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  18 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Beef up $x   console  
  55 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-needed   Auto-completion for Command Editor   console 1.5 jsd2  
  537 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Pseudo-elements are not displayed in Style side panel   CSS 1.1 styles fixed1.8a3 platform  
  654 Enhancement Fixed ----   IP address included on a Net line entry   net 1.0 fixed1.8b1  
  872 Defect Verified ----   Refreshing an iframe doesn't show its errors   needPort errors 1.2 blocks1.4  
  882 Defect Verified ----   console.log() reports wrong source file and line number   console 1.5 blocks1.4  
  958 Enhancement Fixed ----   Search Field shouldn't be cleared when switching between panels   ui search fixed1.8b5  
  959 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Enable auto-completion of built-in members   completion  
  1159 Defect Fixed ----   Console results for "$x" incorrect   array contribution 1.2  
  1179 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Actions do not move the program counter after Step Into if breakpoint is on first line of function   debugger 1.2  
  1189 Defect Verified case-in-suite   Display errors of inherited CSS styles in combination with shorthand properties   css 1.2  
  1338 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Increment CSS values at least significant digit   CSS 1.5 fixed1.8a3  
  1575 Defect Fixed ----   New watch expression can't be created when breakpoint is active   debugger 1.3  
  1651 Defect Fixed ----   1.4a18 panel not updating when changing tabs in firefox   1.4  
  1693 Defect Fixed ----   Viewing requests with large message bodies in Console tab temporarily freezes browser   console net blocks1.4  
  1717 Enhancement Fixed case-available   CSS Panel does not have @media UI   css 1.4 kpdecker  
  1738 Defect Fixed ----   Properties that don't just have getters must not be displayed as such   DOM 1.4  
  1764 Defect Fixed case-available   Net panel misses page load.   net 1.4  
  1811 Enhancement Fixed case-needed   Add prettyName/displayName support to Profiler output and Stacks   console profiler 1.3 contribution fixed1.9a1 robmcampbell  
  1812 Defect Fixed ----   console.log(arguments)   console 1.4 sroussey  
  1854 Defect ProbablyWorks case-available   debug() sets breakpoints at comments   1.3.3 script commandline  
  1883 Defect Fixed kpdecker ----   domplate insertRows fails with root tags other than FOR   ui kpdecker  
  1891 Defect Fixed ----   Some exceptions aren't caught even with "break on all errors"   errors 1.4 blocks1.4 nicolas.hatier  
  2124 Defect Fixed ----   Search options popup not keyboard accessible   a11y 1.4 1.5  
  2183 Defect Fixed case-available   Editing a text node with "Show Full Text" off displays cropped text instead of full text   html  
  2212 Enhancement Verified case-available   Delete elements while inspecting   inspect  
  2271 Defect Fixed ----   JS errors in AJAX callback functions are not shown   errors 1.5 blocks1.5 platform  
  2279 Defect Fixed ----   Error Breakpoint can't be toggled off.   debugger console 1.5  
  2426 Defect Fixed ----   Copy XPath should include namespace   html 1.4 ported1.6 ported1.6b2  
  2495 Enhancement Fixed case-available   The rendered font should be highlighted in Style side panel   style  
  2638 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Show info popup when hovering a breakpoint / execution indicator icon   debugger 1.5  
  2659 Defect Fixed ----   Persist option, doesn't work on console tab   1.5 console blocks1.5 fixed1.6a2 radoslaw.szalski  
  2694 Defect Fixed ----   Console output does not scroll to position on 1.6a2   console 1.5 blocks1.5 Fixed1.6a3  
  2696 Defect Fixed ----   Net panel shows blank/empty "Response" when URL of request has "#" anchor reference   net 1.5  
  2755 Defect Verified ----   Firebug crash FF when upload a file when firebug is active   net 1.5 FF3.6 blocks1.5 platform  
