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  36 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Add "Reload Script" to Options menu of Script tab   debugger  
  54 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Undo function   html css dom cookies breakpoints watch  
  72 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Ability to force redownload linked CSS files   css  
  86 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Implement save state debugging   ui 1.4  
  130 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   XSLT results can't be debugged   debugger 1.12  
  167 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Minimum font size not shown in Style Side Panel   platform style  
  322 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Hierarchal profiler output   profiler  
  356 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   External mode doesn't respect maximised window state   ui activation  
  409 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   sprintf implementation for firebug console.log   console contribution urkle0  
  429 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   firebug not handling charset attribute for <script> tags   1.5 net debugger  
  431 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Enhancement: Wild Card "Allowed Sites"   1.0  
  435 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Support Songbird  
  471 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Linux-specific theme for Firebug   ui 1.1  
  481 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   contents of ajax loaded data can't be debugged (i.e. javascript) - setTimeout(code)   1.1 debugger platform  
  539 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   W3C validation of generated HTML   html  
  540 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Hang upon closing a Window with Flash   ui  
  547 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Download file from net tab   net 1.0  
  551 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-in-suite   Add ability to somehow block mousemove event   inspect breakon  
  553 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Visualize erroneous CSS in Style side panel   1.4 errors style  
  575 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Readline/history-search functionality for Command Line   commandline  
  754 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Downloadable source files (CSS, JS primarily)   html css script  
  905 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Stepping over a function: return is confusing   debugger 1.0  
  911 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Enumerate, browse, and debug window.setTimeout() functions.   debugger platform  
  976 Defect Triaged ---- case-needed   Firebug long execution time in domplate.js:439 on render images   performance 1.2 platform  
  988 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Make the Command Editor independent from the Command Line   commandline  
  1030 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Firefox uses lots of memory when firebug extension is turned on.   1.2 net memory  
  1084 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   The Net tab or the Console does not show request when using file:// uri   net 1.2  
  1104 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Annotate crash reports   debugger  
  1117 Enhancement Started ----   Allow editing <head> and <html> tags   HTML 1.2 dave1010  
  1141 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Maximize Firebug by double-clicking on a tab   ui  
  1173 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   HTML view on document with large amount of elements slow   html performance 1.3  
  1185 Defect Triaged ---- case-needed   When Firebug is enabled, Firefox uses huge amounts of memory and CPU   performance 1.2 memory cpu  
  1192 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Source Edit Mode for HTML panel   html  
  1209 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Persist the Net panel display including expanded requests on page reload   net 1.2  
  1241 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Mark CSS changes done in Firebug   css style firediff  
  1268 Defect Triaged ---- ----   throw doesn't show a stack trace, even with "Show stack trace with errors" on   errors 1.3 platform  
  1309 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add `console.benchmark`   commandline 1.4  
  1334 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Snapshot (Javascript)   debugger 1.4  
  1366 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Add a scale to the Net panel   net 1.3.0  
  1398 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   JSON tab enhancements:search responses and copy to clipboard   net 1.4 search  
  1420 Enhancement Started case-needed   Add an option to hide an element   1.4 html css  
  1469 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Console search and truncated lines with ...   net console 1.3.3 search  
  1472 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Firebug command line makes 'delete' operator appear to act differently   commandline 1.3.2 platform  
  1475 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Cannot inspect drop-down menus generated by Microsoft SharePoint   inspect 1.5  
  1545 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Searching in DOM Panel only works for displayed elements   dom 1.6 search  
  1583 Defect Triaged ---- case-needed   Google Maps + JavaScript Debugging Browser Stall Problem   1.3 net script platform  
  1584 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   CSS edit text wrapping   CSS 1.3.3 style  
  1636 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Hide specific stylesheets in CSS view of an element   1.5 style  
  1642 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   CSS loaded after the DOMContentLoaded event doesn't get displayed inside the CSS panel   css 1.3.3 Lameei  
  1660 Defect Triaged ---- ----   Firebug not collapsing when closed and using back/forward links Firefox 3.5b4pre   ui platform  
  1667 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Add filter option to Firediff   firediff  
  1678 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Add option: "Auto show/hide Firebug" (when mouse points at Firebug frame / leaves it)   ui firestarter  
