Again I had a theory as to how this micro was hidden given the cache page and this time I was correct! I spotted the micro without even finding the reflector because stage was not reset properly so the reflector was not visible at all. At first offered to help me retrieve the micro but then with a little more ingenuity on my part I found a very easy way to retrieve it. Hah, we got you now , Im thinking. All thats left now is the final red glint trail and were home free. On we go to the stated spot and sure enough we pick up the trail. Yippee! Another red glint then another then.... uh whered the red glints go, ? As the red glints became more difficult to find we began clipping a flashlight to the tree with the glint so we could range out a bit to search for the next glint. Thankfully has night owl vision, because I found very few red glints on this trail. We were at least red glints into the final red trail and we noticed it was By then our eyes were fatigued and so were our flashlight batteries. Alas, the final red glint trail proved too much for us this night and so we bushwhacked back to Willie for the quick walk on a well glinted trail back to the car. We will be back , with reinforcements more flashlights AND spare batteries and we want to be Grand Masters at this. Next time we will be better equipped. Necessity is the mother of invention and engineers take that to the extreme. Youll see. Given the difficulty of the stages and finding the beginnings of the red glint trails I am surprised we failed in the middle of the final red glint trail. Still it was an interesting night hiking the woods amongst the deer and the coyotes while hearing the bats flying about. Thankfully mosquitoes were not a problem and neither was the weather. I guess Ill have to get my another day. Thanks for the challenge anyway.'
- 'We wanted something memorable, something special, something unique, something challenging, something vexing for s There are only a few caches in this area that really fit that bill and the venerable Bethel by Night is clearly one of them. and I arrived at around to get started on Willie. By we were on to Bethel By Night. First challenge was find the red glint trail... Hmmm what do you mean we hit the three white glints and there has not been a red one in sight. Major regroup and lots of poking around in the area we thought it might be. No luck. Ok back to Willie we go and start again. At one point we said if there is an interesting spot to start a red trail this would be it. Sure enough after a couple of mins of shining we found our first red glint! Yes we were off.... The first micro was terrific a very well executed hide that had us guessing for a few mins. Finally we picked up the necessary coords and moved on to the challenging stage This was the easiest stage for us and had it in hand while I was still trying to figure out how to turn my flashlight on. On to the final red glint trail. Quickly spotted the first and then the second and then .... what? No red Glints? Lets walk feet around the marked glint and try to spot it. After mins we found the next. Things became REALLY CHALLENGING AND REALLY TOUGH at this point and every glint was a mins find bar a few when the course changed direction . By we had no idea how much further we needed to go and we were both done for the night. We marked the spot and plan to have another crack at this in the not too distant future. Up to the last red glint trail this had met every expectation and we had a great time. I think that with the foliage growth some of the red glints were very covered. All are only visible from angle unlike the white glints . This makes things very tough. This notwithstanding, it was great to be in the woods with coyote barking around you kicking up several deer, frogs, fish, and a garter snake! Thanks for the fun. The last set of red glints were not much fun. Just too hard and too far apart given the dense overgrowth. The owner may want to walk this one at some point at night. I have excellent eyesite and had all the right tools to spot these and found it terribly difficult. I think doing this with no leaves on the trees would probably make this a star, but right now this is for sure a star! Thanks for the fun. To be continued....'
- 'Ok I was foolish enought to try this alone. What a great cache so far. Found first trail and followed to the first stage. Someone had tried this the night before due to foot prints in the mud. The first stage is was very cool. Got coords for the second and set off. I know the coords are correct now I saw the tree hint below. But I was unable to make the find. The Mrs will be back fron NYC and I hope we can get back out before we head home.'
- 'My first night cache! I was invited to tag along w people whove done this before, so I wasnt worried, especially w s reputation for illumination. Good thing, because my headlamp was woefully inadequate for something like this. Fortunately, I had my big maglight along to light my way. I was even able to contribute a little by spotting a few of the glints as well as one that turned out to be a light from a home in the distance. Glad I could share in yaleHockeyMoms and the company of and . TNLNSL TFTC'
- 'Finally! Went back to the info micro, and the hunches were right.... Went onwards to the info micro, and after thinking like , found it! My head still hurts from that! Followed the glint trail to the final, and signed in. A really great cache and a really great time with Baby Buttefly, YaleHockeyMom and PezCollector. T small dog, L Puzzle. TFTC!'
- 'We could not have picked a better night to make the attack. Figured out info micro easily. Info micro two had us thinking and searching more. Ah ha! Off to who knows where. Felt like we were going in circles but somehow made it to the final. What no map? Just how are we going to get out of here? I started feeling more comfortable once we stumbled upon an area we had been before. Thanks to Baby butterfly, bright parrot, Pez and Zercher!'
- 'Ok, I will try this again and find it. After quite a bit of walking, searching and whining of are we there yet to Bright Parrot we found it. Pez Collector and YHM were a nice pair to on the trek with. It turned out to be for YHM. We lucked out and had good weather. TFTC! This is of CTs best caches in my book'
- 'We traipsed and wondered through the night on this cache quite unsuccessfully. Six of us. Stumbling through the night. Lost and cold. What is one to do? TFTH.'
- 'Looked for a long while. Did not find. Will try again.'
- 'Ok, after re reading the other log, I dont feel so bad about not seeing the start of the red glint trail. Of course, the first time I read it, I thought No problem, I saw that glint when I did Willie the Wolf Pit cache, so I should be able to find it again.... Wrong! Nary a red glint in sight. And I have a REEEALLY bright flashlight, so I am pretty sure I didnt miss it! Well, I guess Ill just have to try again some other time.... maybe the leaves were against me... yeah, yeah... thats it, nature doesnt like me...'
- 'I suspected we would get stuck somewhere on this one, but I was surprised that we couldnt even find the start of the red glint trail. The listing coords took us within spitting distance of the triangle which suggested we had gone too far, but we tried backtracking a bit, and scanning the woods in all directions without success. I guess well need to get the apprentice level hint list before we try this one again.'
- 'YES! Sweet success at last. The intrepid Brother in Law and BldnCo Dad tried once again, and this time prevailed. Lots of leaves, bugs, mud, a deer, a raccoon, a mouse, big nasty spider webs, humidity, erratic glints, the mysterious party house, a wacked out GPS and a mad barking dog made this one hell of an adventure. Thanks, . Good times.'
- 'Wow this was quite the cache, but a thrill the whole time! My boyfriend and I got a large group together to do this cache. As Brian stated, it was an awesome adventure! It was a lot of fun, and you had a lot of great ideas. Very, very clever. Thanks for a lot of fun, and some interesting memories! TFTC again!'
- 'Woohoo! It may be but I can write a found! The story begins innocently enough. knowing I would need a crack team of GeoCachers to tackle this cache, I got a group of my friends together, and trained them hard. Training began on Sunday evening, as me and put them through there paces on Willie the Wolf Pits. They quickly got the grasp of it And the bug for it and we started off on Bethel by night! And we passed bethel by night! Darn, time to backtrack Then, we were on to it, a red GLINT! And nothing. Wow, this is going great. But, our crack team was dedicated, and we pushed on. Spreading out to cover more ground, we found the next, and then the next, until we found stage one. I knew exactly where it had to be, but I had no idea how to get to it. Luckily, one of my team figured it out, and we retrieved stage one. By the way, that huge spider was still in there, though I didnt get to see it. Off to stage two! Thats when we hit a wall. We circled the wagons, and then spread out, looking for a glint. Nothing. Unless you count Red Herrings. A lot of those. And Paint Cans. And then, to cap the night, my keys fell out of my backpack. After retracing my steps, luck prevailed, and I found them. We turned in, eager for more. Which leads to tonight. I got as many people together as I could, and we headed out! Starting at stage two, I cheated, and red the hint on the Cache Page, but of course, the hint wasnt a dead give away. After about minutes, we found it. Off we were, on to stage three! Glint trail seemed easier to follow here Or maybe we just got that good? and we followed it through the same peoples backyard Who offered us a beer, they must be getting used to us cachers! We politely declined, and carried on Found the final stage, and after the first two stages, it really was the easiest of the three. Amazing Cache, Ingenious, and what a great workout. Thanks for the Cache! Signed the log, Dropped my Jeep TB, and picked up Orions Son. Thanks for the Cache! Again, cause I liked it that much Team Specter Brian , Buttercup Amanda , DCrutch Dan , Kellie, Carolyn, Stacy, Sam, Jim, and Dave.'
- 'Difficult is right! But fun for sure... The intrepid BldnCo Dad and BldnCo Brother in Law tried this immediately after Willy the Wolf and, like so many others, I am sure, we were full of confidence after having found that one. Well... we quickly realized that finding the red glints would not prove to be so easy the tropical like undergrowth and elusive glint placement conspired against us to make this slow and treacherous. At one point I found a glint only by standing on a rock wall There it is! I shouted, and in my excitement I immediately fell off the wall, right into a tangle of thorns . Lots of spooky noises in the woods at night, including bullfrogs that sounded like they were as big as basketballs. Brother in Law at one point started coughing uncontrollably because he had swallowed a moth It flew right into my mouth! cough, cough . Then, of course, came the water. We solved the passageway problem and proceeded to examine the clues, stumped. Brother in Law had a flash of inspiration and was proven right, only to find the micro was guarded by a tarantula like spider by this point we were convinced that had planned this, too . Undaunted, we moved on to the second stage, at which point nothing. We looked for over an hour, hearing more spooky noises branches rustling, trains, hushed voices earlier, I had explained the movie The Blair Witch Project to Brother in Law, who had laughed it off nervously , and a weird animal call that was like a cross between an owl and a coyote. In the end, since it was getting late, we decided to call it quits. All in all, a great experience, however. Well be back someday, , with better clues!'
- 'Out with and BuzzyBea. Left home at and got about halfway there when the skies opened up. Man! it was pouring on Rt What a night for a night cache without rain gear Almost turned back, but since I was most of the way there, decided to at least find the parking area. And traffic on the other side was backed up for miles I arrived at the lot as the rain started to let up and found and BuzzyBea waiting. We decided to wait minutes to see if the rain would blow over and any other team members would show up. Well, stop it did and we were off! Woods were surprisingly dry. This adventure started out innocently enough. We had accidentally discovered the red glints after losing the trail on Willies. Bonus! Waymark for later! HaHa, this is gonna be easy! As we started, warned that This is a cache. Keep your eyes pealed and watch because is evil. I was saying Naw, I did some caches with him at GJ and hes a real nice guy. I like . Arriving at stage we looked for quite some time. I was positive I knew where the micro was and how to retrieve it, but could not figure out how to get there Domino made a call to basecamp and confirmed that I was right. We eventually made our way over and.....very clever, Zurch. Very evil. Off to stage We looked for a looooong while. Alright, I admit I wouldnt have found this one without a hint. Even more evil than stage By now I had switched my story from is a nice guy to is SATAN! He turned me into a newt, once. Blank look I got better. Stage was as evil or more evil than stage one. Nice job, Zurch. BuzzyBea found one glint after another on the way the final. Amazing. We passed a backyard bonfire with some rowdy teens who shouted and who we ignored. Approaching GZ, I spot two glints. Yea! Almost home. Domino cant see them so I shine my light. Me Oh, carp! Theyre moving! Wait, theres two more. Dom Are they coons? Bea Are they bears? Me I think theyre coons Dom I think theyre skunks. Look at the white. Ill go see. Me Ill stay here and protect Bea Hey, Shes only Someones got to drive her home if her dad gets eaten Dom Fawns! Theyre fawns! Me and Bea forging ahead Lets see! Lets see! Very, very cool. Stumbled across a pair of fawns at night. After a few minutes of viewing fawns, we had glints to find so off to the final. Bea makes the find, again. We sign. TN. Left First Aid Kit Youll probably need it on this cache Thanks, . This is one of a very few caches that I would gladly do again. Definitely going on Cliffys® Choicest Caches bookmark.'
- 'A challenging cache. Some stages need a bit of maintenance for example, a reflector needs replacement . At the beginning of the cache, cliffhanger was a defender of , but by the end, he agreed with the rest of us that or at least his cache hide was EVIL .'
- 'After doing GCKXW we started on this one. Had some trouble getting going, then got off and running. We needed some assistance with the info micros, but were able to call on the support team back at base camp. Had trouble with the foliage making glints hard to find, but between the of us, we kept finding them. Went right past a house with a raging bonfire in the backyard and partying teenagers who didnt seem to understand about night hiking D Finally got to GZ and BuzzyBea found the cache. Took Deet Wipes and a calculator. left domino set, stamper, mardi gras beads, notebook and Orions Geocoin. Thanks for the adventure and the new lessons in how to conceal micros D TFTC! Both caches miles round trip, hours, feet vertical ascent.'
- 'This one has been on the to do list for quite some time, and so its with great pleasure that I finally log this smiley albeit even a couple of days late . What made this an especially excellent adventure was doing it with a group of like minded women. We stumbled well, I did anyway, trying too hard to baby an already injured knee I think and fumbled, and had a ball. Although it took all of our efforts to get through this one Im particularly grateful for those who can actually see in the dark. Although I love night caching my vision has never quite let me become good at it, and so I usually end up relying on MS for the good eyes. In this case it was Mrs Sam and snowballs keeper who were out in front with the good night vision. , as you know, youve got a winner here and I commend your creativty! After caches its not often you run into something totally different. Kudos.'
- 'What a great adventure this one was. And great company with Mrs , katydid, , and snowballs keepers. This cache really does deserve the difficulty rating. We started with Preserve Willie the Wolfs Pits, and then headed down the trail to start this cache with much enthusiasm. So much, that we think we missed the actual starting point. A red glint was soon found, and then another, and we were on our way. The first stage was definitly a wow moment when we solved it. The next stage was a different kind of challenge. CTkayak spotted it first. Getting to the final was easy after these two. We saw deer twice during the night which was very cool. And a guy from we were guessing a neighboring house wanted to know if we had lit a campfire on the ridge. Of course we had not, or had we seen a campfire anywhere. He later decided it was the moon through the clouds........why he needed to come back and tell us this is also a mystery. Finding this one was truly a group effort. Thanks for a great evening and a great cache.'
- 'There was talk all summer of a “ladies night out” to take on Bethel by Night, and we finally picked a date. Five of us responded to the call, and it took all five of us to get this one – a great team effort. Natural surprises included two deer sightings, and even some fish as we searched at various stages. And then there was the man in the woods looking for a campfire and saying, “Oh, no, it was just the moon…” Talk about a surprise. I think it took the entire ride home for me to stop thinking “oh, there’s another reflector!” on the road. Thanks to Mrs. Samthesoccerdog, snowball’s keepers, Katydid and Juliebeans for making this such a fun experience, and thanks to for the challenge!'
- 'Teamed up with s mom, Katydid, Julie beans and for Ladies night out. and I battling Thanksgiving traffic arrived even more than our customary minutes late ! Started the evening off with Preserve... which was a nice confidence building prelude. After that.... well, lets just say it was kind of funny that so many experienced cachers took so long to find the start of the trail! The whole experience provided a work out for even my X ray vision and got us so focused on looking for tiny reflecting objects that and I almost took many wrong turns on the ride home still trying to follow the little shiney dots Overall the cache experience was a great team effort and very challenging. I found stage one a caching delight I will be reflecting on for quite some time. As for the paired shiney dots in the distance, first they looked like the trail, then there were two, then they blinked. Then there were and then seemed to be saying, What are these crazy humans doing out here AGAIN! Trying to convince ourselves they were not coyote, we thought of all the cute little fuzzy things that live in the woods. In the end the native wildlife was much less startling than the sprite that met us at the last stage and wanted to know if we were lighting forest fires. However, after convincing himself that we were not teenagers and the moon was playing tricks on him, he disappeared back the way he came! In sum a GREAT night caching experience with GREAT company. T geocoin L TB.'
- 'It was Ladies Night Out and boy did we have a great time! Challenge was the Sunday after Thanksgiving highway traffic. The five of us arrived at five and spent about hours caching, chatting, and having a grand time. For us, the most difficult part of this cache was finding the start. We refused to trust our caching instincts, went forward and backward, retraced our steps, looked on every side of every tree in the preserve and finally said It has to be this way. Success, a second glint appeared in the distance. If anyone wants a generic piece of advice before they start this cache email me. The muck almost sucked Ashleys shoe right off her foot, I was tempted to go swimming not because it was hot , Katie took a tumble, and Kathi and Julie wanted to follow the deer eyes instead of the glints. Sure sounds like a good caching night! Ill be back with Mr Sam and just quietly follow behind. Thanks for the adventure.'
- 'Went with and a bunch of family home for the holidays. Numbers helped keep the rabid coyotes at bay. There were of us in all, two young ones way past their bedtime. This was a great cache ! Amazing and fun tricks. It was great we had the extra eyes and brains. Alternated the maglite to give everyone a chance. Internal credit for puzzles as follows a and Lauren I think b c and Alex, with assist from Noah d Red_Sox_fan ! e Dylan, , in order External Credit as follows The beautiful weather for making the treck possible. A few young ladies who really endured ! You know who you are ! for the cache .... Amazing ! And for the masters clue set ... we did use it for b and d. Best Falls of the Night Lauren for the power involved Kristin for the two immediately in a row and the blood curdling scream , thanks again, you are indeed a genius !'
- 'Went with . it was a lot of fun. Very clever design with some interesting problem solving required. This is my cache...I think Im in for a bit of a let down following this. Thanks to .'
- 'I couldnt BELIEVE it..this cache turned out to be a stager for me ..and me alone. Swore Id kill after this cache..what an evil mind! Finally finished this cache under some time constraint..Stage took us attempts...and was ingenious if youre into twisted mind games! no need to get wet...RIGHT! ..and stage was found admittedly with some dwindling dusk..which is the ONLY reason we were able to find it..I applaud the folks who managed to find this in full cover of darkness...truly. From that point on, we made our way in full darkness to stage and the final trail which was straight forward. The final cache was well hidden and well stocked. however I had one more step. After saying farwell at to and , I headed up to White Memorial in Litchfield for my AMC hike leadership class and it turns out..THE ULTIMATE FINAL CACHE. As an icebreaking activity, we were to get to know the person to our right and introduce them to the group. This pleasant looking chap described his plans to lead gentle hikes for Bethel seniors to introduce folks to the outdoors and I nice! I mentioned geocaching..and he stopped midsentence...hmmm, he said...whats your screen name?? Screen name? He knew about geocaching! well, DID HE EVER...I WAS IN THE PRESENCE OF THE OLD MAN HIMSELF...THE KING OF THE CACHERS...THE EVIL SOB whod taken me through the swamps of a multistage which claimed...NO NEED TO GET YOUR FEET was in the middle of the frigging creek my friend...I couldnt believe this nice guy was ...jeez, those Bethel Seniors are gonna have a real treat in store for them. maybe we should warn them! Well, turned out the guy WAS human afterall devious and twisted...but the raw talent and depth of his experience made it hard not to stand in awe of the amazing Zurch man. We shared notes on Eleven Huggie Bears cache...and youll never believe it when I tell you how that ended! see my entry there for details! Thank you for an amazing caching experience...Ill let you know when I go for Paugassett.'
- 'Well, well, well, ..really enjoyed this one a challenge is an understatement. Thank goodness I had such great company to tackle this one. Ridgerunner and our Grand master! did all the hard work while I just bounded along finding glints and proposing great theories that did not hold water nyuk, nyuk especially on phase Though I now have some devious ideas for my first night cache. Watch out Mr. Z! Definitely give this one a whirl but take as many friends as you can! I thought of dropping a travel bug in the final but that might have been too cruel. Our mantra now is No need to get wet! Glad I wore my new hiking boots.... Did not bring the younger members of the Rebel Squadron on this one.'
- 'After a total hours over different nights we found it! and Preserve s Pits. With one quibble I found the location of Stage unreasonable for a nighttime search this is truly a great series, but for a team, not for one individual.'
- 'Had fun tramping through the woods up to stage Found an interesting and humorous plastic implement but could to figure out how to use it to get to or find the micro. Hmm..will try again another time!'
- ' to stage have to take another pass at this. Never found any plastic tools that might have helped us...hmmmm...well, maybe one...but it wasnt much help...and honestly dont think it was placed there for this purpose...well give this another whirl another night...beautiful moon tonight!'
- 'Been here many times thought it would be best to log it. Have fun and think sneakie!'
- 'Went with friends for a great night of caching. I believe this may have been my find and it was great. I cant wait to check out some more. TFTC!'
- 'Great way to end the month! Thanks, , for another great adventure. Took us quite a while to find the micro, but luckily Puzzlebenz AKA Magnificiant Micro Finder spotted it and we made our way to the final. Cant wait to head back to Willy the Wolf Pit.'
- 'This has been on my to do list for almost a year well since I started caching. Another classic. Im just glad we brought our secret weapon MMF along for that second micro we searched for a long time for that one. Great cache and lots of fun on a beautiful early fall evening. Thanks for the adventure.'
- 'Went with Travelmom, Climbermom, and K dont know her caching name . What fun Great challenge! The first micro was extremely creative and the second was difficult. Went on a beautiful evening and really enjoyed the company and the caching. you have great caches! Thanks!'
- 'Out with the old man...fixin stuff....its ok now! Alphas kid put the micro back BACKWARDS ! It got stuck! Please put stuff back in place exactly the way found.'
- 'Going through a list of caches I forgot to log online. Not much to add to the logs of the other party members we had a blast. Thanks for the cache TD.'
- 'Time to find a new Nemisis cache. and I were soundly stuck at stage two last year and planned to try again on our one year anniversary. Little did we know so did a bunch of others. We arrived at the parking spot to find one empty vehicle and Taz getting out of his. As we drove to alternate parking we met walking down the road. Party on! and I went for the walk while Taz and Jamm did Willies cache, the correct way, then were on to the main event. This is where we met up with Walkabout lost. They had been struggling with finding thier way to stage one. While the everyone worked on it I went ahead towards where I knew it was and looked to pick up the trail, then worked back till I lost it again. Soon we all met up again and were on the hunt. The beavers sure have been busy here. After making quick work of micro one we were off to dreaded stage two. At the same spot again. Trying to think like the grumpy old man. The six of us were all over. I was close without knowing it. I musta looked right at it once, but..... Walkabout lost finally made the breakthru. WOW, nice! It was fairly simple after that. We all meandered thru the woods taking turns finding the way till we reached the final. Once everyone found it we passed around the log and made our trades. Left marbles. Too soon we were back at the truck. Oh when will Kettletown by night be back on line? Guess Ill have to keep on working the Projection puzzle cache. Thanks!'
- 'After doing Preserve Willie set out to do Bethel At Night. Found a glint that was about feet from where the GPS wanted to take us. Rule number one always trust the GPS to be close. minute later no glints to be found in the GPS indicated area, however many many lights heading our way. Has to be other geocachers. Turns out to be , JamM, Lisa S and . you are now in trouble with this talent. and Lisa headed of in another direction as they had started this a year ago. minutes later with no glint found lost tells JamM that we had found a glint but it was about feet back from where we are. Rule number two ,.. when the GPS lies go with the obvious. None of us being proud at this stage decide to check it out the glint. Lisa S and wandered back our way and then another glint is spotted and we are off. Found the first stage and played around with all what was provided. Followed the clue to an EVIL stage which Lost found for us. Thank God or we would still be there. Followed the maze of glints each of us taking turns to the end. Well done , BUT I am beginning to believe you had a tormented childhood. The company was great unplanned and the presence of each was a true bonus treat for finding the cache.'
- 'A year ago, and I tried to complete this cache on a snowy freezing cold night. After being skunked at Stage we had to leave the cache for another day. Tonight, the correct combination of weather, work schedules, and energy came together and we struck out to tackle this one again. We were pleasantly surprised to meet and at the trailhead and headed off to Willies cache first. and I had done this cache last year, but it was fun to tromp through the woods with them. As we were walking through the woods, we spotted the headlamps in the distance of what could only be other cachers. As it turned out, it was the pair, who were floundering around looking for the start of the trail. We all decided to join forces to tackle this challenging cache. Stage seems to be missing, so we used the winter weather backup and all headed off for Stage That was evil, evil, evil. With all of our light sources we all took turns spotting the next step along the way and exploring the woods in the dark. What a nice way to spend the evening! Unfortunately, my car only made it halfway home before we had to call my son to give us a ride the rest of the way home.'
- 'The plan was to do this with Taz... meeting up with Lisa S, and was a great bonus. This was a lot of fun as a big group. Afer completing Willies Wolf Pit we followed the glint trail walking right past the red glint. Ran into Walkabout lost at the triangular glint and began hunting around. Eventually the better half of Walkabout lost got us started on a red glint and we were on our way. Great caching team work as everyone contributed moving from one to the next. Got to stage and found the numbers but not the way planned. Bushwacked to stage evil. Thanks again to the team for comming through big time. I would have been there all night. On to the last glint trail, once again everyone took part in leading the way till we finally found the green reflector. Thanks for a fun evening out. Was especially fun to join forces on this ... good things are always better when shared. TFTC, thanks for the cache and thanks for the company. jamM'
- 'Woof, Woof sniffs out another. This is one job of a cache. Wonderful experience. What I great time we had completing this cache. Unexpected surprises through the whole journey. Just doing this at night is only half the fun. Each of the stages offer the cacher a unique approach and the idea of following a trail that meanders threw the forest is as challenging as finding the cache itself. This cache never lets your heart stop beating. Just when you about to give up to frustration, a stage in the cache appears that makes you continue on. Excellent! I have to say that the first stage was just hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing and the hunt was like a roller coaster ride. Thanks for the great time and a most excellent cache. I have to get out more and get to Bethel again soon. SLLP. PS Found the bonus and completed the cache in hours!'
- 'After a few e mails, Yodas master and mistress, CTGeocacher and I set a date to try this night challenge. I have only completed one other night cache, so I was looking forward to heading out into the woods with flashlight and good friends. Sorry, Yoda, despite the angina the master and mistress give you, they are good friends! We got off to a little shaky start after finding the warm up cache, but confusion is a part of the fun ... I think! As stated in Yodas log, CTGeocacher was a brave soul and conquered stage yes, as the Brits would say ... Brilliant! Where did CTGeocacher and I go when looking for Stage The State of Confusion for the second time! After finding Stage we made good time to the final. , thanks for a great and very creative cache. SL, TN, Left a deck of cards and an Ax nickel.'
- 'As mentioned in the Willies Pits log, I was left in total abandonment with an empty dinner bowl due to another NDA caching expedition by the bumbling duo. I just cant stand it when the cute pooch has a red line through it, and I have to be replaced by people I would like to have spent time with no not THEM CTGeocacher and Ax! . Anyway, I understand that you three guys actually followed the damsel right to the gone too far point. Gentlemen, may I remind you never to trust a woman? ! All of you lost valuable time by being dragged into a philosophical converstion and debate on posted coordinates, if you had not done Willies Pits and just had the coordinates, etc. etc. etc. Im just a simple dog philosophy has no place when you simply need to pay attention and make tracks! Minutes turn into hours when your bowl is empty you know ! Fortunately for me, someone found something and got going on track, altho I understand the mistress became more preoccupied with the double glints that started at ground level and worked their way up to feet off the ground. How cool was that ? How did do that? A moving glint trail right up a tree. Sorry I missed that for sure! I understand Stage was brilliant! I also understand that CTGeocacher was the brave soul who was able execute while everyone else just barked orders from a distance. Maybe with a little team effort you could have been able to scream Bonus! I cant say much, tho I would have needed you too, Rich . And then, just like that, CTGeocacher was...GONE! No reply to the calls, no lights...a bit of concern that he had been eaten by wolves...a bit of concern he was seeking revenge, and then like magic, he re appeared. Thank goodness for them the scout had returned! On to stage then like that, CTGeocacher and Ax disappeared ! Something weird must have been going on out there for sure. It was a definite now you see em now you dont scenario. Lots of bounce and confusion over what was supposed to be going on in terms of what four people were supposed to be looking for when, I hear. Eventually, the master noticed something after everyone took in the bounce hint, and after a CTGeocacher retrieve, they were on their way after an undedicated hunt for tin. Focus, for a change, pushed everyone forward to the end with CTGeocacher in the lead, followed by Ax, and who does that leave in the end? ? Lets see, now who could that be? But it was all about the fun, and fun it was ! As I always say, if they are happy, then I get Chewees altho at this juncture, I am still waiting . L bandana and McD TB; T Lemur TB. TFTC, ! Excellent!'
- 'Out tonight with Yodadog and . This was a fun and well thought out cache. I liked the first micro hide technique the best! Made it to the final in three hours which includes doing the other night cache on our way. Thanks for the fun and thanks to Yoda and for the company and the invite! TNLN Rich'
- 'A crisp night with the moon full. What a great night to be hiking in the woods. Creative hides and a great place made our first night caches most excellent . TNLNSL TFTC'
- 'After Willie the Wolfs cache we moved on to this one as our second ever night cache. The hides were definetly well thought out. I did mix a couple of Aesop fables together Sour Grapes & the Water Pitcher when thinking about one of the hides but what the heck, we found the micro. Not to much worry about muggles messing up these hides is there. It was a great night to be out and about in the woods. Thanks for giving us a reason to be there. TFTC Lameduck'
- 'Burlhunter, Lameduck, and I did this cache after Willie the Wolfs Pits, which made it our second night cache ever. Its an hour drive to get to get to Bethel, so making lots of trips to complete the cache wasnt going to be an option. I figured we had a percent chance of finding all of the stages, but this cache gets lots of good press at W&B, so we needed to give it a shot. The cache did not disappoint. Very clever hides! Lameduck had an ancient recollection of an Aesops fable that apparently involved a crow and grapes and pebbles, and that information actually proved useful at one of the stages! We had issues locating the glint trails a couple of times, but after having eliminated all of the wrong choices, we got back on track. completely enjoyable hours to do the Wolfs Pits and BBN. T Nothing L Sacagawea dollar TFTC! Friogeo'
- 'OK well I could log this big log, but I think pretty much summed it up! I cant believe he left out on part though so I will expand.... Keep your eyes and ears open for animals! Animals of all kinds. It was very cool to hear owls and howling and the occasionally Oh My God?? What was that? Did anyone else hear that? Its getting closer! What a great time we all had! Traded Tbs and took a whistle! Thanks for a great cache! Nicole'
- 'Found It! Out tonight with and On The Spot!. We had a little trouble at first finding the start, but Steve a.k.a. On The Spot! used his powerful flashlight to put us on track. As stated in the log description, mini maglights and small headlamps just dont cut the mustard for this one. Too bad SOMEONE forgot his D cell maglight at home! Doh! Arrived at stage and figured it out quickly. Steve had found the way to get to the stage by accident while trying to find the glint trail . Also, we had heard about this type of hide at Wings and Beer quite some time ago so it didnt take us long to figure things out. GPS reception was spotty probably due to the heavy tree cover. Stage was a little more difficult for us. We searched the area for quite some time before finally spotting the reflector and ultimately getting the micro. The final leg was a bit tricky as well, but we all did our part to find the reflectors. At each reflector it seemed a different person would shout out I got it!, or Its over this way! We were moving quickly at this point as we could tell the end was near. Some spots were still swampy from the rain, and we had to take care as there were many rocks to trip over in places. The final stage was found after a bit of confusion. A nearby house had a small green light on that sent us running towards it. We got about half way there and realized our error. Doh! We retuned to find the final and rest a bit. We traded travel bugs, left some celebrator rams and signed the log. We made it to the final in hours including doing Willies cache and we were all pretty tired at this point. After the long hike we were all anxious to get back home. Frustration set in when we read the note in the final cache which says Hope you printed out a trail map. Since we obviously didnt have a trail map or even know we needed a trail map , and couldnt take the one in the cache, we decided to just bushwhack straight back to the truck. We made it back in about half an hour without too much trouble. From start to finish it took us exactly three and a half hours to do both caches. This was a challenging night cache, but it was a lot of fun, and everyone had a good time. We agree with the other cachers who have done this cache that a team makes it a bit easier. Also, bring along powerful flashlights, extra batteries, water, good boots and determination to ensure a good time! CT needs more night caches like this one! Thanks for the adventure!'
- 'The end of stage one was the absolute best! Bravo to a cache well done in every aspect . We missed the start entirely the first time past but once we got going we were doing good for a while. A special thanks to for putting us back on the path the first time and to Bry for figuring out the end of stage and to kitty for spotting the red marker when we were all very frustrated! This was definatly a team effort with everyone taking a turn spotting the markers and helping everyone along. TFTC'
- 'Log this very late as the night we went out to do this was the night we lost power. Did not get it unitl the next day so everything has been a hassle. This was a fun cache to do in this group. Took alot of brain power and a lot of percerviance by everyone to make this one pay off. Everyone contributed to this one. Bry thanks for figureing out that first one. That had to be the absolute best micro I have seen yet. All in all this was a great experience.'
- 'This was truly genius! Every step on this cache was rewarding. This is definitely my favorite so far. Did I mention that I love the night cache, there is something about being in the woods in the middle of the night.'
- 'Found with , Desrock, , and the Nushies. Big effort on what would be one of my all time favorites. The hide at the end of the first trail was award winning! put it together before we could figure out what was going on! We almost gave up after finding the glint trail, and then losing it in the fog, rain, and lightning. There, we also came to a house straight out of The Ring. Not cool! Kitty spotted the lost component of our last glint trail right at the moment of giving up, saving the day and continuing our mission. It took every single one of us to put this together this morning... TNL Little Alien TB TFTC!'
- 'hit the nail on the head! If it wasnt for the group of us wandering through the woods with the determination that we had, we would not have completed this in one night just under hours from start to finish and we started with Preserve Willie the Wolf Pits. And yes does deserve an extra pat on the back for a few of these, but like I said and amazing team effort! Very, VERY rewarding!'
- 'Wow. No, really. WOW. I cannot even begin to say how phenominal this cache is. is a genius. As a group we had issues finding all of the reflectors this is SUPER challenging. Stage AMAZING. One of the best puzzles ever. Stage WICKED HIDE! I wont pat myself on the back on any of this, I will let the others do it. We almost gave up at one point where we lost the trail and hiked up to a dirt road. We followed the road and saw the scariest house EVER. We split and went back to the last reflector. I started down a random direction and BAM! saw one right above my head WE WERE BACK! We were a well oiled caching machine which would have failed without the work of the sum of its parts. Muggles yelling through the woods from the party next to the parking area...NO FUN! Great rush to the final, just an amazing journey all together. I have to give ULTRA respect to and those who found this alone with their sanity intact. It too a total of about hours with of us and that is including doing Preserve Willie the Wolfs Pits before it. Now I know why it is s favorite cache. My greatest night of caching ever.'
- 'Wow!the quest for a dog TB and finishing this cache is done. This was a lot of fun but there were somethings needed to do this one trips to the Preserve sets of headlamp batteries bottles of water can of XS sort of like Red bull...but calories changes of flashhlight batteries change of GPS batteries gauze bandage caught a rock Finally got the part crypted the clue.... again....understood it this time ......duuuuuhhhh Very cool hide. picked out the start of the final, foliage really makes this a workout. Came to the final found easily. Took silver and magnet left Bug wipes tokens SL. Thanks for an excellent cache. We almost hated to finish it since it was so much fun. here. Very clever yet very much a burden until we found it. Thanks for the hide. Im hoping for future Nightcaches from .'
- 'After enjoying a slightly backwards solution to Willies cache and I began the hunt. Not an easy trail to follow. The BFL was put to the test more than once to find the next way point. and I worked as a team to work out way to the first micro. I have to give a big hug for providing the kick in the pants I needed to FIND the micros location. It took a bit of crativity to retrieve it from its location. Off to stage two. We hunted, and hunted, and hunted some more. We finally had to admit defeat and tuck tail. We will definitely be back! Thanks!'
- 'After doing s cache in the same park, and I started this cache. Unfortunately, we never did find Stage despite wandering in circles for an hour. By then, my feet were soaked after a full day of caching, and I was ready to pack it in. We WILL be back to hunt for this again!'
- 'Glad to see this one has FINALLY been listed. Good things come to those who wait, I guess. Thanks to the kind folks at the Bethel Land Trust for allowing a night cache here Though I am logging the find today, in fact I found it a couple of days later than RJ Ferret. Honestly this is probably the best and most challenging night cache Ive ever done. Started at AM Got stuck on one stage for a long time. Finally decided to go on a hunch, and wow I dont want to spill the beans, but one part of this cache is pure genius. I literally laughed out loud when I figured the secret out. Just when I thought Id seen it all...Excellent! I continued on and found the coordinates to the final. another excellent hide, BTW By this time the sun was coming up, so I want able to track the reflectors anymore. Came back the next night and invested another hour and a half following more reflectors. Well worth it. After a bit of a rock scramble, I had the final cache! I dont remember what I took left, but I likely left some sort of silver coins. This log entry is kind of vanilla, and I apologize. But, this is a cache that I would recommend to any cacher who wants a challenge. I cant give details as it would give too much away. You really have to experience this one for yourself. Thanks for an awesome cache, and for a great adventure.'
- 'Im glad finally to see this cache listed here... In two years and caches Id never had a favorite till this one! Heres my original enthusiastic log from my pre approval find last November... This is the best geocache Ive ever done the perfect balance between challenge yet rewarding. I felt accomplished as I proceeded through each step stage. Thanks ! Randy'
- 'Im not sure if this counts as a geocahe find but find it I did however it was in the guise of a letterbox. It was our first night find and we had a great time. Never knew this little park was here thanks.'

name: 'rldill 5 "LOST IN THE DARK"'
creator: 'rldill & JOJO'
- 'Out and about on this very chilly day with Team LTD. Hubb. No such luck for us on this one. We tried this one during the day, we found some of the markers, then lost the trail then found it again, but then came up cold. Called the owner an got some pretty specific help, but still we came up empty.'
- 'Nice, quick, clean night cache. Thanks!'
- 'This was The Departments first night time cache, and we had a blast. Two Agents poking through the dark woods it was spooky and fun! The first clue is a bit... damaged, I think, and it took us a bit to figure out what we should be doing. Once we did, we had no trouble. We never would have found it if we hadnt consulted the user logs because of a missing clue. Thanks for the awesome adventure!'
- 'My husband and I had been out here once before a few weeks ago but got freaked out by ourselves at night and then decided to return later. We returned tonight with our yr old son, went the wrong way, turned back around and picked up on the trail, then got stuck at the point where a clue was supposed to be. About that time pulled into the parking lot and saw us shining our flashlights and then figured we were probably geocachers as well. She joined forces with us and thanks to the help she received from the owner, we were able to resume our search. We almost gave up until my husband insisted that he had seen the location of the cache based on the clue that was given, and sure enough, he was correct the whole time. This wasnt a real easy find for us, but it was definitely fun trying to find this night cache our first night only cache. I ended up dropping my GPSr along the way and couldnt find it at night, so we had to return the next morning to locate it.'
- 'Thanks to the cache owner for an email providing the info I needed to complete the search. It seems a clue that was meant to be near the blue light special is missing, so in case anyone else gets stuck at that point, the clue you need is to walk across the dam and pick up a trail of white tacks that begins on the far side of the dam. When I got to the park tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting , who were shining their lights around in the area of the blue reflector. So we joined forces, and it took our four brains, the clue from the cache owner, at least flashlights, and one lost GPSr, but we persevered and eventually were victorious. My first night cache!'
- 'Like some seekers before me, I got as far as the blue reflector and from there could find nothing more glowing, nor a cache. Also, the log entries about stages and clues mean nothing to me, as all I did was follow firetacks and trust my instincts when there was a big gap in the tacks. It actually looks like some people did get to the cache by doing the same, not sure. I think Ill email the owner and beg for help ..'
- 'Got to stage quickly. Didnt find what I needed there. But have done many night caches, it only took a second to figure out what I need to do. Headed off towards stage After a few minutes, the markers seemed to disappear. I pushed on and they started up again. Got to stage and what I needed there was also missing. The cache owner was nice enough to give me is number incase there was a problem. So I called him and got the info I needed. Found the final a few minutes later. Final is in good shape and full of night swag. TN L Noid Sticker & glow in the dark ear rings. Thanks!'
