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GAOSP Feature list
Updated May 21, 2011 by


This list contain the main features and their (actual) status.

Small feature list

System :

  • Clean vendor
  • RIL (telephony/data)
  • Original galaxy keys
  • Internal/External SD
  • Sound
  • LiveWallpaper (only some of them)
  • GPS
  • Sensors
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • 3D
  • AWD Launcher with native settings
  • Spare Part
  • Modified core from cyanogenmod (with all associated features)
  • RC scripts
  • Galaxo's app
  • Overclocking from 19Mhz to 796Mhz with any overclock widget or application
  • Video playback (youtube, gallery)
  • Gallery3D
  • ...

Other :

  • Easy-to-build system by Linuzel
  • Custom Kernel 2.6.35
  • Clean shutdown/startup system by Cyanogen
  • Tools included
  • Lof of tweaks
  • FLAC audio support from Kenny Root (from CyanogenMod)
  • Perform zipalign-on-install of applications (merge with CyanogenMod)
  • Lot of locations
  • 360-degree auto-orientation by Optedoblivion and Elanthis (from CyanogenMod)
  • OpenVPN integration thanks to James Bottomley (from CyanogenMod)
  • Full ssh server with real authentication (dropbear)
  • Custom bootanimation from Bioden (frandroid)
  • Custom android logo on boot by Epervier (frandroid)
  • Custom logo.rle by Alexandre (frandroid)
  • Root & Superuser
  • Reboot & Reboot recovery now included in shutdown menu
  • Full busybox with symlink
  • Lot of features from cyanogenmod
  • GAOSP Configuration
  • ...

Full feature list

WifiConnect to Open AP Pass--
WifiConnect to WEP AP 40/128 bit key----
WifiConnect to WEP AP 128 bit passphrasePass--
WifiConnecto to LEAP Network----
WifiConnect to 802.11x Network----
WifiConnect to WPA Personal Network AES----
WifiConnect to WPA Personal Network TKIPPass--
WifiConnect to WPA2 Personal Network AESPass--
WifiConnect to WPA2 Personal Network TKIPPass--
WifiConnect to WPA Enterprise Network AES----
WifiConnect to WPA Enterprise Network TKIP----
WifiConnect to WPA2 Enterprise Network AES----
WifiConnect to WPA2 Enterprise Network TKIP----
WifiScan for networksPass--
WifiConnect to a previously scanned networkPass--
WifiConnect to a previously setup networkPass--
WifiProperly set up DNS property (net.dns1)Pass--
AudioCan play audio through speakersPass--
AudioCan adjust volume of speakersPass--
AudioCan play audio through handset earpiecePass--
AudioCan adjust volume of handset earpiecePass--
AudioCan detect insertion of headset into jackPass--
AudioCan play audio through headset earphonesPass--
AudioCan record volume through handset micPass--
AudioCan adjust recording volume of handset micPass--
AudioCan record volume through headset micPass--
AudioCan adjust recording volume of headset micPass--
AudioCan use speaker in half-duplex mode----
AudioCan adjust call volumePass--
AudioCan change Phone ringtonePass--
AudioCan change Notification ringtonePass--
AudioPhone quiet when "Silent mode" enabledPass--
AudioCan change media volumePass--
AudioCan change ringer volumePass--
MediaCan support Ogg Audio decode----
MediaCan support MP3 Audio decodePass--
MediaCan support GSM AMR decode----
MediaCan support Ogg Audio encode----
MediaCan support MP3 Audio encode----
MediaCan support GSM AMR encode----
MediaCan play MP4 video filePass--
MediaCan play h.264 video filePass--
MediaCan play WMV video fileFail--
MediaCan play h.263 fileFail--
GPSCan fix to satellitesPass--
GPSCan use satellite information in userspacePass--
DisplayTouchscreen responds to press eventsPass--
DisplayTouchscreen can handle vertical drag or flick motionPass--
DisplayTouchscreen can handle horizontal drag or flick motionPass--
DisplayTouchscreen can handle long press event.Pass--
DisplayDisplay can be dimmedPass--
DisplayDisplay can be lockedPass--
DisplayDisplay can be unlockedPass--
DisplayDisplay can be brightenedPass--
ButtonsAll buttons worksPass--
AccelerometersAccelerometer respond to movement in X planePass--
AccelerometersAccelerometer respond to movement in Y planePass--
AccelerometersAccelerometer respond to movement in Z planePass--
AccelerometersAccelerometer respond in Android applicationPass--
AccelerometersAccelerometer 1 can be calibrated----
GSMContacts can be read from SIM cardPass--
GSMContacts can be read from SD cardPass--
GSMContacts can be written to SD cardPass--
GSMContacts can be written to SIM card----
GSMCan unlock SIM using PINPass--
GSMCan associate/register with a networkPass--
GSMCan place callPass--
GSMCan receive callPass--
GSMCan change routing to/from different audio devices during callPass--
GSMCan answer a callPass--
GSMCan send an SMS messagePass--
GSMCan receive an SMS messagePass--
GSMCan send long SMS messagePass--
GSMCan receive long SMS messagePass--
GSMCan detect SIM cardPass--
GSMCan scan GSM networksPass--
GSMCan select a particular GSM network if more than one availablePass--
GSMCan forward callsPass--
GSMCan forward calls on busyPass--
GSMCan forward calls when unansweredPass--
GSMCan forward calls when unavailablePass--
GSMProvider specific USSD request codePass--
GSMCan receive time from network.Pass--
DATACan establish a DATA connectionPass--
DATACan send/receive data over DATA connectionPass--
DATACan send phone call while in DATA connectionPass--
DATACan receive phone call while in DATA connectionPass---
DATACan send an SMS message while in DATA connectionPass--
DATACan receive an SMS message while in DATA connectionPass--
BluetoothCan pair with HID/serial devicePass--
BluetoothCan pair with audio devicePass--
BluetoothCan route audio through BT headsetPass--
BluetoothCan adjust listening volume of BT headset----
BluetoothCan adjust recording volume of BT headset----
BluetoothCan answer call using BT headset----
BluetoothCan hangup call using BT headset----
BluetoothCan increase volume on BT headset----
BluetoothCan decrease volume on BT headset----
BluetoothHID/serial device can transfer data----
BluetoothFile transfer over BTPass--
BluetoothNetworking over BT----
BluetoothBT tethering to use phone as modem----
BluetoothCan turn on discoverablePass--
BluetoothCan be found by another Bluetooth devicePass--
BluetoothCan suppport DUN (dial-up-networking) profile----
BluetoothCan support FTP (file transfer) profilePass--
BluetoothCan support HFP (handsfree) profile----
GUIOnscreen keyboard functionsPass--
GUIAble to make/answer callPass--
GUIAble to unlock phone with SIM PINPass--
GUIAble to create SMSPass--
GUIAble to answer call when lockedPass--
GUIAble to hang up from callPass--
GUIAble to put device to sleepPass--
GUIAble to shut off the devicePass--
Power ManagementDevice detects chargerPass--
Power ManagementDevice chargesPass--
Power ManagementDevice charges from USB connection to computerPass--
Power ManagementDevice charges from generic USB chargerPass--
Power ManagementDevice can suspendPass--
Power ManagementDevice can resumePass--
Power ManagementScreen can blank to blackPass--
Power ManagementScreen can resume on touch----
Power ManagementScreen can resume from power button press.Pass--
Power ManagementCall can be received while in suspendPass--
Power ManagementCall can be answered while received in suspendPass--
Power ManagementDevice powers off properlyPass--
Power ManagementDevice reboots properly----
Power ManagementBattery life in standby (two readings); GSM only----
Power ManagementBattery life in standby (two readings); GSM + WIFI (not connected)----
USBUSB provides adb interfacePass--
USBCan connect to phone using adb programPass--
USBNetwork over USB----
USBAble to detect USB connection on bootPass--
USBAble to detect USB connection after bootPass--
USBAble to route network traffic over USB----
Google AppsCan login to Google AccountPassNeed Nexus G.apps
Google AppsCan open up mobile gmailPassNeed Nexus G.apps
Google AppsGmail displays properlyPassNeed Nexus G.apps
Google AppsCalender app can sync to Google AccountPassNeed Nexus G.apps

