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  1098 Defect Fixed ----   Breakpoints stop working after executing the script once   debugger 1.2  
  1189 Defect Verified case-in-suite   Display errors of inherited CSS styles in combination with shorthand properties   css 1.2  
  1328 Defect Verified case-available   Script tag does not always reflect the actual content   debugger 1.4  
  1882 Defect Fixed case-available   same url - console reports errors to different tab   console 1.4 platform  
  2183 Defect Fixed case-available   Editing a text node with "Show Full Text" off displays cropped text instead of full text   html  
  2767 Defect Fixed ----   Edit element style from computed style does nothing   css 1.5 sroussey  
  3009 Defect Fixed sroussey case-available   Erroneous display of CSS inheritance   css 1.5  
  3077 Defect Fixed case-available   Line by line debug stops with window.console.log   debugger  
  3204 Defect Fixed case-available   console.* formatted strings print %* placeholder when surrounded by newlines   console  
  3251 Defect Fixed case-available   Alt + double-clicking opens the selected node instead of the double-clicked node in Edit Mode   html  
  3296 Defect Verified case-available   Form's action doesn't change and it isn't shown in HTML panel   html  
  3442 Defect Fixed ----   Scroll arrows sometimes appear on Firefox tab bar at startup with only one tab open   1.6 ui  
  3979 Defect Fixed case-available   Hovering the Location Menu items shows a wrong tooltip   css script ui  
  3980 Defect Fixed case-available   Clicking Clear in Console should stop profiling   console ui  
  3985 Defect Fixed case-available   Can't break on code inserted twice using iframes, in one iframe   debugger  
  4026 Defect Fixed case-available   Autocomplete doesn't work when CSS property is NOT written all in lowercase   css  
  4118 Defect Fixed case-available   The command-line tab-out-prevention also prevents ctrl+tab from working   commandline 1.7 simon.lindholm10  
  4129 Defect Fixed case-needed   Improve panel switching speed by changing the savePrefFile for the selected panel memory   ui 1.7  
  4219 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Changing commandline completion with arrow keys doesn't work when hovering over autocompletion popup   commandline 1.7 simon.lindholm10  
  4249 Defect Fixed case-available   Stack trace function highlight wrong   script fixed1.9a1 sroussey  
  4251 Defect Fixed ----   Source edit of an existing but empty file problem   css 1.7 sroussey  
  4327 Defect Verified case-available   Headers slipping into POST source in Network panel   net 1.7 platform  
  4382 Defect Fixed case-available   JSON sorting   net fixed1.9a1 st.teneff  
  4434 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   autocomplete in console debugger does not recognize variables in catch block.   debugger 1.7 contribution  
  4556 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug shortcuts shouldn't conflict with the ones of Firefox   keys  
  4597 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   console.log bug of string formatting in quotes   commandline  
  4600 Defect Fixed case-available   Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K for focussing the Search Field conflicts with Firefox 4.0+ web console shortcut   keys search 1.8  
  4609 Defect Verified case-available   'debugger not activated' shows all the time   script debugger 1.8 fixed1.9a1  
  4627 Defect Fixed case-in-suite   String.prototype methods not showing up   1.7 dom thegooddale  
  4658 Defect Fixed case-available   Console shows wrong file names   debugger console script  
  4675 Defect Fixed case-available   Expanding all tags via context menu option shouldn't expand script, style and link tags   html  
  4681 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug panels are disabled after clicking on links that open in a new page and result in a download   activation 1.8  
  4713 Defect Fixed case-available   pseudo elements must not be shown in inherited styles   css fixed1.9a1  
  4720 Defect Verified case-available   RoboForm breaks opening new windows in Firefox   1.8  
  4726 Defect Fixed case-available   Chrome warnings leak into console   console 1.7  
  4727 Defect Fixed ----   FBTest for issue 4411 (css/4411) fails   fbtest 1.8  
  4730 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug 1.9.0a0 blocks console() callbacks in the Web Console   1.8 console platform  
  4733 Defect Verified ----   Expose firebug/net/requestObserver.js Module to Extensions   1.8 api fixed1.9a1  
  4736 Defect Fixed case-available   Large array puts Firebug into Unresponsive Script loop   console 1.9 fixed1.9a1  
  4738 Defect Verified case-available   "Open in new tab" opens wrong url when reusing XMLHttpRequest objects   1.8 console spy fixed1.9a1  
  4750 Defect Fixed sroussey ----   Mac problem with display of buttons   ui fixed1.9a1 sroussey  
  4752 Defect Verified ----   Expose DomplateTag to Extensions   1.8 api fixed1.9a1  
  4755 Defect Fixed ----   Code for confirmation when resetting options needs to be reworked   ui fixed1.9a1  
  4757 Defect Verified ----   var table="" returns an error   commandline console fixed1.9a1  
  4762 Defect Fixed ----   Modules no longer get the call to shouldCreateContext   activation fixed1.9a1 sroussey  
  4765 Defect Fixed case-needed   Wrong rep is used for errors from Command Line   commandline console fixed1.9a1  
  4778 Defect Fixed case-available   Script Panel filelist not updating when on a breakpoint   debugger 1.9 stack script  
  4779 Defect Fixed case-available   Incorrect file name in Location Menu, if source is just a path   script css fixed1.9a1  
  4780 Defect Verified ----   Can't use F12 to return from minimize if stopped on a breakpoint   debugger 1.9  
