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  2794 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-needed   Allow to pin the Box Model Highlighter   inspect 1.12.3  
  4131 Defect Triaged ---- case-available   :visited CSS doesn't show   1.7 style platform  
  5494 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Change the UI of locking pseudo-class states   style  
  5785 Enhancement Triaged sroussey case-available   Show pseudo-elements in HTML   html platform  
  5798 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Show styles for pseudo-elements inside the Style side panel   style  
  6268 Defect Triaged case-available   Expose a clean "console" object to the Command Line   console commandline  
  6456 Defect Triaged case-available   Rules are listed multiple times when their selector contains several pseudo-elements   style 1.11.3  
  6457 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Group pseudo-element rules   style 1.11.3  
  6461 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Show all kinds of pseudo-elements   style  
  6609 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Display pseudo-classes in element path   html 1.11.4  
  6784 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   Make it possible to paste multiple CSS properties at once   css style 1.12.1  
  6830 Defect Started case-needed   Evaluated expressions should be listed in the Script panel   jsd2 commandline script  
  7316 ---- Started ----   Update feature pages for 2.0   docs site  
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