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  18 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Beef up $x   console  
  959 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Enable auto-completion of built-in members   completion  
  2202 Enhancement Verified case-available   Activate Same Origin URLs enhancements   1.4 nicolas.hatier  
  2495 Enhancement Fixed case-available   The rendered font should be highlighted in Style side panel   style  
  2796 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Ability to create a new rule in the style panel   style sroussey  
  4626 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Display of doctype for frames   html  
  5107 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Passing multiple arguments to a function in Domplate  
  5135 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Display window.postMessage() calls in console   console  
  5324 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   SPDY support in the Net panel   net  
  5358 Enhancement Verified case-available   Allow pasting HTML into the HTML panel   html 1.9.1  
  5453 Enhancement Fixed ----   Remove getUserData and setUserData usage   refactoring  
  5623 Enhancement Verified ----   New pref to disable/enable delayed Firebug load   1.10  
  5625 Enhancement Verified case-available   Filter "character encoding" warnings   console  
  5639 Enhancement Verified case-available   Allow deleting all watch expressions at once   watch  
  5764 Enhancement Fixed sroussey ----   Change $() to use querySelector() instead of getElementById()   commandline console  
  5779 Enhancement Fixed sroussey case-available   Allow to set the root element in $ and $$   commandline  
  5800 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Remove globalStorage support   refactoring simon.lindholm10  
  5803 Enhancement Verified ----   link logged-events with event target   console  
  5817 Enhancement Fixed ----   API for registering new Firebug commands   api commandline  
  5834 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add infotip for cookie size   cookies  
  5843 Enhancement Fixed ----   Support for PerformanceTiming spec   console  
  5846 Enhancement Fixed ----   Buffer FBTrace logs until it's loaded   fbtrace  
  5862 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Crop long CSS values in Style side panel   style css  
  5864 Enhancement Verified case-available   Allow searching for file path within Location Menu   script  
  5866 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Show stack trace for function calls log   console  
  5873 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-needed   Integrate FireClosure   commandline dom closureinspector simon.lindholm10  
  5878 Enhancement Fixed case-available   proposal for a command line method: include(url)   commandline  
  5879 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Crop long CSS values in Computed side panel   computed  
  5888 Enhancement Fixed ----   Improve logic for when to open first-run page   installation 1.10.3  
  5893 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Support touch events   commandline 1.10.3  
  5931 Enhancement Fixed ----   Integrate SelectBug extension into Firebug   1.11 css  
  5951 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Title of array-like objects should be clickable   console commandline  
  5962 Enhancement Verified case-available   Panel for CSS Selector Queries (allow searching in frames)   selectors  
  5989 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Add auto-completion to Elements side panel   elements completion selectors  
  5999 Enhancement Verified simon.lindholm10 case-available   Open the completion popup at the start of the expression   commandline completion simon.lindholm10  
  6005 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Unprefix all occurrences of transform, linear-gradient, transform-origin, calc, indexedDB   refactoring 1.10.4  
  6007 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Add save success indication for media queries   css  
  6030 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   Don't match the first character case-insensitively in global completions   completion commandline simon.lindholm10  
  6040 Enhancement Verified ----   No mention of free software or open source   license about  
  6064 Enhancement Fixed ----   Apply custom console log formatting on parts of the log   console commandline ui  
  6066 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Allow adjusting the cropping length of URLs of requests   net 1.10.6  
  6104 Enhancement Fixed ----   Firebug should display DOMTokenList content   console 1.10.6  
  6133 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Default include() alias for jQuery   commandline 1.11.2  
  6143 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Resetting all options should also delete all include aliases   ui  
  6200 Enhancement Fixed ----   add FireClosure syntax in the help command   commandline closureinspector 1.12a1 fixed  
  6215 Enhancement Fixed ----   Menu & Toolbar: support for hierarchical menus (submenus)   ui api  
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