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  537 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Pseudo-elements are not displayed in Style side panel   CSS 1.1 styles fixed1.8a3 platform  
  654 Enhancement Fixed ----   IP address included on a Net line entry   net 1.0 fixed1.8b1  
  958 Enhancement Fixed ----   Search Field shouldn't be cleared when switching between panels   ui search fixed1.8b5  
  1338 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Increment CSS values at least significant digit   CSS 1.5 fixed1.8a3  
  1964 Defect Fixed case-available   Font size affecting Script panel   script 1.4  
  2498 Defect Fixed ----   Open Firebug in New Window doesn't work in SeaMonkey 2.0.1 (undefined entity)   ui 1.5 seamonkey blocks1.8 fixed1.8a3  
  2938 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Show console.timeStamp() and timestamps in the Net tab   net 1.5 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  3077 Defect Fixed case-available   Line by line debug stops with window.console.log   debugger  
  3186 Defect Fixed case-available   Case insensitive search broken   1.5 search blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2 dmiFedorenko  
  3204 Defect Fixed case-available   console.* formatted strings print %* placeholder when surrounded by newlines   console  
  3207 Defect Fixed case-available   CSS properties in the "Computed" tab are not updated correctly   css fixed1.8a3  
  3296 Defect Verified case-available   Form's action doesn't change and it isn't shown in HTML panel   html  
  3386 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Description for tracing options inside the Tracing Console   tracing 1.6 fixed1.8a2  
  3489 Enhancement Fixed ----   Get rid of "with (FBL) {"   blocks1.8 fixed1.8a3 sroussey  
  3645 Defect Fixed ----   _firebugRerun and friends need to be elided from the panel status path   debugger 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a3  
  3809 Defect Fixed case-available   Incorrect timings in net panel (blocked/dns)   net 1.8 fixed1.8b6  
  3979 Defect Fixed case-available   Hovering the Location Menu items shows a wrong tooltip   css script ui  
  4013 Defect Fixed case-available   Editing attribute values in HTML Panel sometimes provides a very small edit box   html 1.6 fixed1.8a1  
  4032 Enhancement Verified case-available   Please offer option to disable update notification page   ui 1.7 fixed1.8.1  
  4083 Defect Verified case-needed   FBTrace in an error message somehow   net 1.7 fixed1.7a11 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a2  
  4087 Defect Verified ----   Contents of Command Line and Command Editor do not persist on page reload   commandline 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4089 Enhancement Verified ----   Option to turn off the status bar icon   ui 1.7 blocks1.8 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.8a3  
  4118 Defect Fixed case-available   The command-line tab-out-prevention also prevents ctrl+tab from working   commandline 1.7 simon.lindholm10  
  4119 Defect Fixed case-available   The command-line tab-out-prevention remains when Firebug is hidden   ui 1.7 fixed1.8b1 simon.lindholm10  
  4142 Enhancement Fixed ----   preferences are tricky to search for on the wiki   doc fixed1.8a2 platform  
  4143 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Persist preview command line across Firefox sessions.   commandline 1.7 fixed1.8a2  
  4167 Enhancement Fixed ----   Add scrollbar to Script Location Menu   fixed1.8a1  
  4214 Defect Fixed case-available   CSS URL preview doesn't respect <base /> element   css 1.6 fixed1.8.1  
  4218 Defect Fixed ----   Command line history doesn't reset when entering duplicate command   commandline 1.8 contribution fixed1.8b3 simon.lindholm10  
  4224 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Adjustable height netInfoHTMLPreview   console net 1.7 fixed1.8a2  
  4233 Enhancement Fixed ----   [Large patch] Better auto-completion   commandline 1.7 fixed1.8a2 simon.lindholm10  
  4244 Enhancement Fixed ----   Implement console and command line with __exposedProperties__ in Firebug 1.8   console 1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4249 Defect Fixed case-available   Stack trace function highlight wrong   script fixed1.9a1 sroussey  
  4252 Defect Fixed sroussey ----   InstallTrigger should be part of the window built-in list   dom blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b1 sroussey  