- 'Fun DNF with a non cacher friend of mine. Hadnt read all of the previous logs beforehand, though. Have now, feel like Ill have a better outcome next try ... which will be soon. Very cool cache! TFTH.'
- 'Heading home from an afternoon of caching with NCBiscuit and MNLoon when Mrs. Loon asks if we want to go night caching. I had done a night cache early in my caching career about months ago and was up for another one. With the loon in charge we forged ahead and found the cache. Cold, windy night for caching. tnlnsl. Thanks! Henry Hank Anderson was a Carrboro Town Alderman.'
- 'Mrs. MNLoon, Mclem and I were in the car coming home from a cache run hike at Falls Lake when Mrs. MNLoon says, You wanna go night caching? She had heard of the recent success of and at this cache and wanted to try again. What else could we possibly want to do on this freezing cold, extremely windy, December evening?? So we bundled up and stumbled through the park, found the glowing trail, and actually found this cache. Thanks for the fun!'
- 'Encouraged by the recent success of C and , Ncbiscuit, and I joined forces on a blustery December evening to go for the gold or silver or whatever it is that reflects in the dark. And tonight there were things shining in the woods besides the stars over our heads! Maybe new batteries in the flashlight did the trick. We were able to claim the cache which is in excellent condition. To those who may follow, trust your instincts when the firetacks seem to run out on you and keep those flashlight batteries fresh. TFTC'
- 'Decided to hunt this with ; Ive been watching this for a while and what better time to find it but on its anniversary! Plus, it looked like no one else had found it for over years! Found with a couple of U turns to add a little bit of time excitement in finding this. Cache is as said in excellent shape. Left a blue light in the cache and took nothing. SL. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'called to see if he was up for a little Night caching, he said we should try this one, knowing the DNF history i was unsure if that was good idea, but i thought i havent found a night hide ,so i was in. after mins we were still lost and confused , mins later i said GOT IT ,i dont think my partner beleived me till he saw it, even when i saw it i thought it cant be this easy. cache is in very good condition. after finding this one i told i could go home happy with just this one find i think he felt the same. TFTH TFTC and the night adventure'
- 'Visited this cache twice, once without flashlight, and once with, but were stymied on this cache. Wanted to find it, but had to abandon empty handed.'
- 'Followed the luminescent breadcrumbs until they stopped abruptly. Then searched for a long time and found nothing... Does this cache need a makeover?'
- 'Got as far as the last person??? Had a great time even though we didnt find the cache.'
- 'This one might need checking up on. We made it to the blue reflector. Were not sure if there was supposed to be another clue at that point or if that is where the cache should be located. But we looked and looked and there isnt anything there as far as we can tell. I dont know if anyone else has tried finding it since July, if not maybe we missed something. Please let us know if we should count this as a find. If not, Ill assume that there was another clue that we missed. Either way, we did have a fun night hike with the family. Thank you.'
- 'We found the first stage easily enough and off we went in the wrong direction. Quickly corrected our mistake and got back on the right trail. Found the second stage, but not the hint. No matter as we wondered around and found ourselves back on track. The rest of the hunt went great. Took a screwdriver and left some glow in the dark stars. Thanks for a fun cache.'
- 'Found tonight with . Boy did the kids enjoy this one and running around with flashlights. Thanks to for getting use back on trail. This was a lot of fun. Thanks very much for all the work to put this together. TFTH. Took tape left glow in the dark snake a mini car and small light.'
- 'Woo hoo. Closest unfound cache on the list now off the list! Great night time hunt, did it with . The kids had a blast with their flashlights. There is a bit missing still, but we recovered our way fine . Keep walking with lake on left Took science thing, left light up pen and Hot Wheels. SL! TFTC!'
- 'by NICE! Been plannin on doin this one for weeks but somethings always come up. Kinda glad of that as we got the chance to cache with . Excellent cache! Thanks for a great first but not last night caching adventure. X I am going back and logging my finds from my old handle. All these finds are special to me. And that includes this one. TFTC! Doc'
- 'NICE! Been plannin on doin this one for weeks but somethings always come up. Kinda glad of that as we got the chance to cache with . Excellent cache! Thanks for a great first but not last night caching adventure. X'
- 'After a day in the woods... or parking lots... I stopped in to do another night cache. After I got out of the car and headed for the trailhead, I heard... are you Geocaching? Wow... now I was NOT expecting to hear that. and wife were pulling into the lot to seek this cache too. We ALL searched together for this quality night cache by Rldill. Thanks for seting this one up Roger... TFTH TNLNSL'
- 'One of several caches found w Mandajan and after the event. This was a fun cache and I enjoyed walking through the park. Nicely done. TFTC.'
- 'Wow, what a fun cache. We could not find the second clue, but we found the cache in the end. Our youngest geocacher was a little wary of the night sounds, but the two adults and the Geodog had a blast.'
- 'With a hint from the owner we were back on track and found the remainder of this one without any trouble. T Glow in the dark stars L Electricity Lab Actually our friend Davien who was with us, left the lab, she let us take the stars TFTCSL &'
- 'Sought this one out with . Great idea, but alas we were foiled at the end. Look forward to trying this one again.'
- 'Last cache of the evening, and wow, what a great journey. Got to what seemed to be the end, however couldnt find the cache. Gonna send a message to the owner to see if I was right. If nothing else, thanks for the journey.'
- 'Well, tried but gave up with a couple of friends. We think we made some progress, but we didnt really get what we were looking for as this was our first geocache. Well definitely go back and try again!'
- 'Awesome. I loved this experience, even though clue was missing. Excellent cache management though, cache owner is right on top of it. Exciting and a bit scary at the same time hehe. My fiance Bzbee was with me. we took the bottle of glitter and left a green chemlight.'
- 'Took a Boy Scout patrol from Troop Chapel Hill out to introduce them to geocaching. Clue is missing! Fortunately wed been here before, so gave then Clue and let them find the cache. Took small flashlight and rubber band, left large packet of glow in the dark stars. Came back during daylight today to look for Clue and have to report it is just gone , not washed away or misplaced. Thanks again for a great cache. There are three new cachers out there stoked from their experience'
- 'What a great cache! It was a full moonlit night for us, and quite a lot of fun. Thanks for all the planning and prep work on this one. We took the Verlaine geocoin and left a small maglight. Rvana, Austin, and crew'
- 'We LOVE night caches! They are so much fun... and is the absolute MASTER! This was a cool night walk. We may have missed the clue at the first location, but found our way anyhow. We were startled by our feathered friends the geese as I suppose we startled them by being there at night. Eerie being in the woods at night with our flashlights. We didnt have glowy trade items, so we TNLN. But we are very grateful for a wonderful time. Thanks, Roger, for a great cache hunt!'
- 'Started out to find this cache on the but had to leave before finishing. Came back today to wrap things up. Absolutely loved this cache and Im looking forward to doing another night cache soon! Signed log, left a package of glow in the dark stars, and took the mini Montana flashlight left by the folks who visited on the Thanks so much for the outrageously fun cache!'
- 'Started this cache on the but had to leave before finding the end. Funny, we did not run into anyone out there with flashlights! finished on the with a friend. This was one of my all time favorite caches! Being in the dark in the woods was a bit Blair Witch but instead of being scared we laughed a lot. Thank you so much! Are there any other night caches out there? TN left mini Montana flashlight.'
- 'What a fun cache I went out with Horsegeeks, and we were very impressed by how this cache was put together. Borrowed hubbys headlamp which was fun to use. I took a spiderweb seasonal and a whistle for my son, whos a bit young to stay up late enough to do this cache and left a dolphin, some glitter, and I think a car. TFTC! Oh and I might have left a black flashlight in a little case at the cache let me know if you see it.'
- 'We had been wanting to try this cache for ages and we had the opportunity tonight. caught wind of our quest and met us there. We enjoyed the night cache so very much. We had good lights and walked right to each stage. It will be a shame to loose this cache but we are glad we had the chance. Thanks very much for the challenge.'
- 'VERY COOL CACHE! My first night cache but not my first time night caching . Came over with the last of the Caching Call group. Had a bit of trouble figuring out where to go at the beginning, but we quickly figured it out and followed the trail to the cache. Its sad this one will go away soon. At least we managed to do it beforehand. Thanks for a good cache.'
- 'My first ever night specific cache and now one of my favorites. The light showed the way. Very well designed and implemented cache! Didnt have anything to fit the theme so TNLN. Thanks for the neat cache!'
- 'I was another of the hard core Caching Call gang. This is one cool cache. Id been meaning to do this one for quite a while, and I finally had the chance. We got thoroughly turned around at the first clue, until we deciphered the intent. But we were rewarded with a look at one of the biggest and most interesting spiders Ive ever seen. Just signed the log. Thanks for a fun hunt!'
- 'Found with the Hardcore Caching Call gang. The rest were done in after supper! Great cache, keep up the good work! TN left wooden nickle. Thanks!'
- 'Looks like I am one of the first to log for the event. After a LONG day of hiking, getting lost, getting unlost, and more hiking, five of us went after this one in the dark. about pm Found it after a little searching. The only problem was that we got into game traffic NCSU UNC were playing while we were caching and in said traffic our caravan Ham_bone, Jackcachenc, and myself were involved in a hit and run on leaving Chapel Hill. Noone was hurt thank goodness! Instead of getting home around as planned, we made it in at'
- 'Had alot of fun doing this one after the event. Scared a few geese & ducks.'
- 'This was a first time for me on a fun run in the daylight . . . want to try one of these in the dark next time. Will mom let me go out, hope so! Thanks RLDLL for a good one keep em coming! Granpa Alex'
- 'NOW THIS WAS A VERY KOOL CACHE. did it on the way back to roanoke, va after the event. very nice thanks TNLNSL note log wet in stage two..'
- 'This one was so much fun! I did this a long time ago, and am just now logging it. This was my first after dark cache and I am hoping to find more in the area. Very clever!'
- 'What a good night for a night cache...two of the stages were completely uncovered. We did the best we could to rehide them. We took the work gloves and left a knit cap. Thanks for giving us the adventure.'
- 'Found it again.. Helixblue and I took a friend visiting from Boston out to this cache and let her lead the way. Interestingly enough, we discovered that he and I had completely missed the first step on the hike somehow...we had missed Ambers clue.'
- 'What great fun! We were rushing to beat an on coming thunderstorm. The hints and clues were fantastic. Found the cache in great shape and well hidden. Took nothing, left a glowstick. Everyone in the group loved this cache. The pond has yielded a fresh batch of little frogs so the paths were covered. NCTreker'
- 'I was a bit confused on where to start because I have learned that my GPS goes a bit haywire the closer I get to the waypoint. After I figured that out I easily found where clue one should have been, although I am not truly sure whether it was there or not because I was not sure what I was looking for. Nevertheless it was easy to find clue and follow the rest of the route to the cache and in the end, was a lot of fun. Thanks for a fun cache. TNLN'
- 'We did one of your night time caches in the daytime and this one at night. It is much more fun to do it at night. We loved doing this cache, and we saw lots of beautiful white ducks and geese, as well as a number of people fishing. Found it at p.m. TNLN.'
- 'Related Web Page What a wicked cool cache. Once we got the right direction on the trail, it was a pretty easy find. We were a bit nervous about getting locked out, as we didnt get out till a little later than Thanks for the cool cache Need more night caches!'
- 'Related Web Page Helixblue and I found this one together. We had a good time walking around the park with our headlamps. We took geocaching buttons and left a glow in the dark bat and glow in the dark for those DND players out there.'
- 'What a wonderful idea for a cache! Once we found the first clue, it was fairly easy going. We really appreciated the glow in the dark theme. We left a Coleman lantern glow in the dark keychain and took a glowing scorpion!'
- 'Even though my body was complaining our cache of the day , I was grinning like an idiot during this whole trek fortunately it was dark and I didnt scare anybody . This was loads of fun and a longer hike than I had expected. It was the perfect conclusion to our long day of caching. Left some bumblebuttons. com geocaching buttons. I wish Winston Salem had a place for a similar hunt putting on thinking cap Thanks for the adventure! I give this cache a GLOWING recommendation! .,_,. ` .,_A joyful heart is good medicine!_,. ` .,_,. `'
- 'Related Web Page Teamed up with Honeychile for our find of a very tiring day. Ran into some people fishing for catfish. Easy compared to our previous find in the dark, Wake Up MayTag Repairman, This one needs fixin. Of course, it was never indended to be found in the dark. Left Geocaching buttons, glow in the dark turtle and doo dad. Took candle and keychain.'
- 'This is about the coolest thing Ive ever seen!Thanks! Ive never had that much fun at Carrboro Park. We spent a few mintues being stumped trying to find the first clue, but after that, it was really a walk in the park. I hope you dont mind if we steal your idea our kids want to hide a night time stash so there will be two in the area. We left some glow stars, a glow box and an ET toy that lights up. We took some other stars, a candle and cents. Thanks again,'
- 'This is the coolest cache weve seen yet! We missed the starting point truly, lost in the dark but then stumbled on the right way. We each wound up finding a stage. We took a star and some glow in the dark nail polish. We left a glow in the dark mini frisbee, a glow in the dark Earth, a green candle, and one of our calling cards. for ! Thanks for a fun night out!'
- 'WOW! This cache was so well done. This was my first night cache and I had a blast. Took the glow in the dark glasses and left some glow in the dark stars. Thanks for a great night hike.'
- 'What a great cache. I came down from Cincinnati to visit Ladyfirebug. There is one like this near my house, but this is much better. We had a good time with this one. We took a geocache sticker and left a candle. , Ladyfirebug and Duke and Buford the dogs.'
- 'N W'
- 'I was with Billy on this one and was the one who had to call tech support. Needless to say, the ridicule will never stop because we were lost in the dark'
- 'Related Web Page Last of for the day. Accidently transposed a coordinate number and missed the first clue. Called tech support and got the corrected version. From there it was smooth sailing. Ran into some fellow Geocachers. Took a decal and a blinky ring, left glow in the dark stars.'
- 'find Me along with my grandaughter Elizabeth really enjoyed this one. It was Great. There was a lot of work put into this one. Thanks a lot. Found the cache in great shape. Took a knife and left a golf ball, a letter opener and a small lock. Would like to see some more like this one.'
- 'Beware of fallen trees. The ice storm left plenty of em especially near to the clue. The toughest find was relocating my missing glove after dropping it at the end of a trail. This was quite an exciting cache. Would advise to leave yourself a cushion of time so you dont have to run back to the gates. Left glow in the dark stickers, pocket knife with red light, and glow nail polish. Took glow stick and flashlight. Steve'
- 'After getting spanked by the nearby What a Tangled Web We Weave cache, this was refreshling easy. We were a little unsure what to expect with this, but it is such a great idea! Found the final cache, signed the log book, took the Geocaching casino chip, left New York Quarters. Thanks for a new type of cache'
- 'This was a very exciting cache to find. The concept is very interesting. I have been racking my brain for something as interesting to do for my first cache placement. Was a cold night and the fingers got numb. I have noticed that some GPS units act up in cold weather. Once we were on the right track, we were in good shape. Congradulations on the interesting idea.....'
- 'What a neat find! Alot of fun & family friendly. I had pondered on doing something like this & now have a few more ideas. Took Geo Sticker & travel bug, left a keychain flashlight, Geo Coin Chip & Miss Addys Butterfly. What a hoot, Thanks!'
- 'Wow, what a lot of fun this one was. Cache Number for the Fishingfools! This was a great hunt and a very clever hide. Spooked up some ducks and a critter of some type on the hike. Took Huey Travel bug, left euro style geocaching sticker. Thanks again for the great hunt, Fishingfools'
- 'Found with , as he was checking cache. Took nothing left a travel bug. The UH Huey Helicopter travel bug is in the cache. Thanks Workingwoman &'
- 'What a cool idea for a cache. Thanks for setting this one up. It was a great night to be out and Shadowgal and I had a blast following the trail and clues. Left two flashing pumpkin rings, took the Alaskacom keychain another keychain!?? . Second of two finds, and one hide today. PS Did not see the Huey TB in there, but it was dark so maybe I missed it, or maybe someone just hasnt had a chance to post a log entry for it yet, or maybe it was in stealth mode.'
- 'That was very cool. Found it at Wouldnt have thought of that! We took a wrong turn on the road, followed the GPS to get back on track, took a wrong turn on the trail, went back, went down the same trail again... had fun, laughed a lot. Left two glo sticks and took small dog statue. Thanks for the hunt, that was great!'
- 'What a COOL degrees Cache idea.. Since there was no moon, we decided to bring some night vision equipment although it didnt help much for the hunt, it seemed to work for the photos see enclosed Found the multistage caches in good shape. Took the space alien Left several mini cylume sticks and a few glowing ones as well Dropped off the UH Huey Helicopter Travel Bug. Thanks for the hunt.. LoFlight Firstmaxx'
- 'Terrific fun! Our first night cache and our family favorite. The kids started out not wanting to go but as we got closer and closer we could hardly keep them in sight! Night noises and cold weather really added to the experience. Took red light & glow stick. Left star and moon glow in the dark stickers, glow in the dark shark and half a small jar of glow in the dark paint. Thanks for the great cache!'
- 'This was our first night cache. Probably the most fun we have had so far. A really cool idea. We have no clue how you came up with it. We never figured out what Amber meant but found the cache any way. Took the travel bug. The pencil needs to be resharpened so bring something to write with when you go. Thanks for this one. j&dstrange'
- 'A fun cache to find around Halloween! Even though we know this park well we have our own cache about a hundred yards away , it was a whole nuther experience making our way around the trails in the dark. Took the mini lantern, and left the Invisible Tigger Travel Bug hes tough to see in the dark . Thanks for the spooky excursion!'
- 'First night cache took the Power Puff Girls and MoJo JoJo Mom along for their cache. It was big fun. Thanks for the great hunt. Pinky Flamingo was not afraid of the dark either.'
- 'Very good cache. Must have taken forever to set it up. Took nothing, left an Abbie Dog. Thanks for setting up a very fun cache. The Abbie Dogs'
- 'Grab your flashlights and head out to this geocache. This was the most fun and most interesting hunt we have had. Dont go in the daytime. The hunt was just fabulous in this really nice park. Cool night air and a full moon really help make this a most pleasant adventure. The kids will love this one and so will the adults. Our geo dog used his built in night vision to help spot this cache. This geocache is on the Triangle Area! Take something that glows to leave. We left a glow in the dark alein keyring.'

name: 'Catawba Cache'
creator: 'Spyderman and friends'
- 'MissP and I hiked up tp Catawba Falls on The falls were awesome, including the climb. We also enjoyed the caching. We had some difficulty getting the container open and followed the advice . TFTC TNLN SL'
- 'It took us about hours to get here because we DNFed all the caches along the way but the trip was well worth it. We hung around about min enjoying the falls. The cantainer is an ammo box and it is in need of repair.. I brought a cantainer to replace it but the log book didnt fit.. L TBs and a pathtag. I hope the next person will take them out please..'
- 'Cache container was in broke. Had to open with a rock, sorry. It is no longer weather proof and probably needs to be replaced. TFTC in a beautiful place. TNL something.'
- 'We met up with a firefighter cacher named Randy who told us this cache didnt belong where we found it. We talked for quite some time and he gave us a hint on the decon container we missed on the way up the river. He said hed talk to you about the cache. Beautiful place and nice cache. The ammo box is broken on one side of the clamp down and no longer seals. It was doing OK for the time though. TFTC'
- 'After reading through the old logs all the way back to and having gotten severely off trail and WAY too high while going from the lower to the upper falls, I can say that I REALLY admire those intrepid earlier finders who had to hike down to this cache from I and then all the way back up! We had a walk in the park up to this point today, although, as I said, the trip on up to the upper falls raised the terrain rating considerably, especially via our severely off trail and WAY too high route. Tiring but oh! so beautiful! TFTC'
- 'TFTC ! Found on Catawba cache hunt fun day nice scenery and great company. Gray dgoeno'
- 'We are so very lucky these falls and land are protected and open to the public. What a beautiful area. Nice hide and cache.'
- 'What a beautiful place for a cache! We did the earthcache here, then found this one. Thanks so much!'
- 'Wow, beautiful falls & a ton of folks on the trail today. Found without any problem, however the ammo can lid handle is broken. Left our signature pathtag.'
- 'Enjoy!'
- 'Due to finding it in the improper spot and me attempting to place it in the proper spot..........Owner needs to confirm that my location is correct. ALSO this cache was FREE of ALL TBs..........stolen perhaps??'
- 'I found this one very very easily.............THIS WAS OUT IN THE OPEN FAR, FAR AWAY from the proper site! Some stupid Muggle decided to relocate this one after happening across it at the proper GZ I believe??! I found this cache posted up in some trees that were very close to the Over ur head cache! I decided to take it upon myself to take it back to the proper off I went.......I BELIEVE I placed it back in its proper spot much further up the trail??? Owner really, really needs to head out to make sure I placed it back in its respectful site! If I have mis placed......I apologize in advance. Also,....since I found it NOT in its proper nook....I will be happy to re hunt this one after owner re hides it if desired.'
- 'I dont know if its the same for all of you other cachers but when I started geocaching in there was a cache that I always wanted to find. It was the first print out I made and I nourished the vision of one day hiking to it and getting that smiley. The Catawba Cache was that cache for me. But previous attempts left me spinning in circles, perched on the river poking holes in the rocks and bruised from sliding down the trail. I even traveled to VA to claim the only other Catawba Cache at the time. But still this one eluded me, until today! Finally my dream had come true. No ammo can ever looked better. TNSL and left a TB. Thanks for the years of dreaming and the opportunities to see the beautiful falls.'
- 'Latch was indeed broken, locked it back inside best as possible to keep contents dry. Wow, what a view! SL TFTC!'
- 'Found on a beautiful day while out caching with and ...Ammo box latch was broken but contents were dry...tnlnsl'
- 'Wouldnt have found this one without the clue. Found the latch broken and top partially open. The contents were dry and in good condition. TFTC, from CT.'
- 'WOW, what a hike and what an area. We had a blast today, thanks for the hide. Found it after going up and down a few times. Werent sure where to look but once found had to go back to get the kids. Fun time! We took a squeeze ball and light glasses and left a pin, a car and a ring. SL TFTC!'
- 'Found this with the group on a fun filled day of caching. Thanks for bringing us here. We really enjoyed the hike and all the beauty out here. Hope to come back. TFTC! Oh and Ninja, you could have kept on exploring!'
- 'Found during an awesome day of hiking & caching. This is such a beautiful area. Took a LOT of pics. Signed Log'
- 'Plans fell through for another caching trip, so I decided to join up with this group for some Sunday fun. What a great place for a geocache. The waterfall here is probably one of the tallest Ive seen in a while. Got a chance to climb all the way to the top of the falls, but one at the top, it just seemed to go on further back. Had the group at the bottom waiting, so I decided to cut my exploration short and head back. A lot of great views. TFTC.'
- 'I was here last week and had a DNF so I posted a few pictures and put out the help call and sure enough we put together a team, so we decided to celebrate s Birthday will an awesome scenic cache trail and this one was the cherry on top of the Birthday ice cream sundae. TFT'
- 'We decided to help MSWahoo find this cache since he had such a hard time. It just so happend to coincide with Ninjas birthday so it was a good time had by all. This was the tallest waterfall Ive seen to date. The hike in was nice and not too difficult. The climb to the top which I didnt make is another story. Some fantastic views here and finding the cache really became secondary. This spot is really amazing and I will return. Thanks!'
- 'Finally made it up here at while hiking with a group of fine folk. The teasing views of the falls as we approached were surpassed only by the full view we received when arrived at near ground zero. This is what caching is all about. Thanks so much for bringing me here to such a wondrous place. Semper Fidelis. Saw a cool coin that MSWahoo dropped!'
- 'It was a cold rainy day and the worst day for GPSr reception I have seen in years of GPS use. But the hike to this location was great. I really enjoyed the falls but the best I could get was ft with ft of accuracy, I checked a few spots but footing in the area was treacherous so I decided to enjoy the scenery and return for the cache on another day.'
- 'Found this one with very little trouble a few moments to evaluate our surroundings and taking the hint into consideration led us directly to it. Such a beautiful spot! TFTC'
- 'My GPS was all over the place and I couldnt tell if I needed to climb up to the top of the falls or search around the bottom as I couldnt find the right spot. The trail is easy walk until you get to the area of the falls then it gets steep.. The battery on my explorist was too weak to use today, so I left it home charging. Guess I need to go back to caching school.. had a bad day of DNFs... TFTH.. Ill post pictures'
- 'FOUND IT! yay! I wont admit how many tried it took me but I will say its about time! TFTC! TNL BUGS'
- 'Went up while the others rested at the bottom of the falls. Took my picture and headed back down. You say that this is a walk along an old road. WHat road, horse path at best. Thanks for the cache.'
- 'It was a muggy day today with a slight bit of rain. We hiked in to see the falls and felt like we were in the rain forest. The year old geokid had to wait this one out, the terrain was a little too much but the other geokids prevailed and found the cache. Beautiful area, so glad you brought us here.'
- 'This was only one of the caches on this trail that we found. Rough area for gps signals. Thanks for the hide.'
- 'Finally got this one. Last time we came it was too icy to go all the way up. Thanks for a great time at a beautiful place.'
- 'Found with my friend and my dad. We were the only ones who climbed up the muddy trail to find the cache. Cool falls!'
- 'The whole family plus a few assorted extras made the hike today. Had a great time rock hopping along the way! After the recent rains the falls were in full flow! Found the cache pretty quickly; took photos and All of us really enjoyed the hike, and will definitely be back! TFTC!'
- 'The Montha, Doonie and I looked at spots that could qualify for the cache spot but nothing was found.'
- 'TFTC Enjoyed the falls.'
- 'five tries at the catawba got the terra cache and some AMAZING PICTURES but not the geocaches! thats it I am getting a new GPS! This is by far my new favorite hike! Thank you for introducing me to Catawba!'
- 'I wanted my find to be a traditional cache worthy of the milestone. This one fit the bill. I decided to come here for the TC that is VERY close, and to check this off the very old list. Had the parking, trail, and falls to myself so I took in all the beauty the area has to offer. Getting a stable lock was looking impossible so I used the OMJ method and found rather quickly. The cache was high & dry and packed full. I then headed to the TC, sighed the log and continued caching till the sun went down. Thanks for a great hide. Enjoyed it alot! BTW,,, find! WOOHOO!'
- 'Good hike in, but I have to tell you, I took the red Jeep back out. TFTH TFTC SL'
- 'Oh the shame...what is it with me and spyder caches? I gave this one an hour of searching but I never could get a good GPS signal and it appears my force was broke. Beautiful hike and wonderful Falls. Ive wanted to come here for years. Looks like Ill be going back if I ever want to claim this smiley.'
- 'I found this while doing some Fire Department mapping of the falls and trails. Signed the log.'
- 'Since the lower trail is apparently going to be open soon, we went up today to check it out. This is a neat walk up along the river with not a lot of major elevation change. Found the cache in good order but did remove a ballcap that was starting to mildew. Also discovered a bag of wheat pennies. TNLN but very much enjoyed the hike. Also got an escort from a local named Spot. She hung out with us the entire trip.'
- 'This ones been on my to do list for a long time too. Glad OJC got the itch to visit the falls, theyre a treat. Had a great time! Although next time Ill keep a closer eye on to notice when he sits down and stops searching. He did me a favor and didnt let me get TOO far afield....HEY! now that I think about it, he DID try to throw me off on a wild goose chase by stuffing leaves in the end of a hollow log just as I turned around. Great fun...saw some wild turkeys on the way in and a ghostly pit bull even ran right over the cache. hmmmm. Thanks for bringing me out here Spyder!'
- 'Early in the week had posted an invitation. He was itching to visit the falls again. Seeing as this was on my to do list for some time I accepted as did regnad kcin. We arrived at the trail head around and began our adventure, and an adventure it was. It was everything a cache hunt should be. We stopped at the old dam and wondered about its history. We slipped on slick rocks while crossing the creek and reverently took in the natural beauty of this special place. We took many photos and had a marvelous time. Oh, we found the cache too! The box was rusted shut but a big ole rock and a surgeons touch soon had it cooperating. We huffed and puffed back to the car and headed to Montreat. Now that we are warmed up and this close we might as well hike to the top of Lookout Mtn. Thanks for the grand adventure. I will remember it for ever. I left a baggie of wheat pennies, took a big ole grin. ,,,,,Life is Good'
- 'First find. Good stuff. Thanks to the Raven for showing me the ropes.'
- 'Found it! Great cache, that is not easy to get too. Even with the GPS system I had to do a ton of looking for this one. Very well hidden. I hiked in from Ridgecrest as I spent many a summer day skinny dipping in the falls when I was a kid teen. The trail was rough I am still scratching all the poision ivy as I took the long, hidden route to the falls. I could have easily climbed in from Old Fort but what fun is that? Took a pad left cold hard cash. Took a friend along with me for morale support he is in the Army he is now totally hooked on geocaching. Again, great cache...I like these that are difficult to get to and not everyone can find.'
- 'for the day... after doing Kitsuma Peak then going on to Crest of Ridge we Babe & Cubby, Dekota Man, critters, St Branards , Gizmo,,and myself figured we were all warmed up and in the area to make a go for Catawba cache... all wanted to see the waterfall! Well... we got to the cache at took hours to get there, that means it will take at least to get out, being all up hill? We are prepared, flashlights and all... Awesome waterfalls! Really breath taking... Well worth the hike in.. Im sure my old body will feel the work out of today. this was a day of caching we will never forget... all will remember the trip out! Thanks Spyder for a Great waterfall and hike! Oh.. we got back to our cars at Plainjane & the Geo Critters'
- 'p.m. M., F., and C. found it with me after a long difficult hike miles mostly downhill with slippery fallen leaves. Its a nice hike, this was my first time from this access point, my third trip to the falls. Parking coords were only off....I hadnt known it was there. I had a bit of a time finding the cache...I got to a spot where I was off the mark and went from there....searched the likely places nearby and overlooked is WELL hidden...I started getting that queasy feeling that I had hiked all this way with the kids and not going to find it...and then...there it was! WHEW! We made our trades and having left the GPS in place on a rock, it was reading off. I reckon it was from the solar flares interfering with the satellites. C. left a magnetic torpedo level, took a P can opener, & shell keyring, F. left a tupperware scraper spatula and took a stretchy lizard. M. took a small carabiner and Percy keyring and left a DC adapter. I took coke hat, Willie TB, Whistle and Bagtag. Left Mini composition book, Mountain Mikes Pizza Hat, & Energizer Folding LED Lamp. The falls are truly beautiful and worth the hike in! and Out ! Peace and Blessings to All!'
- 'We never found the parking area for this one although we got within . miles of it while flying by on I My brother, part of VikingsTwo geocachers from Benecia California, saw a car parked on on the other side of the interstate crash barrier, but we could never find a road that led us close enough to attempt a find. The most promising approach ended in a locked gate with a big No Hikers sign, so we abandoned the search and went off to log Soggy Bottom Boys not too far away. We would love to hear how to get there, and I see from a log posted recently that there may be a road off I but we never saw it. Which side is it on? Beautiful country, wish we had had more time to explore.'
- 'This was a great hike through beautiful woods on a perfect morning for it. Crisp, clear, fresh. Had good company in Bianca of TeamGabe and Shava the trio from Tube Torcher fame! . While looking for the cache, I stood basically on it. Then I moved and she found it quickly imadork . Beautiful falls. I took photo of Bianca and Master Sherpa Shava bowing repeatedly and photo of myself. I took a bagtag cool! and left two blue glow sticks fun! . Thanks!'
- 'I had been to Catawba Falls many times in the past years. Now there was new incentive to go with a cache there, and go along with Shava and . The coords for parking were a mile off from where I was used to parking. Is there another place to park other than the end of the road with the bridge that has a no tresspassing sign? We hiked in and found the falls. It has changed a bit since I was there last, but is still very beautiful. We searched around a little before I spotted the cache. It is well hidden and blends in to its surroundings. We took picture and I took a bag tag there are left now and left Willie TB.'
- 'Beautiful day to be out and once again teamed up with teamgabe & mntlion who are excellent company even if my new nickname is Master Sherpa Shava; dont ask . This one has a tricky parking spot which we were a little nervous about, but seemed to work. Trail was good and the falls were great; I searched under the rock face when we lost reception several times , but Bianca found it and we gathered for the loot exchange. I had taken the tag and left a stretchy gecko when I saw the Yoda which I had to have so I added a keychain as well. Nice spot and thanks for the incentive!'
- 'This was a very good day. Two good friends and I had a great hike back to this beautiful spot. Skidder spotted the cache first, and then allowed me to find it. PotterDave was on a climb up the far side of the falls at the time. We all traded a little and took pics with the cache camera. I traded a black polished stone for one of the neat bag tags. Afterwards we climbed to the top of the falls exploring and just being in awe of the place. I would suggest that everyone who can, come to see this place before someone brings a road up the river and builds timber walkways and observation platforms. Thanks Spyder for a great day in the woods. PS The trail is not as overgrown as I thought it would be after the summer. Go for it. Also, Ill agree with Orthoguy. There is a T before you get to the Y. Going left at the T will get you to the same spot, but via a rougher route.'
- 'Ditto to Orthoguy'
- 'Just when you start getting depressed by the large number of humdrum caches that folks put out there you come across one that really makes you take notice. Kudos Spyder you have a winner with this one. I have to admit that as I drove to this one my expectations were low .....I mean parking on the side of the interstate, how cool of a hike could this be??? I was not to be disappointed. I enjoy the caches that require you think instead of the straight in and out ones. Now granted if you are from this area this may be a straight forward hike but if you are not a local things could get interesting. For what it is worth ...I disagree with the part about taking a left at the first Y or maybe its a T. Other than that this is an outstanding cache and possibly one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have seen. I would advise allocating plenty of time for this one and taking twice the amount of water that you normally would. The cache was well hidden and in good shape. Earrings Biner Regards, Orthoguy And'
- 'FIRST FINDER! A rugged, challenging hike to a magnificent falls. I followed s lead and took the long way around, thinking it would be easier but not really sure now. Had to do some MAJOR bushwhacking in a couple of spots and had to wade the creek a couple of times. I found the cache in good condition and the coords were very close. Had a little trouble getting the ammo box open but finally succeeded. I took the mini maglite and one of the neat bag tags and left a survival whistle, a train keyring and one of the Geocache description sheets that Spyder said the cache needed. I was surprised to see quite a few people near the falls but nobody saw me retrieve the cache. Uphill all the way back that Spyder, what a gift for understatement. The only good thing I can say for the trip back was that my water bottle was a LOT lighter Was tired, dirty and hot when I got home but the view at the falls was spectacular and well worth the trip. Thanks for the great cache Spyder!'
- 'Great spot Spyder. Id always wanted to go to these falls, but it took a cache to get me motivated. I should have studied the maps more. I turned before the Y you mentioned, but I think I came out in the same place. Only I didnt think it was the right place, so I went back up and found the Y and ended up back in the same place. I continued on, on what I now believe was the right trail, but I seemed to be getting further from the falls. I turned and climbed back out again and took the long way around. It got me there, but by that time I was about bushed. I lost satellite lock at about feet from your coordinates. I think I found the right spot, but I was tired enough that I didnt spend a lot of energy looking. I sat for a while enjoying the falls and resting. I think I saw the items mentioned in the clue, but if I was right, they were in a place I didnt feel like trying to get to after wasting so much energy earlier. I decided to just enjoy the spot and save my energy for the trip out. Thanks for taking me to such a beautiful spot, and Ill be back for the cache another day.'

name: 'Earth, Wind, Fire, Water'
creator: 'nctreker'
- 'Sat Feb Scirealm. com TNLNSL & TFTC Amazing Adventure! Now, how am I going to get out of here? JBW Oh, BTW, I have to apologize to the cache owner s . While getting the log book, I accidently dropped the plastic bag with the pen and some other item. I was unable to retrieve it. The log book is OK and back in the cache, just not in the plastic bag. I am not sure what the other item was, as I didnt look closely when getting the log book. Sorry.'
- 'I had been wanting to give this one a try for some time so I teamed up with , and spud for the chance to make the find. We had a great time at each stage and had to make a few paf for the decoding. Then we made it to the final stage and I thought it was over until another time. We talked about what we were going to do then Spud the Stud said he could use the skills gained when he was in the circus. In no time at all Spud came up with the prize we went after. Thanks for the great cache'
- 'There are those caches in your mind that you have read the description, logs from other cachers, and bookmarks – that have forced to take note and place the cache on that will do one day list. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water was on the top of the list. , Dougee, Spud, and myself decided that the absolutely coldest Saturday of – Jan would be the perfect day to attack this Cache. So we loaded up the Escape at AM and off we went. First stop breakfast from our favorite food cache establishment – Gotta, Wanna, Need it … And then the hour drive to famous Butner. No problem with EARTH until we read the coordinates – then a quick drive up the hill put us in touch with Harley Hound and Webcacher who assisted with the deciphering. Off to the WIND – and after the gentleman cachers dislodged the Escape that stuck in the mud – NO you cannot drive to WIND! Repelling down the cliff was not problem – LOL – just took courage, YES lots of icicles – VERY VERY VERY COLD Dougee found the Rossetta but no cords so a quick hundred PAFs to other finders gave us the information to move forward to FIRE! The tall apparatus ahead of us did nothing to slow and Spud they quickly advanced to the obstacle with nary a glance back at Dougee and I as we surmounted the dangerous terrain of downed trees and sodden grasses. Upon arrival Spud, , and scaled the tower of doom. BUT alas we bowed to the speed and athleticism of Spud and permitted him to take the glory of surrounding the tower with his arms. From this FROZEN and dangerous position he called out Nancy, important, gopher, obstacle, ink …. Until the coded coordinates were transcribed for deciphering from a safer location. Decoded the coordinates the troubadours headed for the bridge of infamy. We all examined from every angle the descent possibilities and retrieval aspects. After debating all ways and wonders a plan was conceived that would permit Spud to use his skills gained from his early work in the circus. EVERY so slowly we lowered the ropes and attached the hooks which would provide Spud the support he required. Abated breathlessly we waited and waited and waited then VICTORY VITORY when Spud handed up the ammo box – the cache of our dreams – WATER! The logged was signed and the ammo container was returned safely to its location – awaiting the next cachers to attempt the impossible dream cache. THANK YOU – THANK YOU!'
- 'I had been looking at this cache for a while now wanting to look at it to see if I could do it. I called to see if they had planned to go after it. Just so happened they were going the next Saturday and invited me to go with her, Dougee, and Spud. We met up about on a cold January day with high hopes. We got to the sites and it was on. I really like this area and enjoyed going threw each stage of the cache. It took us a while but we made it threw and the final stage was where I thought that it was over. But some quick thanking on Spuds part and no fear, he handed us the prizes. We each signed the log and placed the cache back where it come from. NCtreker, thanks for a fun day in a great area that I want to come back to. Thanks to each one who stood by and helped us with the decoding. I really enjoyed caching with this group. A great team effort. I am sure will follow this up with a detailed account and pictures. TFTC'
- 'Caver Scott has provided an amazing and accurate account of our attempt of this cache. All I can really add is that this was an amazing experience. This cache tested us in every way way possible it tested our senses, our knowledge, our creativity, our fears and when it was all over, we could say WE DID IT! Caver Scott was the best caching partner and I cant say enough that I could not have completed this cache without him. To , I want to say Thank You for creating such an amazing and challenging cache! This cache has become No. on my favorite cache list!'
