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FlashWatir is an extension to the Watir to include the capability of testing flash applications. So if you have a flash application embedded in your web page you must be able to use FlashWatir to test its functionality along with the normal application.

Important Note - You can use FlashWatir only on firefox as of now. The work on IE is going on. If you want to contribute or want to have more info, please let me know.

Any firewatir scripts you have, you should be able to run in FlashWatir by changing the require statement. Please see the unit test in the test folder of the installation. Also see the wiki ExternalInterface for understanding the process of adding testability to flash.

For instructions on testing flash and how to use FlashWatir please see the wiki UserGuide.

Typical Usage

# include the controller
require 'flash_watir'
include FireWatir
# create an instance of the controller
browser =
# go to the flash page you want to test
# call the default methods available in flash
percentage_loaded = browser.flash(:id, "clickcolors").percent_loaded
# call the methods you have exposed on the flash application
browser.flash(:id, "clickcolors").click
rectangle_color = browser.flash(:id, "clickcolors").getColor
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