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The GBIF Harvesting and Indexing Toolkit (HIT)

The GBIF HIT is a simple to use, simple to extend open source java framework that allows you to easily manage data harvesting and quickly build specific indexes of harvested data.

Please be aware, the codebase is no longer actively worked on by GBIF. It remains free for others to use and adapt though, and GBIF will help guide new adopters in understanding the codebase.

Furthermore, the last public release of the HIT (1.43-RC1 March 13, 2012) has been deprecated because it uses an old version of the Apache Struts2 web framework that contains security vulnerabilities (more information below). You can download this version, but it should never be exposed on a public URL.


Struts2 security vulnerability

-October 4, 2013

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Apache Struts2 web framework, which the HIT uses.

At this time there is no new patched version of the HIT available. It is recommend that if you use the HIT, you keep it behind a firewall so that it cannot be connected to from the world.

To find out more about the vulnerabilities, you can read this article.

Steps you can take to determine if you have been attacked via these vulnerabilities, can be found here.


See what the HIT is about.


It you need help, please check the FAQ section, the User Manual, or submit a new issue.

How to Contribute

We always welcome individuals who are interested in assisting with documentation, translations, or further source code developments. Please see the page How to Contribute to see how you can get involved today.

BioDatasource List Page (GBIF HIT v. 1.34-RC1)
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