  1705 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Make Firebug Colors customizable   ui 1.4  
  1711 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Enhancement: Add "ignore" un-breakpoints to Break-On-Next   debugger 1.4 breakon  
  1714 Enhancement Triaged ----   Special HTTP headers for logging into the console   console net 1.4  
  1729 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Back/Forward button can get firebug to show a grey box where it normally shows   ui 1.9.1  
  1734 Enhancement Triaged ----   Enhancement: Custom Net Panel: Adding window reference into file object   net 1.4  
  1769 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   UTF 16 Support   encoding 1.3  
  1772 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Show origin of a network request   net 1.5 platform  
  1776 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Shorthand properties for CSS rules shouldn't be filled with defaults   css 1.4 platform style  
  1833 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Show a warning that JIT javascript is disabled when profiling   profiler 1.4  
  1913 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Allow logging hyperlinks into console   console commandline  
  1917 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-in-suite   Variable popup should contain the number of items in case of hovering an array   script 1.2  
  1922 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Mouse wheel binding for tweaking selected css property   css keys style  
  1937 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Change "Open Firebug" shortcut to behave differently for Firebug being minimized or deactivated before opening it   keys 1.4 activation  
  1981 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Allow toolbar to display text, icons or both (and ideally, small vs. large icons)   ui 1.6  
  1982 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Stack trace shows parameters in their current state (not in the state when a function was called)   console 1.4  
  1984 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Make DOM panel viewport based   dom performance 1.3 1.4  
  2001 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Add storage panel   DOM 1.4  
  2030 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   firebug.css rule selectors could be written so they only apply to Firebug UI   ui 1.4  
  2045 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   URL-path-based activation   1.4 activation firestarter  
  2046 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Code view and debugger line numbers are out of synch with non-standard line endings.   debugger 1.4 platform  
  2058 Defect Triaged ---- case-needed   Script panel contents can't be copied completely   debugger 1.4  
  2111 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   'EditHtml' completed and event handler is gone   html 1.4 dom  
  2135 Enhancement Triaged ----   FireBug should (optionally) "remember" it's expanded/collapsed state for each separate tab   extensionWanted ui 1.4  
  2157 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Selection in Style side panel is removed when site is changed via JavaScript   1.4 style  
  2174 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Add to firediff change entry the corresponding stacktrace.   1.5  
  2194 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Keyboard Accessibility documentation for developers   keys 1.4 wiki  
  2222 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Show used CSS selector   style sroussey  
  2223 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Enhancement: Provide shouldMonitorRequest and shouldNotMonitorRequest listeners for NetMonitor   net 1.5  
  2235 Enhancement Triaged ----   Remove fbs isSystemURL filtering in interrupt handlers after jsdIFilter work complete   debugger 1.5  
  2244 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-in-suite   Some JavaScript 1.7+ features do not work in Console panel   commandLine 1.4 platform  
  2246 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Colors used in Layout side panel should match box model shading   layout 1.11.2  
  2273 Enhancement Started ---- case-available   Box model shadowing on (css) transformed elements doesn't work correctly   inspect 1.7 platform  
  2298 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   DOM view paging for large arrays   dom kpdecker  
  2300 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   ChromeBug: Breaking in dynamically loaded script using debugger shows wrong line number as active.   debugger 1.4  
  2308 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Allow several Firebug windows for one browser window   ui 1.4 firestarter  
  2311 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Unable to view upload stats   net 1.5  
  2322 Defect Triaged ---- ----   firebug becomes unresponsive if there are big uploads   net  
  2326 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Filter for errors in Net panel   net 1.4  
  2331 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Firediff does not support iframes kpdecker  
  2348 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Intercept/modify a request   net 1.5  
  2364 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Break on page navigation   net 1.5 breakon kpdecker  
  2365 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   monitor command not working (firebug 1.4.3) (firefox 3.5.3) OS X   commandLine debugger 1.5 platform  
  2366 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-in-suite   Ability to copy HTML and applied CSS in HTML panel   html 1.5 style  
  2379 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   Adding unload handler in tabWatcher causes reload for pages with iframes.   ui 1.5 platform bfcache  
  2388 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   CSS Errors in console printing out wrong text in second line of error   console sroussey  
  2421 Enhancement Triaged ---- ----   Firebug ignores keyboard commands (OS X)   ui keys  
  2423 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Provide original file/line number support for concatenated JavaScript files   extension debugger  
  2424 Enhancement Triaged case-available   Additional network panel columns   net 1.5  
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