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GeoREST is a web-centric framework for distributing geospatial data. It allows RESTful feature-based access to spatial data sources, including full editing capabilities, through a MapGuide server or directly via FDO.

Examples of data sources:

  • SHP
  • SDF
  • SQLite (FDO)
  • SpatiaLite
  • PostGIS
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Microsoft SQL Server Spatial
  • MySQL
  • Any other FDO vector data source

Example output formats:

  • GeoJSON
  • XML
  • OData
  • PNG (MapGuide layers only)
  • HTML (Template)
  • KML (Template)
  • GeoRSS (Template)
  • CSV (Template)
  • Any other templatable text-based format

Getting Started:

External resources discussing GeoREST:

GeoREST would not be possible without many underlying open source libraries, including:

  • MapGuide : an OSGeo web mapping project
  • FDO : an OSGeo spatial data access library
  • POCO : next generation c++ class libraries for network-centric applications
  • CTemplate : a simple but powerful template language for C++
  • libkml : an implementation of the OGC KML 2.2 standard

Other external resources on RESTful GIS:

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