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The g2 Report Engine is an open source reporting framework that integrates with your Java/J2EE application to produce reports. In addition to basic reports, the G2 Report Engine also support charting, visualizations, maps, excel export, dashboards and more.

Recent Updates

  • 6/05: Basic PDF support added
  • 5/21: Now supports basic JDO queries on Goole App Engine
  • API Integration

    Similar to many existing solutions, reports are defined and then persisted to XML. Using a simple API the report definition XML can be processed to generate a business intelligence report in various formats (HTML, Excel).

    The following code block demonstrates generating a basic HTML report with user input:

    File inputFile = new File("PetLocationReport.rxml"); //xml definition of report
    File outputFile = new File("PetLocationReport.html"); //html output
    Maps params = new HashMap(); //user input parameters

    Servlet Integration

    The project focuses primarily on the report engine API, however, we also provide a simple command line utility as well as a Servlet for generating reports within a web application. The Servlet is included in the report engine's jar, allowing you to easily add web-based reporting to you application with a single entry to its web.xml file.

    For more details, see the Servlet Integration article.

    NOTE: project is still in beta status... ideas and contributions are welcome.

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