  2871 Defect Fixed ----   Bug in watching variables defined in a javascript closure prior to function execution   debugger 1.5.2 platform  
  2882 Defect Verified ----   console.dir() broken in firebug 1.5.2 and firefox 3.6   dom 1.5.2  
  2914 Defect Fixed ----   parent.window.console.error() called from an IFRAME fails to log anything   console 1.5  
  2916 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Trace Styles Feature   computed 1.5  
  2934 Defect Fixed ----   1.6a7 console and auto-complete (needs "window." prefix)   console 1.6 sroussey  
  2948 Defect Verified ----   Console stops working (No XHR or log outputs)   1.6 ported1.6  
  2967 Defect Fixed case-available   CSS on in SVG placed in a mixed XHTML+SVG document does not show up on CSS tab   css html Karl.Norby  
  2976 Enhancement Fixed ----   Copy Style Declaration context menu option   css 1.5  
  2978 Enhancement Verified ----   Enhancement: Copy CSS path from selected element   css 1.6  
  3029 Defect Fixed ----   long property value of object change to 'undefined'   console 1.5  
  3042 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Show syntax error position like in error console of Firefox   console 1.5  
  3065 Defect Fixed simon.lindholm10 ----   FBTest FAILS: commandLine/debug: Verify command line debug API   platform commandline  
  3077 Defect Fixed case-available   Line by line debug stops with window.console.log   debugger  
  3078 Defect Verified ----   Console does scroll to the bottom for log entries in the head section   console scroll nicolas.hatier  
  3110 Defect Fixed ----   Firebug reports incorrect background image url when there are slashes in url parameters in the css file   css 1.5  
  3122 Defect Fixed ----   Catch variables are not listed in the watch panel on break.   debugger 1.6 fixed1.7a6 fixed1.6b4 ported1.6 kpdecker  
  3159 Enhancement Verified case-available   Show numeric character reference of MathML   1.7 html  
  3204 Defect Fixed case-available   console.* formatted strings print %* placeholder when surrounded by newlines   console  
  3207 Defect Fixed case-available   CSS properties in the "Computed" tab are not updated correctly   css fixed1.8a3  
  3230 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Pseudo-classes are not persistently shown in Style side panel   style 1.6 contribution  
  3251 Defect Fixed case-available   Alt + double-clicking opens the selected node instead of the double-clicked node in Edit Mode   html  
  3292 Defect Fixed ----   console is not defined in iframes   console 1.6  
  3296 Defect Verified case-available   Form's action doesn't change and it isn't shown in HTML panel   html  
  3303 Defect Verified simon.lindholm10 case-available   Up/Down key working incorrectly for fonts when editing CSS   css 1.6 completion style  
  3309 Defect Verified ----   Wrong panel message in Script Panel, if page doesn't contain JavaScript   ui 1.6  
  3327 Defect Verified ----   Firebug Console token changed! never stops outputting   console 1.6 blocks1.6 ported1.6  
  3363 Defect Verified ----   groupCollapsed gets confused   console 1.6 ported1.6 ported1.6b2  
  3394 Defect ProbablyWorks simon.lindholm10 ----   TAB Key does not finish an autocomplete keyword in Gnome (Ubuntu)   console 1.6 FF4.0  
  3400 Defect Verified ----   Debugger buttons not visible when long stack trace   1.7 ported1.6 ported1.6b2  
  3408 Defect Fixed ----   Console panel breaks if Firebug is reactivated.   1.6 console blocks1.6 ported1.6 ported1.6b2  
  3421 Defect Fixed ----   Autocompletion expression parsing is wrong   console 1.6 blocks1.6 ported1.6 ported1.6b2 simon.lindholm10  
  3444 Defect Fixed ----   Autocomplete popup text set by innerHTML, breaks '<' and '&'   1.7 console completion ported1.6 ported1.6b2 simon.lindholm10  
  3466 Defect Fixed ----   Can not use dir() command in console's command line   console blocks1.6 ported1.6 ported1.6b3 sroussey  
