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0.2.0 Release Notes
Updated Mar 25, 2013 by

GBench 0.2.0 Release Notes

  • Added support for CPU time.
  • Improved the builder API.
  • Added better (Groovier) syntax to add benchmark target code blocks.
  •    // old syntax
       run {
           with 'label', {
       // new syntax
       run {
           label {
  • Added new options for run().
    • "average", "idle", "trim". See its javadoc for usage. Thanks to Yasuharu Nakano (author of GroovyServ) for providing the source code.
    • "repeat". This option is an alternative to "time" option, but "time" option still available for backward compatibility.
  • Added new APIs.
    • sum(), average(), prettyPrint(). See their javadoc for usage.
  • Changed versioning scheme.
    • YY.MM.DD -> Major.Minor.Micro
  • Fixed a bug that the name of the system property to specify @Benchmark's default handling contains the old domain.
    • => gbench.defaulthandle

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