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  56 Enhancement New Medium Docs ----   JSON response for specificEpithet is called "specific", not "species"  
  57 Enhancement New Medium Docs ----   Use Darwin Core terms for nameparser JSON variables  
  49 Enhancement New Medium CLB   use dwca reader to write eml for nub export  
  78 Enhancement New Medium CLB   Add NON to the blacklist of names and allow use of regex in blacklisted names  
  52 Defect New Medium Nameparser   Parse breaker: Missing comma in authorship   NameParser  
  53 Defect New Medium Nameparser   "Ă—Elyhordeum" breaks the parser   NameParser  
  95 Defect New Medium Nameparser   Halodule bermudensis den Hartog, 1964  
  25 Defect Accepted Medium Webservice   need 2 values from  
  45 Defect New Medium Webservice   Keep parsed names sorted the original way  
  55 Defect New Medium Webservice ----   Ampersand in authorship causes incomplete parsing via JSON  
  27 Enhancement New Medium Webservice   /ws/checklist: add sorting by popularity/title/num usages & filtering by keyword  
  28 Enhancement New Medium Webservice   add fuzzy matching param to usage services  
  4 Task Accepted Medium Resources   Assure all sources are cited correctly  
  19 Enhancement New Medium Console   load lexical groups "for review"  
  20 Enhancement New Medium Console   list names in different colors depending on properties  
  2 Defect Started Medium ---- ----   OccurenceStatus: absent  
  67 Defect New Medium ----   Fix the clb-fulltext-index POM  
  94 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Input not checked in DWCA validator. Potential security issue.  
  96 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Nub download link doesn't work  
  48 Enhancement New Medium Tools   add csv download for NameParser client  
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