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Fingertier (German for the Aye-eye) is a minimal finger friendly music player for mobile devices. It is optimised for smart phones with small touch screens, like the OpenMoko Freerunner. It is implemented in Vala and uses GLib, GTK and Gstreamer.


  • supports mp3, ogg and flac (in theory any format supported by Gstreamer)
  • play/pause, previous, next
  • sorted playlist
  • volume control
  • tags and album cover display
  • player prevents the phone from sleeping while running


  • shuffled playlist
  • store playlist(s)
  • player should pause on call
  • OpenMoko: 'Aux' button should play next song if phone is locked
  • (maybe) your idea ;-)


  • Edit 'LIBRARY_PATH' in ~/.fingertier/fingertier.conf to setup your music library folder. The default music folder is ~/Music.
  • Files called 'cover.jpg' or 'folder.jpg' in the same folder as your track are displayed by the player. The list of accepted cover file names can be configured in ~/.fingertier/fingertier.conf too.
  • A click on the cover reveals the configuration menu, where you can change the volume.

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