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Frequently Asked Questions for FlightCrew
Updated Aug 12, 2011

Why does FlightCrew keep telling me that <svg> elements are not allowed?

You probably have an <svg> element as a direct child of the <body> element. That's not allowed (see  issue #1 ). Just wrap your <svg> in a <div> and it will validate just fine.

Why does FlightCrew complain about my TrueType font media type? I thought the media type for TT fonts was not standardized.

The de facto standard is "application/x-font-ttf", also recognized by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34. FligthCrew enforces the use of that media type since it's an industry best practice. See  issue #2  for more details.

Comment by, Dec 10, 2011

no character data is allowed by content model : What that mean?

Comment by, Jan 2, 2014

There's only one error in my ebook after Flightcrew was launched with Sigil : The <itemref> element's "idref" attribute is pointing to an <item> with id="coverpage.xhtml" which does not exist in the <manifest>.

Can you tell me what it means knowing that everything looks OK when I read it with Lucidor or Calibre (even the image on the cover - the only one image in the book)? Thanks

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