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Issue 5740: Not Able to Edit
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Status:  InsufficientInfo
Closed:  Oct 2012

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Reported by, Jul 23, 2012
After continuous reloading of the page with Firebug open, I am not able to Edit the code in Firebug! The editor just doesnt open, and editing just acts disabled.

Firebug version (number):1.10.0
(Note: Bugs in earlier versions than the latest are unlikely to be fixed.)
Browser version:Firefox 13.0.1
Operating system:Windows XP

Jul 23, 2012
Project Member #1
Do you use Acebug? Then please install Acebug 1.10 from here:

And let us know if that fixes your problem.

Status: NeedInfo
Labels: html
Jul 24, 2012
That happens to me on Firefox 14.0.1 Ubuntu and Firebug 1.10.0
I was not using Acebug. I installed it and it keeps happening.
When I'm not able to edit html I can't edit css properties too either by typing or by using arrows to change the values. This makes Firebug almost useless.
Jul 25, 2012
Project Member #3
I mentioned Acebug because of  issue 5709 . Though I assume there might be other extensions causing the same problem.

So please check if this problem is caused by a Firebug extension and please give exact steps what you do to reproduce the problem.

Jul 25, 2012
I tried disabling other extensions, even added Acebug, but still the problem persists!
Sometimes you are able to Edit the code or CSS properties, but sometimes it doesnt work at all!
And selecting a html structure and clicking EDIT twice or thrice, deletes the html code itself!
Jul 25, 2012
Project Member #5
Did you try it with Acebug 1.10 as I said?

I still can't reproduce the problem, so I suggest you follow the steps described at!.
So we can find out what's the culprit for this.

Oct 23, 2012
Project Member #6
I still can't reproduce the issue using FF 16 + FB 1.10.4 on Win7.

My steps:
1. Opened Firebug on this page
2. Switched to the HTML panel
3. Clicked the Edit button inside the panel toolbar
   => Firebug switched to the Edit Mode and showed the HTML contents of the <body> tag. (OK)
4. Inspected the first comment (#hc0)
   => Firebug showed the contents of it.

Because there was no further feedback for that long, I close this issue now.

Status: InsufficientInfo
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