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Issue 6512: Allow to disable/enable and remove all breakpoints of a specific category
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Status:  Triaged
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Project Member Reported by, Jun 10, 2013
What should be implemented/improved?
The Breakpoints side panel should allow to disable and remove all breakpoints of one category.

Test case:
1. Open Firebug at
2. Enable the Script panel
3. Switch to the HTML panel
4. Reload the page
5. Right-click the <body> tag and choose "Break On Attribute Change", "Break On Child Addition Or Removal" and "Break On Element Removal"
6. Switch to the Script panel and there to the Breakpoints side panel
7. Set a breakpoint at line 14 of "test.html"
   => The four breakpoints should be listed inside the Breakpoints side panel - three HTML breakpoints and one script breakpoint.
8. Right-click the title of the HTML breakpoints group

=> The context menu should list two options for disabling and removing all HTML breakpoints. Clicking one of the options should disable/remove all HTML breakpoints but keep the script breakpoint untouched.

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