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  54 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Undo function   html css dom cookies breakpoints watch  
  1545 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Searching in DOM Panel only works for displayed elements   dom 1.6 search  
  1984 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Make DOM panel viewport based   dom performance 1.3 1.4  
  2001 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add storage panel   DOM 1.4  
  2111 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   'EditHtml' completed and event handler is gone   html 1.4 dom  
  2298 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   DOM view paging for large arrays   dom kpdecker  
  2560 Enhancement Triaged ----   Add JSON String Copy to DOM Panel   dom contribution 1.5 platform  
  3033 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Browse manifest cache and database storage   dom 1.5 platform  
  3050 Meta Triaged ---- case-available   Add "Persist" button to HTML, CSS and DOM panel for keeping changes after page reload   html 1.5 css dom debugger script  
  3107 Defect Triaged ---- ----   pixel data from canvas context appears empty   dom 1.5 platform  
  3113 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Feature Request - DOM Tab -> Add Property   dom ui 1.6  
  3117 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Func representation does not support properties of function objects.   dom 1.5  
  3436 Enhancement Started case-available   DOM Panel view by prototype chain   dom 1.6 ported1.6 ported1.6b2 sroussey  
  3457 Meta Triaged ---- ----   Duplicate (or move) the filtering options from the "secret" options menu   dom console ui 1.7 sroussey  
  3550 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Create a separate element path bar   html dom script  
  3569 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Function source tooltip is gone   dom 1.6  
  4162 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add "Break On Property Addition" and "Break On Property Removal"   dom 1.7 platform breakon  
  4173 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Window/Document menu   ui DOM sroussey  
  4215 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add formatted infotip for JSON attributes   html dom 1.6.2  
  4220 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Object History   debugger dom platform sroussey  
  4231 Enhancement Started case-available   Allow toggling the sort order of DOM properties   dom  
  4236 Defect Triaged ---- ----   Global Constructors option for DOM panel   dom 1.7  
  4385 Defect Triaged ---- ----   Options UI too obscure: "There are no properties to show for this object" for all logged objects   dom 1.7  
  4406 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   DOM Panel breakpoint column should always raise to the end of the panel   dom 1.11.2  
  4410 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   DOM panel dysfunctional   dom platform  
  4418 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   hide item 'summary' when object is expanded in DOM inspector   dom  
  4815 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add option to DOM panel to toggle display of null default values   dom  
  4858 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   DOM panel should indicate, that the script stopped at a DOM breakpoint   dom  
  4873 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Just changed parts of the DOM panel should get refreshed   dom platform watch  
  4945 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Use more compact layout for the DOM and Watch side panel   dom 1.9 watch  
  5063 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Improve info message inside DOM panel   dom  
  5201 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   'SVGAngle' and other properties are just listed inside the DOM panel after they were accessed once   dom 1.9.1  
  5282 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Allow limiting DOM panel search to properties or values   dom  
  5364 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Group DOM properties by type   dom  
  5377 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Getters and setters no longer marked in the DOM panel   dom 1.9.1 simon.lindholm10  
  5528 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Smart scrolling when expanding properties in DOM panel   dom  
  5619 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Add a test for DOM property coverage   dom simon.lindholm10  
  5621 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Property path is incorrect for objects deeper in the structure   dom  
  5650 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Allow selecting DOM properties   dom  
  5808 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Firebug cannot inspect details of DOM navigator   dom 1.10.2 platform  
  5813 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Function related context menu, not available everywhere   eventbug dom watch stack console  
  6070 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   UI Option to log all message events (from window.postMessage) in console   console dom  
  6138 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add "Persist" button to DOM panel for keeping changes after page reload   dom  
  6162 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   "arguments" of strict mode function not shown as array   dom simon.lindholm10  
  6204 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Breadcrumb navigation doesn't with closures in the DOM panel   closureinspector dom simon.lindholm10  
  6208 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Conditional DOM breakpoints   dom 1.11.1  
  6223 Defect Triaged ---- ----   The DOM property check should take prototypes into account   dom  
  6364 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Display JSON in "data" attributes as expandable trees inside the DOM panel   dom 1.11.2  
  6389 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Allow to disable a DOM Breakpoint within the DOM panel   dom 1.11.2  
  6392 Meta Triaged ---- ----   Allow to disable breakpoints within their related panel   console html dom net cookies  
  6396 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add breakpoint related context menu to DOM panel's Breakpoint Column   dom 1.11.2  
  6399 Meta Triaged ---- ----   Add breakpoint related context menu to Breakpoint Column   1.11.2 html dom script net cookies  
  6509 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   DOM breakpoints can be set while the Script panel is deactivated   dom debugger 1.11.4  
  6712 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Persist scroll position in DOM side panel when another element is selected   dom 1.12  
  6714 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add regular expressions search to DOM panel   dom 1.12  
  6751 Meta Triaged ---- ----   Add regular expressions search to all panels   console html dom cookies 1.12.1  
  6894 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Editing complex DOM properties doesn't work   dom 1.12.4  
  6921 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   JSON entered as value for a DOM property should be parsed   dom watch 1.12.4  
  6930 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Use Object.observe for the DOM and the watch panel   refactoring dom watch platform  
  6962 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Wrong expression evaluation after editing a complex property of an object   dom 1.12.4  
  6963 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   "Add watch" in the DOM panel doesn't switch to the Watch panel   dom  
  6986 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   DOM panel erratic scroll action   dom  
  7148 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   DOM panel status path is broken for chrome URLs   dom jsd2  
  7256 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Breakpoints of other panels than Script can be set without having the Script panel activated   1.12.7 net cookies dom console html  
  7403 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Hard to see "data" property of WorkerMessageEvents in DOM panel   dom simon.lindholm10  
  7443 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Don't underline native functions on hover   dom  
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