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  4906 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Show notification in Script panel if tab cache is exceeded   debugger  
  4930 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Headers in net requests should be collapsible   net  
  5720 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Allow to pin the Quick Info Box   quickinfo 1.10  
  6333 Enhancement Fixed ----   Pressing Escape in search field should clear it   search keys 1.11.2  
  6551 Defect Fixed case-available   include() conflicts with CSP   commandline 1.11.4 simon.lindholm10  
  6622 Enhancement Fixed ----   QuickInfoBox should use Domplate   quickinfo refactoring  
  6654 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Unhide a few properties in auto-completion   commandline console  
  6661 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Clicking ">" should add a new attribute in the HTML panel   html 1.11.4 simon.lindholm10  
  6669 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-needed   JSON parsing is slow   net performance 1.11.3 simon.lindholm10  
  6673 Defect Fixed case-available   Preview of 'currentcolor' is incorrect   css style  
  6689 Defect Fixed case-available   SVG icons are not displayed on specific MIME type settings   1.12 platform  
  6693 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Misaligned input boxes in command line   commandline 1.12  
  6694 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Allow bypassing of "Clear Activation List" confirmation   1.12.0 activation  
  6696 Defect Fixed case-available   Copy Property Declaration copies an invalid style declaration   css style 1.12 contribution cobexer  
  6697 Enhancement Fixed ----   Create an API to (easily) allow panel title change anytime (and not just at panel creation time)   api ui  
  6703 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add a preference to disable log message grouping   console 1.12  
  6706 Enhancement Fixed ----   Remove/reduce tooltips for the HTML panel   1.12 html simon.lindholm10  
  6707 Enhancement Fixed ----   Alt+click should edit an HTML panel element   keys html 1.12 simon.lindholm10  
  6708 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add a shortcut for editing the selected HTML panel element   1.12 html keys simon.lindholm10  
  6717 Enhancement Fixed ----   Convert customizeShortcuts.js to AMD   refactoring 1.12  
  6718 Defect Fixed case-available   Log messages with the same name as the group they are in must not be grouped   console 1.12.0  
  6722 Defect Fixed case-available   'Delete watch' is only shown after moving mouse to other watch after delete   watch 1.12.0  
  6723 Enhancement Fixed ----   Convert external editors related scripts to AMD   refactoring 1.12.0  
  6726 Defect Fixed ----   Remove usage of nsIMemoryReporter from the source tree   refactoring 1.12  
  6727 Defect Fixed case-available   Side panels broken when an iframe is removed while an element inside it is selected   html style computed 1.12.0  
  6728 Defect Fixed ----   ALT-CLICK on a non-selected node doesn't enable the "Edit" button   html 1.12.0  
  6730 Defect Fixed case-available   Color display setting doesn't affect color names in shorthands   css style 1.12.0  
  6732 Defect Fixed ----   Broken CSS on Linux   ui simon.lindholm10  
  6739 Enhancement Verified case-available   List all classes of an element in DOM view instead of just the first one   dom 1.12.1  
  6743 Defect Fixed case-available   Computed side panel doesn't show source links for styles   computed 1.12.1  
  6744 Enhancement Fixed case-available   List all classes of an element inside the Element Path   html 1.12.1  
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