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Issue 456: Light cones not working at night
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Status:  WontFix
Closed:  Apr 2012
Cc:, gijsrooy

Blocked on:
issue 203

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Project Member Reported by, Oct 3, 2011
*What steps will reproduce the problem?*
1. Take any aircraft with a light cone (CRJ's etc)
2. switch it on, and cycle through the different time settings
3. just look ;-)

*What is the expected output? What do you see instead?*
I expect that the light cones have the same intensity with all time settings.

Instead the intensity seems to depend on the sun angle. Maximum intensity at noon, none at midnight. So at night the light cones dissapears.

*Any output in the console (black window)?*

*What FlightGear version are you using (when using GIT version, please
mention date)?*

win32 GIT master branch, Jenkins Build Nr. 236 

*What operating system and graphics card?*
win32 xp, DualCore 2.6 GHz, 3,5 GB RAM, Nvidea GeForce GTX460

*Please provide any additional information below or as attachment (Avoid
expiring external links, such as to imageshack/pastebin/...).*

Oct 3, 2011
Project Member #1
see  issue #203 , comment #6
Blockedon: 203
Oct 3, 2011
Project Member #2
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Summary: Light cones not working at night
Status: Accepted
Cc: gijsrooy
Oct 3, 2011
Project Member #3
I meant Jenkins Build Nr. 536 
Oct 3, 2011
Project Member #4 gijsrooy
Right, my "fix" didn't fix that, as I said int he comment ;)

The light cones cannot (unlike the lightmap effect) add emision, instead they multiply. I've no idea how (and if) this can be fixed and doubt whether it would be worth spending more time on. Better concentrate on some "real" lights...
Oct 3, 2011
Project Member #5
Yep, but looking at the current DC3-discussion in the Forum I thought it would be better to come up here. 
Indeed "real light" beside the lightmap would be the better solution. 
Nov 29, 2011
Project Member #6
I'd tag this as "WontFix" atm. The current way does not and will not work. We need MRT or similar to store the diffuse color and recreate that. I'm currently working on that, and probably in the beginning of next year I might have something to push to git. Currently I'm too busy to code FG at all (should graduate soon...), but in the meantime look at .

If I get that to work and pushed to git, we could in theory have unlimited "real" lights... Maybe :)
Nov 30, 2011
Project Member #7 gijsrooy
Let's classify it as a "Feature Request" then ;)
Labels: Type-FeatureRequest
Apr 4, 2012
Project Member #8 gijsrooy
I guess this is a wontfix, now that we're moving on to Rembrandt.
Status: WontFix
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