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Issue 2133: Invalid json returned on login failure from ClientLogin
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Reported by, Jun 15, 2010
Name of API affected:
Accounts APIs

Issue summary:

Submitting ClientLogin with alt=json and incorrect credentials returns the string


which I believe is invalid JSON. It should be something along these lines:


Steps to reproduce issue:
1. submit a ClientLogin request with alt=json and invalid credentials

Expected output:

Valid JSON that indicates an invalid login

Actual results:

Invalid JSON
Jun 15, 2010
Duh, sorry, it seems that json is not supported at all for ClientLogin. I guess that's the "bug".
Jun 15, 2010
Even for API points advertised as allowing alt=json, errors are reported as raw non-JSON text. For example, attempting to fetch a list of photos for an album that has been deleted returns "No album found." instead of something along the lines of {"Error":"No album found."}
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