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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  9 Enhancement New Medium Future   Add a simple history  
  10 Enhancement New Medium Future   Add the option to eval-as-you-type  
  12 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Add [@class="foo"] and [@id="bar"] in addition to the current div[##] XPath presentation  
  14 Defect Accepted High ---- ----   Edit XPath expressions with auto completion for XPath (using TAB or up and down arrows) not working  
  20 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Add a Copy parent nodes menu item to the nodes context menu  
  21 Defect New Medium ---- ----   xpath doesn't work (suspect namespace issue)  
  25 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Disabled input elements can not be selected with FirePath picker  
  30 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Don't collapse the DOM tree when the a query does not match any nodes.  
  36 Defect New Medium ---- ----   FirePath not working in Firefox 9.0.1  
  37 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Firepath keep the old inspect in memory and return always on it  
  38 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Firebug.getPref is not a function in bindings.xml line 227  
  39 Defect New Medium ---- ----   make it easier to view long complicated paths.  
  41 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Keyboard shortcut for next-match  
  42 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Upgrading Firepath to use XPATH 2.0 version  
  44 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Not able to use firepath 0.9.7  
  45 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Unable to download firepath  
  46 Defect New Medium ---- ----   AbbreviatedStep should not be followed by Predicate  
  47 Defect New Medium ---- ----   cannot install the firepath in crom  
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