- 'I thought I could grab it with an extendable hiking pole and TLM got hers from the car. The idea was bad and I quickly aborted it. That means I had one more carabineer to use so I rigged another re belay line, stretching out my limits. Making the fifth line transfer of my torso felt really good. I started to have high hopes now. I used my caving gear to pull myself upright, across the support beam and grabbed the box! Yes, I have it! Oh boy, now what?? I managed to place it on the support beam directly above me; rested, then brought the box down into my lap. Handing about feet above the creek, with TLM snapping photos I gingerly opened the box and the hinge came off. Geeeezzzz! Ok, take your time, replace the hinge. All is well. For you non cavers, my gear is suspending my weight. I am sitting rather comfy in a webbing harness. My knees are propped up since my feet are on the concrete bridge support and the box is resting in my suspended lap. Now with the lid back on, I dig around in the box and rescue two travel bugs by stuffing them into my shirt. Where else could I put them? The logbook is next out and I hold it out so TLM can snap a photo of our log page. With the logbook signed and the trackables rescued, now came the worst of all thoughts …. I had to PUT IT BACK! I failed on the first attempt; however, I managed to get it replaced as found on the second try. YES! At this point, I just sat back in my harness, breathing hard. The excitement was still flowing through my body but I needed to get to work so I can make my plane. I transferred to line four, derigged line five, transferred to line three, derigged line four, rigged the walking stick and sent it to the surface, TLM re rigged line two, I then transferred to line two, derigged line three, transferred after much headache to line one and made the remaining second climb back to the bridge. I pulled myself over the railing and sat down with a HUGE smile on my face. We had done it! What a feeling. It was about am. I want to go on record as saying the owner is an evil cache hider! This is by far the most memorable cache I have ever done. This deserves the rating without a doubt. Others pale in comparison! What a killer day…. THANK YOU for the adventure and the memories. To those who helped via phone, text, and internet, we could not have done it in this limited time frame without you. THANK YOU! Now, got to find me some P&G’s to settle my heart beat. Hey, CO, if you ever get to Birmingham I will love to escort you through my Belly of the Beast series!'
- 'FIND NUMBER BIG WOOT! And what an excellent, excellent cache for this milestone! At about today, I met up with , Ken of the Alethiometrists, and to hunt for this well known and highly regarded cache. Those three more experienced cachers had all found EWFW before, but were eager to see some of the modifications that have been made of late. The cache did not disappoint any of us, in any way. Each stage is in a fantastic location, each stage is challenging in its own physical and mental way, and the whole multi hangs together very nicely. There is a nice theme that runs through the stages. Well, several themes ... but I cant say more. I was able to fully enjoy all of the physical and mental challenges at each stage, because my companions graciously allowed me to do all of the grunt work and mental work. Thanks, guys. Since it would mean the end of EWFW for me for the first time at least , I really hated to see the last stage arrive ... but it was a doozy and so a fitting capstone to the whole experience. At the final I signed the log as best I could , retrieved barely a Texas themed geocoin, and ummmm made my way back to my friends and our cars. What a great day! Thanks very much, for putting out this challenging and interesting cache. Put out another whopper, why dont you? Ill be needing a milestone find sometime ............'
- 'What an adventure! And with so many great cachers along for the journey. This cache was very well planned and the teamwork demonstrated along the way was just outstanding. A huge thanks to for the setup and for the maintenance over the past years. It was a great day. Im still amazed at some of the structures we encountered, particularly stage That was really cool! Thanks again all! Signed log as part of the team.'
- 'this was a great day . the best time I ever had.'
- 'Found this cache with a fun group. Thanks the Team Night for bringing all the gear to make this cache happen. As far as sacrificing my son Ryan for the good of the group? I never would have heard the end of it all the way back to Jacksonville. If I hadnt given him a chance! He couldnt what to get home to tell his Mom, Grandparents, girlfriend and anybody else that would listen and since so many of you took great pictures to provide him with all the proof he needs. To the cache owner I want to say thanks for providing a day of caches to remind me why we started this game in the first place.....LOCATION.....LOCATION.......LOCATION. Thanks for the fun. Signed log Dogsgo'
- 'Back in the summer nthacker posted an invite to go after this cache. I was excited to go but was unable due to the date selected. Im now kind of glad I missed it because this group outing was awesome. Some in all showed up for fun on a rare degree January day. We had veteran cahcers, newbies, young and young at heart. The young ones being critical to dangling over the edge of bridges and such. This was a great event and Im thankful to have been witness to it. Thanks to for the time and effort to come up with this bedeviling cache and for yet another memorable experience.'
- 'EUREKA! This was my cache and it did not disappoint. I was impressed by how each stage was very different and yet each had to play a specific part in the quest. I specifically choose to do this with a larger group because the fun factor goes up about percent. And I was right. I was so glad to have Team Night in attendance and we had one heck of a time. I was glad to bring the ropes and teach some how to tie a swiss seat and others how to put on a harness. My only regret was not bringing the ropes to the second stage so that we could have rappelled off the cliffs. I was looking forward to that. For those in the future that do this cache, bring rappelling equipment to the first stage because you will not be back at the car until after the second stage. A bit of trivia that might help future cachers on the Fire stage. The tower has steps. Some of those steps are loose. I felt as if when I was climbing that they might slide right out of the brick. Upon talking to the owner of the cache, I was reassured that these steps are bolted into place and an iron ring is inside of the tower that prevents these steps from pulling out. Thank God! On the last stage, was when I played the biggest role in finding this cache. I was the rope master and we were throwing the kids off the bridge telling them to not come back until they had the cache in hand! Well, well, what do you know? A soon to be Eagle Scout forgot his name finally reached for the final and we had it in hand! I want to thank all of the people that made this day so special. It was great to have champaign and cake afterward and the group dynamic really flowed well. Thanks to the organizers and especially the cache owners for showing up. What a well though out cache that will be enjoyed for many generations!'
- 'went with dogs go and odd others. Didnt actually get to hands on the cache, though. It was a quick up, quick down, without time for all to cache in. I may go back with a friend at some later date to try the last piece on my own with a smaller group. Nice work making the stages more challenging. Dont think we ever found the rosetta for the first stage.'
- 'Wow! Is all that I have to say about this cache. had told me about this one a few months back and we both wanted to make our way out here to take on the challenge of this cache. It was a peaceful day to come out here and to enjoy other people who do what we love to do the most. I got to meet some old faces and some new ones. There is soo much that I would love to say but, I cant really put them into words. I cant think of anything else better then to complete my milestone of finds than with my team that I love to go caching with. Mrs. Ego, Nightspider, Egodeflater and , I would like to say that all of you are the coolest friends that I have ever had and I want to say thx for being there with me as we took on the hardest cache that we have ever done. Go Team Night!'
- 'Mrs. Ego and I joined Team Night and a gang from Greensboro on this adventure. What an experience! We had a blast doing this multi with the group of cachers. Thanks to for all of his hardwork putting out stages that were unique and brought us to areas that we would have otherwise never seen.'
- 'Out with a great group to tackle this tough multi. It earned the rating before the upgrades by the cache owners. Im glad I had to opportunity to talk with the nctrekkers along the way. And thanks to the for gathering the group together.'
- 'Im so glad I joined this great group of cachers out on this beautiful day. As Chuck Kremer said, most of us were unable to do a lot to help, but we all tried to do what we could encouragement, Internet, paparazzi, chatter, and laughter. I love caches like these that combine history, wilderness, a good walk, and challenges. Thanks to the Dogsgo for organizing, Wolfpack and RangerTJ for dangling their kids of precipices Mom only said to bring them both home , the cacher with the iPhone who had Internet access in the middle of the woods, Team Night for safety harnesses and a love of climbing, and everyone for their chatter and fun! TFTC!'
- 'Wow, what great fun on a beautiful Carolina day. Meet DG and Geo Mutt at Cracker Barrel started our day with a nice warm breakfast, to give use the much need energy for the challenge of the day. Well actually four great challenges in one. After making the find at Earth a couple of quick witted, sharp mind cachers used their brain power to decode the coordinates as we were not able to find the Rosetta. And the HERD was off for Wind, where the decode was much easier than making the find as we managed to find the cipher here and no strong wind that could make this more a challenge. What a great view there is here. It took a little while to round up the entire herd at Fire, but we all eventually made it. The hide was made quickly, but the retrieval did take a few minutes. You will know when you get there. Actually got the meet the ingenious cache owner here, out doing some maintenance and getting a good laugh at our efforts here and at the final. After a side diversion to Forbidden and Forbidden Road the herd moseyed over to Water to complete our adventure. This became the biggest challenge of the day. Luckily we had parents here who were willing to toss their child off the side! TFTH'
- 'Found with a great group of cachers. Thanks to for organizing it! Signed log as Pack.'
- 'My wife, son, a friend and I was with the mob that took on this cache today. Had a wonderful time and saw some interesting places I knew nothing about till today. By no means do i think it diminished the experience doing this cache with such a large crowd. I could not have had this much fun with fewer people. I have some pictures and will upload them soon. Thank you NCtrecker for the cache and for being there with us towards the end. It made the experience more pleasurable. The cake and cookies at the end were great also. Thank you'
- 'Cachers from near and far showed up to test their mettle on this cache, some showed up for moral support, some for the fun and some for the camaraderie....among other things. At one count, there were heads going along for the hike. We enjoyed the teamwork that made this cache possible, in addition to the laughter, and the beautiful locations. We had done stage and gotten to stage just days ago, but it was changed even since then. A special thank you to for supplying some much needed equipment and the knowledge on how to use it, Htomc for his sound advice and MBD for taking risks at various times on the bridge and over the river to help complete the task of locating the final and getting the retrievers back on the bridge. This log would not be complete without also thanking the two families that were willing to sacrifice their young uns as Mrs. NCTreker said to help the group complete the final. Those are two brave young men, and Id be honored to cache with them anytime. I cant say enough about the teamwork that the group exhibited everyone helped in some way. LOTS of pictures were taken, I cant wait to see them. Nctreker joined us at the start of the hike, at stage and again at the final with his lovely wife. The adventure ended with a round of happy birthday, cake, cookies and champage that was enjoyed by the group.'
- 'A small group of us, went after this one today. I dont really need to say much, as the owner was there to enjoy the mayhem! Although most of us were unable to do a lot to help, we all tried to do what we could. A for effort? ; Perhaps we non climbers should get a reduced level of accomplishment, but the fun was definitely a What a great way to spend the day with a fun group. Thanx a bunch! Took nothing Left TB'
- 'A big thanks to all who risked life and limb to get the stages and a great big THANK YOU to the little guys who braved the ropes to retrieve the final. A great day was had by all. Thanks for the fun.'
- 'Found as part of the Dogs Pack. This was a great cache and a great experience with a bunch of fun folks.'
- 'Had an absolute great time with the whole gaggle of geocachers who came today. We had a mutual log signing under Dogs Pack. Thanks for the fantastic time! Logged from my phone using the Geocache Navigator by Trimble'
- 'Out with the DogsGo Pack group. Wow... just wow. That last stage was next to impossible. So glad I hang around with crazy fun people. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. TFTH!'
- 'What a trip ! I drove to the metropolitan of Butner, SC. to do EWFW. Maybe I need my head examined. – NOT ! I had this cache on my radar for a long time. Now finally doing it, was worth every bit of effort that is needed to go thru the stages and finish this classic. The start was a piece of cake. No “Mr. Beady Eyes”. But then it started aaaarrrghh, hanging by my fingernails on a big rock, my butt hanging over a ledge. Maybe I make a lousy mountain goat. but no “MR. No Shoulders” onward with the quest. Then I am looking in amazement. As my eyes go up, my jaw drops exponential downward. After encountering those “loosey goosey” steps, one has to ask one self Does a “SPLAT” in the middle of the forest makes a sound if nobody hears it? Needless to say, this stage scared the living daylights out of me. The final stage was a doozy as well. pure evil It took me well over an hour to rig something and wrestle the approach. Kudos to nctrecker for an absolutely outstanding cache that needs to be done, if you call yourself a geocacher. Took “Tatebayashi” TB, Left “rex S” and “Quadrant” TB.'
- 'OH MY GOODNESS! Daddy Rayray has lost his mind. He calls this FUN; Im worried he also says Happily Married! I think I saw things off every horror movie in one week end. He scared the mess out me with some of the things he had to do to get this one. I think that the only reason he had me alone was so I could get fill out paperwork for if he died or something. Hed say hold this and off he went. God help me if this is things to come as he learns more about this past time obsession. Anyway, He had a blast and I love to see hime so happy. He hates grab and goes and will only do them so I will come for these. I guess It was worth the poison ivy. Thanks for making such a creative cache.'
- 'This was everything i expected and some! It took me two visits. i needed some alternative gear for the final stage. first stage, i made it harder than what it was. very creepy though. im glad i had extra batteries just in case. second stage, this part reminded me of a stage at Fear Factor in Richmond but tougher. i had the gear needed for this one. third stage, i looked, climbed, poked, and even crawled in different potential places that having anything to do with fire, youll understand if you go or been there. just when i was about to give up it hit me. WOW final stage, i was at ground zero looking around for something in place sight. after a wile i made my way underneath. yep plain sight. but how? i had some gear with me but didnt trust it that much. came back three weekends later with mrs sweetness and an alternative approach. she was happy i didnt try this alone. This physical and mental demanding cache has made me an all around better cacher. I agree with the log from about the extreme geocaching. I enjoyed this one in a weird kind of way. Now if i could just get the time for a Hendersonville trip! Take all the warnings serious. thank you for this one and i look forward to more of yours during the fall.'
- 'Awesome trip all around; great group to go along with a great cache. Wonderful mix of nature and structures in all of the stages.'
- 'PER OWNERS REQUEST November O Funny I would see this as a cache topic at NCGEOCACHERS. ORG today. Spent about hours going over every inch of the dungeon I think it is in and then went out of it. No luck, but that is to be expected. Nctreker. When he wants to be nasty he can be REAL nasty. Good thing that I like a good hunt over smileys, because I have been spending a lot of time looking and coming up with nothing. One thing, if you go, dont poke your hand in any holes. I had beadie little eyes shining at me when I was checking out the hole. In the dark. yep November O LAZINESS. Pure and simple laziness. The beadie eyes should not have stopped me. But I will still say to shine light before placing hand in any hole. Thanks to all for the warnings and heads up on this cache. November Couldnt resist the wondering. Stage had a lot of fun climbing around here. That is one mighty drop. I know get help, but for this? Maybe, but got it. Stage You have got to be nuts if you think I am doing that! Well maybe when I get the right equipment and time. This should be good. Cant wait. ITS TAKEN A OVER A YEAR TO GET BACK TO TOWN LONG ENOUGH TO TRY THIS ONE AGAIN. May Went back to stage Actually I had tried this one before and thought I was missing something. Come to find out it was missing so I KNEW where it would be. Last time I explored any and everything that had height to it after NOT finding the co ords to the next stage. I actually had a blast doing it. That is a neat structure inside and out! Height is no problem unless it comes to getting to the first step. I just couldnt do it. Learned last time to take a ladder with me so it was in hand today. time that one step scared the hell out of me but at least it still held. Got the next stage and will return AGAIN! June WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE THAT TOOK FOREVER TO FINISH! Had planned to have this as a milestone, to have it show up in all those records. But decided it will always be in my mind so..... It started years ago, this was actually the cache I went for. It is one of the ones that introduced me to caching so you can see why this one is memorable. I had been to the final spot before and knew what was in store. What is not known is how many differant ways I tried to retrieve the cache. Visit one was the way htomc ended up with my own variation. I had made a rope with foot loops to walk along, could never quite reach the prize. The trip was the use of longggg poles to try and hook the can....that was very quickly forgotten when I realized that a stiff pole will not turn corners. The answer came to me that there is probably only one way to do it alone. I decided to wait to join the fun of a crowd. It was definitely a group effort to have SUCCESS! To finish this with such a great group, PRICELESS! I had a blast at the final with all the figuring on this and that, and the conclusion was fantastic. HTOMC, of all, you are to be given an A for the final grabbed; you really gave it your all for the rest of us. Thanks! I really wish I could log the pictures spiderman but they would be too much of a give away. NcTreker, thanks for the years of fun this one turned into. I CANNOT forget it.'
- 'What an adventure it was to complete this challenging multi cache, is it any wonder that wanted to tag along and see it all over again for the umpteenth time? While the sub group I arrived with was a bit tardy placing caches in the middle of a bushwhackers paradise took a wee bit longer than expected , guess it gave the others more time to chat and take group photos at least! Very interesting location for the stage glad I brought my head lamp instead of just a little flashlight, quite a distance from the ground to the nether reaches! Htomc nailed the hide and after we gathered around to get the coordinates, Jason of the Horsegeeks tackled the replacement and then we were off to stage in a parade of cache mobiles! Stage was great fun; while the majority of the group was peering around near the top, a few of us pretended to be mountain goats and made a slow but surefooted descent around the outcrop and then laterally over to a ledge near the bottom of the cliff, which was perhaps or so feet below the top. LOTS of potential hiding places in all sorts of precarious locations, thankfully we had a mob searching and one of them found it before my free climbing got me in trouble! Spent a good deal of time here watching others rope up and go over the brink, lots of fun and later in the day got to see the creek at the bottom close up at a nearby cache. Wow was stage cool, makes me wonder if spent every waking moment of his youth wandering around these woods, as I have no idea how youd find these places that dont show up on topo maps or aerial photos for the most part! Had a great time exploring the upper and lower floors inside the building while others made the ascent to enjoy the view. After completing a few nearby multi caches the large group was ready to caravan to the final! What can be said about the final other than OMG you have to be kidding!?! Spotted the hide from afar, and the group spent a good bit of time debating the pros and cons of various schemes on actually getting to the hide. Eventually volunteered or was he pushed to go over the edge, much to the merriment of those below. I think Zunis sides probably still hurt from all the chuckling he did watching us fumble around! While snakes werent in the area as near as we could tell that day, beware of a short and evil stump that jabbed a fair number of our group in the shin, tripped several of us, and grabbed one person enough to knock them over flat! Time really flew by on this adventure, which is always the case when something is this much fun! It was great to see so many people come together to solve the challenge presented at each stage, great to have some experienced rope handlers in the party, certainly made safety a non issue for of the stages! TNLN, SL. Thanks for the truly amazing adventure!'
- 'What can I say? Ive heard so many stories about this cache and Ive found quite a few other caches by NCTreker. At each stage I kept thinking, How does he find these places? These places and all the others Ive found while caching one of his. We even managed to snag two of his clever mini multis at stage of EWFW. Great job in placing and maintaining these most excellent caches! As for the gang I went with. . . many new faces and a few worn out ones! P Yall really stepped up to the plate on this one. I immediately felt comfortable with the entire lot of you. Hope to meet up again on some other spectacular cache!'
- 'This was a great outing with an even greater bunch of folks. It was nice to meet everyone! And, special thanks to my friend for getting me into this. Anyone ever wants to do some local rock climbing, just let me know. NCTreker what a cache! TFTH!'
- 'Well this was one of my favorite geocaching adventures of all time. Yes it tested you limits, but to me it was more about the people I was with. We showed up late , but that didnt cause any animosity among the eager geocachers awaiting the challenge. We quickly descend on stage in which we all enter lights a blazing...even with our large group it was rather dark.... scored the find on this stage, quickly returned to daylight punched in the coordinates and we were off to stage Stage I quickly found myself at the bottom of this nice little rock face with and others to follow, as we get to about accuracy, we hear someone calling out coordinates for stage but this is just were the fun begins for me... brought some climbing gear and anyone who wanted got a chance to go overboard... I had a blast I located the cords and I descended to the bottom, not sure the distance down but it was way to cool. I think everyone had a blast with this one... and no one minded waiting for all to try...guess no one wanted to try stage on their own... Stage This stage was quickly located by all and retrieved and hollered out the coordinates so all could hear...I think even Zuni got them or maybe not... I dont think I even seen his gps all day talk about geosenses. Of course, I wanted to take a shot at this set of coordinates too, so I patiently waited my turn, went and did the nearby caches got my chance and I was off to new heights...kind of an adrenaline rush as you get there and look around, very kewl, I have pictures of this feat to prove I was there. Stage With the owner watching over us... Some approached from above and some from below, got a visual on the cache. Now come the part for how to extract...well with , , and leading the extraction from above, they quickly set up the climbing gear and here was the first attempt with the owner looking on...Interesting to say the least...with some additional gear was able to pluck the cache form its locatioin and drop it to cacher waiting below... iwould definitely have needed that additonal gear to extract this cache. What an awesome day, I am sure we could have knocked out this cache much more quickly, but I feel everyone was content with allowing ME to enjoy each stage as we went. I am one for trying new stages and were awesome... Thanks for the adventure ... pix to come... Steel City Babes'
- 'woooooohooooo. What a day. Great crowd. Im so glad it worked out. What an adventure. Loved it. You are the man, Nctreker. Thanks so much for taking to time to create such an wonderful cache. Look forward to find more of your caches.'
- 'Ive heard about this cache for quite a while, and this was a great opportunity to do it. Despite running a bit late sorry about that...had new caches to put out... we arrived at the site to find a large, well equipped group. The stages went a lot quicker than I thought they would and they were all a lot of fun. I got a lot of climbing in today, my arms are already sore! It was incredibly hot too, but if I had the chance, Id do it all over again. Thanks for a great adventure!'
- 'Awesome adventure! had ought to be the essence of a cache and this one is not a disappointment. No, not at all. This was our first serious challenge cache and we were pleased to be a part of this group. We had seasoned veteran cachers, total newbie cachers, and all types in between. My good buddy Jason experienced climber with an array of gear also joined the group. He helped us to both provide the needed safety factor and took all the time needed to let each participant have an opportunity to climb and enjoy the fun and adventure of this cache. For a photo, I am posting this most incredible pic of the tattoos on my friend Jasons back. For over fifteen years, he has worn the elements on his back, tattooed in full color. Each element of the pictured tattoo is in its runic form and is filled with the essence of that element. Clockwise form the top is Earth stones , Air clouds , Fire flames and Water droplets . Thanks to all.'
- 'What an adventure. This group effort had been in the planning stages for weeks. I hadnt planned on taking this one on but at am this morning I decided to go along. A very LARGE group met at the Wendys at I and Hwy at am. to caravan over to the first stage. I am not even sure how many of us were there, I lost count. Stage was fairly easy, if not dark. I borrowed a flashlight which helped a little. With a group, this size it didnt take to long to find the first stage and get the coordinates for Stage With Stage Coordinates in hand off we went to find the next set. Being somewhat uncomfortable with heights, I took some pictures and made my way a close to the edge as I dared. What a neat place, who knew this place even existed here. After we punched in Stage Coordinates off, we went. Fortunately the road was open otherwise it would have been quite a hike in; we were able to drive within about of this stage. Can we say acraphobiacs beware? This was quite an interesting structure, how do people find places like this. At this point, we picked up a couple more caches that were in the area before heading off to Stage the final . When we arrived, we were quite pleasantly surprised to find the cache owner waiting for our arrival. I guess he wanted to watch the fun. Given how old this cache is the final really was no big secret anymore, but getting it was still a challenge and a major group effort with people stationed above, below and under. who is a master of climbing controlled the ropes so Htomc could make his way to the hide area. We had to try a couple of plans before we found the one that would work best. I did manage to find a way down that was not too risky and had a great view of all the action. Finally, cache was in hand, we all signed the log while Htomc continued to hang around literally . Thank you NCTreker for putting together this amazing and challenging adventure.'
- 'I went along for the adventure of these. For the earth part, I was feeding thelily We trudged through the forest for wind, and watched and search for about an hour with no success. fought the fire and won like true adventurist that he is and I went along for the ride and watched as and brilliantly found the last cache. Its kinda hard to do the second hardest cache in North Carolina fully with a week old baby strapped to you! It was a fun adventure just the same! By the way, , you are an evil genius. You have inspired my hubby, to create a multistage cache of his own! Be on the lookout, its going to be a tough one!'
- 'WOW! This was an amazing adventure! Lets start on stage When and I found this one we couldnt believe how easy it was and we where thinking they would all be like this! Oh how we were wrong! Stage Before we started this stage we had to barrow climbing gear and then went on the mission! We looked what seamed like everywhere! Up, down, left, right, in and out! we looked for about an hour and a half and then realized something. And there it was! Great great hide! Stage Lets just say this stage is extremely scary! The cords are not hard to find just hard to get to! please be safe on this one! Stage After locating this one getting to it was actually very easy because of what we did! Im not going to say but when you find the cache you can read or mine to figure out what we did! All in all this cache took us a total time of about weeks to complete but an actual cache time of about to hours! Have fun caching!'
- 'Cache time start to finish to or two weeks time. Actual time spent on each stage. Earth min. Wind min. Fire min. Most of which was deciding how badly I wanted it Water min. Total min. hours and min Does not include drive time. One coin taken and two new ones left behind plus a travel bug.'
- 'When asks if you want to help on his find and even he admits its going to be a challenge, its not something you even think about turning down. Stage was pretty fun except for the OH OH moment when and myself started walking in opposite directions. Both of us following our GPS I might add. Stage was a b &^h. Thats the only way to put it. My fondest memory at this point is being feet from the top and feet from the bottom with the only thing between me and a seriously painful, bumpy trip to the bottom when he asks hey! are you good eneough to hold for a picture? after some rather bad language, I got steady eneough for a memorable shot. This took forever. A couple of PAF later, we were on track and on our way. Stage I made an important discovery...I dont like heights. I realized this at a bad time but I wont spoil it for anyone. Stage hate snakes...They are faster than me and they have teeth. Being that copperheads are also poisonous, they are about times as bad. I have to say I had a hell of a good time on this. Thought I was back in the army for a little while. S safe way to throw me off the bridge proved to be safe eneough but I will never look at a set of monkey bars the same way again. Ive been around for almost years now but i have to say this was probably the funnest milestone in his life that I got to share in. Thanks brother...start looking for my Thanks for the cache...this was an absolute blast'
- 'WOOHOOOO A big Thanx to SSGeocache for whom I would have NEVER completed this cache, I owe you a beer… Arrived at stage one just as another tuck was leaving, we figured, no way was someone else here today hunting this cache…. Stage one had SSGeocache and my self walking in opposite directions, some how we had different cords for the same cache, still trying to figure that out… Found Stage and the adrenaline was coming on in anticipation of the next stages. Arrived at the parking spot for stage two and parked next to the same truck we saw leaving stage one, waited for mins for them to return, got impatient and loaded up and hiked in. Sure enough as soon as we caught sight of one another, they yelled, “Y’all Caching too?” never would have believed we’d meet others doing EWFW…. Met great newbies cachers and a month old cacher at stage seems they had no clue what they we’re really in for at EWFW, we all searched for min or so before they gave up for other engagements, SSGeocache and I continued to hunt. That’s when the sky turned gray and the thunder began. We had line, carabineers and A LOT of want to. I tied off the line to a good sized tree and put SSGeocache on the other end of it, for the first time that day… min later we gave in to a PAF, and then another, about that time the bottom dropped out of the sky and poured until as we left. Luckily the last PAF was able to put us back on the right trail and we were off to stage Arrived at stage still raining, wet, but having a blast! Had a good idea where to locate the cords at stage as soon as we arrived, luckily SSGeocaches smaller and lighter frame suited him best for this stage, he grabbed the cords as I documented his epic journey and we were off, in the rain, it was raining, did I mention that. Stage we parked the truck and begin our scouting, as soon as we were sure of the general location doubled back and descended down the trail for another angle. Mr. No Shoulders copperhead snake stopped us dead in our tracks; we decided to go around it after a quick discussion. We brought hip wader, and chest waders, but we were to gung ho by this time to care and decided to wade in as is. Made up our minds how to tackle this stage and went back to the truck for our gear. On the way back to the truck the snake was gone, I hurried past the spot where we had seen it earlier, and turned a round quick enough to watch SSGeocache literally walk on water past the same spot. We picked our spot and I began to tie off and create the rig I thought would work best, I paused for second when SSGeocache asked me what I was thinking about, with out a second thought I said, “I’m just trying to figure out the safest way to throw you off this bridge..” NCTreker, Thank you so much for this great adventure, I look forward to returning to this area and doing more of your great caches….. We signed the log and mins and seconds after begening our great adventure…. Thank you also to our PAFs, you know who you are….'
- 'Find I asked Peter and Eddie to join me for this milestone and Im glad they came along because this truly was a team effort. After the hour drive from the Hampton Roads area we began the quest for Earth at When that proved fairly simple we thought this cache might not live up to its billing. How wrong we were! After arriving at Wind we searched up, down, over, under, inside and out. We climbed, crawled, peeked, poked and slid. After about an hour we had a thought that proved correct and made the find shortly thereafter. When we got to Fire it was pretty obvious what was going to be required. It wasnt too difficult as long as you didnt mind that sort of thing and were careful. Water turned out to be the true test. First of all, the container was not in plain sight as the cache page said it would be. Im sure we spent at least half an hour trying to spot it before deciding there was only one logical place for it to be. After doing some planning and donning safety gear, I volunteered to take the plunge to try to spot the container. It turned out that not only couldnt I see it but that our planning didnt work out as well as expected and I got wet. After some brainstorming we thought of a much easier way to reach our planned destination but we didnt have the right equipment with us. Rather than go out and get that equipment I volunteered to try the original plan again using a slightly different setup. This time I got to the location and spotted the container but I couldnt reach it! I told my teammates that I wasnt giving up because I knew I didnt have a third try left in me. With their help in passing me some extra equipment, I was able to grab the container and make it back to safety. After we signed the log and took some pictures Peter was able to put the container back in place, leaving it visible for the next hunters. Nctreker, this was the most physically challenging cache Ive done to date! It took us hours to complete the journey. And as promised I left with a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment. Oh, and exhaustion too dont forget that. Thanks for a truly memorable milestone!'
- 'Thank goodness for my intrepid cohorts, as this was a cache to test the limits. Thanks Stan for the invite, and congrats on Definitely one for the memory banks. TFTC!'
- 'What a splendid adventure! had invited and me to join him for his cache and were glad we did! After Stage we thought it cant be that easy but we quickly changed our minds when it took us nearly an hour to find Stage We had fun rappelling down the rock wall while searching for this one. Stan found Stage within minutes while I was still considering getting the safety gear from the truck. The final stage took us the longest. We expected the cache to be easily visible; we finally spotted what looked like the cache but werent sure. There was only one way to find out and it took all our climbing gear and two attempts to get the cache from the spot it was jammed in. We also considered an easy way to get the cache but then it would not be a LOL. Putting the cache back was as strenuous as the retrieval; Man, I wonder how my family would have explained it to the life insurance ... but aside from some bruises from climbing back up that rusty structure, Im fine. Thanks for the wonderful cache!'
- 'HOLY S !T !WHAT A GREAT CACHE!GREAT ADVENTURE!AND GREAT DANGER!LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT WOW! ok ill calm down so i can log like a normal cacher, and i started early caching a little time later i got the call from RANGERFOX up for EARTH, WIND, FIRE, WATER?...i then asked if he was in, and of course he was after picking up some required things we made our way, saw RFs car and parked got to stage no RF, this stage was a really cool place , make me wonder of the history of the site the stage we found a RANGERFOX first, up and down a few times, waiting patiently for us to make the find ourselves a little more searching, i was directing RF to the right spot, HE GOT IT! OFF to the next challage, stage . got to GZ and located it oh my gosh! after some fales starts, i wasnt to sure about this, RF and i standing around, like we were trying to find a better way , in the end there is only ONE WAY.... stepped up to the high risk, like he does this type thing everyday now on to the final !WATER! Another GREAT ADVENTURE by it self ,got to the site and after some, well alot of investagating , i remembered something i saw ,told RF & WL about what i thinking about, we started getting the plan together quickly ,daylight running thin ,oh well accepted the darkness and kept working on it, with WL on the line again safty line this time i heard some very odd sounds from RF on the other end,i rushed over with the safty rope in hand thinking he was in trouble, then he said something i did understand, I FOUND IT I GOT IT PULL HIM UP!. Pulled up WL and RF and there it was. after reading all the logs and going though the fun stuff inside, we took a break and talked about WHY DID WE FIND IT THERE??? this is a so we got it back where IT SHOULD BE TERRAIN ,HAD A BLAST WITH MY FRIENDS WWFLOVER & RANGERFOX doing finding this SUPER EXTREME MULTI....note to owner are you crazy or are we? for looking for it THE BEST GEOCACHE IVE EVER FOUND TO DATE. a TRUE NO JOKE. TFTC TFTH SL GREAT CACHE! !'
- 'PM w and I realized that in order to make an event a centennial, I could only do one cache a day. Might as well make it count—that’s when this one came to mind in a flight of fancy the day before. I remembered had recommended this one, so I asked if he wanted to join. I arrived at the parking area in front of the gate at and ate lunch. Since they’d be late, I got a head start, much like I did with Tube Torcher II. The gate was locked; you could only drive in the area from March to November, so I walked around. The first stage was a surprise. I wonder what was out here years back? The stage was clearly visible. It was too easy to use my camera’s zoom to get the coordinates, but I performed the task and took a close up picture of the stage, then wasted time taking other photos. I heard gun shots at least every minute. The second stage was my special type of terrain. I took one of the more difficult ways down before I came to one of the many ground zeros. Up, down, and all around. Previous finders, I guess, left a yellow rope tied to a tree, so I made use of that, though it wasnt really helpful when traversing that terrain. Some time later, I heard voices and rustling. I stayed still so as not to give my position away. poked his head down. I didn’t want to see hunters. joined me for the search. The sky looked like it wanted to dump on us. Fast forward some time. He spotted the stage from an unbelievable distance and I contorted myself to retrieve it. The hook was broken, so I have no idea how it managed to stay in place. The third stage was a surprise. I hopped up, but paused within sixty feet due to wobbly terrain. Hold on, think, grit my teeth, and hear wwflover wanted to take pictures. Sure, you do it, then. I liked stage two better, anyway. After that, we explored the area and looked for another multi, which we didn’t find. And, then, the final stage. Woo, boy. We had hiking poles, we had hip and bib waders, flashlights, gloves, and cameras. We had a harness and a long rope that spanned the length not width and back at least halfway. We couldnt even spot it and I even hung onto the under railing and hung halfway upside down. We decided where it had to be. I devised an ad hoc rope system that needed us down in the water to wrap it around. Waders off and us back up, I tied it off. Boy Scout training at work. We pulled hard to make sure the line was taut. Then we had a problem. Who was going to do this? I didnt want to let do it because I didnt want to explain to his parents if he was injured, but everyone did have a point he was lighter. The first time he went down, the main line still had some slack, so we had to devise a way to retrieve our teammate. The sun set after that. and I pulled the line as tight as we could and this time I tied the knots closer to the loops. Down again went. We supported him, then I had to go to the other side and hold the light, repeating his more slack and hold tight commands to , who was operating our system topside. I think had to come up one more time, then back down. When he was halfway done, I spotted the cache, sitting no more than half a foot from me. Blasted, stupid little, why the... I went on for almost a full minute no I dont curse and didnt before I paused long enough in my disbelief to tell everyone else I had the ammo can and it looked like the previous finders were too lazy to replace it properly. After we hauled up, we did our thing, then had a team meeting. How were we going to replace the cache? Did we want to be lazy or not? I called and he told me where it had been. I devised yet another way to use the same length of rope to toss the ammo can when he was ready. One rope, three uses. Fun!'
- 'TFTC After being stuck on the last stage for what seemed like forever, I was happy to accept the offer to attempt it again today. and I went to the first stage hoping to meet there, but he had moved on so we also made the find and hurried to catch up with him. Once we arrived at stage we found still trying to locate it. I let him and continue their search while I took some photos of the area. After quite some time, finally spotted it and did the retrieval part. On to stage They both spotted the cache quickly, but decided to let me do the retreival since I was going to take some photos from the location anyway. Now we were all on the same stage, the final! We arrived in the area and started scouting out possible approaches. After setting up several different rope systems, we fianlly decided on a good one just as the sun was setting. I put on s climbing harness, wich was so big that the only way I could wear it was around my thighs and lower ribcage. Got my myself strapped into everything and lowered myself down the guide rope. Whoops! Too much slack and not enough grip made me slide almost down to the cold dark river below. After quite some time trying to figure out how we could get me back up on solid ground, we finally rigged up another rope system and and vortececho were able to pull me back up. By this time we were working in the pitch black of night, but luckily we were equipt with flashlights so we pressed on. We re tied the guide rope so there was as little slack as possible, and attached the manual pull rope to the harness as well, and off I go again! This time I made sure to get a good hold on whatever I could so we wouldnt have to repeat this process again, and just after I passed the halfway point yells out What the... Ive got it?! Turns out that the cache wasnt placed where it was supposed to be, and was easily accessible witout any special equiptment. They pulled me back up to them so we could all sign the log and trade swag, and take some victory photos too. Now what to do with the cache! We made a few calls, and figured out where the cache was really supposed to be. So once more I have to strap myself in and do my crazy monkey climbing act again. Now that Ive had some experience with this procedure, I got to where the cache needed to be placed pretty quickly. They tied the cache onto another rope and swung and swung until I was able to grab it and put it back in its place. Made sure the cache was secure in the spot and let and pull me back up for the last time. WOW! This is a cache Im not likely to forget any time soon! Thanks for a great cache and extremely tough but fun challenge!'
- 'I really enjoyed this hunt. Took me to the extremes. I think there should be a new category called EG Extreme Geocaching for us hardcore cachers. Took Geocoins Left Bungee cord, action figure and a golf ball TFTMC SL'
- 'What can I say, when you have the along you have all the tools you need to find just about any cache and this one was no exception. TFTC SL'
- 'TFTH'
- 'TFTH'
- 'TFTH'
- 'This one is what its all about. When suggested that WE, with help from , were going to try this one, it made the trip here to GW from central Illinois even more interesting. As a person of threescore and ten, I was pleased to be in the company of several young whippersnappers with more guts than brains on occasion. It was a great adventure, one that I will be describing to family and local geocachers for quite some time. Of course, my description will suggest that I was the team leader instead of the rope holder and safety officer. Many, many thanks for this hide.'
- 'Geowoodstock, I have some numbers for you... This is a must do cache for the true adventurer. I loved every stage. You could sell this cache as team building experience. Thank you for not hiding a cache in a lamp post skirt. Death to P&Gs. See you on the trail.'
- 'of today. Fourteen finds may not sound like many during a full day of caching, but when you are attempting caches like EWFW you know you are doing something a little harder than lifting a lightpole cover... , , TeamGabe and I had planned on making an assault on this cache ever since we knew that the NCGO was hosting GW All looked good until our climbing gear was left in western NC. But we bumped into MSwahoo yesterday and he expressed interest in joining us and he had all the climbing gear we needed! Karma rocks! We met near the first stop at about MSwahoo had brought along his nephew so we were a party of six. The first stop was plenty easy, and had it in hand before our eyes had a chance to adjust to the low light levels. Back to the car and we re located for stop two. It was here that we made our big mistake. What happens at Wind, stays at Wind. Attempts were made from both the top and the bottom by numerous different cachers, and we eventually found it. Somewhere. Somehow. Stop three was relatively straightforward, but personally gratifying frightening. There were times when I questioned attempting this stage sans safety equipment, but I got the necessary info and we were off to the final. It took us maybe thirty minutes just to find the cache, and that was after a phone call or two. It definitely was NOT in plain sight. We had heard rumors that some cachers had wimped out and used a less than manly retrieval method. But both MSwahoo and TeamGabe stepped up and took the plunge, with TeamGabe successfully retrieving and then replacing the cache. I dont think it is in plain sight, but it may be a little easier to retrieve. The great thing about this crew was that all contributed something whether it was retrieving gear from the car or holding the ropes or finding the laminated cards and we couldnt have completed the cache without any of them. An absolutely awesome four hours! My thanks go out to , MSwahoo, , TeamGabe and ZebraZort I left an Edward Jones Mighty Grip. TFTC!'
