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  4009 Defect Verified case-in-suite   XHR messages are different in the Net and Console panel   console spy  
  4929 Defect Fixed case-available   Update list of inherited properties   1.8.3 style  
  5049 Defect Verified case-in-suite   onreadystatechange fails for back-to-back XMLHttpRequests   console spy  
  5554 Defect Fixed case-available   Cookies from IDN domains are not shown   cookies  
  5639 Enhancement Verified case-available   Allow deleting all watch expressions at once   watch  
  5643 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Style disabling confuses rules   css style simon.lindholm10  
  5644 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Editing a disabled property makes another   css style simon.lindholm10  
  5749 Defect Fixed case-available   Denying cookies for a specific path and accepting to remove them deletes all cookies for a site   cookies 1.10  
  5783 Defect Verified case-available   Display of IPv6 addresses with port number is incorrect   net 1.10.2  
  5834 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add infotip for cookie size   cookies  
  5864 Enhancement Verified case-available   Allow searching for file path within Location Menu   script  
  5866 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Show stack trace for function calls log   console  
  5867 Defect Fixed case-available   Command line method dir() doesn''t work properly   commandline  
  5870 Defect Fixed case-available   Parts of headers wrapped in arrow brackets are treated as HTML   net 1.10.2  
  5879 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Crop long CSS values in Computed side panel   computed  
  5883 Defect Verified case-available   Error "topWindow.exportFirebug is not a function" while Firebug is detached   activation  
  5885 Defect Fixed case-available   Layout side panel doesn't refresh data when resizing browser window   layout 1.10.2  
  5893 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Support touch events   commandline 1.10.3  
  5908 Defect Verified case-available   Link to open the complete xhr response in a new Firefox tab does not work   spy 1.10.3  
  6200 Enhancement Fixed ----   add FireClosure syntax in the help command   commandline closureinspector 1.12a1 fixed  
  6256 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Auto-completion is slow   commandline debugger performance completion simon.lindholm10  
  6281 Defect Verified case-available   Placeholder rules are no longer displayed in HTML Style tab.   style 1.11.1  
  6282 Defect Fixed case-available   CSS panel fails on interpreting @page   css 1.11.1  
  6283 Defect Fixed case-available   Console and DOM panel fail on interpreting @page   console dom 1.11.1  
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