  3503 Defect Works simon.lindholm10 ----   Large arrays not printed in Windows   console platform  
  3596 Defect Fixed ----   Stack trace forgets where it is   debugger callstack 1.6 blocks1.6 fixed1.7a5 fixed1.6b4 ported1.6 sroussey  
  3597 Defect Fixed ----   Objects turned into string have their DOM panel representation messed up   dom 1.7 fixed1.7a5 fixed1.6b4 ported1.6 sroussey  
  3599 Defect Fixed ----   The value of undefined no longer show in the console   console 1.6 sroussey  
  3611 Enhancement Fixed ----   localStorage and sessionStorage not shown in DOM panel   dom 1.6 fixed1.7a6 fixed1.6b4 ported1.6  
  3622 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Commandline completion for [ in addition to .   console commandline completion contribution sroussey  
  3645 Defect Fixed ----   _firebugRerun and friends need to be elided from the panel status path   debugger 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.8a3  
  3652 Defect Fixed ----   CSS autocomplete is broken - no autocomplete on properties or values   css completion fixed1.6b4 ported1.6 style sroussey  
  3660 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Implement pageUp/pageDown and mouseWheel for completion list   commandline 1.7 completion  
  3663 Defect Verified case-available   Too much recursion when logging array contains itself   console  
  3671 Defect Fixed ----   CSS autocomplete globals   css 1.6 port1.6 fixed1.7a7 style  
  3697 Defect Fixed ----   CSS properties with - (dash) are not autocompleted   css 1.6 ported1.6 fixed1.6.0  
  3700 Enhancement Fixed simon.lindholm10 case-available   Add auto-completion for HTML attributes   html completion 1.12.1 platform sroussey  
  3709 Defect Verified case-available   Buggy autocompletion in small command line is messing with cursor placement   console commandline completion blocks1.8 ported1.7 fixed1.7.1b3 LachlanArthur  
  3783 Defect Fixed ----   Breakpoint mark fails to show up when Firebug is first detached in to a window   1.6 debugger fixed1.6.1b1 ported1.6  
  3790 Enhancement Fixed ----   Better DOM representation for element attributes   1.6 ui dom fixed1.7a8  
  3929 Defect Fixed ----   Break On Error does not work on FB 1.7   debugger 1.7 FF4.0 fixed1.7a9 platform sroussey  
  3980 Defect Fixed case-available   Clicking Clear in Console should stop profiling   console ui  
  3997 Enhancement Fixed ----   Allow Firebug to be positioned on all four sides of the browser window   extension  
  4019 Defect Fixed ----   FBTest firebug/openDisableEnableReload.js does not work with asyncOn   FF4.0 contribution fixed1.7a10  
  4040 Defect Fixed ----   Switching to a about:blank page does not update the panels   blocks1.7 fixed1.7a10 sroussey  
  4085 Defect Fixed ----   Errors inside an XmlHttpRequest.onReadyStateChange still fail silently   net 1.7 fixed1.7a11  
  4087 Defect Verified ----   Contents of Command Line and Command Editor do not persist on page reload   commandline 1.7 fixed1.8a2 fixed1.7.1b2 ported1.7  
  4088 Defect Verified ----   Date object not obvious   console 1.7 fixed1.7b1  
  4132 Enhancement Fixed case-available   Only show applied styles in Computed side panel   css 1.7  
  4137 Enhancement Fixed ----   globalstorage not displayed well in Console Panel   console 1.6 1.7 fixed1.7b1  
  4156 Enhancement Verified case-needed   Multiple filters selectable in Net panel   net 1.7  
  4171 Defect Verified case-available   Expanding an XMLHttpRequest in Console tab before it ends makes JSON tab disappear   console spy net 1.6  
  4180 Enhancement Triaged ---- case-available   incorrect background value order   css platform style  
  4209 Defect Verified ----   Object being listed as String   console dom 1.7 blocks1.7 fixed1.7b3 ported1.7  
  4213 Defect Fixed ----   Script panel's location button is not updated   script blocks1.7 1.7 fixed1.7b2 ported1.7  
  4217 Defect Obsolete case-available   "Reenter Command" doesn't work   commandline keys 1.7 contribution simon.lindholm10  
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