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  3 Defect Accepted   Dragging a dependency from a subtask to its supertask fails   Dependencies  
  7 Defect Accepted   GanttProject 2.0.x opens projects created in GP 1.x incorrectly   TasksTable ProjectStorage  
  8 Defect Accepted   Out of memory in print preview   Printing  
  11 Defect Accepted   Do not access Swing libraries when started in command line mode   Installation  
  17 Defect Accepted   Exception when exporting to PDF in landscape mode   Export  
  18 Defect Accepted   Days off have no impact on a project schedule   Tasks Resources  
  28 Defect Accepted   Wrong timestamp using HTML-Export   Export  
  29 Defect Accepted   Make long text string looking good in PDF export   Export  
  31 Defect Accepted   No Dashboards visible in Dashboard section   UI Dashboards  
  57 Enhancement Accepted   Indication of 100% complete task   Tasks GanttChart  
  59 Defect New   Item pane does not retain scroll position when other item is selected  
  60 Discussion New   Tasks and timeline don't match up in either html or pdf export  
  62 Defect Accepted   Undo looses scroll setting on task panel   UI  
  69 Enhancement Accepted   Highlight row on selecting elements in the table   UI Tasks  
  72 Discussion New   Help needed: Could you please add Chinese calendar?  
  76 Enhancement Accepted   Mouse gesture "two finger left/right scroll" should scroll   UI  
  83 Enhancement Accepted   Support effort-driven scheduling   Tasks Resources  
  84 Enhancement Accepted   Indicate overdue child tasks if they are hidden inside a collapsed parent task   Tasks TasksTable GanttChart  
  85 Enhancement Accepted   Timelines not bound to calendar dates   TimelineCalendar  
  86 Enhancement Accepted   Add links data to export   Export  
  89 Enhancement Accepted   Ability to mark some particular weekend day as working day   TimelineCalendar  
  94 Enhancement Accepted   Edit the coordinator in the task table   TasksTable Tasks  
  95 Discussion New   Gantt chart only displays 1/5 of the page when exported as PDF  
  98 Defect Accepted   2.0.10 become slow after around 200 tasks   Performance  
  106 Discussion New   Export to MS Project xml format can not be opened with other free PM tools   MSProject  
  110 Defect Accepted   Start date change and completion percentage handlers are too close   GanttChart UI  
  114 Defect Accepted   File extension is not added automatically   UI Export  
  117 Discussion New   Change fonts, colors and style  
  118 Discussion New   Proposal for a change in behavior of left mouse button  
  119 Enhancement New   Zooming keeps date under pointer the same  
  125 Enhancement Started   Fixed milestones   Tasks  
  126 Enhancement Accepted   Don't allow resources to be overloaded   Tasks Resources  
  130 Enhancement Accepted   Show task completion speed somewhere   Tasks TasksTable  
  134 Enhancement Accepted   Ability to split task over different periods of time   Tasks  
  139 Review New   Ganttproject - new version wich manage tasks priorities  
  141 Enhancement Fixed   More hierarchical task context in resources view   Resources Tasks  
  142 Enhancement Accepted   Support material/consumable resources   Resources  
  144 Enhancement Accepted   Support referenced subprojects   ProjectStorage Multiproject  
  147 Enhancement Accepted   After opening a project file the duration of the tasks is not re-computed   ProjectStorage Tasks  
  150 Enhancement Accepted   Allow simple formulas in the custom columns   Tasks Resources CustomColumns  
  151 Discussion Accepted   Resource load is not shown if resource is overloaded   Resources  
  152 Enhancement Accepted   Integration with Google Tasks & Calendar  
  153 Enhancement Accepted   Highlight dependencies of the selected task   GanttChart  
  154 Enhancement Accepted   Changing dates of multiple tasks at once   Tasks GanttChart  
  160 Enhancement Accepted   Add custom headers and footers to printed output   Printing  
  165 Defect Accepted   export PDF doesn't support Arabic   Export Localization  
  168 Defect Accepted   [Export PDF(iText)] doesn't support Japanese font   Localization Export  
  175 Defect Accepted   Last printer settings should be remembered   Printing UI  
  176 Enhancement Accepted   Add autocompletion to big drop down lists   UI  
