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The GBIF Nodes Portal Toolkit

The Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) is envisioned as a tool to facilitate discovery and access to GBIF-mediated data at a national, regional or thematic level, including the possibility to offer access to additional sources of information. It is an open source development led by the GBIF community for the GBIF community.

This website offers information about the project. It hosts much of the background information and serves as a public issue tracking system. See the sections 'How to participate' and 'Other sources of information' below if you want to explore other ways of participating in the project.

NEWS: In 2013, a review of the NPT Startup was carried out among GBIF Participants. The report of the results of that consultation will be available very soon!

About the project

In this wiki you can find information about the project, its vision and scope.

The development process

The original development plans are also hosted in this website, together with the planned methodology and much more useful information, especially on the project stakeholders.

The products

The project has already produced tangible outcomes: the first release candidate version of what is known as the NPT Startup. The NPT Startup is a basic website combined with biodiversity information targeted to those GBIF Nodes who want to create a basic web presence. To know more about the NPT Startup, including instructions on how to DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL the tool, please visit the NPT Startup site.

How to participate

If you want to participate in the project, you have several options:

  • Follow the GBIF news stream for general anouncements
  • Join the NPT working group in the GBIF Community Site to actively participate, engage in discussions with others interested in the project, provide requirements and feedback, participate in the software development and get the latest announcement on the project.
  • Join one of the two NPT mailing lists: there is one for users and another one for developers.

Other sources of information

There is a number of resources that you may want to check about the NPT apart from this website:

  • NPT Startup DEMO SITE: a test installation where you can have a taste of the tools features is available at
  • Need extra help? Please contact us at

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