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FeedReader is a C++ library designed to retrieve and parse web feeds such as RSS, ATOM and RDF.


FeedReader was designed to scale: it is fast, thread-safe, extensible and platform-independent.

In FeedReader, all feeds are transformed via XSL to a uniform schema before being parsed. This means that in order to extend FeedReader to support a new feed format, all that is needed is a new XSL file. The library comes with XSL files supporting for the following feed formats:

  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • ATOM 0.3
  • ATOM 1.0
  • RDF

An iterator interface is provided to the feed elements parsed.

Using the library is simple, sample client code is available here.


The FeedReader library is dependent on, and was tested with the following libraries/versions:


FeedReader was created by Yoav Aviram (yoav.aviram AT gmail DOT com).

Patches and bug reports are welcome, just please keep the style consistent with the original source.

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