  186 Enhancement Accepted   Properties mass edition for multiple tasks at the same time.   Tasks Doubtful  
  187 Defect Accepted   Export settings which are supposed to control the content of exported charts are ignored   Export  
  188 Enhancement Accepted   Alternative Milestone Display Option   GanttChart Milestone  
  193 Review New   Attempt to add Task cost display to Gantt Chart by using a new attribute on HumanResource  
  194 Enhancement Accepted   "Show inResources" and "Show in schedule" entries in Context Menu   UI Tasks Resources  
  197 Discussion Accepted   Use keyboard shortcuts "Alt+Arrowkeys" for moving Tasks around   TasksTable UI Keyboard  
  200 Enhancement Accepted   If multiple task Entries are selected: make it possible to assign a common resource   Tasks  
  203 Discussion Accepted   iText features   Export  
  205 Enhancement Accepted   Command line export flag for choosing diagram zooming scale   Export  
  206 Enhancement Accepted   Support resource costs with per hour and flat rates   Resources Cost  
  210 Enhancement Accepted   More fancy management of the resource holidays   Resources  
  211 Defect Accepted   Resizing column won't make clipped names fully visible immediately   UI TasksTable  
  216 Enhancement Accepted   Justification of Columns   UI TasksTable  
  220 Enhancement Accepted   Task Duration in Month   Tasks  
  222 Defect Accepted   GanttTree update fail when not pressing enter after change   TasksTable  
  224 Enhancement Accepted   New tasks should be centered in the chart   Tasks Doubtful GanttChart  
  225 Enhancement Accepted   Duration in hours   Tasks  
  232 Enhancement Accepted   Custom columns with enumeration values   Tasks CustomColumns Resources  
  238 Enhancement Accepted   Add current date or time to Start Date or End Date fields with keyboard shortcut   UI Tasks Keyboard  
  241 Defect Accepted   Crash when saving undo/redo file   ProjectStorage  
  247 Defect Accepted   Completion line display issue in weekends when scrolling on a Mac   GanttChart  
  255 Enhancement Accepted   Fix event date by editing progreess field   Tasks  
  258 Defect Accepted   Opening WebDAV document from MRU fails   ProjectStorage  
  259 Discussion New   Building a GanttProject repository package  
  264 Discussion Accepted   Graphical startup progress   Installation UI  
  265 Discussion Accepted   Update of showErrorDialog()   UI  
  268 Enhancement Accepted   Better date bar subdivisions for zoomed out views   UI GanttChart TimelineCalendar  
  270 Discussion Accepted   Mouse handling of timeline bars   GanttChart UI  
  274 Enhancement Accepted   Export resource unit in cvs   Export Resources  
  276 Enhancement Accepted   Resource View shows all parent tasks   Resources  
  277 Enhancement Accepted   Support recurring tasks   Tasks  
  278 Defect New   Task groups computed randomly  
  280 Discussion New   ASAP and ALAP options for tasks  
  286 Discussion New   Error when exporting HTML report with change from default file destination  
  289 InternalTask Accepted   Refactor action code: remove non action related code  
  295 Defect Accepted   Tree code refactoring  
  298 Enhancement Accepted   Ability to view the table of resources with a color for each role.   Resources  
  308 Defect Accepted   Cancel-button in resource-view of a task does not actually cancel every change   UI  
  309 Enhancement Accepted   Paste complete path in a file chooser   UI  
  314 Defect New   export PDF crashes in praha 728  
  319 Enhancement Accepted   ongoing task with a predefine amount of work   GanttChart Tasks  
  323 Enhancement Accepted   Pert chart zooming   PertChart  
  325 Enhancement Accepted   Task notes in the tooltip   Tasks TasksTable  
  328 Enhancement Accepted   Resource column in the task table   GanttChart Resources TasksTable  
  333 Enhancement New   Task Templates   Tasks  
  336 Enhancement Accepted   Timeline for quarters and half years   TimelineCalendar  
  340 Discussion New   Cannot input Task name when in chinese input mode  
  345 Discussion New   Cannot input chinese when setting Task's prefix  
  347 Discussion New   Development in Mac OS Lion and IDE is Eclipse 3.7.1 cannot work  
  352 Discussion New   CSV Export - dates  
  355 Enhancement New   Export or Print resource details  
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