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  4705 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Ability to compare two HTML element's CSS properties   computed  
  5527 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Allow disabling single styles inside the Computed side panel   computed  
  5681 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Editing of trace styles   computed  
  5880 Enhancement Started case-available   Smart cropping of CSS values   css style computed  
  5928 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   CSS panels doesn't parse infotip rangeOffsets for prettified values   computed css simon.lindholm10  
  6264 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   List the default UA style for computed CSS properties   computed 1.11.2  
  7098 Defect Triaged ---- ----   Share code between css/computedPanel's showInfoTip and css/cssPanel's   css computed refactoring simon.lindholm10  
  7222 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Style and Computed side panel are broken on Mozilla Archive Format sites   style computed 1.12.6  
  7427 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Colors as Authored displaying hex values in lowercase   css style computed 2.0.2  
  7439 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   'Show User Agent CSS' option should not affect both the Style and Computed side panels   style computed 1.12.8  
  7454 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Display min. and max. values overruling the width and height of an element   computed 1.12.8  
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