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  341 Enhancement Fixed ----   Dragable control to min/maximise Firebug should be thicker than one pixel   UI  
  2767 Defect Fixed ----   Edit element style from computed style does nothing   css 1.5 sroussey  
  3071 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Display sample of WOFF file inside Net Panel   net 1.6 platform  
  3442 Defect Fixed ----   Scroll arrows sometimes appear on Firefox tab bar at startup with only one tab open   1.6 ui  
  3848 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Infotip for WOFF files inside font-family property   css 1.7  
  3997 Enhancement Fixed ----   Allow Firebug to be positioned on all four sides of the browser window   extension  
  4129 Defect Fixed case-needed   Improve panel switching speed by changing the savePrefFile for the selected panel memory   ui 1.7  
  4219 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Changing commandline completion with arrow keys doesn't work when hovering over autocompletion popup   commandline 1.7 simon.lindholm10  
  4355 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Line breaking of CSS styles leads to confusion   css 1.7  
  4758 Enhancement Verified case-available   "NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized - [url]" NTLM authentication issue   1.8 fixed1.9a1 console contribution  
  4910 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Sort headers of network requests in formatted view alphabetically   net  
  4940 Enhancement Verified case-available   Tooltip improvements with arrays   script 1.8.3  
  4950 Defect Fixed case-available   Add Watch sometimes displays more than once   1.9  
  4996 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   search widget grabs the focus on linux   search platform  
  5092 Patch Fixed case-needed   netProgress.js uses a funny way to access a single cache metadata element   net  
  5109 Defect Fixed ----   spy.logRow is undefined   console spy net  
  5111 Defect Fixed case-available   Scroll position script window - XHR requests   script  
  5114 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Scope shows weird properties on Linux   platform debugger simon.lindholm10  
  5205 Defect Fixed case-available   "Enable JavaScript and Refresh" doesn't work   script 1.9.1  
  5216 Defect Fixed case-available   "Break On This Error" missing from the context menu   console  
  5225 Defect Verified case-available   Half-rendered panel shown off-place when clicking magnifier in search field   ui  
  5239 Defect Verified case-available   Ctrl-0 zoom requests are intercepted by Firebug   ui 1.9.1  
  5299 Defect Fixed case-available   HTML panel doesn't get updated, if nodes are changed at another panel   html 1.9.1  
  5303 Defect Fixed case-available   Display of Style side panel fails for invalid character in string   css 1.9.1  
  5360 Defect Fixed ----   domplate issue with BR() in it   domplate  
  5375 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   FF nightly (Apr-05) broke DOM inspector  
  5388 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Further avoidance of Ci.nsIScriptError2 simon.lindholm10  
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