- 'found it with mswahoo and some of his freinds. We had trouble with the and stage. Took hours for the first stage, about an hour and a half for the stage, about minutes for stage, and about two hours for the final TFTH'
- 'This cache has been on my To Do list for years. With GW the cast of characters was finally able to assemble in Raleigh for the attempt. , , FlowerDoc, ZebraZork, Mswhoo and I met up early in the afternoon. made quick work of the Earth stage. The second gave us fits. We made it WAY harder than it needed to be. With failed attempts one from the top and one from the bottom, a phone a friend helped us to finally have Wind whipped. Then on to Fire! Be careful there are a few steps that are doozies! Oz was the man! Now finally on to Water. We looked up and down, from afar and up close and couldnt see the illusive in plain sight cache. Finally a few more phone a friends and we saw the hairy edge of it. Now to get there! Yikes! It was definitely a team effort from all the team to coordinate the retrieval with me being the retriever. What an awesome experience! Definitely makes the top of my finds! I left geocoins. Thanks!'
- 'I am able to log the cache because the teamwork of a great bunch of cachers FlowerDoc, , , TeamGabe, and Zebrazork. After many phone a friends on two of the stages and B from TeamGabe grabbing the final we signed the log and replaced. Left a brand new ICM Geocoin.'
- 'Indeed, I have verified that all stages are intact and ready to be found! This was for me, so I wanted to make it a good one! Arrived in the area of stage one shortly after pm, drove around and checked out the area. Made the find quickly and hiked back to the car. Got in and started fiddling with stuff getting ready to head to stage two. AHHH! Back out of the car! Ticks! I pulled about a dozen ticks off my legs and out of my shoes, picked Nicoledilocks jeans clean and told her to get back in the car. Im glad nobody was around, because I had to drop my shorts and eradicate a few more. I hate ticks! Yes, I would recommend long pants for this cache. Made it to stage twos GZ and floundered. I looked high and low and everywhere in between, I thought. After some lucky PAFing thanks BOD, RF, and BW , I knew where to look. I cant believe I had missed it. I had looked two inches to the right, climbed over it, stood on it, and even walked across it. I learned a new variation of the drunken bee dance here. I did find about another dozen ticks without any help! Stage three was a no brainer. Its a good thing I dont have one. At least there werent any ticks. After arriving at the final stages GZ I knew where it was, but not exactly. On my first attempt I couldnt find it. On my second try I could see it, but I couldnt get to it. Third time was the charm! Unfortunately my pockets were now empty. I lost my pen and something else that didnt float, Im not sure what it was. Perused the contents and traded a pack of reflective trail markers and a Cool pathtag for a caribiner and a button. We were back on the road shortly after pm. Thanks for a memorable milestone! Found five more ticks'
- 'Wow. Went out with bhoard and a buddy from work and we got stages and Stage I think is missing, and I have no intentions a double checking after two of us made the effort to look in the first place. I believe bhoard contacted and we will have to finish this up another weekend. To all those who try know that we found a snake guarding the cache at every stage so be cautious. I really enjoyed this cache and I look forward to completing the final stage.'
- 'Look, when your going into combat you want the best you can find guarding your back. So I called none other than NightHawk to ask I he wanted to grab this cache with me and boy was I glad i did . We arrived excited and egger to begin. Earth Well its hard to see what you looking for at in complete darkness, we began our search pattern and then spent some time talkabout what we might be looking for. I noticed something that look promising and....BAM that was it first stage in hand now its off to the Wind. Wind We arrived on the location and our first thought was...OH NO... we thought about the clue and searched...and searched...and searched...NIghtHawk said that he was going to search another thing I know he said I think this is or was it. I looked over and said, yep not doubt the stage is gone be he found part of it. see I told you he would come in handy we found the stage WHEN IT WAS NOT EVEN THERE! tell me this was not meant to be. This area is dangerous be very careful when searching here. Fire I was wonderin what could fire be? The firs two Earth and Wind made sense but what could....oooooo...thats what fire is. We approached and I thought this is really cool, then I thought, What? HUH? Where? You SURE? Yep, this is not for the faint of heart, weak of get the idea. I see what all of the fuss is about and began my journey to the stage. I get there and...and..and...Nothing, yea thats right nothing...did I make a mistake? I yelled to NightHawk that there was not a stage here. He said to look again...Ok, I see where the stage WAS! again it was missing, but hey I found part of it. NIghthawk made another call and none other than the NCTrekker himself came out to see what was going on. I did find the remnants of the replacement stage as well. We were now off to Water. Water I knew where it probably was and also knew what I was probably going to have to do. NIghtHawk and I prepared and were told that two people had not done this SAFELY alone before that we needed more people to help. Well, I suggest they stay awhile and see two people do it ALONE. I did my monkey thing and retrieved the cache. We tooka moment to go through swag and rest, then boxed it all back up and I reset it. This is the type of cache that I am on mission to find. I really enjoyed every stage of it and would gladly do it all over again. Most enjoyable and it will give you one of a kind experiences. Thanks NCTreker for this most challenging adventure.'
- 'I was out caching with Histryboy on a mission to complete this cache. Stage one took a little time but it is definitely there. At stage we gave a good look at different places but kept coming up empty. Finally, there it was BUT, the clue was GONE. I just happened to have the cache owners phone number and he assured me we were at the right location and we were looking at the right object. He told me where stage was. I knew EXACTLY where to go so off we went. This cache is NOT for everyone... trust me. At stage we both took turns enjoying the view from ft up, however, this clue was missing too. We found the remmants of the clue the SAME as the ones at stage but no clue. We did a couple of nearby caches and lucky for us, showed up on the scene with some other cachers. He met us at another cache and took us to the final location. Wow... so this is what the rope is for. Histryboy did the water thing for both of us and then he did the retrieval thing... I took the pictures. Every stage of this adventure offered its own element of danger. This was one fun cache. Thanks for putting this one out. I wonder if it will be another year before someone logs it again? TFTH TNLNSL'
- 'Very cool structure in the first part of this cache, i would be interested to know its history. Unfortunately, i searched for over two hours in the first stage with nothing to show for it. Good luck with this one, especially if the finds get progressively harder!'
- 'What can I say that hasnt been said by the many people who have found this in the last few weeks. Its a great cache. My son and I did the first three stages a while ago and finally came with the necessary equipment to retrieve it. We decided not to try the airborne approach on stage four and decided to make our assault from the water. We left a NASCAR race car, took a fishing lure and the White Jeep Travel Bug. Thanks for a fun challenge and a great hunt.'
- 'Caching in the Raleigh area with Bushwack Bob over the weekend ... Medic joined us for this one and were glad he did! This was an awesome cache and one that certainly required a team effort. It was a day of red lights and sirens for us. Yall probably arent going to believe the way we gingerly moved about in the first stage bomb storage shelter. Or the sky hook medic deployed on stages and No way would you buy the basket medic lowered for us on the final. Or the pieces of Bob we left at several of the stages. All kidding aside, this was one pants wetting cache ... literally. It was also the of Bob and I got over the weekend ... thanks Bob! Found, logged, and am now returning the TBs. Medic left a white jeep for the next team! Thanks for sharing!'
- 'Our team included Team , Medic and myself. There were two others who wanted to come but had schedule conflicts. We knocked out the first three stages quickly and got bonus caches en route. The final stage was very difficult as the cache was not visible unless you were right in front of it. We made attempts before locating the spot where the cache was hidden. If it were not for the special rescue equipment that Medic brought, we could not have made that many attempts. This event did take its toll. I left my hiking stick at stage I left my gloves at stage I left my shoes at stage I dont know where I lost my cell phone. And I wet my pants doing the final. Yeah, it was worth it. TFTC!'
- 'I must say this was one of the most enjoyable caches Ive done in a long time. Bushwack Bob contacted me recently and wanted to know If I was interested in this cche heck yeah! So I met up w him and Team after the event last night. Earth This stage went by fairly quick, I had an idea where the cache would be at and located it within a couple of minutes. Wind This stage reminded me of the mountains. This was a neat area, and I enjoyed the scenery. I agree w s previous post... one wrong move and youre a grease spot here! Fire Seeing how I have a phobia to this type of retrieval I was hapy to sit back, relax, enjoy the shade, and drink while Bushwack Bob put hs life on the line for us... for a smiley WHOOOO HOOOOO Go BB! Water We previously decided to take a different approach to obtaining the cache at this stage. I think it worked out well and was much easier than the way some of the others had used previously. NCTreker, thanks for the excellent and entertaining cache! I kept asking myself on the way home... how did you find these places lol. I left a White jeep TB for the next person. TFTC!'
- 'Can finally add my name to this AWESOME multi cache. Its taking me... quite some time... like months to finally complete the last stage. The whole time waiting for the appropriate time was worth it. Just glad a little drought has helped that effort a little. Once I figured out the exact location, the hard part was getting a hold on the ammo box. It took about an hour or so to finally put my hands on the prize. When I opened the box, I then realized I forgot all of my goodies to trade with. So I signed the log and put the cache back like I found it. Every stage I completed will go down as number in my book. I enjoyed every minute spent on each stage, even when I questioned myself about how far I could go. I really had to let some fears go and I am glad I did. Learned a lot about myself on this multi as well. Thanks to Team Greywolf and Hide n Sneek for providing help when the summer heat and humidity took its toll. Great job on this one Nctreker'
- 'We had a fun day with a gang on this one. What an awesome cache. Thanks for a very creative, challenging hide. I do, however, think that a ice cold beer should be added to the list of items needed when searching for this cache.'
- 'Out with the breakfast & cache run and this was the prize of the day. Kilted and I had been saving our find for this cache. And what a find it was. Thanks to everyone for joining in and helping make this possible.'
- 'TFTC had alot of fun with this cache out with the gang'
- 'I think the list of culprits has been pretty well documented. Must say I enjoyed the company of everyone that was part of the group. A special shout out to for taking on the key role of the final stage. We also need to acknowledge Kilted , HextheKiwi and Johny Cache for handling the other side. I left the group rather early to view from another vantage point without thinking of the need for that role. Thanks for the great adventure !'
- 'What a perfect way to tackle a cache a breakfast event followed by a mob of some odd geocachers swarming the stage locations in order to locate the hide. The large number of folks helped make short work of the multi. We loved the locations we were taken to especially the first stage that was fairly unique. Thanks to everyone that participated and helped make this into a fun morning of social caching. Theres fun in numbers. Thanks also to for a fine hide or should that be hides? .'
- 'FINALLY THE HAVE COME TO BUTNER! What an amazing group of stages. It is great to know that such things can be found so close and can show there is beauty left in central NC. We had an amazing time doing this one with , CGal, and the Trolls, , , Hex and a couple of the Kiwis, Geo Roaches, Jonny Cache and the Cachettes, NCTreker and Mildred, and Horsegeeks for a short time. Could not think of a better group to spend the day with. Great time had by all. Left Geocoin, took Geocoin.'
- 'Wow! What a cache. Found with the gang after the breakfast event. I do believe we had Curmundgeonly Gal, Just Mike and the Trolls; Hex the Kiwi; GeoRoaches; ; Kilted ; ; NCTreker thanks Greg and Mildred ; and for moral support . Took the experience of this multi and memories; Left a lot of sweat. Glad we came and conquered this cache with the gang! TFTH'
- 'Found along with Kilted , GeoRoaches, , , , Curmudgeonly sp! Gal, and the Trolls...with and wife looking on and laughing. Let me know if I forgot anyone! Thanks for the challenging hide, Greg. Learned a lot about this area today. We picked up about a dozen caches and were looking forward to getting back up here to do more.'
- 'MY GOD! DID I JUST DO THAT?!?! I kept asking myself after each stage..and the answer was YES. I have absolutely fallen in love with Butner and everything that is tucked away there. Stage I moved around a bunch of crap before I located this one..found it, which pumped me up even more. Stage my first venture of this pics as I wouldnt let my partner tie me off! NO photo ops until Im used to it...which didnt take long. Stage laughed a lot when I got the coords. Brave I was again a little shakey afterward.. ok a lot shakey..but still pumped! Stage this point I wasnt even scared..just Ready to get on with this one hurt in more ways than one but OH GLORY lookie what I found! Plus I wasnt fearful of being tied pics galore. Took nothing..L carabiner and kit. One of my greatest fears has been conquered! Soreness, bruises, scrapes and number of ticks I found on me have all been worth it! Cant wait to develop my skills even farther in caching and , and , and ! tryin hard to write this with out giving everything away Want to post my pics badly...but unsure if some of them are allowable due to major spoiler shots. Any alum wanting to swap stories etc or plan other finds or hides ..feel free to email me. AWESOME JUST AWESOME THANKS!'
- 'I managed to ride the coat tails of and Team word on this one. Ive got two previous caches to list so this was actually my third. Awesome is a good beginning for describing this one! Im totally blown away by old sites with some significant history and this one to the right people would be great. Stage nice n easy. Stage two, lots of sliding, some moderate pain, and a lot of WET, an hour or so of frustration, and then voila! Stage I got good photos of this one... Grey wolf, the daredevil of the day hit this one alone... and I just snapped pictures. Stage who said this was in plain sight??? More getting wet here, luckily just a shoe this time. Took a Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelet, left a Kellogs Light Saber Spoon Red .'
- 'Went with Dogman and . I learned how to climb belay. I had alot of fun. Can I help it if I drank alot of water and Gatorade? Thanks for a great cache!'
- 'Had a nice afternoon with Swampfox and crew. Dissapointed that we didnt have to get wet, I brought my waders. It was good to be on rope again and I got to be part of someones first climb belay. Weather was great no bad bugs yet one small tick sighting . Thanks nctrecker. TN left happy couple'
- 'Who would have thought, no visits for months then two the same weekend. Dogman and BB joined us for this little jaunt. Not as difficult as we thought it would be based on the descriptions. Stage three sure got our attention though. Dont know if we would have found the coordinates to had we not closely examined all the previous log entries. Made for a nice outing. Signed log, took miniclip TB, bone pen, NG patch, geocache key fob. Left happy couple figurine, flashlight, nifty way knife, visavis pen, and Oscar de Larenta lotion for those chafed hands and sore muscles youll get while looking for this cache . Replaced cache box exactly where we found it. Thanks NCtreker for an excuse to spend an afternoon in the woods with friends and family.'
- 'Wow, what a cache. Completed this cache with and Hide n Sneak. The first stage was easy, the second proved to be a challange. Thought I had lost my wedding ring on this leg after two long slides. Some in our group got real wet before we realized where the clue really was. The third stage brought back many memories of my first cache experience. To bad we didnt realize the significance back then. The final stage was the hardest took awhile to find the cache and then even longer to figure out how to get it. Finally we did though. Took a live strong bracelet and the lucky TB. Left the mini clip TB and a McDonalds Fruit and Yougart Pin. Signed the log. Had a great time. The difficulty rating is set just right. It was the hardest cache I had ever done. I feel wonderful to have been able to complete it. Thanks'
- 'Found this with & Hide_N_Sneak. Well Stage was easy, located the card to send us on to Stage That was interesting to say the least wandered around the woods for about an hour and then when we were about to give up I happened to run across the clue. Stage I steadied my nervous while scalling the shaky rungs but managed to get the location for the final cache location. I have to laugh at the plain sight clue, on, under didnt matter couldnt see it. Finally spotted it then we proceeded to scratch our heads for about minutes trying to figure out how somebody placed the cache where it was, I think spiderman must have placed it last. We managed to snare the box with a stick, I placed it back as close to where we found it as I could but its not in plain sight from where we saw it first, within a foot or so I would guess. I took the Canadian Geocoin and left a sig card. It was a tough one but like Sherlock Holmes we always find our cache. Had fun, Love to see more.'
- 'Found stages one and two quickly, but got stuck on stage three. Considering the name of the stage, and the structure to which the coords pointed, we thought we knew exactly what to do. After a false start, a brave memnber of our crew headed feet to the destination, but there were no coords to be found. Headed inside the structure to search from a different perspective, but no luck. Were stumped!'
- 'Went back for a try on Stage Zeroed in on the cache. However, the past few days of nothing but rain ruined any attempt of trying to get this one. Anyone who tries this one in the future, please email me. I will be glad to help out when you get to Stage I gotta finish thie awesome multi cache. Its going to be bugging me until I complete it.'
- 'Got all the way to stage and looked for what seemed like eternity for something in plain view. Guess I didnt know what to look for. Will try the last stage again when I am back in town.'
- 'By far the hardest and most physically challenging cache to date. All warnings for this one are real, and should be heeded. I was amazed at the lenghts we go to to get these caches. Had a blast on all stages, glad we could all work together to get this one. Redneck engineering sums it up well. Not often I get used as bait. Well worth the wet feet. This is now my most memorable cache. Thanks for a great set up NC Treker, I am scared of what you might think up next. Left a pink and green stingsliver lure, great for Spanish Mackrel and bluefish, also a bottom rig foe spot, croaker, etc. Watch out for the hooks. Took small pocket knife. Thanks again for a wonderful cache! Fishingfools'
- 'What an excellent, cinematographic cache for this film student to capture on her last day in NC! The Fire and Water stages were out of this world, and I cant wait to edit the footage together. Of course, Caching Call buddies, I was absolutely dying to do Stage for you, but I just couldnt break the proscenium and go in front of the camera. Next time! TFTC geocaching at its finest!'
- 'OMG is the only term that I think sums up this cache. Stage Was poking around when Mr. Slim No Shoulders looked at me. No more poking around without looking first. Ken from The Altheometrists was able to grab the coords and off we headed. Stage This is an area you dont find very often east of I We started down the wrong trail and ended up at a shear cliff. Looked for alternative areas and found the coords at the second place we looked. Be very careful here as one false move and you are a grease spot. Stage Since I was the one with the special equipment I was chosen to get this stage. The adrenaline was running high and this is the only reason I was able to do it. After near catastrophes I was safe but still shaking that didnt stop until Phil with the Fishing Fools passed a Bud Light at the end of the final stage. Stage With some redneck engineering and help from Lovelace and the cache owner we used Fishing Fools as bait. Almost had the cache in hand but it slipped. We spent more time trying to get it out than on anything else. Lovelace was kind enough or is it crazy enough to retrieve the cache. By then we figured out an easier way to put it back. FF was cast back as bait by now it was almost cut bait from choking on the harness and replaced the cache. All in all this was the most intense cache I have ever done, and may ever do unless a group wants to team up and tackle Tube Torcher . Props to nctrekker for the challenge and a special thanks to the members of the group that found it with me today Ken from the Alteometrists, Phil from Fishing Fools, and who got it all on tape and and nctrekker whose assistance paid off and kept us alive. Took nothing and left Lance Armstrong Livestrong braclets visit www. laf. org to support the fight against cancer . Signed log. Anyone who attempts this cache without special equipment is a fool with a death wish. There are always inherent dangers in every activity, but this one is danger with inherent activity. Now Im going to sit back and sip on my Valium and Demerol cocktail.'
- 'What a great way to conclude the weekends Caching Call events! It was certainly excellent cinema, and has promised to get copies of the footage to us. I was searching with Mr. Fishing Fools, , and , and we were joined by Lovelace and Mr. Cache Owner himself, NC Treker. Special kudos to and FF, for their death defying stunts on the final two stages. TNSL, left an Alethiometrists button and the Lucky TB cause we were lucky to have got it, and the next folks who come along will need all the luck and skill they can get, too. Thanks for the cache, and for another pair of arms!'
- 'Found with , , & others what a day! Now I have my own account.'
- 'Group geocaching is a blast and I wouldnt have wanted to try this cache any other way! It really was a team effort, and we were fortunate to have such a great team to work with Wimseyguy, Horsegeeks, JPortzer, & our little geoBuddy, and our Special Equipment . Mr. Horsegeeks seems to have an eagle eye for spotting caches and a very strong flashlight! and the fourth stage had everyone involved in one way or another. We were all over the place and in a lot of poison ivy looking for it for quite some time and finally had to take a quick picnic break before the final effort. The toughest thing for me was getting the fourth stage replaced correctly after everyone had signed the log. I accidentally pushed it out of sight, and had a terrible time maneuvering to get ahold of it again and get it placed correctly. I skinned my wrist and knee up in the process, but I wear the scrapes proudly! Anybody who tries that stage without appropriate safety equipment is nuts and has a deathwish. With the right equipment thanks! and good team support, though, its quite a rush. Thanks again, everyone! We got done just in time as we took a group photo, someone came down the river in a fishing boat. Glad he didnt see us about minutes earlier. What a blast! I sure was knackered when we got home. It seems somewhat anticlimactic to say that my son and I took a windup penguin out of the cache, and placed a box cutter and a mini turtle into it. What a great way to spend a holiday. You rock, NCtrecker!'
- 'If there were more than stars in the rating system, this cache would need them. Lovelace pretty much summed up the days adventure. I will add that this isnt one to take lightly, or attempt to do alone. TNLNSL I have always tried to do significant caches for my finds and this was truly worthy of Thanks for the adventure.'
- 'Nctreker you have outdone yourself. That was a very exciting and strenuous cache. We did it as a team with Wimseyguy, , and a new and aspiring geocacher Jeremy who hadnt quite admitted to himself that he wants to become adicted to the sport hobby and of course s right hand man. Lovelace describes the breakdown of events perfectly. It was most certainly a team effort with everybody working with their strengths. It was a very exciting and stimulating cache. Jason said it about right that this seemed like an event. It took us about four hours to complete with most of the time spent on the last stage. Again be aware that there can be snakes. The saw a small moccasin on finishing one of the stages. Be careful and bring a buddy and have the correct equipment. Thanks very much and keep em coming there is plenty of this neck of the woods with no caches.'
- 'Ive been wanting to do this cache since it came up, but knew it shouldnt be done alone. I asked the if they were interested and they were so we made plans to tackle it this morning. Wimseyguy and a friend of mine jportzer showed up too and we had an equipment benefactor who loaned us some very needed stuff. The advantage of geocaching with a group became very evident as we went along because we could search lots of different places all at once. Stage was found almost immediately. It had apparently been left somewhat visible. We rehid it so it was completely hidden. Stage was a bit more of a challenge as we first went to the wrong place and then had to bushwack to the right place. Wimseyguy, though, had the right idea and was searching near the correct location when I went to help him and found the stage. At stage since I had found the previous stage, I let others take the lead and watched over our year old son. They quickly found it, but retrieving it was more difficult. started to retrieve it, but then decided she wasnt up to it and I took over. Getting to the stage wasnt too difficult but getting back to safety was a bit more worrisome. Thanks to the right equipment some mine, some loaned , though, this stage was successufully and safely retrieved. After the successes with the first three stages we figured wed grab the fourth stage quickly and be done with it. hahahaha! Silly us. We searched for about an hour in every possible location we could think of. Then, because it was almost , our son and I paused for a bit and ate the lunch wed brought with us. We kept thinking, though, and had an idea to try when , who had continued searching, found the cache where we had just talked about . Finding the cache, though, wasnt the same as retrieving it. After going back to the car for more equipment, made her way to the cache with help holding on. For future cachers, PLEASE DO NOT TRY ANYTHING RISKY on this stage. Proper equipment here is an absolute must! This stage was retrieved successfully and safely, but I can easily see how this stage could end badly. With good equipment, though, this stage is quite a rush. So, after all that, I grabbed a geocaching patch and left a toy VW convertible I really had to do some convincing to get my son to leave it in the cache! . This is by far the most fun Ive ever had caching. It took us to new heights as geocachers. Thanks very much, . Addendum I would add Technu to the list of required items on this cache. Several of the stages are near LOTS of poison ivy, so be careful. Otherwise, have a blast. We sure did.'
- 'Great multi stage.'
- 'and stay down! We finally beat this thing! Found step last week, but ran out of time after doing other caches in the area. Made step harder than it needed to be and have the red badge of geocaching to show for it. Step what to say about this, except that i came a hair away from finding this by accident earlier when we were exploring in the area. We both had to find this stage because it was so much fun. We spent a lot of time looking around at step Im not sure how people are spotting this quickly, but i was literally about to give up and checking one last thing before leaving when i saw it. minutes and much soreness later i had signed the log, taken a fossilized squid and left a little bottle of silver and a wobbly wind up penguin. I had to modify my exit route a little because i was so exhausted. I hate to think what my body will be telling me tomorrow. At least i can console myself that i must be in shape, or at least in shape for my age since i found the cache. , i have to say this has been the best one yet! For one cache we got to see very different, interesting and beautiful locations. There was a lot of work involved, but that made it all the more enjoyable. We, in this case was myself and the as yet GPSR less Mayberry Randomizer or at least thats what ill call him until unless he signs up on here as something different . We had of the required items and can definitely see how each of the missing would have made it a lot easier and or safer.'
- 'WOW! What a great multi! We werent sure wed have enough time to fit this one in before we headed for home, but assured us that we could do it in a certain amount of time. So glad he recommended that we try this one out! Okay, well, found Pt. in record time . . . made way to coords. and read them off to CCCA. Very cool hide! Now onto Pt. . . . Took slightly longer to find b c of something that almost threw us off! But thankfully CCCA brainstormed and someone else was snickering nearby and I got it! Another great hide! Now onto Pt. . . . . . Wow, who wouldve thought wed be here again? CCCA wanted to do this part, but then changed her mind, which I was happy for b c I love this sort of thing guess Im still at the point in my life where I think Im invincible??? . Took extra precautions at insistence and read the coords. to CCCA. GREAT hiding spot! Hmmmm, wonder if I could try something like this at home??? Now onto Pt. WOW! What a hide! Had the right idea of what you did, but wasnt quite sure where to look! Used special equipment first to locate the cache then special equipment and to retrieve the cache! Wouldve been much easier if I had stronger upper body strength as I quickly grew tired trying to get the cache. Had to come up for air and adjust the equipment to ensure that I obtained the cache . . . and yep, it worked! Phew! What a work out! Thanks so much for all of the fun and challenges! This is definitely one of my favorite caches and absolutely my favorite multi! I highly recommend this cache to anyone out that has some time and is looking for a true TFTF! Also, special thanks to for the use of his equipment and muscles!'
- 'This was a TEAM find from start to finish. Our host convinced us that we had the fortitude & with his equipment, we set off on our quest. Part Earth was a seconds slam dunk as night vision zerod in on the cache. NOTE DEET is a good investment for heading in to this terrain. Part Wind was a matter of minutes as I spotted the most likely hiding spot & quickly gathered the coords, then off... Part Fire a little more time consuming because we took the precaution of adding safety gear and taking it S L O W for a safe coord retrieval. I really believe that could have succeeded on this part withOUT the extra precaution but would not have forgiven myself had she not worn it & fallen. I think shes part monkey. Part Water took all the skills and knowledge that we both jointly owned combined. Special equipment is the best & wisest choice perhaps the ONLY one. But in the end, it was our prayers that saw us to the finish line. I pointed out the most likely hiding spot and donned special gear to make certain that the cache container was indeed there. Excellent! Now on to the final stage RETRIEVAL. is braver and more flexible than I. She is also half my age, taller and thinner therefore she was the volunteer. With the hearty assistance of as an anchor, she went over the EDGE on the attempt and we had to draw her back in for air and to allow Bert to catch his breath too. The choice was hers and with a minor adjustment made to the equipment she went over the EDGE yet again this time the cache was grabbed in a matter of seconds with nary a scratch or spill! I hastily set down Berts camera to scrawl our names in the logbook & then it was put back in place & was pulled back to safer shores. She is one TOUGH YOUNG LADY...look out Marines, you might need to change your motto! Thanks Greg & to Bert for this most excellent adventure. Im sure my grand babies will hear about this one some day.'
- 'Hey! Im overweight and I found it! We finally had the opportunity to come back and finish this beast. Even though we thought we knew where the cache was, it still took a very long time, one dunk in the river and the urgency brought on by looming darkness to finally spot it. Put the special equipment back on and trusted my life to my partners teeth once more. I didnt find out about the teeth thing until AFTER I was safely on the ground really in the water again! . Actually, this was the hardest stage physically, but man was it fun! It would have been much better if I wasnt so terribly out of shape. Seriously though, this cache is filled with danger and the potential for injury. I would not go beyond stage without a partner. Some may even feel the need for a partner for stage If anyone really did this without any special equipment they must be Spiderman. I too am very glad this one is behind me now. Thanks for the supreme challenge! Just dont do it again!'
- 'Without divulging who my brave partner was, Ill just say we worked as a team to successfully find this cache. There seemed to be a lot of climbing! Having the right equipment was essential here. Having some arm and leg strength as well as balance, agility and nimble feet was an asset at this one. This was not a cache for anyone even slightly overweight, anyone who physically is not capable of some stenuous climbing while in a stressful position or anyone who has a fear of heights. The right safety equipment and knowledge of how to be safe were essential. My special equipment is available to anyone who may need it but all risks and liability are yours. Stage was dark and scary. Being nimble and agile here was a big benefit. Stage was more like mountain climbing than hiking. Ran into a copperhead before finding this stage. Stage was extremely difficult, very unsafe and very scary but we had done this many times before. Having the right safety equipment and having experience doing this made this stage fairly simple. Without the right safety equipment and experience makes this stage treacherous and the most dangerous. Hopefully well not have to post the event coordinates of the first geocacher geofuneral as a result of taking an unnecessary chance on this one. At stage hours were spent in the river with hip waders. Didnt see any water moccasins. Had a stick to help keep my balance. Knowing the rules of how to survive if you fall in rushing water were useful sit down and ride the water and the rocks until you reach a shallow place in slower water. The cache was clearly seen with a flashlight. Getting to it is another story. It was a two person team effort with special rock climbing gear to finally retrieve the cache container. Held with my teeth the rope holding the suspended other brave team member as I signed the log and put some stuff in the cache. Head all warnings, all advice in previous logs and know and understand your own physical limitations and capabilities. Do not attempt this one without a physically capable partner and be sure to have the right equipment. Be sure your cell phone works in the area also know the number for Durham and Granville counties. Bring some Tecnu poison ivy cleanser. In addition, Army Ranger training would be helpful. Former Green Berets will thrive on this one. Navy SEALS train for this type of cache. Glad to see this one finished.'
- 'Well, my partner and I got stuck on stage I had already found stage so I waited for him to quickly find it. At stage I came eye to eye with a small copperhead at a distance of about feet while poking and searching. Decided to look before poking from now on. Finally found it great placement! Stage saw me completely wimp out after starting out thinking it would be a breeze. I waited for my partner to return to the car and come back with just the right special equipment. Then he completed the stage while I watched and had already dialed. Before he started, he made me promise to say only good things about him from now on. We spent hours searching at stage with no luck. We both missed dinner and I for one got a dirty look upon my return home. A previous log mentioned that binoculars would come in handy. Nope, tried that. Youd need a telescope if were thinking about the same thing. Well be back to complete this quest.'
- 'Very good, very tough, we enjoyed it a lot. Personally, I would not have done stage four without going home for even more equipment or something, but my friend did it successfully. Thanks for a good afternoon.'
- 'Second to find, not bad. If only there were more caches like this! Nctreker has outdone himself on this one. Two weeks ago I tried to find the clue at stage but gave up after looking everywhere I thought and not seeing it. After getting a small hint from , I went back with a friend and found the clue in the first minutes, of course in the only place I had not looked before. It took us about hours to do the other stages and find the cache. We did not need any climbing aids ie, rope etc , although I can see where they could be useful. We did need a flashlight, and we did get our clothes dirty and our feet wet. Binoculars would have been handy at one stage. Ticks and poison ivy are additional threats. Having a partner is helpful, both for another pair of eyes and to get help in case of injury. In my opinion, the third stage is the most dangerous; at stages and there are ways to mitigate the risk and the degree of risk one assumes can be controlled, but there is very little one can do about the exposure at stage except to be move slowly and carefully. We looked a long time before finally spotting the cache at the last stage. Took two key rings and left a pocketknife, a fossil, and a bottle of shampoo. Kudos to !'
- 'Thought I would parrot NDaves efforts and log. Unfortunately it wasnt in the first place I looked; or the second, or the third, fourth; well, you get the picture.'
- 'I said what he said.'
- 'JackcacheNC and FTF ! What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Mere words cannot describe the emotions we experienced finding this cache. This is, by far, the most INCREDIBLE caching experience we have to date. The two of us have been to some interesting caches in the past year, but nothing compares to the exhilaration we had throughout every stage of this multi! Stage Earth Felt like we were transported back in time to the World War II. We got a bang out of this one! Stage Wind Windtalkers alone on the precipice taking in a multitude of emotions and scenery. This one took our breath away. Stage Fire We really began to get heated up on this stage, knowing we were closing in on the final stage. The Rednecks famous last words came to play many times many more times than we wanted today . Hey yall watch this! Stage Water As Jim Stafford sang I dont like spiders and snakes... Water mocassin swam by us, but by this point we had very little fear left. Besides, we saw that he couldnt have been hungry based on the inch bulge in his her side. Finally got to the container, been the T shirts! See the attached photos... Traded our goods with your Happymeal toys here...Restocked with a first aid kit, Army of One keychain, Flashlight, National Guard Pencils, and more. Best of all, in every stage of this series, we kept saying I used to do this when I was a kid...NO FEAR In all seriousness, please heed the warnings in the cache description. This is one of the most intensive caches in our area and we recommend that NO ONE does this multicache anytime! It is a very physically demanding cache, but is also a very rewarding cache. Hours, Minutes start to finish. Beer us! ....UDAMAN!'
- 'Today was devoted completely to s great caches in the Butner and Oxford area. What a day we found altogether and missed only and this was it! We knew we were way in over our heads on this one but we were so close we decided to look at it. We got to the first stage and looked all over well obviously not ALL over and couldnt find it. After a few people find the final we may give it a stab again. Thanks for the adventure and the wonderful day.'

name: '"Beam Me Up Scotty"'
creator: 'CrotalusRex and Mimichan'
- 'This one has definatly been Muggled'
- 'Found while in the area for some horseback riding. Our second find today. Nice container. TNLN No TB found, TFTC The Cincinnati, Ohio'
- 'Drove my truck to the cache site...a little bumpy but not too bad. Really interesting container. Contents dry. TNLNSL. Thanks for the hide.'
- 'Was tempted to drive my car right to the cache location. Im sure I could have made it, but would have had to go so slowly that it would have been faster on foot. What a wonderful container never seen one of those before! TNLN TFTC!'
- 'Great Container full of neat things, couldnt have been a better find and wonderful weather to boot. Took dwarf and turtle TB, left a hand made piece of fused glass. Thanks'
- 'Really made it a difficult trip to find this, but well worth it! What a container! Gorgeous day. Took dollar bill, left platypus and Turtle TB. This is what geocaching should be. TnBuffalo'
- 'may need to redo this one snow and mudslids may make it too easy.'
- 'Visiting Max patch and found this great cache. TW was with us. TNLNSL. TFTC. R & T F'
- 'Found and SL TN LN, I think this is the most amazing cache I have found so far. Very interesting, TFTC'
- 'fun cache thanks. tn ln.'
- 'Awesome container. We drove right by the cache with a mini van and a sedan. Beautiful day mix of rain and sun. T Truck, Geocompass, and of all things a zip tie amazing how a y.o. mind works . L game and sunglasses kids and emergency whistle. Thanks for the hide. Pa, Ma, Tinker & Baby with TheInLaws .'
- 'The family and I and Chloe the wiemeraner took the road from the Max Patch parking area to the cache site. Easy enough to find, but the container gave the kids a fit. Could have driven right up to the site, but we needed the excercise. Took Star Trek cards and left two Star Wars figures. We then took the cross country route back to the car, cutting straight through the woods. Not recommended for the faint of heart. It is steep and full of brambles but does save mile of walking. What a beautiful area! This was the second cache of the day, after the Max Patch cache GCK Thanks for hiding the cache it is in good condition and well hidden. Even on this Memorial Day weekend, there was no traffic on this particular road.'
- 'Found this while performing a little trail magic for some AT thru hikers. Nice hide and an interesting cache container! TNLN, TFTH! NCBeisers, Raleigh NC'
- 'After all my times visiting Max Patch I had never taken the time to explore this area. Thanks for giving me a reason to slip across the border and see another part of these beautiful hills! Als, I Love the container!'
- 'Stopped here after Max Patch. First found in Tennessee. Mud Burd and Missus DB stayed in the van. Tightened up the lid after I left the cache wasnt too wet even though the lid was loose when I showed up. T $ bill. L Silver Key TB.'
- 'A little warm up before our AT hike on Halloween. Cool container. TNLN. Thanks,'
- 'found it that was a drive ! had to lock the hubs in on the pinto ..parked within ft ....neat container .....need one or two like that ln ......signedlock ...lost phone ...fell down twice...looked like tarzan swinging from all the laurels kinda ugly! off to max patch gs and chunky'
- 'Great spot, Looked on wrong side of road as gps was jumping all over. Hard time opening but got it, needs WD Took Left nothing, thanks for the hunt.'
- 'N W'
- 'stopped to find your cache while hiking the AT. great hide and great container. took pill bottle and left purple flashlight.'
- 'I had a little start when I reached into the container and a motion activated sound producing toy spacecraft started firing and screeching! Took music CD love it best cache prize I have ever found ; left Harry Potter wizard glasses. My hiking partner and I had crawled over Max Patch on the AT a few days earlier in a blizzard and white out. We returned to the area on a beautiful day to see the vistas we couldnt see on Wednesday. My partner dispensed trail magic to an AT hiker water and snacks while I searched for the cache. TFTC'
- 'great location. easy to get to, but off the beaten path.'
- 'Was up enjoying Max Patch, found cache, as clan. Really great container. Road in was not to bad. Climb up cache was slick. Took ball with paws for new clan member casey, left music cd.'
- 'Found it, great site! Took Marias TB, sunglass holder and pez dispenser, left mini carbiner, P canopener, toy car and action figure. TFTC and I will get the TB off to see the sights!'
- 'Cool cache container! TFTC! See s log.'
- 'Great cache! Great trades! See s log!'
- 'A quick mile round trip to find this cache! The kids went willingly after I bribed them and had a great time! We wound up at the Max Patch parking spot and doubled back to the turn off. The MDX had no trouble with the drive down to the cache location, but we went past it and had to do a turn. We parked as close as we could and the kids converged on the cache, which was easily found. My daughter, , initially complained that there wasnt much in the cache, but then kept pulling more and more bags out. They were both very impressed with the size and look of the cache. Please send info on where to obtain! I have a great location at the end of a mile hike. We took mini cars, the C Pez dispenser, a Lego guy, a $ bill, and a sports ball keychain which is destined to be reincarnated as a travel bug ; left a large Army man, a tennis ball dog toy, an Edward Jones Mighty Grip Kitchen Tool, a keychain pill fob great for that micro cache hide , and Marias Birthday Bug TB recently from the UK . The Star Trek trading cards were in a bit of a mess so I popped them into a small Ziploc bag. I would have taken them too but I had taken a similar pack from the Tube Torcher cache last month. Thanks for this cache! It was a ton of fun! Except for explaining to my wife why we were late for dinner...'
- 'Came with teamgabe, , and . Wow. Thats a long drive up when its muddy! Dont you dare do it in a if its really wet! Itd be fine if it was dry weather. The river that the road follows is absolutely one of the most beautiful smaller rivers Ive seen. Nice cache container, too. Its deep, so dont forget to pull out all the contents! I took a StarWars stormtrooper Pez cool! and left a lego man space man . Thanks for was fun driving all the way back up to the cache after we realized teamgabes cell phone was left up there...Its about a half hour drive one way in wet weather give or take .'
- 'With Shava Mtnlion and Teamgabe on caching adventure. This was one of several caches we did today. What a beautiful drive up to the cache site, but unbelievably muddy. Sure glad Shava was driving. I had been wanting to do this cache since it was placed, its not to far from my home. Im so glad I waited on this one because I truly enjoyed finding it with new Friends. It was hid in a very interesting place and in an interesting container. Took Shava soap, Left Star Trek Spaceship. Thanks for the beautiful drive and neat cache!'
