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  4924 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Online test results of FBTest should include expected and actual result of comparisons   FBTest  
  5453 Enhancement Fixed ----   Remove getUserData and setUserData usage   refactoring  
  5719 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Can not move Quick Info panel   quickinfo 1.10.0 1.11.1  
  5844 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Displayed cookie size should consider the raw value instead of the decoded one   cookies  
  5873 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-needed   Integrate FireClosure   commandline dom closureinspector simon.lindholm10  
  6118 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Deleting elements from the HTML panel doesn't work properly   html 1.11  
  6128 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   U+202E (RTL character) messes up the source code   html  
  6129 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   FireFile defaults edited CSS property values to "[Object CSSStyleRule]"   style 1.11 simon.lindholm10  
  6135 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Firebug doesn't see number properties anymore   commandline completion contribution  
  6140 Defect Fixed case-available   Only allow to include JavaScript   commandline  
  6143 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Resetting all options should also delete all include aliases   ui  
  6148 Enhancement Verified case-available   console.log([OBJECT]) doesn't show that it's an object when it has a toString() method defined   dom 1.11.1  
  6149 Defect Fixed ----   "Show External Errors" doesn't do anything   console ui simon.lindholm10  
  6169 Defect Fixed ----   The addon bar should not open on install   ui simon.lindholm10  
  6171 Enhancement Fixed ----   Completion popup should default to "on" on Linux   commandline completion simon.lindholm10  
  6176 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Stop using mutation events in the CSS panel   css refactoring simon.lindholm10  
  6177 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Replace mutation events with mutation observers for the HTML panel   html refactoring simon.lindholm10  
  6551 Defect Fixed case-available   include() conflicts with CSP   commandline 1.11.4 simon.lindholm10  
  6673 Defect Fixed case-available   Preview of 'currentcolor' is incorrect   css style  
  6689 Defect Fixed case-available   SVG icons are not displayed on specific MIME type settings   1.12 platform  
  6694 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Allow bypassing of "Clear Activation List" confirmation   1.12.0 activation  
  6696 Defect Fixed case-available   Copy Property Declaration copies an invalid style declaration   css style 1.12 contribution cobexer  
  6703 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add a preference to disable log message grouping   console 1.12  
  6718 Defect Fixed case-available   Log messages with the same name as the group they are in must not be grouped   console 1.12.0  
  6730 Defect Fixed case-available   Color display setting doesn't affect color names in shorthands   css style 1.12.0  
  6743 Defect Fixed case-available   Computed side panel doesn't show source links for styles   computed 1.12.1  
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