Comment by, Feb 13, 2010

is this list up tu date?

Comment by, Feb 13, 2010

on the top right it says "Updated Feb 03, 2010 by linuzel".

Comment by, Feb 14, 2010

Fix the audio issues with a stereo headset and ill load this on my behold 2 and try it out. Not too worried about bricking as the phone was free :)

Comment by project member, Feb 18, 2010

Not a good idea, you'd better wait a while as behold 2 guys are figuring out the way to flash it. For now it's SURE it will be bricked when just flashed Galaxy image and there's no sense trying it now. This project was planning to support BH2 too and the only thing we're waiting for is how to pass BH2's security. And it's mostly figured out by now. So it would be stupid to brick it now as solution is coming very soon ;)

Comment by, Apr 6, 2010

Looking ahead for more enhanced version to try out. Video playback is a must one. Please update periodically, eagerly waiting for the eclair 2.1. Thanks.

Comment by, Apr 17, 2010

i installed it, the camera doesnt work no pictures nor videos

google voice doesnt run voice search doesnt run it crashs. it lags a little, i dont know if the openGL i supposed to work on the galaxy?

also, the tethering doesnt work. i did a logcat, and it says device not found, and the reference is usb0 what is usb0 supposed to be?

Comment by, Apr 23, 2010

hi there, samsung galaxy is kind of buggy with its audio jack. i pull the headphones off and the device won't turn on its volume. so i cannot phone or listen to music. i have to turn the headphones in and out again, till it works correctly again. i fear it could come to this maybe mechanical weekness with an new or repaired device, too. maybe somebody could integrate an option for turning on and off the sound output device (headphones or speaker) directly. just a thought. greets from germany

Comment by, Apr 26, 2010

Hello and greetings from Finland! Oh, and good job on the project! I'm just waiting for the camera to work and then I'll switch to gaosp. Cheers! :)

Comment by, May 1, 2010

Can we do a mod alias for this usb0 the tethering asks for? The tether is the only thing keeping me one donut.

Comment by, May 3, 2010

greeting from India .. great going. i'm switching to this on my galaxy. hopefully should be able to test it for more stability.

Comment by, May 16, 2010

hey! thx for this version. works fine. good perfomance. only thing: the cam. if this works than the rom is a real burner !!! =)

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

Nice going guys! Can't wait till it's all on "pass"! Keep up the good work! The world is watching!

Comment by, Jun 28, 2010

Why camera isn't listed here ( Fail for now, Pass in the future ) ?

Thank You for your hard work Drakaz and team.

Comment by, Jun 29, 2010

Thank u Drakaz ....................u Simply rock ..........................i have N ISSUE with recovery tht i have mailed to u @ plzzz c to it

Comment by, Jun 30, 2010

how do i remove ADW Launcher and install the normal stock home app?

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