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Issue 59: Wishlist: hierarchical collections
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Status:  Fixed
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Closed:  Apr 27

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Reported by, May 16, 2011
I see that you're using some sort of treeview for the list of collections, which gives me an idea: would it be possible, with your architecture, to have hierarchical collections? I think it's handy to arrange fonts into style and period, e.g.,

Serif - Venetian
Serif - modern
Serif - transitional
Serif - Clarendon

et cetera. But if I could just create on 'Serif' category, and put the other four inside that, it'd clean up the collection list.

Just a thought. Thanks for a handy program that even my mum can use!
May 19, 2011
Project Member #1 JerryCasiano
I've been a little hesitant to add nested collections for several reasons, I can see this getting really messy...
But since a lot of people seem to want them I'll have to work this into the next version somehow.

More than likely I'll just allow users to create their own categories in the sidebar, then they can create normal collections in their custom category. All headers in the sidebar will need to be collapsible in the next version since by default there will be more of them. That seems to me to be the cleanest approach and seems to solve your issue. 

Sorry to say that Font Manager is in the early stages of another rewrite at this time, so while I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind it's unlikely you'll see it implemented anytime soon. :-(

Thanks for your suggestion though.
Status: Accepted
Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Other Priority-Low Milestone-Release1.0 Component-UI Usability
May 19, 2011
No worries! I understand that you were intending Font Manager to be a simple font manager for everyday users, so of course it's your call. (I'm just eager to move to FontMatrix cuz it has more than a few bugs and doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, which of course is my problem, not mine :-)

And I totally understand the need to rewrite now and again; I'm looking at the prospect of refactoring a rather large web app myself this summer. Yikes! Take your time.
Apr 27, 2014
Project Member #3 JerryCasiano
This is implemented in SVN.

Please test using the latest revision.
Status: Fixed
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