  4253 Defect Fixed ----   Remove message in final: "Issues with trunk Firefox for Firebug"   blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 sroussey  
  4258 Enhancement Fixed ----   Website changes for final release   site fixed1.8a2 sroussey  
  4261 Enhancement Fixed ----   Compress PNG images in Firebug   ui mac 1.7 fixed1.8a1  
  4262 Enhancement Fixed ----   Firebug startup warnings   1.7 fixed1.8a1  
  4287 Enhancement Fixed case-available   "Issues with trunk Firefox for Firebug"   console 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b1  
  4289 Defect Fixed ----   Firefox 4/Firebug 1.7 can no longer debug Dojo (Fixed in Firefox 5+)   debugger 1.7.0 fixed1.8a3 ported1.7 fixed1.7.2 platform  
  4290 Defect Fixed case-available   The script panel is taking over Firebug and it shouldn't   debugger 1.7 fixed1.8b5  
  4295 Defect Fixed ----   1.7: OS X displays Windows icons   ui 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b1  
  4299 Defect Verified ----   FBTrace is not defined   net 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b1  
  4311 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug breaks zoom-in for Japanese users   keys 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4315 Defect Fixed ----   Firebug causes Firefox 4 to be inoperable with swfobject.js or minified code.   debugger 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a1 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b1  
  4344 Enhancement Verified case-available   CSS autocompletion has incomplete support for color names of CSS3/SVG spec   css 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4353 Defect Fixed ----   Locale nl-NL: Wrong translation in Layout side panel.   locale 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4354 Defect Fixed ----   FBTrace v1.8b3 is not logging   fbtrace 1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4359 Defect Fixed case-available   Debugger shows executable line active even if it isn't true   1.8 script blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4360 Defect Fixed ----   Update 1.7X.0 to 1.7.1 on   site fixed1.8a2  
  4361 Defect Fixed ----   1.8 built files broken.   1.8 fbtrace fixed1.8b2  
  4365 Defect Fixed case-available   Icon of external editor not changing when selecting another one   editors 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4366 Defect Fixed case-available   Remove and Change button are still active after deleting all external editors   editors 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4367 Defect Fixed case-available   Last external editor still appearing in menu after being removed   editors 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4369 Defect Verified case-available   Missing JavaScript lines in Firebug script display window   1.8 script  
  4374 Defect Fixed case-available   Breakpoint condition editor doesn't work   1.8 script blocks1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4375 Enhancement Fixed ----   XrayWrapper wrapped Window objects are described/tagged DOM/Watch just as Window   chromebug 1.7 dom fixed1.8a2  
  4376 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Simple Memory Profiler   profiler 1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4380 Defect Fixed case-available   Breakpoints of other panels are not shown inside Breakpoints Side Panel   debugger script 1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4384 Defect Fixed case-available   Profiler button is always disabled   1.8 console blocks1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4386 Defect Fixed case-available   DOM breakpoints can't be deleted or disabled/enabled from within the Breakpoints Side Panel   dom 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4389 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Command Line Popup should not be triggered by pressing Escape   keys 1.7 fixed1.8b5  
  4390 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Optionally have option for DOM showOwnProperties, showEnumerableProperties   dom 1.8 fixed1.8a2  
  4391 Defect Fixed ----   Can not use $ for jQuery in console   commandline blocks1.8 fixed1.8a3 minglq.9  
  4411 Enhancement Fixed case-in-suite   No infotip for rgba, hsl and hsla CSS color values   css fixed1.8a3  
  4415 Defect Fixed ----   Callstack panel is broken   script blocks1.8 fixed1.8a3  
