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About the NPT project
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The NPT project

The Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) is envisioned as a suite of informatics tools designed to help GBIF Participants to deploy, maintain and extend biodiversity data portals (at the national, regional or thematic levels). The GBIF Participant Node Managers Committee recommended in October 2009 to fully engage the nodes community in the development cycle of the NPT, especially to leverage the technical capacity available across the GBIF network.

Following this recommendation a technical advisory group with representatives from the Nodes Community was convened, and a workshop of this group held in Montreal, Canada, in December 2009 ( This group provided specific guidance on 1) the overall scope for the NPT, 2) structure and components, and 3) development approach.

This group also recommended hiring an expert from the community to coordinate the NPT development (especially to serve as a liaison between the NPT end users, developers, strategic partners, the GBIF Secretariat, and the Nodes Committee, among others). The call for this position was issued in August 2010 (, and a NPT Project Coordinator selected and appointed in October 2010 (

The NPT Advisory Group met in Madrid for its first workshop, to identify the scope and the main requirements of the Toolkit. A scoping and requirements document is available from the downloads section of this website.

Following up on this document, two more technical references were identified as needed, a SRS (Software Requirements Specification) and a SDD (Software Design Document) to prepare the developers for the Coding sprints, during which the actual development will take place.

The efforts of GBIF Participants and Secretariat has made possible to publish the first release candidate version of the NPT Startup, a light version of NPT that allow GBIF Nodes to easily set up a web presence that includes display of GBIF-mediated data.

In 2013, the Secretariat led a review process to check if this product met the expectation of the GBIF Participants. A report on this review will be published in the third quarter of 2013.

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