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Issue 6357: Make Console panel filters non-destructive
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Project Member Reported by, Apr 10, 2013
The filters inside the Console panel's options menu currently allow to skip logging of certain types of log messages. This can be destructive if you later decide that you want to see those messages.
Also we already have non-destructive filters inside the Console panel's toolbar.

What should be implemented/improved?
All filters should be non-destructive, i.e. log messages should be logged even when they are currently filtered.
This is how the devtools Web Console is doing it.

Apr 10, 2013
Project Member #1
Furthermore they have misleading names like "Show Network Errors", which could lead to the assumption that they are just hidden.

Test case:
1. Open Firebug on
2. Enable and switch to the Console panel
3. Check the Console panel option "Show Network Errors"
4. Reload the page
   => There are two network errors logged to the console.
5. Uncheck "Show Network Errors"
6. Reload the page again
   => The network errors are not logged to the console.
7. Check "Show Network Errors"

=> The network errors do not appear because they weren't logged at all.

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