- 'Out with Shava and Pur The road was quite muddy from the rain, but Shavas expert driving got us to our goal while enjoying the waterfalls along the way. We need to come back again to enjoy the water when it is warmer! I took Superman TB and left a sports keychain. We had to navigate the road twice since I unfortunately dropped my cell phone. We luckily found it on the return trip. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'Quite an adventure! L_O_N_G road up, but pretty. Unfortunately too foggy for any long views, but nice just the same. Cache looks like a bomb! Nothing will be getting in that sucker and it is wedged in too! Took a light and quarter pounder, left a glasses holder and some Stud Bubbles. Thanks for the hunt!'
- 'Fun cache! Lots of snow on the ground and in the trees. Very pretty, but bitterly cold upper teens maybe, on a day when it was well above freezing in Asheville . Our sisters first cache, and she found was the one who found it! Shes hooked! No trouble locating it, but couldnt get it open at first. We thought maybe we werent trying hard enough, but it turns out we should have tried less. Managed to get it open, but broke off the tip inch or so, see photo of one side of the handle in doing so. Turns out it was frozen shut by ice that had pooled between lid and canister. Still works great, just isnt quite as pretty. Sorry! Excellent treasures inside. Signed log and left Superman TB. Took Meriwether TB. Our tracks up the bank were noticeable in the snow despite efforts to cover them. Taking a roundabout route up and through the trees when you get close may prevent this in future snow visits. Thanks for the great cache in a beautiful place!'
- 'Found it at p.m. on a very cold and windy day. Luckily, it wasnt covered by snow but much of the area was. Great cache. Took Appalachian Traveling Trail Coin and left Meriwether L. T.B. Thanks,'
- 'Great cache ,really cool container.I had wanted yo see where this road went anyway. Just made a nice stop on the way down to gulf creek. Theyve called me Scotty since I was born.I spend most days solving problems .Thanks for the dedication and the cache. Took yoda pez ,left zip tys and map to wolf creek falls, a few miles from here beautiful place .'
- 'Our second attempt this weekend to locate the correct way in from our Smokemount camp site. We tried to come in from the southeast only to find some very interesting, but well maintained, gravel roads. not too many in Indiana would have thought you could put a road up there . We managed to get within three miles of the cache this way. I think there might be a path somewhere in there. The people on their porches apparently were not used to out of town site see ers up there and the road was getting smaller. We drove with in feet of the cache. Great idea for a container! This find was a lot of fun, Thanks. T Bones and a Smiley Face Travel Bug L Leopard Skin Jasper, A.T. Geo Coin rescued in an way out of the way cache at Rose Island Indiana, and a wheres George dollar found in a Lexington, Ky cache.'
- 'I too was visiting Max Patch today. What a day it was...Perfect weather, great sunlight for photos, and a geocache in the area. What more could anyone ask. Took nothing but left some fools gold nuggets in the log bag. Thanks for the hunt.'
- 'great cache in a great spot. very differnt container. max patch was very crowded but cache location was nice and quite. if the weather is dry you can drive to within feet of cache, while hiking in i was pasted by a pt cruiser coming out. took light stick left quarter pounder P.S. this was my cache'

name: 'Great Big Hole in the Enchanted Mountains'
creator: 'CrotalusRex (of T.###.Ex.T)'
- 'I have had the coordinates to this cache for a long time but never had the time to give it a go. I wasnt planning on attempting it today but found myself drifting closer and closer. And without the map! Tried to call the cache owner from the BRP, but the cell signal was not cooperating. However, CR did try to send me copies of the map via cellphone, but they didnt load until after I had given up. The general location of the cache is super cool, and I will have no problems taking another drive out there. Thanks for the assist today CR! I will return...'
- 'We couldnt find the first location. See log for said cache. We did get to wismans view and enjoy some great views. This one goes on my need to find list along with a few others in the area.'
- 'Fantastic location at Wisemans View! I had quite a time finding this. I followed the instructions about looking for Cool Dip & Cave Too, but found no clues there a very nice place nonetheless . It had apparently been revamped and the old logbook with the clue was not there. However, I must give thanks to another geocacher who had found Cool Dip previously and gave me the coords at Wisemans View. However, these too turned out to be wrong! I probably spent an hour looking around near a burnt out tree with no luck. Then I re read thru some of the previous comments and targeted the closerby cliffs ledges. Totally by chance, I found one that looked sufficiently dangerous yet reachable and scored! Found the ammo box in a sheltered nook past a narrow ledge. Anyone who does this BE CAREFUL! Think gravity! T Nothing L Austin Intl. Cup Insulator'
- 'well i cant say we werent unscathed after this one. but is the younger and more inexpierenced of the two!'
- 'Well, all I can say is BE CAREFUL! Somehow I was the one walking on the edge as TerBer sat back. No reason we both should die, he says. Hmmm...then he gave me some bull about me being younger and more agile...more ignorant is what I say! At any rate, I weasled my way to the hiding spot and took extra time looking for snakes and things before I was brave enough to tackle the final few feet. Took nothing, left a couple of cars in a baggie. Great spot in my opinion. Thanks!'
- 'We must be having bad luck cause we couldnt find it. Well have to try again soon...'
- 'Ok...had a little help getting to this one. The cold, soon to be icy rain made the difficulty factor a little higher. However, I followed the advice of just take my time and pay attention to where I was putting my feet and all was well.....'
- 'This cache is probably my favorite. It is the most dangerous as well. I dont recomend taking younger cachers to this one. Nor accident prone people. We found it with team Rockrunners. TNLN. thanks for the hide.'
- 'this was the most dangerous cache ive found yet. wasnt too difficult to find with the map. took colombia coin menat to leave a piece of unakite and forgot. will return at a later date to leave it. great cache'
- 'I spent way too much time thinking about this one..but maybe it paid off...went right to it without any trouble..this time. It doesnt seem much like January in the mountains with such warm temperatures. My son was even wearing shorts and a tee shirt today. Sitting on the ledge and looking through the cache contents would have been downright peaceful if it hadnt been for our dog whining...We didnt dare let him go all the way to the cache container though I think he was willing to try. There was a Jeep from Indiana in the parking lot but the young couple it belonged to didnt pay any attention to us. After the cache we capped off the afternoon with a short hike to the Plunge Basin at Linville Falls. Beautiful! Thanks for another fun one, we enjoyed it! TN Left a bronze commemorative coin from the Air & Space Museum.'
- 'When I arrived at this morning there was ice in the side ditches. I had sent the wife off to work, loaded the truck, and began the journey. I do the dangerous” caches when she isnt along. She is afraid of heights and I know she wouldnt attempt this one. If she had known where I was going today she wouldnt let me attempt it either. With all the insurance I carry, life, ADD, and several other nest eggs you would think she would encourage adolescent behavior. Women, never will understand em. I found the spot and the cache rather quickly. Im kind of glad because the sun wasnt going to reach where I was for a while and I had plans for a near by cache later on. I took in the sights for a couple minutes, signed the log and placed everything back. I had the whole place to myself, saw no one else, no cars, nothing. The sweet sound of an ammo box in the high lonesome and the rhythmic beating of my heart is all that could be heard. I have faced several fears this week. I crawled on my belly in a cave, scaled craggy peaks near the Grandfather, and now tippy toed on a narrow, covered with wet leaves ledge. And least I forget; stepped in a pile of something that looked and smelled like something a bear would do in the woods! Thanks for this wonderful experience. I have been here countless times but never have I reached the level that I reached today. TNLN had a great time. ,,,,,Life is Good'
- 'After finding cool dip & cave too, we just had to give this one a try. Ive seen this spot from lots of places around the Gorge but never have stopped by. What a wonderful spot, gorgeous view, very quiet on a cool and cloudy Sunday. Explored lots of places but none really looked quite right. Climbed down the mossy rocks and found a few big holes to climb into...but no cache. Still not convinced I had the right landmarks shown on the map. There was also a really large pile of foul smelling scat right at ground zero...must have been a big dog...right!?!'
- 'Oh the agony. So close. And yet so far. Co ords had us dancing around a burned out tree nowhere near the ledge. Just didnt feel like right, so we ignored GPSr and spidermanned on some wet mossy rocks for a while. Found a letterbox cache by accident what duh? Guess well have to look for this one another time. Definitely NOT one for the cubs! GalPals all had a blast today. Who knew that one of them was acutally an Outward Bound climbing instructor in her pre mommy days. And why wasnt she the one choking the life out of the rocks along the ledge because she knew better than to climb wet mossy rocks she said when she finally came to get me down. Cant wait to see the photos. Sure my butt looks very small from that angle. Will be back as soon as I can sneak away again!'
- 'Ditto to Orthoguy.'
- 'We were unable to find the cache in which the initial info was located but we were able to piece together enough clues from the logs and with the help of the map we were able to find it without much difficulty. Fantastic location. Cache is in good shape but is in dire need of re stocking. Thank you for the great hunt. Regards, Orthoguy and'
- 'I got the coords for this cache on but just now getting around to searching for it. Glenda and I bounced up the rough, dirt road in the old Honda jeep and finally made it to the parking area. I hadnt been to Wisemans View in over thirty years and a lot had changed. The view was as spectacular as I remembered it and we also got to see some peregrine falcons soaring above the gorge. The cache location was interesting and precarious but not bad if you take your time. The cache itself was rather empty so we took nothing and left a light stick, golf ball and a couple of mini biners. Thanks for the great hunt! & Glenda'
- 'With the help of CrotalusRex to supply the missing hint, I found this one early today. GREAT place for a cache, just dont slip! Replaced the missing hint at the start of this cache, so all is now well...'
- 'on the scene from Orlando. This is our first cache. Well deserved based on peril factor. One little slip and youre a goner. No slips here, found the cache with no problem after spending some time down below looking for it. Thanks for the cool hide.'
- 'This one was probably the most dangerous cache Ive attempted. Safety ropes would be recomanded. I went out the trail and went down under it just to see how high the bluff was. Got some good px from below.. and of the burnt stump. Probably stright drop. Anyway.. found it and signed log. TNLN. Thanks Oh, I was afraid it would be closer to the overlooks where there are lots of people. Good hiding spot.. everybody use caution..'
- 'Related Web Page Found it with and Holden. See her note below for details.'
- 'Yippee! Back two months after our initial visit and were successful this time around! Our group of first time geocachers attempted Great Big Hole in June having no experience with caching and neglecting to print out the map. , Holden the dog , and I returned with a little more experience under our belt only to find that the cache was in the exact spot wed been before. It seems we got thrown off course the last time by a Tupperware hidden in the same locale and we gave up looking too quickly. In fact, we think we might have stepped on the actual cache in reaching for the empty Tupperware! Thanks again for a great cache you brought us to a wonderful spot twice, and now we are making plans to come back and camp nearby. Wish they all could be this cool! Cheers, & Holden'
- 'Had to make a second trip to get this one. After studying the map at home, went straight to it. I was all over it the time there, just failed to have the map. Anyways, really enjoyed this one. Cache is in an excellent place. And some fantastic views are there to be seen. Loved to hear the river roaring below. Left some well sealed kids candy, and retrieved Peace Froggin to continue its travels.'
- 'Ol Joe and I got so worked up upon finding this treasure that we got poetic and penned a little gag into the log. Dont worry, the poems no good but anyone who gets to read it will have a memory of a fantastic hike, and a very challenging find. Thanks for such an inspiring placement, Ol Joe and I are gonna have to get creative to play ball in this league.'
- 'It is places like this, and hides like this that keep bringing me back. A friend was with me and we had a great time here. Hell be logging also. The terrain and the views are awesome. Something about this one makes it very easy to look in the wrong place, but I wont say more. The cache was in very good shape except that the buckeye was mildewing and soggy, so I took it out. Other than that I took nothing and left only a log entry. Thanks CRex for a good hunt. OJC'
- 'of attempted today successes . This one did me in. I got within but the area was very damp from a week of daily rains. I am too old fat chicken to attempt this one without a top rope belay. I hated getting this close and not being able to succeed, but common sense prevailed. I apologize for the delay in posting. We just got back to Florida from a week’s vacation. Thanks for the hunt……………………. & Xenia'
- 'According to C Rex and Commissar, it sounds like we JUST missed finding the cache. Regardless, we were treated to some wonderful views, both in the vicinity of the cache and along the road to the access. Definitely worth a return visit to find it. Getting the coordinates at the Dip and Cave cache was awesome too!'
- 'THIS WAS THE BEST GEOCACHE LOCATION THAT I HAVE BEEN TO YET DONT FEAR IT, DO IT! …and now the rest of the story… We started hunting for this cache on April and finally made it to the Great Big Hole today! We were not, however, looking for the cache the entire time. We had to stop in the middle for an unexpected trip to the emergency room which had nothing to do with Geocaching , and then return to our real jobs…But I knew that I must someday return and finish what I started…and today was the day! The Volvo T Series wagon is not the vehicle of choice for traversing such a highway. Its more at home on paved surfaces where tight in the corners and high pressure turbo chargers really mean something. Words of wisdom from Windy…Next time we go geocaching we will drive the Pathfinder! Once we made it to the area of the cache we enjoyed the views from the designated locations, and then from several other better spots that were great but with no fences or railings we had to be careful because Treebird and Hotwheel have not yet gained a full appreciation for gravity and how it relates to cliffs! Eventually as the crowds thinned out I slipped away in hot pursuit of the cache leaving the remainder of Team Commissar to cover my back. I followed the GPSr to a ledge where it zeroed out and looking around I didnt see anything like what I remembered from the picture. In keeping with my healthy respect for gravity I did not look too far over the cliff. I pulled out the picture and once I figured out the relative scale it was easier to pinpoint the cache location. I made my way to the target area and easily located the cache. I signed the log, made some trades, left the Peace Froggin travel bug, and rehid the cache. As I recovered it I heard Dr. EVIL laughing from inside the cache and I could not help but laugh too…and it was an evil empty echoing laugh that seemed to bounce off the walls of the mountains all around and for a moment I was sure the evil swirling gravitational time displacement anomaly had once again opened to bring forth some strange geo being or transport me to beyond the great beyond! But it was only a dream… And this was the BEST Geocache location that I have been to yet… I cant wait to do the Tube Torcher! The Commissar'
- 'Finally found it! Tried this one a few weeks ago with just the map & got all screwed up. Went back today with no map forgot it & found it....go figure! Actually got a few clues from Spyder but still spent min. looking. No one else was around thank goodness. Its hidden very well & in a unique spot. It rained this morning so area was pretty slick. Took a lightstick & left a small flashlight plus a butterfly from Miss Addy.'
- 'First multi cache, we had a great time even though it was drizzling rain on off the entire day, which made it a little slippery. The clouds were so low, you couldnt see the gorge, but I will be back on better day to have another look. Took multi tool and left a Hotwheels car. Thanks...'
- 'first find today found without any problems.i used to climb in this area just around from the cache site. the ground was slick from the rains and made things a little hairy. cache is in good shape and well hidden. took ask jeeves, left spyders buckeyes and multi tool. hope to get the scorcher next weekend. thanx'
- 'Oh man...we missed C. rex again today! We were at Cool Dip and a Cave this evening and found the clue and coords. for the BRAND NEW GBHITEM cache! Although LM and I were planning on Cool Dip to be our last cache for the day, we then knew that we HAD to complete this one after our last attempt which found the cache gone! Drove up to the area where we expected to find it, walked to an area within ft. of the target coords, and scratched my head as I peered over into the canyon. Hmmm... A minute later LM calls out that she has found fresh tracks leading down the ledge. We take the ledge and knowing C. Rexs fetish for rocks and crevices walk over to find the cache! A superb hiding spot! I dont think we have to worry about anyone stumbling on this one this time! We took Dr. Evil and the Cherokee book and left a brand new Ask Jeeves page a day calendar and a beer coozy from Andros the island in the Bahamas where LMs brother lives . We covered this one back just as we found it! Thanks for restoring the cache in such a great spot! Wanderlust and Laughing Moon'
- 'Hi looks like the Big Hole cache has vanished...could it be the work of the Brown Mtn. Lights, elves, Elvis, trolls, Jimmy Hoffa, smurfs or hobgoblins? It would be nice to think it was spirited away by one of the previous but from the evidence witnesed by WL and LM it is most likely the work of even worse...local indigenous life forms commonly reffered to as inbread rednecks. I wish the fleas of million mangy, stinking, steaming camels to infest the private places of whoever took the cache. It may be gone but it will return... ...CrotalusRex has spoken.'
- 'Im really getting bummed at always having to be the bearer of bad news on C. Rexs caches! Laughing Moon and I know this cache location very well so we stopped by for a quick cache hunt on our way up to Boone today. Within minutes we found the correct overlook, the trail, the overhang, the smaller overhang underneath the larger overhang, the lone brier bush and the crack hole back behind it....with absolutely nothing in it! You could even see the slight impact of where and how it had been lying in the hole. We looked all around in case it might have rolled down the rocks but nada...zilch. Seeing that no one has logged it for months along with several beer cans in the vicinity leads me to believe it has been found and snagged. I even shoved my arm past the brier bush way back into the crack, but I knew a inch PVC cylinder would be visible. It was such a beautiful day and great clear views. We took some pictures and I will email C. Rex some of them to verify that we were at the right crack. But I am positive, especially considering that our Etrex hit zeroed out right in front of the crack! So we hung out for a while and then went and had much greater success with the Appalachian High cache! We hope C. Rex replaces the cache in this vicinity. Its a dynamic place! Bummed at the loss of Great Big Hole cache Wanderlust and Laughing Moon'
- 'This was one of the most beautiful cache’s we have ever visited. It was an easy find and a bumpy road however. We did not stay that night to see the lights, but we did come back the next night. We were treated to a wonderful view of the Brown Mountain Lights. & Renee'
- 'Related Web Page This has been one of my most SURREAL experiences. It all started with a vacation trip to the mountains. I did a little geocache research and downloaded a bunch of waypoints, but didnt have time to read all the notes a very important detail . We ended up at Linville Caverns and I notice we are only a few miles from this waypoint. We work our way around to the Linville falls and the park ranger suggests we visit the Wiseman view. He says it is only miles down the dirt road, I am thinking that is real close to this waypoint! So I turn on the GPS and we drive the mini van down the dirt road an adventure in itself! . We get to the spectacular view and the GPS is saying Im practically standing on it, I think. But with out the Cache notes, it would be hard to find in this very public place. So, I casually start examining the shrubery while people are milling about. I am guessing in the bushes or under a pile of rocks just off the over view. After sometime with no luck I decide to give it one last shot. There are two couples standing on the overlook when I start moving along the clift. They must think I am a nut because I am crouched down examining all the nooks and cranies near the overview. Collecting lichen samples is my cover story, but I never had to use it. Finnally, I come around to the small path and can see the Grotto. Thats gotta be it! No longer is plain site, I dart under the ledge. Now, I am real excited, but I left my backpack up top. I question weather to take the cache up, go get my pack and risk a return , or just sign the cache. I make the quick decision to sign the cache and get back to my pack. Beutiful site, wish I had more time to enjoy it! I replace the cache and take a quick look up on the wall. Someone is taking a picture, didnt see me, Ill wait another second. Then I start to hear... AMAZING GRACE! What is going on, some woman is singing Amazing Grace? Did I fall and go to heaven? But this voice has full accompement. Ive gotta get out of here. So, I bolt up to the side of the clift and there are about a dozen people coming down the path. There is a boom box playing Amazine Grace and people setting up cameras! So much for a graceful exit. I dart up the trail with my head down. Apearantly, this was some kind of memorial service. I got out just before it started and people didnt seem to care that I just popped up from under the clift! It was too surreal! But, thanks for a great cache! I hope the NPS, lets you keep it. I did notice some beer cans in the grotto sorry couldnt get them at the moment , who ever left them must not have noticed the cache! Thanks much!'
- 'We found our way here after a pleasant drive from the Dreams of Flight cache. We have found quite a few caches, and this is one of the top or views we have seen for a cache location. There were quite a few people around today, but I think we slipped down to the cache unnoticed. There were some really cool comments in the log book that we enjoyed reading. While we were examining the contents, we saw a lizard in a nearby tree. Ive never seen one like him around here, he looked like a true chameleon independent eyes, prehensile tail... . We were impressed at how well the area has recovered from the wildfires last year. We took a silver heart necklace, and a little sock monkey, and left a piece of amethyst and some pick up sticks. We left the binoculars that were in the cache so the next visitors can use them to enjoy the spectacular view. Thanks for placing this cache in such a perfect spot.....Botrytisfree and Erwinia'
- 'We made it to the cache area around tonight. The road from the south leads up the mountains along the ridge. With most of the foliage turning, it seemed like we were driving through a painting. From the parking area, its a short walk to the cache. We were signing the log book as a group gathered overhead. They were quite startled when we popped out of the bushes. We waited around until after sunset to view the Brown Mountain lights as well as the rising red moon. Wish our photos had turned out better. Anyway, we took the copy of The Hobbit thanks , and left an Etrex protective case. Cache locations dont get much better than this...'
- 'Another find by Spyder. He seems to have all the luck these days...or is it skill?...hmmmm. Great place & an excellent veiw. Hadnt been up here in a few years. Ive actually saw the lights...they do exist! He took the Traveling Chicken to relocate on the coast this weekend. I took the Bird of Prey to relocate somewhere. Also took the little tractor. Left a Croakies sunglass holder, trademark spyder, rubber snake, trout flies & Miss Addys trademark butterfly. Were we the first to find this cache?? Thanks for an interesting day.'
- 'Found the cache no problem. Beautiful area I had never seen really lives up to its name! Ill be back for sure to look for the lights and possibly hike down to the river. Left a trinket and took the Klingon Cruiser and Locutus of Borg. I will be taking them on a trip west...possibly to Texas! Live long and prosper... CanisRufus of T.S.M. Ex.T'

creator: 'CrotalusRex of T.S.M.Ex.T and TubaMan1040.'
- 'TFTC This was on our day of my geo kayaking trip, caching along with footTrax & , we camped here for one interesting night with a great storm on top of us, after surviving the night we hike mile to what if left of this amazing tree and took our victory photos, then hiked back to get on the kayak with a heavy rain on our heads to be on our way to our next cache Note to myself and other, it is not a good idea to hike miles with no shoes on through this kind of beach lolol.'
- 'Pavillion Key seems like an idyllic place to visit, but as FootTrax described, our time here was more of an adventure than a respite. We fought hard to make it to this spit of land in the Gulf before dark, and the night turned out to be a wild one. We did what we could to prepare for the storm we expected, and then I got up periodically throughout the night to look in awe at the lightning filled sky and feel the damp wind. Luckily, it never got much worse. In the morning, heavy weather was still looming when we make the hike to the cache location, but the shells and life along the way made us wish we had much more time to explore. We paid our respects to the tree, and headed back to the boats to begin a day of paddling even longer and more difficult than the last. Thanks for giving us a reason to come out this far, and a place to share our experience.'
- 'I can’t believe we made it! It was a long day struggling with the waves and wind. We started our day by paddling along the shore but quickly realized we were not getting anywhere fast. This is when we stopped and came up with a different plan. We ended used the mangrove keys to our advantage. It seemed to work and we only had a couple of jaunts across the channels. Everybody hated those! We reached the mouth of the gulf around p.m. and still needed to paddle to the island. It was now raining and the clouds were looking pretty dark. We just went for it! It was a hard paddle and the island seemed so far away. and I landing on the island first, but Ata was still out there. It was very exhausting and we thought he stopped paddling. We landing on the East tip island because there was a huge mud flats surrounding the island. went on the mud flats to see if Ata was OK and to guide him in. We set up camp and ate some dinner. Then Capadlo turned on the weather radio. It was saying “Severe Thunder Storms with wind up to miles per hour”. Plus there was a tornado warning for the area. That’s when we realized we needed to break down camp and move near the trees. We got back in our kayaks in the dark and went around the East part of the island. Then we set up camp again. The tree did protect us from any huge gust of winds. The heat lightning was amazing. It would light up the whole tent inside. It rained around a.m. but we never got a huge thunder storm. We were all happy with that. We woke up the next day and it was still windy, so we walked to the cache site. It was a nice walk and the shells on the beach were amazing. I have never seen so many huge shells on a beach like that. We kept stopping and looking at shells the whole way. We also saw an Osprey nest which was only about feet off the ground. I guess they really don’t have many predators way out here. The tree is down now, but there is another huge one behind it. Maybe you can get new coordinates for that one once this one is taking by the sea. Even though we had extreme weather, I was happy I got the chance to come to this island. It will be an adventure I will never forget. Thanks for the fun!'
- 'While on an adventure in the glades, I paddled over to this one. Although the photo does not show it, conditions were a bit rough. After locating the tree which was at the water at high tide I decided not to disembark. I snapped a photo of the tree and another with may hand and paddle in the picture. At that point I got slammed by a wave and dropped my camera. I am so thankful that it landed on the only flat part of my deck, being about inches wide and right at the waters edge. Miraculously I was able to grab it before it was lost to the sea. At that point I was glad to paddle to calmer waters. TFTH'
- 'and a very milestone worthy cache indeed. Finally. After almost three years of planning and having those plans dashed, the Pavilion Key Sunset Tree is mine. Anidanid and I kayaked out to Pavilion Key from the Everglades National Park Ranger Station in Everglades City, making it a mile one way paddle. It was cold and blustery and a difficult paddle but we finally arrived. We set up camp and prepared for a windy night that dipped into the We camped out on Pavilion for two nights, leaving a day in the middle of our trip for the hike since the Sunset Tree is a mile one way hike from the camping area. But at low tide, it is a very easy walk mostly along the beach with a few areas of storm deadfall that we had to climb over. The beaches of Pavilion Key were literally covered with the most amazing array of shells I have ever seen. A shell hunters paradise, no doubt. Just shows how few people venture out this far. Time continues to do damage to the remains of the tree. The GPS shows the tree in the middle of the island, but in fact the tree now sits below the high tide line. There are still remnants of all the Spanish Moss that once covered the branches. It was amazing and almost sad to go back and look at all the pictures posted over the years of this tree. The paddle home was another story. Nine of the mile return trip were in heavy headwinds around knots. By far the most difficult paddle I have done yet...and one I will not repeat even though we camped at one of the most beautiful sites I have ever pitched a tent. For me the Pavilion Key Sunset Tree was a once in a lifetime visit. Thanks for the cache.'
- 'Found this gem of a key after putting the hit on Ed Watson.. The Homing Pigeon drove the Mafias skiff to the site.. She really liked driving the boat.. We parked the boat on the shore, big mistake, and took the required picture.. Then we noticed that the boats were sinking! The waves were washing over the stern and filling the boats with water.. The Godfather and the Brains were able to move the Mafias boat off the shore and bailed it out.. The Jungle Pete boat was not so lucky.. It sank.. The Brains and The Sealthcachers wife both dove into the gulf and swam over to lend a hand in bailing and refloating the boat.. The only causilty was JPs GPSr. a monent of silence please .. We then headed to the other side of the key and had lunch.. The Brains and the Homing Pigeon went for a swim to cool off while the Godfather looked for some shade.. Lunch was provided by JP and Ecuadorable, a big thanks to them.. As well as a thanks to Blue Daimonds for joining us on our boat the days adventure.. Thanks for the Hunt,'
- 'Caching today with Jungle Pete and Ecuadorable in our boat and the Mafia, their girls and in the other boat. Its always good to take boats when you go out into the Islands. we were told its really islands. After finding Ed Watsons place, we headed over to Pavillon Key for our tree pictures. While we were taking the pictures, the boats were taking on water. We were told the boat would not sink, it would just tip over. That said, we did everything we could to keep the boat upright while taking turns bailing. We finally were successful in getting the water out and everything back in the boat. That was fun! We ate lunch on the inland side of the island where the water was a little calmer and then headed back to the Marina. We saw dolphins, a loggerhead turtle, a ray fly out of the water, and tons of birds on the island. A great day with a good story! TFTC'
- 'This was probably the closest I have come to losing it. It was a great trip out and a great trip back. Had a nice lunch on the calm side of the island but the incident on the beach made me flashback to my childhood when the boat we were on sank in Boca Grande. I guess it still haunts me. Maybe it was the curse of Ed Watson. Either way we came out ok. Lesson learned. We saw a Ray leap from the water on the way here. Saw an Alligator in the brackish area. Many Dolphins and a Loggerhead turtle poked his head up a few times. This area truly is fantastic and this is one of my top geo adventures.'
- 'After doing Ed Watson was a Bad Man we hit this one up, nice boat ride to this cache. Pulled the small boats up to the cache site for our photos. Big mistake as we were taking turns getting our photos we notice the boats were taking on water so we started bailing! We moved to the other side of the island and had a nice lunch. Had a great time with the group! Thanks for the invite. TFTC'
- 'Dios Mio. I will let tell the tale.'
- 'This is a fabulous place. Here there is enough protected land to see the world as it looked before we humans so overtook it. Enjoyed the journey in company of friends, the walk on the beach, and finally seeing the down tree. I think the notion of this cache following its demise into mulch is a splendid one. I dont expect that to take long. Thanks for another hide along the way.'
- 'After finding Ed Watsons Place with M&M my mom & dad , my sister Flying Lemur, , and Lbase, we decided to try to get to Pavilion Key before the tide went down. On the way we actually saw some dolphins leaping out of the water and one even followed our skiff a couple of yards. At first we had some difficulty trying to figure out where we should dock the boat so we would not get grounded. On the way to the cache location, we saw some REALLY beautiful conch shells and some other kinds of shells. Once we got to the cache location, we were to take some pictures and then we started heading back before the tides went down and it started to rain. On the way back, we saw the dolphins again and taught me how to drive the skiff and he let me drive for like minutes. Thanks for the hide from,'
- 'Been looking forward to this excursion for a while now! After spending some time inspecting the ruins at Ed Watsons place with Doc, IK & Lbase, we made our way to Pavilion Key. After navigating a sandbar or two between here and there and spotting a rat snake swimming by, we headed out onto the open gulf where we were accompanied by a couple dolphins and what looked like leaping sting rays. Cast our anchors on the beach, exchanged greetings with the campers and their pooch, and enjoyed a hike around the island. The kids were thrilled with the tremendous conch shells and other cool shells, coral, etc. all over the island. So as they collected, we navigated through the cool, gnarly trees until we found the tree of note. Posed for some pics and then headed back, running into a curious little raccoon along the way. Before we returned to our boat, the national park police inspected the shells the children had collected to make sure there were no living creatures inside & that they were not ancient Native American artifacts. Fortunately, they were approved for transport and Elayna & Philip had their Pavilion Key souvenirs. Then for a fun ride back to the marina, with the weather cooperating the whole time! Thanks for a great journey and for a reason to visit this beautiful spot! M&M'
- 'Wonderful day! Got up at and drove down to Everglades City to meet M&M Melted, and Lbase. An early start meant cooler temperatures and it was delightful on the water with the breeze. We had a high tide which made travel very easy, unfortunately low tide on the way back was much more challenging! We spotted a multitude of wild life along the way. Dove tailed kites, Egrets, Black Vultures, the usual great white and grey herons, little grays, Snowy Egrets, a Racoon, etc. No gators or crocs. We did see a large fish jump completely out of the water right in front of us. We thought it may have been a tarpon or shark, maybe a rare sawfish but eventually we agreed it was most likely a ray. We also spotted a foot rat snake making its way across the water to one of the islands. Once we crossed several bays and backwater rivers, we made our way down the Chatham river to Eds place. There were a ton of mosquitoes residing at Eds. They were very happy to welcome us. Took some pictures and headed down the river some more to go to Pavillion Key. Found a couple and their dog camping on the beach at Pavillion Key. They were down from NC. We hiked along the shore to the Sunset tree and appreciated the wealth of shells found here. Not the typical shells found along the Gulf Coast, including some huge conchs! We found the right spot and grabbed out pictures before heading back to the boats. Storm clouds were forming in the distance so we figured it was time to start trekking back. Back at the campsite the couple from NC was in the process of getting a citation from the park ranger for having a dog on the preserve. Oy! He looked over our shells to make sure we werent absconding with any precious rare shells and given his blessing we went on our way.'
- 'Oops! I think I might have tipped over the Sunset Tree. One moment I was standing next to the tree and then the world just turned upside down. What happened! Looks like a tidal wave hit this place. Lots of other trees are now gone or halfway into the gulf. The Sunset Tree is still hanging in there... just barely with its roots grasping for the sky and the earth. But one day the sea will reclaim what is hers. It always does. Im glad I finally got to see this famous tree before it disappears. The Boonie Man'
- 'Out with some friends from the University of Maine for a day trip. We landed on the other side of the island and then I dragged some of them to find this cache. We walked and saw found found lots of shells and birds. Sad to see the tree in the shape it is. Circle of life. It was a great time! Thank you for bringing us here! We wouldnt have stayed at Pavillion Key otherwise. TFTC!'
- 'found on a week long loop through the ten thousand islands region of the eglades. truly magical! hope the pic comes through. harry'
- 'Wow. This is not what I expected. The tree is nothing like the pictures form years gone by. Mother nature has sure released her wrath upon this area. I made my long distance paddle debut out here with Litngbug today on our way to Watsons farm. I’m sure in time another tree will take over the place of this one. Thanks for a fun and memorable cache. After all it’s about the journey and not the destination. TCS'
- 'Twas a treacherous voyage, it took me ¼ a fortnight to find my way. We was but nine men and a wench in small boats paddling out to the eye of the great gulf’s oblivion. My first mate Will thought it would be nice to visit the ancient tree of the sun before finding our end. The sea had taken its toll on the tree. She lay sideways and leafless upon the shore like so many ships we had seen before.'
- 'When seeing what other caches in the Everglades besides Ed Watson I came across this and knew it had to be done. It was a mild mile paddle out here via the nice current from the mainland pushing us so that made things nice. Trying to get to the tree was truly the fun part. At first we ported along a nice so I thought sandy beach, walked a while while eyeballing the raccoon tracks, walking over oysters which randomly cut our feet open and then got within . of the tree only to be stuck in knee deep gunk. Needless to say I said ok, it is time to turn around and go your way. After getting back to the boat we decided to go the other way via the water. The shoreline was pretty shallow so we had to go pretty far out to go around and get to the tree. Once there it was an easy scramble to the tree itself. This tree certainly looks like it had been around a while. I think we saw another one or two further inland so to see one out here is a big deal. We surprisingly ended up just making it the whole way back to the mainland and made the day trip into days. For those paddling out here also check out Rabbit Island as a possible rest point, it is pretty nice and has a semi trail system.'
- 'This cache and Ed Watson was a Bad Man was the purpose of a roadtrip from Slidell, LA to Everglades City and a kayaking trip into the Everglades. Flyingmoose and I had a great time paddling here our planned route had us camping at Watson Place late Monday, Pavilion Key on Tuesday, and Rabbit Key on Wednesday, with a return to the put in mid morning Thursday. We went against the tides current and winds heading to Watsons Place, but the next day we had favorable winds and tides the whole day. We had such a nice paddle we pushed first to Rabbit Key and then back to Chokoloskee. Not a bad days paddle from Watsons Place! At Pavilion Key we initially landed on the eastern half of the island and planned to walk the rest of the way to the cache. We saw tons of racoon tracks, and lots of horseshoe crabs, too. and I had a fun time exploring the area, checking out the oyster beds, and getting muddy, but when he went calf deep the party was over so we decided to turn around and go the easy way to the sunset tree by kayak . After we got to near GZ we snapped our pics and had lunch. Nice place. Coords were spot on also. What a great trip. Really its about the adventures along the way, and this cache gave us plenty. We saw dolphin right near the kayak, two manatee, gators, got stormed on on the way to Rabbit Key from here, and explored some cool islands. I was glad to have the chance to find this cache with . We had a great vacation Thanks!'
- 'We were out here paddleing the Everglads National Park for the week and this was our first stop. We love to stay at Pavilion Key. In the past we have celebrated New Years and had lots of fun at this island, however, this is our first time caching here. We camped at the other end of the island and had a great walk looking for the tree. My grandchildren found many treasures. Thanks!'
- 'Wow. Can I please claim this as a Terrain Holy Moly! Also, the sunset tree is going to be in the water soon. There is so much erosion. I was on the waterline when the coordinates hit Some of the roots of the tree are in the water. I believe this tree was back in the woods at some point but it sure aint now! This was the hardest paddle of my life and I only had to paddle from Rabbit and back. The big seas can really mess with your kayak out there. We circumnavigated Pavilion because I tried to attempt this from the mangrove side of the island. Thanks for the cache! Photo to be posted!'
- 'My year paddling the Islands in January and time camping on Pavillion Key , but the time doing a geocache down there. Thanks for a clever one! The mama osprey was not pleased with my picture taking of the tree, but I got in and out. Not sure how to post a picture, but will try. TFTC!'
- 'On this gorgeous Monday morning, three of us headed out to the Everglades. A girl could ask for more than this beautiful day and to have two men at her beck and call. After hitting Waton’s place we headed out to Pavilion Key. Saw a lot of campers out on the North sand bar, and even say a couple of dolphins off to the east of the key. Sad to say I was still a little queasy from our adventure at Ed place, but we circled the island a few time and OB was sure he spotted Sunset Tree. So we made short work of this cache and head off to Everglades City so I could get a little break before heading back to Homestead. Thanks to OB for all his efforts in making this an enjoyable trip and to Chico for aiding and abiding a couple of geocacher in their goal. Thanks for bring us out to such a beautiful spot. Lj'
- 'We flew over to do the other near by virt so while we were in the area we buzzed over the Key. I got some pictures of the Key and what I suspect is the Sunset Tree which I will post later...thanks it was a GREAT day for flying! Ob'
- 'Great place to visit& fish the shore line, but be ready for the bugs.'
- 'What a ride! The tree looks as if it were once a prop for an old Boris Karloff movie. Its defenitly freeky looking compared to all the other vegetation surounding it. Great virtual. Visit visit link for pics of me and Litngbug'
- 'FTF Log at PM today with ! Long boat ride from Lovers Key. Very nice island in the middle of nowhere, ospreys were very noisey. lots of raccoon tracks in sand, loads of plants on island, including catus. saw remnants of compass rose beneath tree. pics are posted thanks for the cache'

name: 'Satans Pit'
creator: 'Ipplepen & Davyboy'
- 'Another hole in the ground. I was trying a bit of desensitization therapy today, with this one and the Monster, and I think it may even be working. I went way, way too far into this particular hole. I didnt see the cache on the way in, so just kept going, in the hope that either me or the cache owners were bad at estimating distances. I got to the point where I thought this must be a terrain cache, I was up to my shoulders in water and wondering when the roof was going to cave in, before thinking this couldnt be right. When I eventually did find it on the way back, it was a walk in the park by comparison! Meanwhile, the Dog Who Was Afraid Of The Dark kept guard by the entrance. TFTC and the therapy.'
- 'This cache was recommended to me by a friend ? and when I saw it I knew I had to go for it... With Grandma and the girls in tow, I had to pick my time, but they let me do it, with only a few comments. Well, they know how mad I am by now, and it was definitely useful to have someone on the outside holding the clothes and the camera. Good job Im not superstitious, considering what day I did it on haha. It was a chilly, windy day, but once inside all was sheltered, and the only cold thing was the water.... and my legs..... and.... well, lets not go there. I managed to spot the cache without going too far in, and was almost disappointed that I didnt have to go further, though I did have to do it twice, since I had forgotten the pen in my excitement duh! A quick change, and it was all over on to the other excitements of the day phew! Thanks for the entertaining puzzle and cache!'
- 'COR! that was great fun, and somewhat different to the current rash of rubbishy micros in my hometown portsmouth . Solved the puzzle quickly enough but hadnt really looked any more into doing this cache til a friend TheKennelat mentioned it to me. Decided to do it on the way home from Plymouth. Parked up, set off towards GZ, realised Id forgotten my towel and trainers, went back and got those and headed back again. Looked at the ankle deep water coming out and thought doddle so waded in. Then waded back out again after it had gotten rather deeper and emptied my pockets of phones iphones pdas keys wallets etc... Waded back in and watched with some amusement as the water rapidly reached halfway up my chest. Then realised my GPS was still hanging round my neck so stuck that in my mouth... Searched an awfully long way in before I remembered the hint I must have gone some in so turned round and backtracked, to then find it somewhat closer to the entrance.. haha. Signed the log and climbed back out, surprisingly not feeling that cold. Thanks for a great cache.'
