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Issue 1176: Support more inputs per control
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Reported by, Apr 16, 2010
This is more of a thing for people who use MIDI drum sets, since there is a
many-to-one mapping of different pads to the lanes.
Example: for my setup, 4 inputs per control covers all instances--I can map
open hi-hat, 2nd tom, ride, and ride bell all to blue, for instance,
without having my drums make the same sound for them all.  In the current
situation, with only two inputs per control, I have to map 2nd tom to one
of the inputs, and then set open hi-hat, ride, and ride bell all to the
same sound/midi note.

I doubt this would be useful for guitar or bass at all.

Attached are my patches for four inputs per control.  It probable needs
some tweaking--I've only tested it with drums and it seems to work, and the
extra inputs for guitar aren't mapped to as solo frets, although in the
configuration screen it shows up as being solo frets.
Also, I'm sure other people have a setup that would benefit from 5 or even
6 inputs per control, but supporting a variable number would require a much
bigger hack than this patch.

Regardless, even if this is too useless for introduction into a release,
it's here for any drummers that might want it.
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Aug 31, 2010
Project Member #1
Bumping priority and adding Review label.
Labels: Priority-Medium Type-Review
Nov 23, 2010
i tried to replace the files given here but still only got 2 inputs per lane,have you any more detailed info on how to get this to work,im on FoFiX 3.121 Final (py2.6 ogl3)   cheers
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