  4801 Defect Fixed case-available   'Show BF Cache Responses' option does not work   net  
  4804 Defect Fixed ----   RequireJS breaks status bar in SeaMonkey   1.9 seamonkey requirejs  
  4806 Defect Verified case-available   Firebug icon does not gray out for deactivated sites   activation  
  4811 Defect Fixed case-available   No file name shown for requested URL paths   net 1.8.2  
  4816 Defect Fixed case-available   Script panel claims No JavaScript when it means "you're stopped on a breakpoint on some other tab"   debugger 1.9  
  4818 Defect Fixed case-available   frame.eval fails for everthing but the newest frame of the stack   debugger 1.7 watch script  
  4826 Defect Verified case-available   Changing the ID of a node in HTML Panel doesn't update Element Path   html  
  4828 Defect Verified case-available   window.resizeTo() is broken on FF7 if Firebug 1.9.0a2 is installed   1.9  
  4832 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug is disabled when in private mode the page is refreshed   ui activation  
  4837 Defect Fixed case-available   Editing a node value doesn't update inside HTML panel   html  
  4839 Defect Fixed case-available   Script execution stopped at wrong line   script  
  4854 Defect Fixed case-available   XHR breakpoints can't be removed from Breakpoints side panel   breakpoints 1.8.3  
  4866 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Regression: FBTests commandLine/2934 and css/3652 fail  
  4868 Defect Fixed case-available   Lines are not displayed in Script panel, if they are too long   script  
  4874 Defect Fixed case-available   Regression: The Script panel doesn't properly scroll when single stepping   debugger  
  4875 Defect Fixed case-needed   Firebug is active in unnecessary tab   activation  
  4880 Defect Verified case-needed   Step into function with frames, does not work   debugger  
  4881 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Regression from issue 4866: editing things in the middle of the command line opens bad completions   commandline simon.lindholm10  
  4897 Defect Fixed sroussey case-available   Firebug incorrectly displays the specificity of widths overridden using !important   css 1.8.3  
  4904 Defect Verified case-available   Firebug 1.8 and up fail to initialise when another browser addon uses the global message manager to load a content script at startup that calls sendSyncMessage   ui activation 1.8.3 1.9 e10s  
  4905 Defect Verified case-available   Show the "Connection" header in the network/headers part   net 1.9  
  4909 Defect Fixed case-available   Firebug is not enabled even if the property onByDefault is set to true using Selenium(C#)   activation 1.8.3  
  4923 Defect Fixed ----   FBTest: console/reps/console_array.js fails   1.9 blocks1.9 fbtest  
  4931 Defect Fixed ----   Pressing the Enter key is eaten by the auto-completion popup   completion 1.9  
  4932 Defect Fixed ----   The Script panel shows No Javascript on this page even if they are scripts within an iframe   1.9 debugger  
  4939 Defect Verified ----   I can't get rid of the search options popup   1.9 search  
  4941 Defect Fixed case-available   Net panel scrollbars show up when not necessary   net  
  4950 Defect Fixed case-available   Add Watch sometimes displays more than once   1.9  
  4956 Defect Verified sroussey case-available   DIV disappears after editing HTML inside it   html 1.8 1.9  
  4983 Defect Fixed ----   FBTest shows wrong timing   1.9 fbtest  
  4985 Defect Verified ----   XHR Spy: An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable   spy 1.9  
  4991 Defect Fixed case-available   Permission denied to get property Proxy.InstallTrigger -- on wrong page?   1.9 console  
  4996 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   search widget grabs the focus on linux   search platform  
  4998 Defect Verified ----   50% of the lines of script are missing on the Mac   script sroussey  
  4999 Defect Fixed case-available   Infotip saying "New watch expression..." for the value editor inside the DOM panel   dom  
  5003 Defect Verified case-available   Some keyboard shortcuts are not changable in Firebug 1.9   keys 1.9.0b1  
  5004 Defect Verified case-available   Only raw http post request parameters view   net  
  5007 Defect Fixed case-available   Headers from POST request body are not displayed anymore   net 1.9.0b2  
  5009 Defect Verified case-available   Watch side panel shows "Command line closed?"   watch 1.9.0b2  
  5011 Defect Verified case-available   Ctrl+W opens Firebug in new window instead of closing Firefox tab   keys  
  5019 Defect Fixed ----   Editing a variable in the Watch window doesn't work   1.9 debugger  
  5021 Defect Fixed ----   FBTest: console/api/profile fails   FBTest 1.9  
  5033 Defect Fixed ----   Return value from a function executed on the command line is not displayed.   1.9 debugger console  
  5038 Defect Fixed case-available   Error in FBTrace when starting the browser  
  5042 Defect Verified simon.lindholm10 case-available   Command Line should not prevent tabbing out when empty   completion commandline 1.8.4 simon.lindholm10  
  5056 Defect Fixed case-available   Inaccessible properties look like previous ones   dom simon.lindholm10  
  5058 Defect Verified case-available   Edit HTML button doesn't work   html  
  5060 Defect Fixed case-available   Red breakpoint icon in script tab is cut at the bottom   script 1.9.0b4  
  5062 Defect Fixed ----   RegExp source isn't shown   console  
  5064 Defect Fixed ----   firebug must call document.releaseCapture on breakpoint   script ui  
  5065 Defect Verified case-available   Context menu in select, radio, check, not work   ui  
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