- 'Our find! Solved the puzzle some time ago so decided it was appropriate to find it as our find. While Hobo led the way and was fast disappearing up the tunnel Miss found the cache and had to call him back! The log is slightly damp but we managed to sign it. Thank you for an interesting puzzle and cache.'
- 'Orti had solved the puzzle quite a while ago but as we are living in Reading this wasnt to be a cash and dash. This week we were in the area for some letterboxing and caching so we decided to end the day with a more challenging cache. Satan was conquered quickly and inside the vertically challenged team member Orti hastily stepped back to let the taller one Ecky do the job and retrieve the box . The log was signed quickly and then we both retreated back to the car for a quick change of clothes one wet up to the thigh, the other one up to the waist . Thanks for a challenge and a great cache.'
- 'Found this one with reb the water was lovely. a quick change of clothes bk at the car, and kettle on.'
- 'Went up the moors just to get this one with , having worked out where it was a few months ago. What an experience, have never felt water that cold before. What a great cache.'
- 'At last! Ive had this one on the to do list for ages, and today was the first chance I had to do it. With the right equipment it was a great cache, without the right equipment it would have been even more memorable, lol.... but this was really fun! In fact, it was so much fun that I even managed to persuade Cathy to have a go! She enjoyed herself too, even though she was a little bit scared. Fab cache, great fun, highly recommended! Photos will be uploaded shortly, Cheers,'
- 'I’ll remember this one for quite a while and my socks are still drying out! . Solved the puzzle without much stress and headed off down to the cache. Fully kitted up so I had no hesitation in heading in. I had not felt water this cold since I last swam in an alpine lake! Matt stayed within boot deep water – chicken! Would have liked to explore further but it was just tooooooo cold!'
- 'having worked out the clue i phoned ipplepen to check my workings out i was right mr ipplepen and poppy decided to come along with me for a laugh and take photos of me making a fool of my self, found out where i had to go wound up my touch and off i went tftc tnln photos im sure are to follow'
- 'Loved this one....darkness & water.....excellent! TFTC'
- 'We met up with Broxi, foxy & cubs & Fine weather Campers to do this one! We would like to thank Foxy for working out the puzzle well done you & Broxi for being the brave man who entered the Satans pit with just his shorts & sandals on! The kids ran down the hill & found the place....they all wanted to go in....god knows why it didnt look appealing to me, especially with the cold wind on the moors today! Broxi & Badwolf prepared to go in with their head torches on.....the gasps of breath answered our questions about the temperature of the water! They had only gone in a few feet when they came face to face with the resident of the pit....a bat! After coming back out for Broxi to remove his sweatshirt & Badwolf to get some handheld torches they ventured back in....Broxi wading in up to his waist this time & sounding like father Christmas as he ho ho hoed his way into the deeper icy cold water...& Badwolf bringing up the rear & shining the torch all around to help locate the cache! Within a few minutes Broxi had it in his hand....Hurray! But what was worst....being in the cave with the ice cold water up to your middle or standing out on the moor soaking wet & shivering in just shorts whilst the logbook was signed????? Thanks guys for inviting us....another memorable water cave cache to remember......after Broxi dried off & Badwolf changed his trousers we headed back up the hill to the car & off for a few cache & dashes! TFTC'
- 'Met up with the fearless Broxy, Roxy and Cubs, Robster Beavering About and BadWolf The kids ran down the hill and were very keen to tackle the cache. Broxy came prepared?? and in he went. The OOHs got higher as the temperature got lower. After re checking which side we were advising it was on the cache was soon in his paws. Log duely signed by all and placed back. Then for the accent! TFTF and for Broxy for plunging in with Badwolf providing additional lighting.'
- 'Met up with Beaveringabout, Fine Weather Campers and Badwolf to get this. All the young ones ran off ahead to find the pit and we all thought it was funny when Dad went in to get it. I wanted to go in and see the bat but it looked really dark and cold. TFTC and lots of fun.'
- 'and what an appropriate cache for us to hit this troubling number. The cache itself was tackled in shorts too many ladies around for an underwear, or even Commando attempt and sandals, and I must add that the water, although beautifully clear, left a severe sting in Broxis more treasured areas . As the water lapped its way past his navel Broxi took time to reflect on the wise choice of wetsuit and warm flask of coffee. Never the less, this was nothing compared to past Scottish dips and Norwegian ice breaking drills. On a serious note if you do want to venture further into Satans crypt then dress appropriately as it wouldnt take too long for something to go seriously wrong in water this cold. Broxi is Scottish and relatively immune to the cold after many years training in his bedroom as a cub... often heard reminiscing about the icicles in his bedroom. We were accompanied throughout by , Beaveringabout, Fineweather Campers and Badwolf the latter tackling the water in jeans and sandals, well, until it passed his knees. Foxy thanks you for the great puzzle and we all add TFTC. .'
- 'After saying my farewells to the Director of Freedom the wife I entered Satan’s Pit. Feeling so confident, in the knowledge that had Satan himself been in he would have either wet himself laughing at the sight of me in wet suit and hard hat or would have been totally blinded by the dazzling array of lights I had in my possession, that I forgot to think about the distance I’ll travelled down into the pit. It wasn’t until the first thud of my hard hat hitting the roof of the cave that I realised how far I’d gone. Knowing that many before me had ventured right to the end I decided simply to continue rather than go back for the cache and grab that on the way out – bad mistake. I soon found myself almost up to my neck in water and when the walls had widen to the point that I couldn’t reach both sides I began to think if going on was such a bright idea. However Satan hadn’t even started with his mind games yet. First, what sounded like a half submerged container banging against the mine wall turned out to be the water lapping against an oddly shaped hollow. This was followed by the unexpected sight of some plastic sheeting that was lying on the rocks at the end of the tunnel. What was underneath it or wrapped inside it I just didn’t want to know! It was there at the end of the tunnel that Satan played his trump card. Whilst making my way down the tunnel the water had been so clear that I could see where I was placing my feet and where the larger rocks were. However on reaching the end, as I turned round, I noticed that the water had become very murky. For several minutes the thought that I wasn’t going back down the tunnel from which I’d come began to play on my mind. I seriously began to think that instead of turning degrees I’d maybe only turned degrees or something and that I was now heading up another tunnel that had formed a sharp hairpin bend. Of course the logical reason was that I had churned up the sediment lying at the bottom but it still took a lot of effort to convince myself of this fact. Eventually as I neared the entrance exit I spotted the cache in its hidey hole and took it out into the light for signing before replacing it back from where it had come. Then, after taking a few pictures of the pit, I started on the next challenge of how to get out of the wet suit. Thanks Ipplepen & DavyBoy for this brilliant cache it made sitting in the traffic jam on the M worth every minute.'
- 'Part of our Find & Dined days out with Auntie Faye, a new pub for lunch and some local caches. Today our pub was the Warren Inn. As promised i was back, armed with appropriate clothing. After the initial shock i soon became accustomed to the temperature of the pit. As i ventured deeper and deeper into the pit I suddenly noticed something shining in a likely hidey hole, Bingo! i thought, but as i put my hand in, the thing suddenly moved and this huge toad jumped out, frightened the crap out of me! Anyway once composed again i ventured on and soon had the cache in my grasp. signed the log and then swiftly exited the pit. It was cold and raining outside so i decided to walk back to the car in my wetsuit and wellies, and boy, did i get some funny looks from the passersby! T TNLN'
- 'After working out the co ords earlier in the week with a little help from the owner this was to be the highlight of our epic hike. As it happened the weather was awful and by the time we got to this one the light was fading and we still had to get back to our car at Fernworthy. I had foolishly come out with out any of the info on the cache so wasnt sure what i was looking for or how deep into the pit i needed to venture. As i entered the pit i could feel a chill coming from within. I ventured in about metres, it was then that i realised i didnt have the balls to go any further I fled for my life! But i will return with my devil proof suit and defeat the beast!'
- 'I never worked out the puzzle still dont understand it . But with a little local knowledge and a good map I worked out roughly where this one is. On my first attempt afew months ago I looked all around the area, but couldnt find the enterance. Tonight I found it, but should I enter ? well it was Friday . I went in anyway and found the cache very quickly. No problem with the cold water or getting wet for me, with my extra clothing. . In fact I liked the look of the place and decided to explore a lot further down the passage about another meters until the water got too deep even for me. PS. I found two cache containers in the same hiding spot, maybe people were doing a quick cache and dash due to the cold and didnt spot the other one. Thanks for a nice one LNTN'
- 'Been saving this one for something special and this is it. CACHE and almost exactly a year since finding our first cache. Buster is still getting over flu so I went in VERY cold...brrrrrrr.'
- 'As we were still suitably attired from doing a couple of similar caches today we thought that we would do this one. Mr W went first and was bravely heading into the depths when Mrs W found it. Should have let him keep going and see how far it went back. Much warmer than we had anticipated. Fantastic cache.'
- 'Brilliant cache a trifle chilly perhaps! Wasnt expecting to be in a swimming costume on an October evening but since Id discovered my waders werent up to the job at a previous cache what else could I do! Should have borrowed Windrushs full monty. Thanks a mill for the cache.'
- 'Last one on a very hot day and so the cooling effect was very welcome. I swear the piskies were at work. I went in, missed the cache, went to the end and on my return the pesky piskies had put the cache back in plain view! Walked back up to the car and just sat in the sun re energising. It was lovely. Thanks.'
- 'Got this one on the way home from another cache so we were in that state of mind! Parked close by and walked down, it was spitting with rain! Great cache loved it!'
- 'Found it sort of with , House of Boo, Lordelph, Blazing Otters under the watchful eye of DavyBoy who had to go in and confirm it had been muggled for us after we went all the way to the end without finding it. Would the next person in please try and retrieve my toes and man bits. Cheers.'
- 'First cache of the day and what a cache to get started on! From this cache I will never have to attend an ante natal class because I mastered the art of breathing like a pillock as soon as my nether regions hit the icy cold water! If it werent for the fearless band of amigos that went to face Satan with me I might not have had the bottle to do this one... Fortunately they were, we did and it felt brilliant getting out all in one piece minus a few vital attachments! Took away some memorable photos and a video of the whole thing, Left a couple layers of skin and my dignity altogether now oooh ahhhhh eeeeeh oooooh ... Great cache!'
- 'After getting to the Carry on Camping campsite, I tagged along with a fine crew of fellow cachers, told only to expect to get a little wet. No worries, I thought. A hot day like this, a little splash around in a babbling brook or welcoming waterfall would be just dandy. As it turns out, these idyllic images were almost entirely wrong. The only thing babbling were six grown men wondering if theyd ever see their testicles again. Not for nothing is this Satans Pit. The memories of this cache will last a lifetime. Only those that tackle it will understand. And tackle it you must. Thanks Davyboy, this was a good one.'
- 'This was a great cache I was very glad of the company as we did this one. and what a great bunch of guys to cache with . It was so cold that before long everything went numb and there where some very strange sounds being emitted by the band of foolhardy cachers as they searched in vain for the cache. It was eventually decided that the cache it was missing luckily for us and unluckily for him davy boy was on hand to replace it. Great Cache Thanks'
- 'What a bloody laugh My toes were so cold i had to count them to make sure they were still there. Did the same as some others, went to the end only to find no cache.....fair play to Davy boy who went in and checked and confirmed it had been muggled However, luckily a spare had been brought and was promptly replaced by Davy boy again. Great cache, with some great people..thanks for your company guys.'
- 'Been meaning to do this one for ages & finally got around to it today. Managed to walk way past it at first but found it quickly on the way back. T Plymplodders Pete'
- 'Thanks to Ipplepen for the clue , i had decrypted it but disregarded it thinking the word was a bit odd. And thanks to Windrush for leaving the Lidls info in his log. I done this without the clue so spent mins wading to the end and back a few times , great fun . Thanks for another excellent cache location. TFTC Jim'
- 'Had a quick look at this puzzle when it first came out, didnt have a clue and put it aside again. Planning to come here with Windrush, I looked at it again, saw it in one go and had it solved within minutes! A nice hiding place, though I was glad I had the use of waders and hadnt brought the kids.'
- 'Had to mark our some way and last week Lidls had just the right thing to make this one possible. Set off with the Hamian Explorers having a fair idea what to expect and enjoyed it so much I went way beyond the cache just for the fun of it, or was it because I missed it time round? An excellant cache but Im glad I didnt do it in January the water must have been really cold then. Left micro Geocoin. TFTC'
- 'It was hotter away from Hell than in Hell today!Brrrr! TFTC Cache in good condition'
- 'Chris solved the puzzle, so I had to do my fair share of the work and was sent into the pit to find the cache. I took off my boots and socks and stepped into the very cold water. Didnt get far before realising my trousers would have to be removed too. Left Chris on sentry duty at the pit entrance and continued. Im only tall or should that be short so the water came up to my chest. Must have had my eyes closed with the shock of the cold water as I missed the cache first time passed. The tunnel is very long and very dark I know because I reached the end. Satan was not at home, which is lucky because I think he would have had the greater shock had we met. Found the cache on the way back, then sat on the grass outside to defrost in the hot sun. Happy Easter. SL. TFTC. Also logging in and out our England Geocoin.'
- 'Knew what to expect so came fully armed with the necessary equipment which turned out to be just good enough for the job! Lovely location but didnt venture any further past the cache. No frogs around today but someone had left a candle nearby. Thanks for bringing me here, I had a very enjoyable time.'
- 'You both ARE sons of Satan. more and i would have been done for. Did you know maglights are waterproof but dont float? TFTC'
- 'Early morning drive out to this one through the mist and rain. Nice easy walk to the cache site, by the time we got there it was dry but very cold. Took with us what we thought we would need to get the cache but soon realised the items we had brought were of little use. Started to look for the cache, in the first place I looked there was a frog staring back at me. Cache eventually spotted by Scally and the log signed. Thanks for another brilliant cache, I do enjoy these easy caches close to the road . TNLN.'
- 'Out bright and early arriving at the cache under a gloomy leaden sky. Changed for the job in hand a lot of good that was . Had to over do it and venture past the cache by metres , must pay more attention but it was very interesting? Anyway needs achieved it was home for a warm. What mind thought this one up TFTC'
- 'An early start for me and Mrs S who had an unexpected day off work today. We arrived in thick fog and the walk to the cache ended when the Pit suddenly appeared in front of us. It was still very cold but warmer than yesterdays excursion into the underworld and at least I knew what to expect today. Located the cache and signed the log with a bit of a scrawl because I left my glasses outside and I couldnt really see what I was doing. Back at the car the fog was still thick so changing into a dry pair of socks wasnt a problem with passing traffic! Why do we do these crazy things? Oh I know, we love it! Thanks Ipplepen and Davy Boy, two very good caches, definitely worth their ratings.'

name: 'ST Anthony Rocky River'
creator: 'Whitedrag0n'
- 'TFTC, Very new to this, Was great fun finding this lush area every one needs to take a look at this cache lots of stuff to swap and great fun hunting for it, Iv picked up my very first trackable item and will place this very soon in a forest spot, kids had so much fun today and keep asking me to go looking for more lol. young took a slinky and put in a kids key ring in as swap, love this cache!'
- 'Dropped off Chocolate Mousse !'
- 'Nice hide, although it took us a while to spot it. Like this area of the Forest very much, but not in the winter if you need to get out to work! You do really need wellies or good boots to access the cache be warned. Dropped off French Chateau Coin TB & TN. TFTC. .'
- 'A nice hiding place. I have visited this place so many times over the last years, and have plunged into the well on a good few occasions; try it if you dare! Took a pack of cards and left some bangles. TFTC'
- 'almost very wet ! took geocoin left local found fossil Nogbad the Damp !'
- 'Had a lovely walk in the woods, saw the spring, then found the cache after a short search. Dropped of QC GC. TFTC'
- 'Another great location TNLNSL TFTC'
- 'wot a good cache got wet feet but wot the heck'
- 'very good find but very wet more on a wet day like i went lol'
- 'Found with ease. Good hiding place. find of the day with Franterfritters. TFTC'
- 'after following gps and clues this was a easy find TNLN TFTC'
- 'Lovely walk and we filled a bottle with water. Took torch keyring and magnets left Trump cards and pack of childrens games. TFTC'
- 'Decided to make a bit of a walk for this so started in the mist at Collafields, through to the Wilderness, down Plump Hill to the cache and back up some very slippery steep slopes to Collafields just as the light was fading. A really attractive place and the cache cunningly hidden, enabling me to verify that the GoreTex emblem on my boots lives up to expectations. Took nothing, left nothing. Thanks.'
- 'Easy find but a bit wet and muddy and the stream was running quite fast. Took TB and will drop off soon.'
- 'Been meaning to do this cache for a while and as we were sort of in the area driving back home, stopped off for a walk with Archie my greyhound . Rain was holding off as we walked to the wood, track a bit muddy in places. Some lovely autumn colour and lots of water in the cache area. Co ordinates are good, so didnt take long to find the cache, after jumping over some of the streams, Archie just walked through them. Just as I was putting back the cache, it started to rain, so we didnt hang about but made our way back to the car but a good short walk Left Jareds Famous Travelling geocoin TFTC'
- 'After searching for a while in the wrong roots, we found the cache. MintyXi, Laura, Brenda & Randy. Took greetings from Bavaria GeoCoin. Left a balloon. Also managed to drop my camera in the spring. TFTC'
- 'Had stumbled upon the well a year ago when it was very wet underfoot but quite an amazing discovery in the woods. It was good to come back to hunt a cache and to learn more about the well. Thanks'
- 'close to home which I have visited often can be a bit spooky at night but this was a very pleasant autumn afternoon. tnlnsl tftc'
- 'Hmm.. Spent quite a while looking round for this one.. Maybe the Satellites werent behaving above the trees ; A tired and hungry baby forced our exit. We will return.'
- 'We walked over from Blaisdon for easily the most interesting cache of the day. Wonderful Damsons on Hangmans Hill and some good Blackberries later on. Will tried the water as we were quite thirsty by this stage, so food and drink were free today. We toiled with the overgrown and muddy Flaxley Woods on the way back. Dropped off Greetings from Bavaria geocoin, as this was the last cache of the day and the only new one which would take a trackable. TFTC, Pete, Will and Bob'
- 'We were out for a nice Sunday morning stroll with our friends dog thats staying with us for her holidays so after finding the Earthcache in Soudley we drove up here to get this one. The dog had got so muddy on the geology trail that we were glad of some nice clean water to wash her off for the journey home. Nice spot. TNLNSL TFTC'
- 'IT was just wonderful ,very peaceful'
- 'Worked with to place this cache'

name: 'Necropolis of Britannia Manor III'
creator: 'LordBritish'
- 'continued from previous log CriffRee, , and I spent a good minutes taking in the whole area and the chamber. We went through the treasure chest of goodies and converted our coins into artwork. I thought of snoogins as I churned the handle MANY times to get extras. Debarbs was ready to head back and CriffRee and I stayed behind to soak in some more of the area and explor. CriffRee then found a hidden ladder to the TOP of the chamber! I didnt go up there not really sure why, just didnt but he got a great view of the area. After spending about minutes at this location we made way to the van and headed into town to fuel up the van and our bellies for the trip home. FINAL NOTES I didnt add up the estimated times I put at each chapter, but overall it took us hours. We hit some rough spots early on and made some simple mistakes. We went here counting on hours just to be on the safe side but didnt allow for mistakes. This cache has a lot of driving which is fine with us, but just remember a mistake could cost minutes of drive time. Please allow the entire day for this cache so you dont come up short. The final GZ does have lights for night time, but I dont suggest you do it at night at least your first time for many reasons; terrain being the main one. This cache is very incredible and I suggest you read the whole journal in its entirety at least a couple times just to get an idea what youre going to be in for. The chapters built on each other and its good to know whats up ahead so you dont make simple mistakes like we did and burn a lot of time. Of course, this is the most awesome cache I have done to date and obviously a lot of time went into the planning and setup. Major contrats and props to all who put this together! Thank you very much! My logs are for the most part in relation to how good the cache is. This is my first ever two part log! BTW, we finally made it home right around LONG DAY! AWESOME CACHE!'
- 'Very neat cache! You mustve had a lot of time on your hands! There were parts that I was a little creeped out on Chapter or maybe Chapter Anyways, TFTC.'
- 'Id been planning on doing this since it came out. A couple of attempts to marshal my forces from Houston failed. But yesterday the stars aligned, and I was asked to join AarronBarbee and his family on the quest. He printed out the page, and we made a rendezvous and hit the road! The trip from Houston was uneventful a good thing and gave us time to go over the cache page in more detail. We get to Chapter GZ and look around quite a bit. I see what we are supposed to see, but didnt realize it. We looked quite a bit, finally a PAF saved us from purgatory! I cant believe we had such a rough start. But once we found it, I was angry because Id seen it! Just didnt recognize it. OK, so I gotta let that go. We now move on to the next quest and had a hard time getting our bearings. The map definitely helped. Eventually. The youngest in our crew made the correct sighting and we were on to the next chapter. We were all hoping that this was going to get easier. And sure enough it was. We sailed through the next couple of chapters, only to get to Chapter and end up with wrong numbers. ?!? Our PAF bailed us out again. This after we headed back to what was the original necropolis, only to be corrected to head back to the EXACT same street we were on! Ug. But never mind that, what a VIEW! Breathtaking. We headed in, and again ended up going in an area we shouldnt have. A local redirected us, and sure enough this was EXACTLY where my calcs had TRIED to take us before we blew past it! OK, double back again and were on the trail. Our youngest of the group was getting increasingly creeped out. That was fun! . And then there it is! And on top of that the door opens. AWESOME. Very nice. Extremely well done. THANKS to all those responsible for this and the time they you put in to making this happen. Its was well worth the day trip from Houston. We ended up comitting about hours to this single cache! I traded out to TBs with two I brought. THANKS for the mission sticker, those are AWESOME!'
- 'Fellow denizens of the quest, This cache is made not of props, wood, and metal. This cache is made of AWESOME! Twas on the most unluckiest of days Friday the that I set out on my quest for the sacred cache of the Necropolis. ILL omens forbade as I loaded my Temptress and my little Homunculus into our carriage before setting out from the Land of Sugar. The Homunculus was showing signs of testiness as is common of Homunculi. My Temptress foretold of tantrums aplenty in the coming hours. Foul Temptress! Her foretelling was realized mere hours later on the hallowed grounds of the burial place of the previous Guardian. I was glad we were there just past mid day as the Homunculi’s screams would surely wake the dead at a later hour and my Temptress was becoming fouler by the moment. I whisked my party of wanderers to the inn above the cave of bats while I set out on the rest of my quest which I knocked down like ninepins. I returned to the inn above the cave to freshen up at dusk and collected my Temptress and my Homunculus to treat them to a fine meal at The Tuscan Eatery. The meal was divine as I chose the most excellent chop of veal and the service was excellent. My Temptress rolled her eyes in ecstasy with her fare as well. You know how it is with Temptresses. When the Temptress is happy the Lord of the manor can relax. Keeping the Homunculus happy and occupied worked until my meal was thankfully finished. I used the diversion of a crying Homunculus to exit the villa to obtain the last clues. Thy voucher was of great import when the bill came. I was expecting a bill comparable to Ruths Chris or Perrys, but the discount brought it down to Olive Garden territory. I was amazed. The additional savings went into the pockets of our server. Alas, the cave of the bats awaited and no night quest was undertaken to reach the final goal. The next morning I set out from the inn even before the sun arose in the east leaving my Temptress and the little Homunculus to their slumber. I made my way quickly and was on the trail of the snake as first light crept up into the sky. I thoroughly documented my final journey in the arcane digital mediums and made my way slowly to enjoy the full effect. Upon the final goal, I signed the log being properly awestruck by the founders sigs, I dropped off many travelers, and traded many, many of my own smashed coins, as well as leaving an offering of skulls and bones and a secret offering to the Lord of the Manor. I took only different mission patches and some travelers. I rolled several coins in different metals the best being the quarter sized metal Brazilian which looks awesome and I left sheckles for other weary finders who might have forgotten their own sheckles or wanted more. Notice to other coin smashers If you try a coin other than a quarter make sure it fits the slotted tray and is no thicker than a quarter. I did brass tokens, pesos, and other like foreign coins. Lastly, I just lingered a bit. I climbed the tower and spied a Moai in the distance. I would have liked to see that up close, but alas, it was forbidden and my Temptress called on the far speaker to give joyous news that the Homunculus was having a good beginning to the day which foretold of better travels to see the Toilet Seat Wizard in San Antonio. Thus ends my story of the Necropolis, but Ill be back some day to take up the quest at night. Thank you Lord British. You and your minions did a great service to this community by providing such an awesome quest. Regards, Sn gans, The Sn gstress, & The Sn glet Cuj'
- 'Thank you so much for the awesome adventure! We really needed it. We drove up from Houston and were amazed and delighted with Austin. This was our first time there and you helped give us a great introduction to the city. Despite the incredible heat, we made it through to Necropolis to stand before the dead and present ...our offerings. Afterwards we went to Siena. That was such a good call! It was literally the best meal Ive ever eaten. I even felt a bit guilty giving them the coupon for it because it was so good I did anyway though . I can not thank you enoug,h Richard, for the great time! Im hoping youll create an even more devious challenge for the next one. On another note, we got to meet some of the people in charge of Scare For A Cure and will, hopefully, be coming back for that! It sounds like so much fun and for such a great cause! Im also anxious to meet The Diffuser on our return trip as he was out running errands for a new tent to help keep his people cool, being the super guy that he is. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!'
- 'TFTC. I loved exploring austin with the help of this cache and . What a great experience.'
- 'We made a special trip from Spring Branch just to find this cache today. It took several hours all in all. Wish we had gone to the final at dusk but we were eager to get to the end. Logan said this was the best geocache he had ever found. The boys wanted to come back after dark but we had to get on the road. We almost got stopped in our tracks because the Lagoon area is off limits after Had a great time and it was great going to some of the other spots on the way. Im sure this will win many awards. The effort to put this all together must have been tremendous. Thank you so much for all the hard work. We left a few deer bones at the site along with a few quarters for others to use as needed. TFTC Chris, Penny, Logan and Liahm'
- 'I have been a fan of Lord British since back in the days of Ultima I and II. I still remember sitting at the computer in high school trying to play the games in computer class without getting caught. I expected a lot from the master of RPGs and I must say that he did not disappoint. Incredible. This is now my favorite cache so far. Thanks you so much for the experience. We were able to brave the Necropolis to enter the Tower Vault and gain our rewards. I will be taking out of town friends out on this cache for quite a while whether they are cachers or not . Left some cow bones to add to the pile. Grabbed some stickers and and patches and left a bunch of stuff in its place. Also grabbed the Lucky geocoin. Thanks again for all the effort on this cache. We look forward to seeing what Lord British does next, and maybe one day having the means to grab his other two caches from the depths of the ocean and the cold grip of space. As a side note, it maybe helpful for future adventures to know that the original Necropolis in Chapter closes its gates at we arrive at on our first attempt . And the Glorious Lagoon in Chapter closes at we arrived at on our second attempt . Helpful to know if you are attempting this cache during the summer when the sun is up much later than some of the sites you need to visit. Thanks again for the cache.'
- 'This was an extremely awesome journey. I must admit I had to return to a couple of the stages to verify my clues but it was a great journey. Even in the daylight this place can get the better of you. I cant wait to return after dark.'
- 'Visiting Austin with and to complete the necropolis cache. Of course, Stopped for a few extra smileys along the way, but thats part of the fun. Way cool cache. Really enjoyed the final.... and really glad we had quarters...! Thanks for the smiley.'
- 'What an adventure from start to finish. An incredible mind was necessary to plant this cache! Thanks!'
- 'Came down to Austin with P.E & W.M. for Necropolis. Definitely worth the trip down and the entire adventure was amazing! Enjoyed every stage and especially the final! A lot of effort was put into this setup and was glad for the journey. One of these days I will do this one at night. Thanks for the memories!'
- 'Awsome day and search. Ran into other geo hunters at Chapt great to meet others during a hunt. Unfortunatlly we only had one of our children with us. Going back next Saturday with the others to see the end. Ran into the care taker, and had a wonderful conversation! After we got home found out exactly who Lord British is OMG we were on his property one day hope to meet him in person! Thanks for the adventure. and family'
- 'WOW... spooktacular! We met family at stage one and we all worked through the first chapters before parting ways. has sharp eyes to see the signs that help point us in the right direction. Loved all the sites we visited solving this one, especially the benchmark! We approched Britannia Manor III during the daylight hours and were able to really examine all the hard work that went into this cool display. In the dark, we might have missed some of the little flourishes here and there. Being a Dark Tower junkie, I had chills seeing the tower. Unfortuanately I didnt have the Horn of Jericho to sound from the top. We loved trading at the cache and playing with the machine. Later that night I dreamed as I turned the crank, a rack was turning below in a basement stretching a victim and I could hear his screams! posed for a picture with Bigfoot in the background and as I snapped the shot, both of us swear we smelled a skunk ape. Really! We both left Leatherface tags and converted quarters. I also left a canine skull near the tower and various animal jawbones near the opening trail. A most excellent time!'
- 'When I first heard about this cache a few weeks ago, I told that we were going to Austin to do a puzzle cache. He replied that we were not going to Austin for a cache. I said no more about it, but emailed the cache page to him. Later that day he plopped a article from the Dallas Morning News into my lap about Texas Chainsaw Massacre sites to visit. He said, Okay, but were going to do these also. I found out that all the sites had caches either related to them, or very near to them. We started out early this morning and found all of the TCM sites. Then we began working on the Necropolis puzzle. We met a family at chapter and completed the first chapters together. We went our separate ways, but saw them leaving as we were at chapter and I decided to go ahead and complete the cache in the daylight so we could really see the sites. I LOVED the final. I enjoyed the path, the sites, the views, the tower, and the swag. I traded pathtags and left a few extra. This was an awesome ending to a horror themed caching day!'
- 'What an incredibly well planned and well executed multistage puzzle! The stars aligned just right for Georeynozos who was on her way to San Marcos to visit her daughter at camp , Rich & Lola who had planned to cache in Austin and my son, Ian and me planned to pick up a few caches at UT and head to Lake Travis to see our friends to get together to do this cache. Thank you R&L for inviting me! The day started out with us waiting for Georeynozos to arrive and then loading the car in a sudden, quick downpour. The day was overcast and gray and moody just the right atmosphere for a spooky time! Somehow it managed to stop raining at each stop while we hunted the answers to our puzzle! The detail at each stop and the way it was all woven together was masterful. There were several times when the light bulb went on over our heads as we recognized certain familiar elements. Ive not explored Austin very much so each stop was a wonderful revelation of this city and its history. We worked well as a team to find and answer the puzzling questions and figure out the next step. Lola and Ian took lots of pictures for us just in case we missed some vital piece of information. We did stop for a few caches along the way but when the sky darkened and the threat of a real storm moved in we quickened our pace and headed to the final. A little stutter step finding the right way to go for the final but soon we were on the spooky path marvelling at each turn. LOVED the way the scene was set and the final was well worth it. Even with rain and thunder we couldnt resist a quick climb up the tower to look over the domain. I wish we had more time to look over the swag but rain drops started falling and we decided it would be best to get the cache out of the rain and safe. We hurried back along the trail as if chased by the hounds of hell! An excellent adventure that should be experienced by all. I dont think one trip is enough to catch all the nuances of this journey. I cant wait to return for another visit in the dark to get the full effect. Thanks for all the time and effort it took to create this wonderful caching experience for us!'
- 'We met up with Georeynozos, Kirbydox and Ian early in the morning to start this adventure. The morning started out with torrential rains. We enjoyed doing the puzzles and as well as exploring each place the puzzle took us. We took our time and spent the day taking pictures and seeing all the sites. It rained pretty much all day, but every time we had to stop for the next leg of the puzzle the rain would let up. We finally got to the final stage of the cache. We made our way to ground zero. We spent quite a bit of time there. We exchanged travel bugs, pressed our quarters, climbed the tower and took some more pictures. We had to make our way quickly back to the car because the sky turned dark and the thunder was beginning to rumble closer. Since we could not do this cache at night stormy weather was the next best time do do this spooky cache. The cache is awesome and we hope to come back sometime and see it after dark. Thanks Rich & Lola'
- 'Well where do I begin... Knowing I was going to be in the area for the weekend, I decided to attempt this puzzle cache. Two other sets of fellow cachers were in the area for personal reasons and or caching. So before I made my way to San Marcos, I met up with Rich and Lola, Kirbydox and Ian Early morning, some threatening sprinkles, ah, lets go for it. We all climed into the stuck bucket and began our quest. With coords converted, thanks to Kirbydox we started to drive to Chapter Since it was so early in the morning, my fellow geocachers were quickly aware that my shirt was inside out . Yes, traveling from Houston, and trying to get ready in the dark, as to not bother my family, did not quite get me the finished touch I was hoping for concerning my wardrobe. While Ian and Rich were serching for needed info at Ch. Kirbydox held a towel up so I could fix my shirt. See, I told everyone...this shirt has a design. We continued through the story, completing the necessary infomation. What a great history lesson! We learned more about Texas history, adding the clues to our evergrowing puzzle. We were smiles through the whole adventure. We welcomed the personal touches added to the adventure by the himself. Each cacher had to have a keen eye to notice subtle hints The chance of rain was today, but it seems as if had control of the rain maker because at each Chapter, the Sun seemed to appear and the clouds dried up. We stayed pretty dry through the whole run, even with the rain coming down at torrential levels. We GZd and found ourselve roaming the manor. Luckily, a groundskeeper directed us to the most accurate approach and off we went. Final chapter, final walk. We were all really taking aback by the work put into this cache. We followed the well worn path and made our way to the cache... Wow! is all I can say. We all seemed to be in our own worlds, thinking of the enormous amount of creativity and work which went into placing this cache. At GZ, we heard voices, no it was not my multiple personalities...well unless one of them was , but luckily Rich heard the voices too. Hmm, being watched by the spooks and spectors. I will answer you now...whomever you were... Yes, we could here you . We continued to enjoy GZ. You just do not SL and walk away, you stand there and ....enjoy...take in the whole it was so worth it. Thank you Lord British. We wanted to stay and take more pics but I guess Lord British walked away from the rain maker because the thunder and lightening started to sound closer and we bid the manor farewell and went back to the cache mobile. Final thoughts Recommend to all...this cache is alot of fun, so worth the hours it took us. Enjoy and enjoy, so much work and thought was put into this cache. Stop and smell the roses at this puzzle cache. Thanks to Rich and Lola, Kirbydox and Ian for agreeing to join me to do this cache, even with their other things to do on their list. Left tbs, took tbs and alot of pictures and will have a lifetime of good memories added on to other caches that have done the same. TFTP. SL.'
- 'Wow! What a tour of Austin we enjoyed. This is a very creative cache and, though Ive lived in Austin years, I acquired new tidbits to amaze and enthrall friends. Thanks for all your efforts. We met Melanie as we finalized our searching. Accomplished this with the twosome from Houston. Also located the bonus benchmark. Thanks!'
- 'What a cache! It truely deserves all the praise that has been thrown at it. We are in town from Houston bringing our grandson home. We had been following the cache on the Central Texas Geocaching postings. There are a number of cachers in Houston planning to come over and do this one. We got local cachers, Team Bluegrass, to go with us to provide the local knowledge that was so helpful. They quickly recognized most of the stops. The Austin tour was great and the finish was awesome. At the finish we met Melanie and used our quarters. We took two travel bugs and left a pathtag. Thanks for the puzzle and for an outstanding caching experience.'
- 'For many a long night the guardian must have plotted and schemed to draw the unsuspecting living to this charnal landscape, some never to escape and only swell the ranks of those already present. We toiled throughout the day, visiting locales both chilling and enchanting before our final trek, bearing our humble offering. Braving the eight legged guardians lurking within the tower we scrawled our mark upon the log and then ascended to scan the horizons. We had hoped to encounter the guardian who had drawn us, thus, into his realm, but his countenance was never revealed to us. Nevertheless we stand in awe at the marvels we have been shown.'
- 'My apologies at this lengthy log, but I feel this is an experience that should be fully documented, for my own memories. My hope is that others will find it more useful than annoying. No spoilers are contained within. Chapter We have cached in this location before, but were unfamiliar with the stonecutters place of business. We located the required information and proceeded. Chapter This one had us stumped. We knew we were in the right general location, but couldnt find it. I humbly called the hotline, ashamed to be needing help at this early stage. As the phone rang, Mr. spotted the clue we needed. I greeted the hotline owner, she wished us well in our journey, and we continued on. Chapter Here we were again stymied. We backtracked to the source of the information, recalculated, and returned to the samespot. The sun was high and our reserves were low, so we retreated to the comfort of our chariot and replenished our energy stores with the supplies we had packed. With renewed energy, we emerged from the car and were able to locate the appropriate marker, just outside of our original search zone. Chapter We made an incorrect assumption and briefly detoured to an incorrect location. It was a welcome respite as we refilled our canteens and enjoyed the grounds before correcting our mistake. We were lucky to find the needed information with only a cursory walk of the beautiful grounds. Chapter I admit to a cheat here. We had been to the top many times before, the sun was approaching its zenith, and the clue was easily obtained elsewhere. It appeared there was no other necessary information at the top, so we continued on. Chapter The Tuscan eatery was closed so we easily gathered the needed data. I question whether the proprietors of this fine establishment were aware that geocachers often are in need of attention to personal hygiene this far into their day, when they made their generous offer. Chapter We quickly located the benchmark. It appeared no further information was needed here. Chapter Oh the cruelty of Texas summer. Mr. wanted to finish the journey in the heat of the day, but I was hesitant. We did not trust the coordinates I had divined, due to the large sign warning away trespassers, so we returned to the site of the benchmark. There we thought we had located the stone steps and wandered the grounds, failing to locate anything encouraging us that we were in the right place. I believe we were lucky that the resident knights did not defend this location from these confused intruders. We proceeded back towards the coordinates and located the proper stone steps. Our canteens were empty and the heat was oppressive. We vowed to return to this location at dusk, and return we did. After applying our shield against tiny attackers, we ventured up the stone steps and into the woods. The walk was not a long one, but it was full of sights. We collected the missing cypher digits and unlocked the door to the treasure. Just as we made our discovery, we heard a voice Knock, knock... It was none other than Lord British himself! I think he was as excited to see fellow geocachers as we were to meet him! He imparted his experiences to us in creating this marvelous caching experience, and about his space adventures. He showed us the sights to see from the top of the tower and hinted at what more is to come. And he guided us safely back to our car, showing us the additions that cachers have left along the way. What a wonderful and unique experience! It is clear that much thought and sweat has been put into this cache, and it will only get better over time, as both the cache owner and other cachers make enhancements. Im glad we were there at dusk, and plan to return at full darkness next time for a different experience.'
- 'fun cache thanks'
- 'We finally had a day to travel on this adventure after BGTxs event earlier in the day. Lunch first to fuel the kiddos and adults for our journey. pksimmang, PumpkinAngel, Kempercacher, geokid and I worked with Haliades and EngineerSFC on this adventure. , and SlolumDude joined us at the beginning and then they headed off to find other caches while we completed more chapters. We moved along quickly and smoothly. No backtracking for us other than to move along Kempercacher ! We visited new places in Austin that we will need to return to and explore further. I definitely want to return for the Tuscan adventure without geokids and not after caching in the TX heat! Backroads and SuperDave rejoined us for Chapter & as we finished our adventure. All enjoyed exploring the final site in the daylight and the kids traded swag. We used several quarters and left a small offering too! The daddy long legs must have been hiding from the heat today. Great puzzle adventure and very nicely done! Thanks for all the work everyone has put into this cache. Im sure we will be back months from now should be perfect!'