  4417 Defect Fixed case-available   Breakpoint doesn't work if height of Firebug UI is too small.   script blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4421 Defect Verified case-available   Cannot enable "Edit source" button (css) after switching tabs   css 1.7 fixed1.8.1  
  4428 Defect Verified case-available   watch window and hover watch shows "undefined" for "null" function arguments   debugger 1.7 fixed1.8a3 ported1.7 fixed1.7.2  
  4435 Defect Fixed case-needed   FBL.getAncestorByTagName broken due to typo   dom 1.7 contribution fixed1.8a3 ported1.7 fixed1.7.2  
  4436 Defect Fixed ----   Locale sv-SE   locale 1.7 fixed1.8a3  
  4439 Defect Verified case-available   Net Tab GET and POST responses empty when response's Content-Type is text/json   net 1.7 ported1.7 fixed1.7.2 fixed1.8b1  
  4440 Defect Verified case-available   When Firebug reaches the loglimit, clicking on Requests returns undefined   net 1.7 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b5  
  4442 Defect Fixed ----   1.7.1 A small CSS bug on OS X   fixed1.8a3  
  4452 Defect Verified case-available   Problem with a shortcut   1.7 blocks1.8 fixed1.8a3 ported1.7 fixed1.7.2  
  4453 Defect Fixed case-available   Content of the command line can't be cleared.   commandline blocks1.8 fixed1.8b1  
  4454 Defect Fixed case-available   toolbar icon larger than normal   ui fixed1.8b6  
  4455 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug Ctrl+F12 shortcut doesn't work.   1.8 keys blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4460 Enhancement Fixed ----   Add CSS3 box-sizing property to Layout side panel   css fixed1.8a3  
  4470 Enhancement Fixed case-in-suite   Preview for CSS gradients   css fixed1.8.1 style  
  4484 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug can store sensitive information like visited site names in "Private Browsing mode"   ui blocks1.8 fixed1.8b5  
  4489 Defect Fixed case-available   Wrong font-size in main panel under Windows   fonts html css script ui 1.8 fixed1.8.1  
  4490 Defect Verified case-available   'right-click -> inspect element' doesn't work   inspect ui 1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4491 Defect Fixed case-available   HTML panel search fails   html search 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4493 Defect Fixed ----   console methods not available as function objects in firefox 5.0 beta   console 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4496 Defect Fixed case-available   Firefox tools menu entry indented too far   ui 1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4500 Defect Verified case-available   Exception popup has lost its skin   script 1.7 fixed1.8b2  
  4504 Defect Verified case-in-suite   Errors from one window/tab leak into others   console 1.7 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2 fixed1.8b5 fixed1.8b6  
  4509 Defect Verified case-available   "Run to line" debugging shortcut is activated neither by Ctrl-click nor by middle-click on line number   debugger 1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4512 Enhancement Verified case-needed   Enhance Firebug Menu Open With Editor to use current line   editors 1.8 contribution blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4513 Defect Fixed ----   fbQuickInfoPanel needs to overlay browser.xul   inspect 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4514 Enhancement Fixed ----   FBTrace Console needs some nice icons   fbtrace fixed1.8b2  
  4518 Defect Verified ----   Firebug causes extension icons to disappear in Seamonkey status bar   1.8 seamonkey fixed1.8b2  
  4521 Defect Fixed case-available   Memory Profiler display broken   profiler 1.8 fixed1.8b2  
  4527 Defect Fixed case-available   Twisty is not changing from + to - anymore   html 1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4528 Defect Fixed case-available   Break in non-selected tab leaves Firebug broken   debugger 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4535 Defect Fixed case-available   Timeline bars in Net panel are incorrectly displayed   net 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4539 Defect Fixed case-available   Breakpoints and Watch panel [x] buttons hide on mouseover   debugger 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4540 Defect Fixed case-available   Script panel filelist does not accept focus   ui 1.8 blocks1.8 fixed1.8b3  
  4541 Defect Verified ----   Firebug 1.8b2 does not work in Firefox 5 beta 5 on Gentoo Kernel   1.8 console fixed1.8b3  
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