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  3523 Defect Fixed case-available   EventBug breaks Location Menu of Script panel sroussey  
  6005 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Unprefix all occurrences of transform, linear-gradient, transform-origin, calc, indexedDB   refactoring 1.10.4  
  6013 Defect Fixed case-available   after iframe reload, "shade box model" lost   inspect  
  6056 Defect Fixed ----   include() follow-ups   commandline 1.11b1 simon.lindholm10  
  6076 Defect Fixed case-available   FBTest console/2271 FAILS: JS errors in AJAX callback functions are not shown   console platform  
  6083 Defect Fixed ----   Use 'http-on-opening-request' event for break on XHR feature  
  6091 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   U+202E (RTL character) messes up the source code   html 1.10.6  
  6094 Defect Fixed ----   FBTrace: extensions.firebug.alwaysOpenTraceConsole must be always on   fbtrace  
  6104 Enhancement Fixed ----   Firebug should display DOMTokenList content   console 1.10.6  
  6106 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Highlighting everything in a pseudo-array doesn't work   console dom simon.lindholm10  
  6107 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Scrolled-down editor for long value opens at wrong position simon.lindholm10  
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