- 'My first time geocaching. Thoroughly impressed with this site! Very cool and spooky at night.'
- 'What a great adventure to go on with friends. I learned an awful lot about Austin. Every time I visit I want to move closer to enjoy all that Austin has to offer. Thanks for all the hard work that you put into the cache and thanks for the souvenir to take with me forever. TFTC'
- 'With the help of my semi brilliant sons, I was able to find this cache without resorting to my many lifelines thanks anyway Cybercat . Chapter two presented the greatest challenge as we became tunnel visioned in our search. Beyond that point, it was smooth sailing until I calculated the wrong waypoint coordinate and was corrected by my eldest. Great fun, educational, and epic. My only regret is that I peeked at the many photos posted by previous cache seekers thus removing some of the surprise elements of the cache. As an added bonus, we were treated to a late night visit by himself.'
- 'Sapphie took the day off today and we decided to attempt this much hyped cache. What can I say that others havent??? By far the best multi we have ever done. The amount of work that went into this is mind boggling and the final is amazing. We had a blast doing this today. The only time that we had trouble was when we ignored some plus signs, so we used the wrong clue and wandered around for awhile at chapter After a detour, we realized our mistake duh! , set off down the right path, and victory was ours. I will definitely be bringing all my out of state visitors to do this cache. Believe it or not, this was our first time to climb the lovers hill even though we have lived in Austin years shame on us. The views were spectacular even on this cloudy morning. We will definitely be back someday at dusk to get the full effect of the final area. Our contribution to the area was a headless dino skelton emerging from its egg see attached pic. We also left many quarters in the cache in case some other travelers forget theirs in their chariots. THANKS SO MUCH to Lord British and the whole team for so generously sharing this with the geocaching community. As others have said, people from other states and countries will make a special trip for this one. It doesnt happen very often, but this cache lived up to its hype and more! BTW I have read in several logs that people are doing math since the coords are given in ddd. instead of the usual ddd. mm.mmm. You dont have to do math, just change the units in the setup menu of your GPS for the duration of the cache adventure.'
- 'I was very excited to attempt to find this hidden treasure. Today was the day I had allocated for my attempt. I arrived at the starting place @ pm. I quickly found the directions I needed to find the next clues. I jotted some notes into my Codex. I followed the directions and arrived to look for the rune of the guardian. After wandering in circles for minutes, I kept reading the clues over and over. It started to rain on me. I was hoping that this was not an omen that my luck was going to be unfavorable today. I soon spotted the rune which I was looking for, and jotted some more info into my codex. Im not sure how I missed it for so long. Maybe my luck was improving. I followed some special instructions, and consulted another source of information. After using some new information. I was again scratching my head. I returned again to a source of information. Yep, I think I was in the correct spot. I used my sextant to figure out the correct location. This time when I looked I spotted the prize. I think I was looking for a bell, a book, or a candle but, Im not sure why . Once again I added some information to my codex. I looked where my new location was pointing for me, and was wandering if there were any moon gates near by to speed up my journey. I resisted the urge to find a nearby moon gate and used other available transportation to deliver me to my new search threshold. After a journey which seemed like a fortnight, I arrived at the glorious lagoon. I looked for all the postings on the nearby buildings for any clues to show me the way. This place reminded me of the shrine of humility. After walking around the shrine for a few minutes, and asking everyone about the mantra of the lagoon, I spotted something that made a torch light up on for me. This mantra allowed me to find my next direction. I returned to my transportation and followed my new path. I made a wrong turn, but soon found my way again after a sacrifice at the shrine. I was now at the high ground. I followed the instructions in my codex and soon had part of the word of passage. I continued to the top of the high ground and took a break to reflect on my journey thus far and how much further I needed to go. I saw some fair maidens who reminded me of Jaana and Mariah going up and down the high ground over and over. Once returning to the low ground, I now had a new direction and sense of purpose. I soon arrived at the Tuscan Eatery. I considered going inside for some rations and possibly some reagents such as nightshade and mandrake root. My transportation soon needed to replenish its energy supply. After some quick calculations, I realized it would be OK. I inspected some architecture at the eatery, and jotted some information into my codex.'
- 'This cache is more of an experience than a find. I second the thought of someone earlier who said that we are lucky to live close to this cache. My brother, a resident of Austin, and I spent the afternoon following the chapters of this cache. We found many parts of Austin which he had never visited. I want to thank all involved, especially , for their creativity and efforts. This cache is impressive on so many levels. All of the clues fit together so seamlessly with themes running throughout. The final cache was a masterpiece with the vault being the pinnacle of the experience. I can assure all who read this that you will probably return to this cache. I know I will. Thank you.'
- 'Thanks a lot for the cache. Very involved and a lot of fun getting there. Found it with Macinsa............TFTC'
- 'all I have to say is WOW! This was awesome We started the day with picking up Nazcula then meeting up with EWB, CAD, BigguyinTx, Itsloveinstereo, and Bananapoo. We searched for several hours to figure out the clues and made it to the final in daylight. We found a few more caches then went back to this one in the dark... We had a tour and a great conversation with the owner. WOW what a day Thanks again for puyting this together. We will be back for sure'
- 'Id like thank everyone who was involved in putting this cache together, it is a real geocaching gem! TFTC!'
- 'Dad and I embarked on this journey one fine Saturday morning. We had the morning to ourselves after dropping my swimming sister off at invitationals. You know, I think Im going to be on the swim team one of these days, but I digress. Today dad started off explaining a few things about life to me. I think I understood what he meant when he explained that it ends for each of us in time, and that our friends and family will miss us when we are gone. Dad and I explored places I had never seen before on this adventure, and there were many lessons to be learned. A welcome guide helped us for Chapter and it helped us feel prepared for the rest of the journey. Sis and Mom joined us for chapter and their help was welcome as well. We finished the rest of the puzzle in just a few hours. Our adventure at the end will remain in my memory for some time. You see, I met a humble man of the Earth who has been above it a place that my father has described to me on many evenings before I drift of to sleep. We are grateful for his stories and this, his great gift to the caching community. Near the vault left a companion who has been with our family for many seasons. We hope he does well among your friends. I took a coin to remember my visit.'
- 'What an adventure! I hope more geocaches like this get published. I found it with a whole bunch of San Antonio cachers and One Austinite. Once we found the cache it was still light outside, so we went and found another nearby cache and came back. Once back at the local parking, there was . We all stood around talking, and then we headed back to the cache. He gave us the tour version of the walk, which was nice. It isnt often a cache owner comes out and explains the method behind the madness. I must say though, the spiders were a nice touch...'
- 'Howdy! That is how I greeted Lord British when he came to see the latest cachers who came looking for this wonderful cache. He, and everyone who had a hand in creating this cache, did a fantastic job on this cache and I hope they are prepared for all the kudos that will come their way for it! The adventure started when I met up with some awesome geofriends from SA. We were lead a merry chase about town getting all the clues, had a nice dinner near the Tuscan leg and then encountered the Blazerman family at the final approach. I am glad we did it in the daylight first but also glad I saw it in the dark! I look forward to coming back again. I dropped off several travelers, took some non trackable coin, and left a few Washingtons for your trouble!'
- 'Had a great time doing this cache with , , Nazcula BananaPoo, , and BigGuyInTx. I think we made some things harder than they should have been. Starting at the posted coords instead of where it said your adventure starts here but us off a bit too. The final was AWSOME and it was great to meet the owner also. I will have to admit that I googled him Monday. Heard the stories but wanted to get the full info myself. Thanks for a great afternoon and I can not wait to come back in a few months and see it again!'
- 'No spoilers in my log.... Just know this is a must see cache!'
- 'This was FUN! Usually the joy in a puzzle cache is solving the thing and possibly finding it with friends. That was the case here with the added additions of the cache container being absolutely amazing, the trail to the cache container is full of surprises, and for us getting to meet Lord British himself. Really enjoyed hearing the story behind this cache and do hope it gets put into print. The creativity in the original and in this puzzle are awesome. Looking forward to going back in a few months to see how things have progressed. Thanks for the cache and for coming out and visiting with us. We thoroughly enjoyed it!'
- 'This was a truly memorable day for all of us. Thanks to all of you for the work you put in to this cache. I am sure you will have lots of visitors as word of this experience gets out. My son and I worked through chapters while the rest of our party waited through four hours of an invitational swimming tournament at a nearby school of higher education. You see the most fair Lady Bubbles BubblesPPG had qualified for the tournament, but had to wait for her turn to compete. Sir Garmin and I were exploring the area in chapter when we were approached by one of the cache designers. He was busy making sure that those who follow in our footsteps will find the clue easily. We enjoyed swapping tales and it helped Sir Garmin and I feel more at ease about the journey ahead. We returned to attend Lady Bubbles event before finishing chapters and on our way back home. I have knowledge of the area and had suspected the Tuscan location prior to beginning our journey, but I feel the formula in chapter may need tweaking. Ill suggest North degrees, E A F minutes seconds West degrees, B E F minutes seconds. I am one of the travelers who made it out touched, so please check my work. The redundancy of the instructions kept us on the path throughout our journey. A nap was next in order for most of our party. I stood guard at camp and went over the calculations in my journal. Fed and rested, we moved on to chapters and A storm descended on us as we traveled to the area, and I pondered turning back, but The Queen Of Everything began to smell the blood of the kill and urged us on. The storm passed as quickly as it had approached, and we remained dry for the rest of our journey. Our arrival at Britannia Manor left us a bit perplexed. We had passed the benchmark without seeing it and wondered if perhaps there was a missed clue there. The clue we were missing was in written plainly in chapter I, however did not read it in my excitement. We backtracked to the benchmark and found a large number of other travelers there. We joined their party and after observing the benchmark we moved forward again. The others in the party quickly pointed out my earlier oversight and we proceeded to on to the necropolis. The necropolis is such a sight! We have never seen any thing like it in all our travels. Sir Garmin traded a skeleton of his stature for a very special coin found in the vault. We hope Lord British considers this a fair trade. We signed the book of the living and further surveyed the land before returning to our conveyance. The party we had met moved on to other exploits in the area, and we prepared to mount our conveyance for home. At that point, Sir Garmin realized that he had not bade his remaining companion farewell and expressed his wish to return to do so. I accompanied him on his journey while the remaining two of our party waited at our conveyance. Farewell completed, Sir Garmin and I approached our party only to hear another voice. A highway robber? No! It was none other than Lord British himself, come to greet travelers to his lands. We expressed our gratitude for this excellent addition to the sport we mutually enjoy. We heard some of his travels and discussed our journey as well. At this point, the others returned from their exploits and we heard still more stories. Our discussion culminated in a transmission by magic box to the PodCacher hotline. After that we bade farewell to our gracious host and we returned to our land for much needed rest.'
- 'Checkpoint We arrived at the next outpost to discover that we needed yet more intensive physical and mental exertion to derive the coordinates for the next location. It again took our combined prowess to master the task but we successfully navigated to the next destination. Checkpoint We diverted to Checkpoint to gain access to the secret mark that would guide us to our final location. S once again accessed his tricorder to store the data for later use and we forged onward to the location of Britannia Manor. Checkpoint The apprentices, now fully experienced with all of the secrets of our trade, blazed the trail through archway of Britannia Manor toward the Tower Vault. After fearlessly navigating their way through all the treacherous traps laid before them the apprentices reached the Tower Vault. S and I tried valiantly to decipher the code to unlock the vault, and with the technical expertise of JForceATx, managed to crack the cipher and open the vault. Having successfully accessed the Tower Vault and made our conquest of Britannia Manor, we took careful note of the contents and planted some of our own tracking devices. The apprentices were able to conduct a successful transmogrification and now have in their possession the priceless tokens that we have long sought. We were also able to transfer some alien artifacts and substitute with some of our own. Upon our departure from Britannia Manor, we encountered the Master Schemer We spoke at length of the efforts to conceal the location of Britannia Manor, and how impressed we were with his fortifications. We felt sure that no others would be able to penetrate the vast protections that surround this lordly estate. Technical Notes We had to count some steps and then do some addition. My wife counted the steps, Shawn counted the arches, Jim did the addition, and I read the instructions. Shawn took a picture of the benchmark with his phone, and said he’s email it to all of us. The kids were excited to FINALLY see some skeletons after all this running around. We heard a lot of “wow, that’s cool” and “awesome!” coming from the kids as they explored the grounds and searched through the cemetery. Shawn and I missed one of the numbers, but Jim was there to spot it. We signed the log, discovered a lot of travel bugs and left a few behind. We used the quarter change machine thingy. We traded swag. Mr. Dale Flatt We thanked him for all the work that went into this and told him how awesome it was. Wow, this really was an awesome cache!'
- 'Wow! What an outstanding cache! Im very glad to add this to my list of finds. The puzzle puzzles were all fun, the tour was fun, the teamwork was fun and the whole day was fun. I felt like I was playing keepUp catchUp during much of the tour, as the rest of the gang waited on me a few times while I caught up on the notations and calculations, but Im glad I ran through it all for it felt more fulfilling that way. We teamed up with team and team for this quest. Others were unable to join us as their travels and endeavors kept them away, in some cases far far away. They too will enjoy this one day. Chapter had us scratching our heads for a few moments but eventually each of us spotted interesting nuggets of information that successfully set us on our way. Very interesting coincidence here. Yes, along to Chapter we did indeed notice the resting place of that other friend. In fact, for only a moment we wondered if we were passing our intended target. This time the numbers quickly aligned and agreed. Again teamwork helped us achieve what we came to achieve. There was a ceremony set up very nearby one that I think was about to occur. At Chapter I commented that another ceremony was about to or had just occurred, based on some decor outdoors. I see now that previous cacher logs reference the same ceremony , so I guess it was had just occurred. I wouldnt worry too much about the security guards position on visitation. Some particular times might be so good, but in general its OK. We have been here a number of times for various purposes ranging from field trips to fund raisers to geocaching to whatever. Chapter holds many stories from past visits. Chapter happens to be a favorite spot. We ask for a specific table, by number, when we visit, which doesnt happen often enough. However, I have never noticed the details I extracted today. Recommended. At Chapter the team again waited on me while I worked to position myself such that I could gain vantage to recreate the pictures provided in the cache page my own little side project. Ive been aware of the Beware sign for many years, so knew right where we would be going. There are others, too I actually expected to be going further down the road toward the park of the City I was also aware of the Private Road sign downslope from the Benchmark, so wondered what further travel would bring. At the final Chapter, I again fell behind when I doubled back once I realized I forgot the quarters. Liked the symbol at the entrance, and heard more about this later on the way out. Caught up to the group just in time to gather the information and crack the code and gain entry. Atop the tower, surveying the lands, I spotted what looked like another attraction ft further, beyond the depression, but we did not go explore that. I have a sample around here somewhere if I can locate it Ill post a pic to display my theory. Within the tower, it felt like we were being watched. Finally, it was a pleasure to meet Dale on the way out. This was a very well thought out and very well presented puzzle, tour, cache. It deserves much praise and many thanks. Yes, like others have said, it the final will be great after dark. Many thanks! SL Left a geoCoin and took a TB and a couple stickers.'
- 'wooohooo.... on a couple of fronts... saw this cache come through, watched....waited... and waited for the little bulldog to get back in town so we could go after this one. of course we broke with what almost looked like a requirement to go with at least others . on the way back in to town from a camping trip at enchanted rock we had but the last few chapters remaining... tuscany, geodisk, and the final. what a fun little cache. we loved the trail and the grandaddy long legs on the door. left our finds geocoin... well... for this, our find you know how hard this is to slow down two weeks ago when the little bulldog left town? . in addition to the GC, we left a cd, and two decent little flashlights loaded with fresh batteries . thankee for setting this one out.'
- 'Wow...words cannot express how amazing this cache is. Went today with , and families, team work was essential in making quick progress toward the final. Met Dale at the final. Will be back after dark. Sltftc Dropped off a coin and picked up a coin'
- 'Yeah! Loggin it! Great diverse. We broke it up into two days and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. My favorite part was Chapter I knew my degree in Geography would come in handy one day! lol. Dropped off a bunch of TBs and a GC. Took some small travelers and a space station coin. Thank you very much!'
- 'Spent an awesome day with my caching buddy, and his wife, tracking this. In the end, it became one of my favorite caching excursions. TFTC!'
- 'What an absolute hoot! A phenomenal cache by a fellow SCAdian. My two favorite things brought together very artfully. I have been to this property before but almost missed the cache site because of my familiarity. Thanks for a wonderful treasure hunt. I look forward to seeing it in October in all its splendor. Morfen aka Lady Settima de Francesco of the Barony of Bjornsborg escorted by Lord Robert fitz William P.S. I dropped off a German Flag geocoin but forgot that it wasnt activated yet. Picked up South Scott County Ambulance District coin.'
- 'CACHE Woo hoo! What a perfect cache for this occasion! My brother heftydude who lives in Houston was been wanted to do this cache with me since it was published and I was planning to hold off on it until he came to Austin again in September, but the stars aligned yesterday & I was able to drop the kids off at my Moms and head out on this adventure with my non geocaching wife & geocaching buddy Silver . What an adventure, indeed! I loved how everything was fairly easy to solve, but yet was very well thought out. More especially, I loved the few special touches that only Dale could have incorporated. ; We ran into some other cachers from San Antonia at Chapter & a few other places along the way, but did not see each other at the final. NOTE At Chapter location, the security guy Turk informed us that his location was not a public place & he seemed rather annoyed of our presence. He caught us quickly, guided us to our intended destination, gave us the answers, informed us that they were not aware until people like us showed up that their venue was part of this beforehand, and rushed us off. He wanted me to inform others & the creator of this fact that although they do open their parking lot to the public, they shut it down as needed for special events. As it turned out, there was a wedding yesterday that we were crashing. It was all good, but Dale Richard may want to look into this part of the journey further to see if anything needs tweaking. We ended up stopping at the recommended place to eat that Richard evidently frequents. What a beautiful restaurant! We all enjoyed a wonderful meal and dessert. There was still a lot of daylight afterward, so we headed to a nearby scenic overlook and watched the sunset. While hiking there, I happened across a letterbox cache. I looked through it, but it was all very foreign to me. Ill check into letterboxing more later... Once at the final, we slowly made our way in & enjoyed each decoration along the way taking a ton of pictures as we walked. The final location was definitely not what I expected, but was awesome nonetheless. I laughed as Silver was completely creeped out by all the daddy long legs. I unlocked the final, and we took our time going through all the swag. I took a couple patches and a coin. Silver took the same. We spent a few quarters, which Silver correctly guessed at the restaurant what they were for! I kept waiting for Richard or Dale to show up since so many others encountered them at GZ, but no such luck last night. Thank you, Lord British & Team, for creating such a wonderful, fun adventure for us! I cant wait to do it again with my brother in September! Im sure that will provide me the opportunity of enjoying the ambiance & other nearby monuments along the way. Matt Kemis'
- 'My brother pointed this out to me. Cant say no to something from Lord British! He has been entertaining me for decades. Got a late start on day so finished on day Quite a reward for the journey! And that started with a short chat with Lord British who drove up just as we got there, rechecking our info. Quite a sight in the daytime, must make plans to come again at night. Quite a lot of work has gone into this. GZ was a hotbed of daddy longleg spiders, but could finally use the quarters I borrowed left mine in the truck Very fun place to visit. It was hot, my brother and I decided it was the only thing that day and went home. He called as I was just going over the cache docs and said we forgot to sign the logbook. Duh! We were making plans to go early the next day, when it was decided to do two things at once and go that night just as it was getting dark. At the site we met up with Dale, the main planner guru for this cache. We thanked him a lot for a great cache. Signed book, exchanged swag. Will visit again with better swag.'
- 'I can only echo what others have said a most entertaining multi stage cache. My brother and I did this one over a two day span, due to heat scheduling. We got to say Hi to Lord British, who drove up just as we were fixing to park to walk the final leg. I kept wondering why we were supposed to bring quarters, none of my guesses were correct. Many thanks. Edit forgot to sign the log! Back this evening to do that. Sigh. Went back around to sign the log and see the place at night. We met Dale Flatt Master Schemer and had an interesting conversation about the site, with hints for future expansion. This place is much more impressive at night. Beware the Daddy Long Leg spiders hanging around GZ.'
- 'Totally awesome! Our quest spanned days about hours total but well worth it. Getting little kiddos in and out of a van at each stop adds some time. The kids absolutely loved it and are now wanting to go back with friends that were introducing to geocaching. Im afraid we didnt have anything to add to the decor that stuff is buried WAY too deep in the closet right now but well be back. Took an ISS coin and left a couple of Star Wars toys. The kids are into anything space related now. Thanks so much for such a great cache.'
- 'Did this quest with , , and . Enjoyed it a lot! Having quarters handy at the end was pretty cool. TFTC!'
- 'Up the rocky mountain, Down the brushy glen, We boldly went a hunting No fear of zombie men Brave folk, cacher folk, Trooping all together; GPSes synchronized Scoffing at the summer weather! Down into the city shores Where the dead make their home We puzzled each challenge clue in time For markers we did roam Stonecutters mark Which matter should we take Rest at ease, fine Cerberus Dont let our steps awake. High on the hill top The old king sits; The land drops striking down away The view sucks all our wits Fountains course with white mist Oaktrees bearded with mosses The views of our questers journey Imagination surely tosses. To the GPS routing music We have seen us such strange sights Clues and more that we have dared And faced necropolin frights. For there lies little Bridget Bare seven years long. Though her spirit drifts again Her friends are all gone. She whispers like a rattling breeze Hear the chorus of sorrow Will the grave yard keep her sleep Or will she haunt tomorrow She and her townmates sight to wince! Sprawl across the site Bones crack like dead tree arms Sound and movement set to fright. Down the craggy hill side, The sight that meets us there Is enough to quail the hardiest soul And yet we wont despair. For we are cachers daring In the challenge do delight We who face down greenbriar Will not take to our heels in fright. We solved each cryptic puzzle Wound our way across the town And when we were conundrumed We faced our confusion down. Solved each unfolding chapter Each level in turn was slain Until we came to the Manor Where necropolis cache was lain. We faced our fears and mounted The quest with courage true And not a single element Did we ever rue Were granted passage to the tower Where the spiders spin their webs Its only their bouncing dance there This slightly dreads And there we found a treasure But more than trinkets and coin Rather the success of adventure Met by companions of caching joined. Our winding course concluded We, one and all do say, WOW and THANK YOU for this feat You MADE our caching day! Up the rocky mountain, Down the brushy glen, We boldly went a hunting No fear of zombie men Brave folk, cacher folk, Trooping all together; GPSes synchronized Scoffing at the summer weather! So. It was time to take on this quest wed been hearing about. We are adventurers, one and all. Armed with our tombs er, tomes! and gear for the journey, we faced each challenge as companions do, meeting each in its turn. All in places the bold , Captain of the Weasel Patrol, and this had not yet visited! Fortified for the final approach, we decided to not wait on the moon it being high summer, and, alas, our questing time is constrained by the daily grind but made our passage down the Styxian pathway into the unknown and distinctly creepy . Such ghoulish delights! And the dancing daddy longlegs are a distinctly atmospheric touch. Oh, yes, theyre volunteers. No bones to add to the collection in this we were unprepared but there will be other trips to get the full effect of this necropolis unique night life. Seriously. Wow. A cache with its own coin smasher. AAAND, well, these fans of space exploration think your swag just ROCKS. Tossed in some of our own sig wooden coins in exchange. Thank you SO much for such a gaming experience. , with , , , Outlaw, and , give this one an OUTSTANDING. photos will be posted anon.'
- 'This is the best cache Ive done in my years of geocaching. Had a great time doing it with , , Cybercat, ACCLanMan, & ! Learned some more Austin history in the process and even a bit about gravity. Well executed and educational. Thanks, Trey'
- 'Ive been following the buzz about this cache since it was published and have been scoffing a bit about the hype. Well, I scoff no more GREAT CACHE! Fun puzzle multi that took me to a series of places that I had never been before and then on to a truly great final area. ACClanman, Cybercat, , , and were all along to keep me straight and who had already done the cache was along to keep them straight. Thanks so much for the time and effort that went into this cache!'
- 'OMG! OMG! OMG! I dont know what to say............Im still trying to pick up my jaw off the floor. I knew if Wayne was gonna be in town for days, he would do this cache, so I made a special trip up here just to do this with him, Candy, Russ, Barb, Trey and Melanie. I know when the word gets out about this cache, people will be coming from all over the country to do it. That might be a problem because you need to know some stuff about Austin that only an Austinite might know. Anyway, if you come from outside the Austin area, just contact someone who has done this cache.....Im sure anyone would be happy to help you! I just cant imagine the THOUSANDS of dollars that it cost to set this up! We are so lucky that you live HERE and this cache is right in our backyards! We obviously cannot do your other famous caches, so thank you for giving us something that we could experience! It must have taken a year to set this thing up.........such ATTENTION TO DETAIL! ! I am just blown away.......I cant find the words to describe such an incredible experience! Everyone drop what you are doing and come do this cache! You will just NOT BELIEVE IT! Thanx so much for all your hard work ,your time and money that you spent on this. Know that you have brought joy and complete AWE to everyones life who will come here. TFTC! my jaw is still stuck to the floor WE LOVE YOU!'
- 'This is a definate must do cache for anyone and everyone! Had a wonderful time caching with Melanie, Barb, Jana, Russ, and Trey with Candy along in case we got stuck. Luckily we managed to work our way through this magnificent puzzle. The final is one of the most amazing things I have seen. You obviously put a ton of time, effort, and money into this and it shows. I will be adding this to my list of all time favorites. Thanks for an awesome adventure, Wayne'
- 'Had a great time finding this one tonight. It didnt take us as long as I thought it would and that was even with some moments of bumbling one of them very clearly my basic math error ergh. At least I knew it was wrong before we went there. It just took me too long to figure out where I went wrong. I learned some basic Austin history that I didnt know and visited some places that I havent been to in a really long time. Very much enjoyed the final location as well as our typical post caching feast Thanks Mo! . Oh and I think I was so excited that I wrote a longer than normal log and then didnt sign my name in the book. Maybe I did, but I really dont remember writing GTBevo in there. Took A flight patch my husband collects these he thought it was pretty cool Left HackAttack pin'
- 'Really cool! I learned alot and had a good time figuring this puzzle out. TFTC!'
- 'This is THE BEST cache Ive seen so far! We had a couple of hang ups on our quest, but managed to stay on course and make the find. We left a raven as our offering. I am sure I will back to this cache a couple of times. I have a friend visiting from WA in a month and I think shes going to have to go on this quest....if we do nothing else, shes gotta do this! Thanks for a fantastic adventure!'
- 'Absolutely loved this one! Found with and Utambchic. We had a blast tracking this down. It took us about four hours and many wrong turns, but SO worth it!'
- 'We started out today about thinking we would get to our final destination around but even with our delay at the begininning we made it to the end with plenty of daylight. That might have been just as well since I scare easily. ;o We had so much fun, even with a couple of user errors. I dont want to give anything away so Ill be brief...hard to believe right? A wonderful evening, thank you for the hard work! I wrote down the number of the geocoin I left and cant find the paper...anyway, its one I purchased at the Texas Challenge so whomever grabs it please log since I didnt. I took a patch. Just cant say enough good things...a must for everyone!'
- 'Received a great deal of encouragement to do this cache because it involved many of my favorite places in Austin as well as a direct very direct link to one of my interests beyond geocaching. I struggled in the beginning and wasnt sure what I was looking for and had to get some assistance without spoiling the fun. At the second stage I, like many others, never spotted the necessary clue having walked past it a dozen or so times and then finally noticed it once the phone a friend line was ringing. I knew exactly how to get to the next spot as I had made mental note of the reference point on my way in from the stonecutters place, however I struggled a great deal with what I was supposed to find having misinterpreted the diagram. Phone a friend put me in the right place and THEN I figured out that the diagram is of family plots and many family plots have multiple family names in them... hope its okay to have that in here, it would have saved me time and a bottle of water had I figured it out sooner . From this point on, the clues were very logical and most were familiar and I am a little partial toward the locales of the remaining chapters . I learned a lot even though I had been everywhere this cache took me, save maybe the stonecutters place. Things I hadnt noticed before on previous trips to these locations I was now noticing and realizing their significance to my beloved Austin. This cache will definitely get my nod for best tourist cache when centex nominations are called for next spring. I totally loved the necropolis and the execution of the cache despite my struggles early on. As others have stated, I appreciate the great deal of time and effort put into this one. I am very fond of my treasures and they really are treasures to me found in the container at the end. My only regrets are that I did the final chapter in daylight, I did the whole puzzle alone my schedule has been extremely inflexible for planning so found a free hour window and just went and I did not get to meet the cache owner though had a bizarre encounter later, but it is irrelevant for the purposes of this log ; Simply. Awesome. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'Well done, team of Britannia Manor III! We had a family outing for this one, and everyone enjoyed the hunt from start to the amazing final finish. Most of the clues were straightforward, and fairly easy to figure out, although we did have to check twice to find our new friend in Chapter The trup to the GLorious Lagoon was wonderful. It has been far too long since we visited there. Emily loved the peacock! Our only other slight challenge was the use of different coordinate systems. As I am still learning about geocaching, this was the first time I had seen that format, and had to think for a moment. However, we quickly figured out how to follow your format to ensure we were on the right path. I had originally planned to leave an ISS Garroiott patch Travel Bug to start its journey, but sadly, it did not make the trip. I did leave a brand new Medusa GC, which is BEAUTIFUL. Check it out if you have a moment. That was the perfect place for her to start her travels. I also left a Holidays GC we found near Galveston. Time to move that one along. Of course, everyone loved the final location, especially the boys, who want to come back when it is dark. They were really amazed by the creative effort that went into setting up the Necropolis. Nick said it was the best Geocache EVER! Again, thank you for a great mornings adventure!'
- 'Find with a big group of friends and our kids. When I saw this cache published I knew it would be cool. Both and expressed an interest in finding it. So I organized a big group of us and our kids to go get this in the heat. We also had , , , and Blastoise After first waiting interminably at UFCU to get quarters we were off! At the first stop we met up with , , and the . I enjoy seeing all the famous Austin names in the graveyard including Ima Hogg The famous person here was not whom I was expecting ... We lost Bizzard after we stopped to ply the kids and with refreshments. At the Glorious Lagoon the kids enjoyed a refreshing dip in the fountain. And I chilled with Rex Leonis while our crew located the object. The High Ground is a fabulous spot, one of my favorites in Austin. I tried to hide Random GC up there originally but had to move him elsewhere. Blastoise first noticed the clue we needed here. We stopped for root beers and real beers near the Tuscan Eatery. The Exotic Benchmark near Xanadu was interesting. Too bad we cant log that benchmark online. Then it was on to the final ... I visited a haunted house at Britannia Manor in with a group of coworkers from MCC. It was the best one Ive ever been in, by far, hands down. We had to get a gargoyle finger and use it to ransom one of our party from a demon. Our group instead kept the finger and dove for the exit! When we reached the final location we saw , and the leaving. We had just missed Lord British himself by mere minutes. RATS. Just a few weeks ago he also visited my workplace but I was too shy to introduce myself. Thank you very much for sharing your haunted trails with the geocaching community. It was a blast that brought back great memories from I doubt Ill be able to visit your other two caches. I left an offering for Greta but she didnt seem too impressed. L a Snow White TB T a patch, a coin, and a souvenir quarter Thanks for the cache, and thanks to the whole crew that came with. Well be visiting again at night for sure!'
- 'Fantastic cache! For the last part you must go early evening or after dark.'
- 'grateful. Excellent multi site cache. Went with my son & a group of new friends organized by . While the final destination was fantastic, I must say I enjoyed the entire journey. The first location was especially interesting and I plan to go back for further exploration. Also might brave an after dark visit to the cache site.'
- 'I started this cache today with the and . Then we started a party and others joined us loaded with kids. I will admitted that the first three redirectors are not very clear and I would have never figured it out by myself. The last four stages were better and a great tour of Austin. The owners did a GREAT job on this cache and the final area in absolutely awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and the love of this fun sport. I will return again another day after dark. TFTC SL'
- 'What a spectacular tour of Austin, and probably the finest final cache leg Ive seen! Thanks for dragging us all over town, that was fantastic!'
- 'Found with a large group organized by that included adults and kids. This was one of my favorite caches ever. We learned all kinds of Austin history and visited many Austin landmarks. Having done a little on line research did not hurt, but we still needed to explore the various location to get all of the necessary clues. The trail leading to the final location was really fun, although I think returning at night would be well worth it. The final location was the best I have ever seen. I was glad we brought quarters, and the view from the top was nice as well. I left some bones as requested along with a cheesy headstone feel free to remove if it is too tacky . Also picked up a nice coin and patch, and traded several travel bugs. Thanks so much to Lord British and team for planning this and setting it up, and to our whole crew for making it such a fun adventure.'
- 'What an amazing experience a cache that is clearly one of the very best I have seen. We completed the front end segments earlier in the day and waited until dark to enjoy the final chapter at night. and I were joined by our two youngest sons and an year old friend. We all enjoyed the outing very much, and we will surely be back to share the experience with family and friends. Thanks so much for all your work to make this possible. We enjoyed the hunt!'
- 'This was an amazing geocaching adventure from beginning to end! We very much enjoyed visiting several Austin landmarks wed been to in the past, as well as discovering some new ones. After completing all chapters except the final, we went home for a nap and some dinner, and then waited until dark to complete the last chapter. We arrived at the beginning of the final leg of our journey at dusk, snapped a few pics, and then waited on the trail until darkness had deepened before descending further into the necropolis. Taking our time along the trail, we stopped to examine everything and easily spotted the final pieces of the puzzle. It is clear that a lot of time, effort and creativity went into this wonderful geocache. In fact, it is more than a simple geocache; it is an experience. I am sure well be back with friends to experience it again! We took along our two sons, ages and and though theyve gotten a little burned out on geocaching, they enjoyed this cache, especially the last chapter. We also brought our younger sons friend, also They boys enjoyed using their quarters, and we left our extra quarters in the cache for someone who may forget to bring some along. I also picked up the TBs and geocoins that were in the container with the very nice logbook, and I dropped off several other TBs and geocoins. Thanks for the smiley!'
- 'Found with a big group organized by . What an adventure! I live close to San Antonio, so it was an additional treat to visit some historic and scenic places in Austin. The puzzles were extensive but not overly tricky probably a better test of simple persistence like a hike up a mountain focus on the next step and not the peak in the distance, and youll get there soon enough and enjoy every bit of the hike. The final is a real treat and well themed. T a U.S. patch, Russian coin, and a great memory. L through Buckani some decorative swag. This is a great cache for kids years old during the day, and would be especially fun at night for older kids and adults. This was my find, SLTFTC!'
- 'Oh the journey. Oh the fun. Around hours of fun in fact. Running all over town and learning different ways to work with a GPS. A group ran into us on the second leg of the journey and made the rest of it much more fun and easier to get through! It was awesome to see the site and sight and would love to go back when its getting spooky time. Loved the goodies and meeting the cache owners. It was great to see months worth of geocaching love go into this cache! Thanks guys! Glad I brought some quarters!'
- 'What an excellent journey across Austin from east to west! We asked Mda Taz to join with us. While waiting for him, we were surprised to see to show up. When we were about getting ready for the journey. Then several vehicles showed up! They were part of s large group. We greeted everyone before the journey. We met other adventurer, Thenkengrene at the Triangle symbol. He already solved this Chapter puzzle before us. Wow, this place has many great local stories behind stones! We will come back to explore. Chapter We were glad that we got the clues since the place was very busy with a large wedding preparation a huge reception tent . The weather was hot and humidly but it was a beautiful sunny day after several rain days. Chapter We were amazed to see the stone cutter s name again at the beautiful spot! Chapter It took awhile to find the clue before the calculating. Final Chapter We really enjoyed exploring the trail through the Necropolis! What a huge cache! We enjoyed the view from the tower top! We are really glad to meet the cache owner private space traveler! It was fun to see three Richards cacheowner and at this spot! Many thanks for ISS goodies, Richard! Dropped the White Jeep TB and The Joy of Geocaching geocoin. Big thank for the memorable journey to the final cache, Richard and Natalie'
- 'Set out early this morning with the family to conquer this adventure. It took a group effort to get past the first clue but it was not too bad after that. Loved the setup at the final, my son did not believe me that the guardians were not going to get him until I tapped one and he saw they were harmless. Was great fun. Took a coin and left a coin and travel bug. My son exchanged a happy meal toy for a set of beads.'
- 'found with a large group of cachers amazing cache double TFTC'
- 'Thanks to an email invitation from IP I joined a hardy group of adventurers in search for this new cache. It was indeed an adventure! We toured the city visiting famous places and meeting again famous names from days gone by. The final is indeed an adventure that would be better enjoyed in hours of darkness Thanks to my splinter group for a great afternoon. An added bonus was meeting the creator and having our picture made at the final. Left Jeep Rescue TB which I picked up at Mingo a few weeks ago Took some space station patches and a special token of the find. Thanks for a great afternoon. Cache on, .'
- 'All I can say is ... WOW! It lived up to my expectations and level of excitement. How often does THAT happen?? Erin AdventuresWithWags and I were lucky enough to meet first Dale, and then Richard himself, at the cache. THANKS to Dale for helping us realize that we were missing some clues from the final location that helped us to access the ultimate reward. Richard, you have gone WAY BEYOND generous in creating this for the geocaching community. We had a wonderful time figuring it out and visiting all of the locations. Now I just have to get Wayne to wear some clothes that match and take me to the Tuscan eatery! Thanks again for a GREAT experience. Definitely in my top Happy Trails, Candy'
- 'Started out on this one around Took some time to find Chapter helps if you read the clues. All others went pretty quickly. This was a fantastic cache and a wonderful job and a lot of work went into setting it up. The final was amazing. Wish we had of done it at night but kind of hard to get the chapters done at night since several of the places close before dusk. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this one.'
- 'Found with Candy on this wonderful Friday. We got to the final just as the rain came pouring down, but we didnt care. It was amazing to say the least! It was great to get to share our two cents about the cache with the man himself, . I didnt mind being so wet after that. He was even kind enough to wait and make sure we made it back to the car. Better log to come... E'
- 'Now its been found and logged Ill post my find. I was fortunate enough to be invited to give this cache a test run a month or so ago Date was for the Garriott team through drk knight while it was under final construction, and I can promise you theyve created a very special adventure with a fantastic final location! Had the pleasure of meeting up with Dale, Beverly and Melanie at the final who were still working on the final tweaks to the construction which was clearly a LOT of hard work. This cache will take you a while to complete or hours and should be started in daylight, but is well worth the effort and dont forget to take some quarters with you...'
- 'This is a really cool place, thanks so much for sharing it with us. I loved all the stage setting. You must be a blast to be around on Halloween. You should all do the final at night, itll be much spookier and better. Running around Austin yesterday trying to get it all in before the rains hit was a lot of fun too. Learned a lot of cool history I didnt know. A lot of people have signed the log so Im not the FTF, but thats OK. I took a really cool space station coin.'

name: 'NorthWest Entrance to the Underworld-Kaena'
creator: 'CRider'
- 'A beautiful site of the point! So worth the climb! This was truely a team effort to find the cache with my buddies G spot and Tigerice Good times! D TFTC!'
- 'This one had been on my to do list for a while but it made me work hard for it. It was a nice easy climb up the track to the old structures mentioned but my GPSr seemed to be directing to where it looked decidedly unsafe so I went back down toward the bottom of the ridge and reset my unit which then sent me off in a different direction up some loose rock slopes and an old iron ladder, past some partially emptied water bottles and one rubber slipper. It looked as though I was heading in the right direction but it was not exactly the safest way and lo and behold I was right back where I had been earlier. Then I re read the directions and hints; when they say to follow the trail up the ridge thats what they mean. On the point of heatstroke I spotted the entrance and the shade it promised! Found the cache with no difficulty; it was right out in the open at the back of the tunnel and looked as though it had been trashed. The log book was still there along with some light sticks, a very real looking cave monster and a religious treatise. I put all these back in the container and placed it out of immediate view.'
