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Display and choose files from your website. This software was developed with jQuery library, and write by php.


  • Auto-Complete the filename
  • File/Folder information, also you can preview image files
  • Support unicode character, file(s)/folder(s) named in unicode character will be displayed fine
  • Multi-select files, you can pick several file(s) if the CTRL/SHIFT key was pressed down
  • Multi-language support
  • Without refresh, its request server using AJAX
  • Visual interface, its looks like a Explorer of Windows
  • Easy to use, just open a new window by JavaScript to request file file-picker.php and define an variable to receive the JSON string

显示并从您的网站上选择文件。这是一款用 PHP 编写,并基于 jQuery 类库开发的程序。


  • 文件名自动完成
  • 文件/目录的信息显示,也支持图片文件的预览
  • 支持 Unicode 字符,可以正常显示以 Unicode 字符命名的文件/目录
  • 多文件选取,您可以在按住 CTRL/SHIFT 键的同时选择多个文件
  • 支持多国语言
  • 无刷新,利用 AJAX 和服务器交互
  • 可视化的界面,基本同 Windows 的资源管理器相同
  • 使用简单,只要利用 JavaScript 打开一个新窗口来访问 file-picker.php文件,并定义一个接收 JSON 字符串的变量即可
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