- 'Loved the trail & climb...i have determined it to be one of the following reasons to why i failed to find this one need a better flashlight see pic ; Could have brought my glasses...yep getting old & this may be the first cache that having my glasses could have helped; maybe another layer of rocks fell down to conceal the cache; it got muggled Not Likely to exclusive an area...I searched for minutes & no luck...see pics'
- 'Worth the hike, although the trail is a bit over grown. Got off the trail at times. Lots of cool WWII stuff along the way. Found the bunker and will post the photo I took but I am not crawling around in there. Kicked over a few hundred rocks in hopes of getting lucky but it is probably way in the back, so be prepared with a good flashlight. Not for those who are clostrophibic. Maybe someday I will bring along someone who will fetch it out of there for me. Thanks for bringing me up here, it was worth the test. At some point a refreshing emotion came over me and my place in life and I really needed that. Thanks.'
- 'Awesome find! Bring a good flashlight.'
- 'Ive had this one on my list forever. Ive been out to Kaena about times in the past year but none of the muggles I was with were up for the short climb. Got up today at was there on the Camp Erdman side by and it was already hot! I dont know how did it all with his bike! Ive been meaning to ride my bike out here cuz its a loong walk in the sun, but I wouldnt have known what to do with the back, besides I had an entourage of I was all proud of myself for being so prepared...pulled out my head lamp and my flashlight but the batteries in both were almost dead. My friends and I had to make do with my ipod, cell phone and gps. I think it added to the adventure of it all . I warned everyone to not only watch their feet but to be careful of their heads too, just before hitting mine and then hitting it again two seconds later. Darwin Award time. Speaking of which, theres something about old rickety ladders that beckon to be climbed. All of my friends were insisting and I had to point out that even a one inch rock falling from that high would be like a bullet, not to mention how rusty and unstable the ladder itself is...all the while I was yearning to zip up it myself. Great little escapade, never woulda known that place was there. Glad it brought me out here again to this awesome coast. Had a dip in the ocean, saw the regal birds, climbed up the tower and felt it sway in the breeze, saw three monk seals. NICE!'
- 'of Last bike cache for the day! It was only am and it was already hot! Enjoyed the views on the way up and carried the Mountian Bike almost all the way to GZ. Found the entrance quickly and was excited to go in! Good thing I left my bike helmet on my melon shaped head! I hit my head several times while heading in, and out but no worried.....My helmet just bounces off the rocks ! Took another break at the cement pads before heading back down. Thanks CR for the experience.....I been waiting a very long time to get this one off my list!'
- 'found with'
- 'Tcftc!'
- 'It was way too hot to be climbing up this slope, but we endured it and found the cache in the underworld. Kewl place. I think the Medicine Woman was a little skeered of the dark but shell never admit it. We also enjoyed exploring all the old bunkers higher up the ridge, too. TFTC.'
- 'LOVED THIS CACHE! Thanks for the detour up the mountain and the exploration in a tunnel I otherwise would not have gotten to visit. Great views from up there, and we also decided to hike all the way up to check out the WWII remnants. Got some great pics. TFTC. TNLN.'
- 'DK made us all go up the hill oh, itll be easy were his exact words, I do believe , including But we were glad to get of the rather heavy rain for a bit for some exploring. What a fun cache. And the views from up here were well worth the detour and the heavy breathing . Mahalo, .'
- 'this one was fun.'
- 'I cant claim that I found this one really. It was the newbies with me, Brett & Cheryl, who ventured to find this one while I watched from below. We thought we lost them up there so we continued on to the end to take some scenic pics. Upon our return we saw them coming back down. They had a story to tell us about finding their way to the cache with only the use of a flash on a camera...LOL!'
- 'What a great cache! The tunnel was very exciting, and the cache was a fun find as I had not read the hints about where or what to look for. TNLN!'
- 'and gal found. Wow, where do I begin? What a great cache. Beautiful views, cool location, just amazing. This is a must do cache. While in the tunnel, I could not resist climbing the ladder to see if I could get out through the top or at least look out. The ladder was too short but the climb was still cool. Bring a good flashlight to find the cache and watch your head. TFTC. TNLN'
- 'This was awesome! How do you come up with this stuff!'
- 'Ditto to what LRB said. Boy did we make this a lot harder than we should have. So much for following the gps pointer. You would think I would have learned by now to read first. What a fun cache. Certainly a memorable one for me. TFTC,'
- 'Im not sure where to begin on this one. By the time I got to Kaena Point I was already tired, mostly from all the hunting for the North Leeward Rocks cache. Took some nice pictures of shearwaters nesting and a couple monk seals resting on the reef. We continued onward and took the turnoff for the gravel road but somehow missed the trailhead for the switchback provided in previous logs. We kept on the gravel road till be were only and I used that word very generously feet from the cache. Up the steep rock strewn slope we plunged turning the difficulty to a star. Wing it was great letting me stop and rest about every feet. steps forward and step backwards, sliding down the small rocks. The last feet almost did me in as I crawled to the nice trail at the entrance. I had brought now mandatory flashlights, but lack of a hard hat caused Wing it to scape his head on the well documented low rock ceiling. Wing it found the cache after a few minutes as I took solace from the heat. A great place for a cache. We took the switchback going down, missing the trail a coupla times. The views were spectacular on the hillside. I really would have enjoyed this cache better if I had more energy but I was pooped. Still, its a great cache. LRB'
- 'good hide...thanks hapas squad for taking K with u up! next time will need to leave the home because T had to watch'
- 'Great trip. Enjoyed it and love the old army locations! Look forward to doing more of the underworld! TFTC!'
- 'This was a very cool cache! Yes you do need a flashlight for this find. Enjoyed the views looking at both sides of the islands. No for our way back down the trail. TFTCSL!'
- 'Awesome! Only I recommend bringing a light source. The flash on a camera just doesnt do it. We looked for like minute with the red eye reduction focus thing on the camera. The dim reddish light did not help much. I will return with a light some day. This area is beautiful. Saw whales breaching off shore. Refreshing wind on The hillside.'
- 'We would never have gone up that trail without this cache as the objective and would have missed the fantastic scenery! Definitely needed the flashlight long pants for the trail would have been wise as well. We bumped our heads in the cave in spite of the warning. Had a great little lunch on one of the gun placements on the way down. Thanks for a great cache.'
- 'This is a cool cache! What a view!'
- 'let there be light. Great hide. Always herd about the cave but never been there. MFTC!'
- 'Trail up was overgrown, i left the machete at home lol. Great hike though, ended up taking the trail to the top and getting that view. Well worth the sweat. Recommend going earlier in the day, it was super hot when we went. Great site though, haha, our GPS died and we found the cave just by taking the trail. BRING A FLASHLIGHT!'
- 'What a nice cache we started early so hike up the hill was not too bad, but still was hot ! I really liked the tunnel. Tried to go up the lader and almost made it to the top but very last was just too scary so did not made it to the top left TB that wanted to visit all Countries involved in WW II so this place is perfect for it TFTC'
- 'After much scrambling and are you sure this is the right way? talk we finally found it Great cache, really cool experience the view was truly beautiful from up there'
- 'This was the second time that I have tried to find this one success! Ah, if only I had read the description better the first time... The path is really overgrown, and sometime hard to follow. My husband and I managed to find our way, though, and it was quite awesome. This bunker wasnt nearly as intimidating at the one all the way at the bottom. TFTC!'
- 'This is a cool cache in more ways than one. I made two reconnaissance missions before finding the path up the hill to the bunkers. For the interested, there is a set of gunite steps on the uphill side of the gravel road. The path is well established so easily followed once you find it. The underworld is dark and quiet. It was a nice respite from the warmer outside world. The back of the cave was so quiet I could hear the blood in my ears. MFTC!'
- 'My buddy Jess and I found this one by accident. This was our second trip up, the first time we didnt bring climbing gear and this time we came prepared with some rope to climb down the hole, it wasnt till we got down there that we realized there was a freakin door. Upon exiting we met Logan who had his GPS and told us about Geocaching. We wrote in the log and I added some ear plugs to the box.'
- 'Like the cave.. I met two young men, who were not Geocachers, in the cave. Zach and Jess. They had found the cache and are thinking about becoming Geocachers. TFTC! TN LN!'
- 'My buddies and I found this cache by accident... it is our first, but will not be our last. Thank you for leaving this for us to find. I took the moneyclip, but left something else...'
- 'We climbed, descended, traversed, scrambled and slid all over the mountain.'
- 'Another nice one from . This is probably the coolest cache that weve found in our short geocaching history. And all the old stuff laying around in the cave was just icing on the cake! I can imagine us going back someday just to visit. Freakin awsome! My kids wanted to turn around before we even got to the trail but said Thanks dad! when we were leaving for keeping the team going. When I look at old stuff like this I always imagine the people who built it or maintained it and feel kinda sad that its all done and forgotten.'
- 'Sehr geil! Wer in der Nähe ist, sollte da auf jeden Fall kurz vorbei schauen! TFTC Stefan und Steffi'
- 'Forgot to log this one. We had a great time finding this one and the location was awesome! T L Lg wooden Honu. TFTC!'
- 'SWEET Had to get one up on The Adventurer! Took nothing left Virgina geocoin. PS WATCH OUT FOR YOUR HEAD COMING BACK OUT, HINT HOLD UR FLASH LIGHT OUT FRONT, UP HIGH, AT EYE LEVEL!'
- 'awesome. i went up the side of this hill... without the trail... open toe tivas, board shorts and no shirt... but it was worth it, got a few great pics.'
- 'this was exhausting. we went way too far up before we realized where we needed to be. worth the hike though.'
- 'Wow after quite a hike we missed a turn and ended up at the top then we worked our way down to the entrance. After taking a minute to let our eyes adjust we turn the head lamp on and began the hunt. Wow climbing up and sliding down the ladder was a lot of fun. Okay so I wouldnt use that ladder if my life depended on it. Found the cache and signed the log and then away we went. I am not sure that I would agree that the terrain is only a felt a lot worse. SL Left Keychains TFTC.'
- 'Wow. I think the terrain is right on, IF you dont take a wrong turn and end up skirting some scree covered faces and then sliding down with a panicked look on your face. Lux stayed with the Black Banana. I finally found the entrance and got down to buisness. I guess I was hoping for a big blinking neon sign saying Geocache here! Not so much, be prepared to do some scrambling, some digging through sketchy rocks and do watch your head on the way out! I was paying attention to the ground and have a killer bruise and cuts on the dome now. Lux made a run for the summit when I came out. While she was waiting for me to come out, she actually found the proper trail going up. Look out for the three rock marker and hang the left there. After that, the GPS should get you right there. Thanks again , nice one.'
- 'Wow! Did this one with Spamgirl and Geodragoncacher. Kinda creepy in there! TFTC Crider!'
- 'This was the third one of the day and my wife and son were not excited about crawling up the hill and poking around in a cave. So they took a beak and enjoyed the view. I headed up and found the start of the trail right at the posted coordinates. It was pretty easy to follow till I got to within of the cache on the GPSr. I crossed a cement pad and following the well defined trail heading to the right towards Makaha assuming that there was eventually going to be a switchback that headed up to the cave entrance. The farther away from the cache I got the more I felt I had taken a wrong turn. I backtracked to the same cement pad from the cache. I saw another trail, it headed straight up and a little to the left. It was much more in the direction of the cave entrance. That was the correct trail. It was not well defined in some areas and I had to scramble over some rocks but nothing difficult. Eventually I came to the spot overlooking the cave entrance. I had to backtrack a little to get to the entrance on the right level. I had my flashlight ready but I still had to wait a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark after the very bright sun outside. I made my way all the way to the very back of the cave and was rewarded with the find. Took Nothing, Left Hawaiian Honu Key Chain and singed the log. As I headed out I was thinking about the low spot in the roof and still bonked my head when I got to it because I was looking at my feet to keep my footing among the loose rocks. I had a hat on so I didnt draw any blood. The views from the trail and cache area were great. TFTC Aloha,'
- 'Took a bunch of boyscouts out here from troop and for a mile hike. They are hooked on caching now. We are planning a campout in about a month and theyve requested to go after a couple more. Also gave them a chance to practice a little first aid. All I can say is watch the low ceiling. Mile walk out with a two inch gash in your forehead is always fun but we found it and thats the important thing. TFTH. Ill try and post some pictures down the road. One of the boys traded one of his badges for an airforce coin.'
- 'We followed directions and found the trailhead just fine. We did the first few switchbacks, but then zagged when we should have zigged, ended up ft. from the coordinates but at the wrong altitude. Guess well have to come back....maybe.'
- 'One of several on a gang assault with the Hui, Tikis, and SG & JRR. This was a great day spent caching with some great people. I enjoyed the whole trip, and look forward to my next trip to Oahu for more of the same. JRR, Mr. Hui and I tried for this one, but I guess we missed the final rabbit trail. I dont a DNF on a trail...even withour a smiley it was worth the huffin and puffin!'
- 'TFTC, this one was the highlight of the day, did get a little turned around trying to find the trail up, ended up walking around the wrong side and scaling the side of the hill, not the best of routes up. Very cool on the inside with great views on the outside. Just a side note did find the trail head, but once we got going and stopped a certain points, followed what we thought was a trail, but turned out to not to be the right one. A lesson to be learned to keep those eyes open.'
- 'Okay ! This one rocked! We worked damn hard to get to it, too. I think we all knew we were taking the scenic route, but in the end, I have to say it was an adventure. We bushwhacked our way through banana spiders and were on the left, the right, and above the cache. That entrance was really hidden away good, but we werent about to give up. Inside was a whole different story. We had just enough light to stumble around. Very dark! Very scary! Fun! Ancognito and I were debating whether or not to use the flash on our cameras to see. Took a halloween geopin and left a disco fever geopin. Mahalo for the awesome cache!'
- 'Great cache, except the bump on the head DOC received on the way out. Should have read the logs prior to departing the car. Took the long way up...then over shot the point. MFTC Took a very cool bottle opener Left A Deathoncall Coin and dropped her treasure of an ounce of Gold to add to the booty just dont be a fool .'
- 'My first Underworld cache in the accompaniment of Deathoncall and Anyankchan. It was great! Like everybody else, we took the wrong way up but at least we took the the easy way down. Great views. Thanks .'
- 'I enjoy doing s Underworld caches so much, theyre always fun & exciting. TFTC ! T GC, L pin & carabiner'
- 'cool cache TFTC'
- 'Wow! what a cool place. We could not find the benchmark near by.'
- 'wow! how did you find this place? its pretty amazing.'
- 'crazy spot i didnt even knew that the place was even there TFTC'
- 'crazy place to put a cache. felt like indiana jones'
- 'find of the day...the path to the underworld was deep and rocky, wanted to use the ladder but it didnt look too promising. TFTF l socky t batteries'
- 'Found the vertical entrance, but it took a while to find the tunnel. Another Underworld cache that doesnt disappoint. We enjoyed the hike and look forward to the next Underworld adventure. TFTC'
- 'Thank you to show this nice Place Ralf'
- 'Found with Keywee. Great place. Would never have known it was here if not for the cache.'
- 'Found with Craypig. Thanks Crider for this one, would never have got to see this place if it wernt for geocaching. tftc'
- 'The underworld just a few steps from a view of a paradise! Very interesting place, Thanks!'
- 'of the day. This was an awesome adventure! Climbing to this hill is spectacular. The view from there is one of the best of the island. Then, there is the underworld! How do you find these places, ? The flash light is essential, but I came prepared! Mahalo!'
- 'well we didnt find the right way up to the cache so and i took the very tough way up. then i went up further and had a heck of a time getting back down.. went around and found the right way up to the top. just wasnt marked well at all..finally found the hide..this hike did us in..wish we had found the right way up the first time..would have made it much easier and safer..thnks'
- 'WHAT AN ADVENTURE TO GET TO THIS CACHE day of Geocaching on the Island. Found with Jtee. Left a travel bug Thanks for the cache Dex from Canada'
- 'of for the day..... Whew! What a long hike, but the views are definitely worth it. We found the trail pretty easily and meandered on up....I was hoping we wouldnt have to go straight up there! Very nice location. Owner might want to do some maintenance. The container is cracked, the label on the outside has fallen off, and the ziplock bag for the logbook is not doing its job. We didnt have anything with us to repair this one and we did our best to put it back without causing further damage. T Nothing L Nothing SL Cache'
- 'Was nearby grabbing another cache, so decided to go for this one. Went up the hard way, a bushwhacking and a rock climbing. Never came across a trail heading up, but once there saw the trail clear as day. Took awhile to find it, lots of hidie holes. Tunnel caches are sooo cool . Like before me, I didnt read the log about a new container. Sorry . T Hackey Sack, L AAs just in case your minimag goes out . TFTC! Cache'
- 'tftc'
- 'Definitely my hardest find and most rewarding to date. Probably wouldnt have been so bad if I had taken the correct trail up. I wish I had read that it needed a new container. If I get that way again soon, Ill take a new one. Thanks much, Terry'
- 'Great day for a long hike. We left a Cleveland Metroparks Geocaching Pin and took nothing. SL'
- 'Cool place for a cache. Great views all around. TN Left CD Honu.'
- 'We found it! I did not want to do this cache tunnel, spiders, cave, spiders... you get the picture , but my husband thought it would be fun. He was right. The view was spectacular, well worth the climb. We didnt see any spiders. Look at the pictures and read the captions we were going to mark it as unfound because I didnt want to take the leap of faith onto the old rusty ladder neither did my husband , then we read the captions on the pictures again. We found the real opening to the tunnel by using the coordinates imagine that! and found the cache in no time. Watch your head. We both knocked our heads and I left some hair on the rocks. The plastic jar does need to be replaced. Something has been chewing on it and the holes are fairly large. Thanks for a great cache and a good day.'
- 'Great view! Came up the trail, but went down the steep side thanks to my husband who came with me for his first geocache experience. We left a bonedaddy&kayakmama coin and a silver key hook. We took a golf ball. TFTC'
- 'It was a great hike but it took us a while to find the entrance. We found the easy way up after we scaled the mountian the hard way but no worries it was fun. a lot of spiders though, it really freaked me out. might want to replace the canister it has a few holes in it. took the knife and left a bottle opener and a light, and a cigarette i think.'
- 'myself, my brother in law, and our wives hiked out on fri. the ladies didnt make it up the hill but we went up the hard way by mistake. much easier comeing back down. luckly some local guy in a truck gave us a ride back to the parkinglot cause we were beat. watch out for the spiders! must have seen of them. big ugly spiders everywhere!'
- 'I found the entrance at the coordinates, but was alone with only a keychain flashlight and did not want to take the chance in the hole. I was also exhausted. I never did find a real trail going up. I looked for the trail start coordinates and they took me halfway up a scrubby rocky hill which was quite dangerous. I would have turned around, but going down looked less safe than going up at that point. On my way down I crawled over rocks to get to a lower bunker and finally found what may have been a trail months ago . It met the gravel road at about about feet from the stated coordinates. This trail took off up the hill towards the Wainae side, but was way overgrown. Without a trail, this was the most dangerous cache I have visited.'
- 'What an incredible view! This hike and hunt was incredible. I had a an extremely good time looking for this cache. Took calculator keychain, left pocketknife. Thanks for placing this cache.'
- 'Super location! Sea Siders patrol scouts scores geocache for the day. We came up the hard way too. Shot the pipe and climbed the ladder a little rusty, but sturdy as ever . Thanks to the great clues the find was quick and fun. Exploring the bunker was also exciting. Next time we might bring a safety line, lower it from the top and let the more daring climb the laddr to the top. Also, found the easy way up down after getting there. Thanks, for the adventure. T Queen Bees salutation, Lincoln Penny In A Jar Gettysburg T.B. L Key Chain from Spain'
- 'We found it just after we had given up. We had over shot the tunnel, then on our way down to our surprise we came upon it. There were lots of spiders on the path, a little creepy. Definitely bring a flash light.'
- 'I tried the most direct route, but dont recommend it. Scaling scree along the pipeline was risky, despite the ladder near the top, and the faint trail used on the way down was much easier.'
- 'As you can see from the posted pics, it doesnt help to know that the cache is hidden under a rock. Id say that the odds of a lone cacher finding this one are slim, and considering the work that goes into getting here... and the heebie jeebies that come with caves... My mag lite was not up to the job. Remember that there are doors on this entry to the underworld. It is DARK! I was standing next to when he spotted the quarry in a quarry. There was one feeble indicator that this might be the hiding place. I sure hope we put that indicator back where it was! For anyone who lives on Oahu, it is a real thrill to be on this lofty perch back out among the bunkers and to look down upon this western most spike of land. There is a sense that one is in the pilot house of an immense ship, cutting through the Pacific surf. Add a few shade trees and this would be a terrific spot.'
- 'Since I had forgotten to bring along my hiking hat, Dadwrap graciously let me wear his neon orange hard hat for our long day’s journey to the west side of Oahu. It was making quite a fashion statement as the latest trail accessory. I did give it up for our entry into the cavern ‘cuz that DW cabeza in a cave is like a moth looking for a watt bulb. Cabeza must find stalactite…must find stalactite…. Ouch! Well, if you have a hard hat, it would be wise to take one along here. There is a lot of uneven, rocky ground and one section in the dark where you are guaranteed to hit your head because you are studying the ground so carefully with your flashlight. It would be wise also to bring extra water too since there is no shade on the trail during the day. After finding the cache, DW and EN went way, way uphill to explore the other bunkers. and I stayed behind and found a sliver of shade at “the building” where we found the opportunity to “phone home” and take a nap, respectively. Another word of warning… There was a family of wasps building a nest just inside the entry door of “the building”. If you stick your head through the doorway to check things out, you may come face to face with some stingers! Thanks for taking us to this secret location – kewl ! And…It was a long hours! hiking trip with The Best. Thanks Dageek, Bper, and Dadwrap for your company.'
- 'This part of our cache day turned out to be a lot of work. If you think you brought enough water, you could be wrong. I love visiting these old bunkers and there are so many and so little time. Glad I brought my hardhat, as it saved my head a couple of times today. On our way back the conversation turned to what am I going to have when we get back. This evolved into a root beer float. By the time we got back, that was all I could think about. Today I had the best root beer float I have ever had and it was all the better having it in the company of some wonderful people. All in all, this was a great hike.'
- 'This was a great cache after we got passed the somewhat confusing coordinates for the begining of the trail. They pointed uphill to a place choked with rocks and brush. A little backtracking and some good old fashoned eyeball work found us the trail. That is quite a climb up to the cache location but an interesting one. All of the bunkers and tunnels were to be Battery which which would mount inch navel guns for the defense of Oahu. However, it was only percent completed when it was cancelled near the end of WWII. I am not sure what the purpose was going to be for of the tunnel where the cache is but if you go back beyond the cache hiding place you will see the ladder coming down from the ridge above. Dadwrap and I climbed up anothe feet or so to a couple of observation bunkers higher on the ridge where there is a benchmark. TNLNSL.'
- 'Found Um Kool cache & great view.'

name: 'Dream in Tengwar'
creator: 'cantuland'
- 'After a couple miscues and a flat tire I finally made the journey to this awesome cache. I found myself in a distant and enchanted land. A mysterious land of wild plants and wild sounds. Trails which wrap around clusters of thick trees like a snake choking its prey. Trails which seem to magically soften, or turn in opposite directions to slow your approach to this well hidden cache. But I was not the first to journey down these paths. Another cacher had been here before me and left a coin on the trail to find my way. Upon reaching the cache I immediately recognized the container. But, it was miles away the last time I saw it. Surely the Elves have cast some spell on this cache. In fact, this whole land is shrouded in Elf magic. I have decided to NICC name this area Rivendale. I placed a Lord of the Caches Fire Coin in the cache to appease the Elf wizards and allow me a safe journey out. I hope to return to this place soon on another quest. TFTC. Nicc'
- 'What good is the internet if it wont solve a puzzle for you? That was the problem I had with this one. I did enough research to know the only way I was going to get it, was to just do it. Hours, hours, hours, and hours later did I mention HOURS I had a solution. Well at least I hoped. I ran it by Nicc and found out I had misinterpreted one number. We both went out to see if each others solution was correct. We both turned up nothing on our first attempt. After that we decided that it could only be in one more area if our interpretations were correct. I was able to get to this one first and log the cache but I want to share the FTF with Nicc as I would probably be still looking with my one wrong number. I have to say this was one of the hardest and trickiest puzzles that I have ever done! That is only part of the story however because the final cache area was just as difficult and awesome! I hope to see some more in this area, and if not I will place them myself. This area is just that cool! Thanks Ernie for the very tough puzzle and great cache! Thanks Nicc for the help and the fun ?? that we had doing this one!'

name: 'Long Walk for a Log'
creator: 'X-Pert Ears, BajaRider, Ryan 8874'
- 'At the Heavenly Hike Event, I heard RobbDogg enlisting someone to consider going with him on this unique FTF opportunity. A cache set in May and not found nearly three months later...very unusual. Rob wasnt making the sale...Water up to your belly button; long hard hike; hot hot hot were the reasons NOT TO DO this hike. Sounded right up my alley, so I zoomed on on the conversation even though RobbDog doesnt know me from Adam. Ill do it with you. Name the time and the place we can meet, and lets do it. So, this morning, we both woke up at a.m. to make a a.m. appointment at Marie Callendars in Valencia. We wanted to beat the heat for the mile one way hike and agreed that this would be a co FTF. Water up to our belly buttons...check. On at least creek crossing....up to our chest on one. Long hard hike...check especially on the way in where I lead half the time, leading to a one way hike. Much easier on the way out where Rob led the whole way and was much more adept at finding the easy distance trails or just hiking up the creek. Round trip distance miles. Hot hot hot check. By leaving the trailhead at we were in the shade most of the way in. We arrived at the cache site at so the way out was very hot. But the water was refreshing; we probably walked at least a mile or two in it finally getting back to trailhead at p.m. What wasnt mentioned Bears. We didnt see any, but about miles in, theres a bend in the river where a bear must live judging my the number and freshness of his scat. But he must forage during the day out of the river because he eat A LOT of Manzanita berries. Bees that sting you for no reason. I was just walking along when suddenly I was bit really painfully in the left hand by what I thought was a HORSE shit FLY. I swatted, killed it, but it left behind its stinger. I am typing this with a slightly swollen left hand that feels like it has arthritis. Snakes Rob saw a gopher snake. We both saw a black white California King Snake that was trying to eat a recently dead, but rigor mortis ridden silver top and orange bottom snake. A feeling of accomplishment because one of us was the real FTF . And if there is to be a STF , they should get here before the rainy season, because a substantial rain will send this one toward Lake Piru. No pictures Rob suggested that we leave all electrical equipment at home except for our GPS. Although it is a beautiful area, and there were definitely some PHOTO OPS, I am glad I left the camera at home. In addition to belly button high water, I slipped a few times to the point that I fell. Glad there wasnt a camera hanging from by left side. Rob thanks for letting me tag was an enjoyable day. thanks for the find and the ability to claim my FTF'
- 'What can I say, this was an adventure, even epic. I talked about this cache with at my event a number of weeks ago, so we decided to go for it. We parked and saddled up at am and headed west. Ive been down this creek bed before, but it always seems to change from season to season and year to year. Saw lots of wildlife frogs, heron, ducks, king snake, gopher snake, ground squirrels, fish and lots of bugs. Also saw lots of bear scat, but no black bear, which was OK in my book. Also saw bobcat tracks. The track we took led us over lots of uneven rock which took a toll of my knees and many water crossings, one time up to my upper chest and Im Got to GZ at around am. It was easy to find and that was good after such a long time for a log! I do though hope it does survive the winter as I surmise it is about feet above the current water level, but the cache is wedged in pretty good, so who knows. After signing the log we had lunch in a shady spot and then headed back to the car. I must admit that I was starting to hurt but wanted to complete the hike, and do it safely. We made it back at pm. So was it worth miles round trip to get a mm cache? You bet, the adventure was awesome, and it was a privilege to share Co FTF with . This was one of those missions where it was all about the adventure. The cache and its lure was the great excuse. We also decided it would be not too cool to place a cache, and let this cache stand alone. It really is a measure of how much you want to push yourself, and we pretty much burned up most the day to get this cache. Thanks for the find, and or the great memories Ill always have with me doing this cache.'

name: 'Pill Popper NYC'
creator: 'lefalaf'
- 'Nice caching, we were trusting our GPS and some geomethric senses which provided an easy grab. TFTC and greetings from the German'
- 'Round two! Well... actually round three or four, but I didnt log all those... After an unsuccessful attempt at a bit of brute forcing at another cache this morning hey... we all try it sooner or later, right? I decided to make another run at this one. I arrived and started on my quest once again, repeating everything I had done before and wondering what I had missed. Up. Reach all around. Down. Move feet. Up. Reach all around. Down. Move feet... After completing a section of wall, and feeling frustrated that I was once again performing a seemingly Sisyphean task I sat down and decided to consult my GPS, just as a moment of clarification. To my surprise it said I was away. But how could that be? This was the section of wall that I had come to every other time I had searched. Had that first search been a mistake? A mistake that I was just repeating every time I came? I dunno. So... I followed my GPSs advice and moved down the wall a bit. Up. Reach all around... wait... there it is. Huh. How about that. Now that Im at home, and looking through the logs I dont see a note that it was moved... had I really been searching in the wrong spot all those times?! I guess thatll teach me to always consult my GPS even after Ive been to as pot a few times. I guess theres always lessons to be learned in caching. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'After few minutes searching, Jindra finally found it. Actually, hint wasn´t that exact..TFTC'
- 'Visiting for the weekend on a Cornell Columbia house swap and this cache was just steps from our friends apartment. The reluctant Doodle scored the find for us in the first place he looked. Lots of fun on our first time in this area of the city. Thanks.'
- 'Torture. Pure torture. We went on a geocaching field trip with some students from the school I work at. We just couldnt find it. We searched everywhere. Read the logs for hints. Ack.'
- 'Took a few minutes of searching but I came up with it on a gorgeous Saturday. In the park having a BBQ for therealjessanns bday. Thanks for the cache and the surprise!'
- 'Hmmm. TCL and Jeffer and Lorree joined me in the search yesterday in the gathering dark; today just me and TCL. Two Coloradans and two native., A good hunt, but no joy. Saw squirrels darting into the holes in the wall, even used my little pocket torch, but no cache. Next visit to the big city, perhaps.'
- 'One of many caches Diddly and I hit while wandering around the city hunting caches and visiting some sites. Thanks!'
- 'This was a nice surprise for Eltee and I, although I thought I was going to lose an eye in the find all was well in the end! TFTC!'
- 'Doing a few local caches today. This took about min of searching before spotting it. Got the container & the top was Stuck. So I Slowly open it with a hard twist. Good for me, now about the name! STL took the coin TFTC'
- 'Another cache we could find during our NYC visit. The sportiest and funniest cache we could find in NYC. We love it! What a surprise! He could not hide long Great cache and nice park! TFTC T In Coin Greetings Wanderlust from Germany Am begann unser New York Urlaub Von Düsseldorf über London Heathrow ging es anschliessend zum Flughafen JFK nach New York. Dies war der sportlichste und lustigste cache, welchen wir in NYC finden konnten. Erst mussten wir ein wenig wie Freeclimber in einer Steinwand kraxeln. Selbstverständlich allzu hoch! Aber es hat Spass gemacht. Doch das beste kam nachdem wir den Cache gefunden hatten. Kleine Box aber grosse Überraschung. Cool, werden wir uns mal für einen neuen Cache merken! Es ist schon unglaublich wieviele Parks New York hat. Und was für Felsformationen in diesen zu finden sind. In Coin Gruss Diana und Marc Wanderlust'
- 'Found it.® Poor Harry. I though he was going to have a heart attack!'
- 'There is nothing funny about sadism. Except for the sadist. If you thought that this was funny, I feel sorry for you and for your victims. Definitely the nastiest cache that Ive ever found. You should be ashamed of yourself for this.'
- 'One of my favorite caches of the day! The hide was snow friendly, which was good as this park was covered in it. A bunch of people were sledding as I was looking. The hide was pretty tough, but I had it in hand in about minutes. Made me laugh, but then freeze as I had to reset the hide. I was glad the name was a pun, not what I thought it would be. TFTC!'
- 'came by with a previous finder. i thought he was being kind when he played a little hot and cold but in reality he just wanted to see me find it and laughed his a off when i did. this was a fun cool cache and well worth the visit. despite a little guidance my hands froze before making the grab, but in warmer conditions a patient cacher should have no problems.... thanks for a really fun cache!'
- 'DNF. As a matter of fact DNFx All I could think about while I was here was rabid raccoons. Did you know that there have been rabid raccoons found in Manhattan parks in the last three months? may not seem like a lot until you consider that in the YEARS previous to that... there were So... yeah... rabid raccoons. And rats. Rabid raccoons and rats. I just couldnt think of anything else. So yesterday, lacking gloves, and anything else I felt like I needed... I whiffed it. Over night I sought advice from some previous finders, and even got some onsite text advice from an old dinosaur out in California. Still, even on my second day I left empty handed. Big snow moving in tonight so Im not sure when Ill get another chance... but I WILL be back.'
- 'of today while caching in NYC with & . for me ! We decided to head up North after playing in Central Park. I walked up here while Mmac & got the car. I had about minutes of searching by myself and couldnt come up with it. As said, all the obvious spots didnt reveal the cache. It took Marilyns instincts to uncover the correct spot. She sure has a knack for things like that . SLTNLN. TFTC! TFTH!'
- 'Found it! of for the day caching with and in NYC. We met up and figured wed make a day of working on Decathlon, as well as clean up a bunch of others that were available to us. We got to GZ and knew that had been here before. But I enjoy this type of challenge! So, we spead out and started the search. Thanksfully and because of the cold temps and winds, there werent many people about! A couple of minutes later I spotted a likely spot and made the find! Nice surprise too! Just signed in. Thanks Jon for the fun cache hunt.'
- 'Mmacgown, and I had just finished caching in Central Park and we made it a point to attack this one. I didnt plan on coming back here for a while but being in their company I knew our chances has to be better. We approached it from fronts and provided assistance here and there. In the end Marilyn zeroed in on the right spot and the prize was hers. Nice hiding spot as had me looking in all the wrong places. Thanks.'
- 'us rex, fearsome predator, has patiently tracked the pillpoppatops along the northern tract of the Upperwestsideous region... ...the animal kingdom shudders with apprehension, sensing that the patience of the pitiless us rex is coming to an end... rex recognizes the recent signs of the lumbering kbdoronodon, and a plan begins to swirl... rex cleverly imitates the cry of a fatally wounded pillpoppatops... Q You doing Pill Popper today? A As soon as I get off the phone Im heading up. rex sniffs the air. yes. the stench is getting stronger. the greedy kbdoronodon is getting closer... ...millions of years of darwinian progress guide natures perfect predator as us rex melts into the surrounding environment... ...all but invisible, us rex lies in wait... ...he waits... ...he waits... ...he waits. ...a snapped twig betrays the stumbling kbdoronodon, drawing the renewed attention of the hungry us rex watching from high ground... ...kbdoronodon smells the acrid fumes of death in the air. something is wrong. he looks around and around and around. but never up... ...kbdoronodon does not realize his remaining time on this earth can be measured in just minutes... ...but us rex is as patient as he is hungry. one victim is not enough this day. us rex waits for two... ...foolishly thinking he sits atop the food chain, kbdoronodon hunts its own prey... ...kbdoronodon lunges for pillpoppatops but us rex has blinked! ...the struggle is over as quickly as it began and pillpoppatops is no more! but what happened? no! the kbdoronodon must not escape! rex resists the urge to immediately charge, willing every one of his hundreds of twitchy muscles to stay still... rex knows there will be enough meat left on the pillpoppatops to feed another... rex sees that the clumsy kbdoronodon is now fat and happy from his pillpoppatops meal and careless... ...kbdoronodon lazily looks around and around and around. but never up... ...the kbdoronodon discards the meaty bones of the pillpoppatops, as the us rex eyes both targets hungrily just yards away... that is the where the pillpoppatops lies... ...the kbdoronodon turns its back ever briefly on pillpoppatops and the sinewy death already raining down from above... RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! rex slinks away into the night, satisfied for now, but already thinking about the next kill... sometimes translated as AH HA!'
- 'Well, that was frustrating. Not exactly like putting together a two sided all white jigsaw puzzle, but close. With a little help, I was able to find this one. Turns out I was looking in the obvious spots. I needed to dig a little deeper. Anyhoo, I wound up jumping out of my skin twice on this one. One was the obvious one, the second was Brett shouting AH HA! from above right after I replaced the container. It was nice to finally meet him and avenge our prior DNFs. Thanks for the cache!'
- 'Well, daylight certainly didnt seem to help me very much. I stuck around at GZ much longer than I intended to, but ultimately wasnt able to solve this needle in a haystack. Even after giving up, I talked myself into coming back after chatting briefly with another DNFer. No luck.'
- 'Ugh. Ditto my last log, with a possible minus the Ill be back part. Based upon the sat images, I was positive I was in the right spot, but after climbing, looking, and poking my hands into every hole they would fit, I just came away with a pair of filthy hands. Im not sure what else I can do to find this.'
- 'Daylight made all the difference!'
- 'might as well have written this log. Nobody around, plenty of time, couldnt find it, Ill be back.'
- 'Found after a brief search; the snowstorm definitely helped, as we pretty much had the park to ourselves. Very nice. Thanks for a fun one'
- 'Gave this a try but so many places to hide a micro. Where to start? The cold kept the muggles indoors and gave me all the time I could need but after minutes of scaling and reaching I had to move on. Maybe another attempt in the spring. Thanks anyways.'
- 'We came over here to teach Gerk a lesson in night geocaching, but instead we crashed and burned. I dont have a problem sticking my arm deep into dark places I have other phobias , and I must have done so in at least fifty holes in the Mother of All Stone Walls. As Navigator and I had come equipped with good flashlights, I dont think that doing it at night was an issue. Coords seemed pretty steady, but we couldnt come up with it. This time. TFTC.'
- 'Darn it! Searched for a bit, then some guy decided to neighborhood watch and disrupt my hunt.'
- 'Woof! Woof! sniffs out another. A perfect day for a road trip ... so we met up with and decided to hit a part of NYC that wasnt swarming with tourists and Christmas shoppers. Started a very enjoyable caching day at Morningside Park by picking up this tricky one. TFTC.'
- 'Went on a caching trip today with Team . This was our first cache of the day and we enjoyed the hunt for this one. Took us a few minutes, but we finally tracked this little guy down. This was the find today at and is my cache find.'
- 'Found it on a great sunny day in NYC. TFTC. Greetings from Switzerland!'
- 'I couldnt get out of work to get it, and as I rushed out the bing came to alert me that I got beat to the FTF by less than mins! I swing by to see if I void claim a but night caching doesnt seem to be condusive to finding this one. Ill be back!'
- 'I arrived at GZ and was very surprised that I was alone, knowing that there are several local cachers haunting the Northern region of our fair city. I hunted for a while with no luck, and then shot off an e mail to the CO asking him what I felt was for me, at least a very pertinent question. He sent back an answer confirming what I feared. As I stood pondering my options, up walked who turned out to be just the option Id been hoping for my grabby thing de jour! And between the two of us we prevailed, after a bit of a search. Co FTF! Fun for me as Ive been out of town for so long, and got to meet a new fellow cacher, and fun for who was both caching with his phone for the first time and got to pocket Andrew. Thanks , for a social caching experience. I like them that way! Oh, by the way fellow Geocachers, the CO has an evil sense of humor, and an evil grin on his face right now. I can see it, trust me! And no, Gerkmax, this is not a cache you want to look for at night, I agree. Theres dark and then theres really dark!'
- 'Loved the cache. Had a great time chatting and searching with my new friend Ruthny sorry if I messed up the capitalization . Couldnt have hoped to share the first to find with a nicer person.'

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